Monday, 11 July 2011

A Flying Visit to Delta 4 and Alpha 1

Earlier today a couple of us fieldbase staff headed out for a speedy visit to Delta 4 and Alpha 1! First point of call for the day was to head over to Chirripo to visit the Delta 4 team and deliver some Zinc for their project! (and some snacks, and some boots, and some radio batteries and of course the blog messages!) Surrounded by stunningly rich and rural Costa Rica, it was a joy to visit this beautiful reserve, even if only for a short while. The guys have been working on building a school within the Chirripo Indigenous Reserve. They have been busy over the last few days collecting and carrying the wood to the building site and have already made a start on the foundations. The Zinc will be used at a later date to build the roof. Unfortunately due to a few complications and an argument between the Raleigh Landrover and a river crossing, we were unable to see the whole group. We did get a good view of them waving frantically at us from over the rolling hills however. Safe to say they are all doing well, feeling sprightly and smiling brightly.

Loading up the Zinc!

A 20 minute visit to Alpha 1 this afternoon was enough to show us what a fantastic time the group are having. We visited them on day 5 of their trek where they had reached their destination in San Jaoquin. The rain may have been pouring down but the morale was sky high. We caught up with the group just as they began preparing some pasta after an 8 hour day of serious trekking. Luckily for them the rain managed to hold off until they reached location. Accommodation for the night? Pitched tents in a football field!

Alpha 1!

The fieldbase Landies are off bright and early again tomorrow morning, this time on the two week Raleigh road trip! We’ll be updating the blog as regularly as we can and whilst out on the road we’ll be catching up with the groups and their projects as they crusade through their phase one adventures!

Exciting times ahead for all - pura vida!

*Blog and photo's by Dawn Tennant


  1. 11g alpha3
    to Catriona McIntosh
    Hi Toots
    Enjoying the blogs and love when we see a photo of you. Happy trekking and ENJOY
    Love from Mum, Dad, The Boys and the Dogs XXX

  2. Daniel Renshaw Alpha 3
    Hi Daniel, hope all is going well there and your boots are behaving themselves! Enjoying reading the various blogs and looking at the fantastic photos; looking forward to the next instalment of Alpha 3. Jessie is in Astudillo this week, helping in the preparations for Samuel's communion next Saturday and working on her suntan. Ben heads to Brighton tomorrow to visit Isaac for a few days. We are enjoying planning our US trip and looking forward to seeing you in NY. Lots of love from us all, M, D, J & B.

  3. To: Maricruz Esquivel López
    Alpha 6, Miraflor

    Mari espero que la este pasando de lo mejor...que dichosa que está en alegro mucho por usted! Recuerde que el poder está en la mente, así que no hay obstáculo físico imposible!
    Un abrazo

    Catalina Retana

  4. To Megan (delta 1)
    Happy Birthday!
    Mum xx

  5. To Eleanor Pike Delta 4

    Hi sounds from the blog you are having a great time. Lovely to see the photos of you and the team too. Got the task you wanted, are you building or wood carrying? All good hear, ready to go on hols. Grace is having a lovely time. Katrina passed her course. Had a relaxing time with the Jenkins. Love you lots. Mum & Dad

  6. Hi Elliot

    Im just writing to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 15th JULY! I hope u have a really good day!! its wierd u not being home for it!!

    I miss u and ill see u when ure home!!!


  7. Sam Berry - Delta 4
    Hello! Back from my trip to the north now. Gatsby was really good, loads of useful information but also loads of fun and met loads of interesting people. Staying with Vicky was good too, really nice to see her, just wanted to bring her back with me! Also you were missed at subutteo, they all send their love and everyone's looking forward to seeing you there next year! My Mother sends her love as well!
    Looks like you're having an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it! Looking forward to seeing some more updates on the blog.
    Lots of love, Abi

  8. Rob, Ann, Kris, Bec Baker12 July 2011 at 15:03

    Hi RYAN BAKER ALPHA 4, Hope everything is going well everything is normal here, so hectic as always but for once the fridge is full and getting to sleep is a lot easier as there is no loud music! Looks like your getting up to a lot, helping out as always. We have sent you a letter so hopefully it will get to you soon, would love to hear from you soon.

    Lots of love

    The Family

  9. Emily P from Nebraska -
    Hey moms! I hope all is well and you are having a WONDERFUL time! I miss you like crazy!! Two things - 1) GirlTalk is coming to Omaha in October, I believe! 2) Michaela and I are going to Vegas this weekend! Long story, but we will miss you and there better be a trip there with all 3 of us sometime soon! Love you and miss you! kp

  10. testing to Alpha 6

  11. To Ryan Austin Alpha 3

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
    Helen Keller

    The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.
    Elbert Hubbard

  12. To Harvey, Pinki, Joyce, Angelina, Keith, Cindy and Kay BBssssss,

    Hows life in Costa Rica? Guess you guys must enjoy v much! Enjoy the days there and look forward to your sharing!! Take more 'chok' photos..wahaha.


  13. Susan and Iain Black13 July 2011 at 06:29

    for Emma Black 11G Alpha3
    We hope the trek in Nicurgua is going well.Everyone here is fine. You will be glad to know that Michael's Wolverine outfit turned out good and he is away into Glasgow today. Take care lots of love mum & dad

  14. Alpha 1. Francis Lanuza, Hola mi niña, estoy feliz de verla muy contenta con sus compañeros en las fotos, espero con ansias verla de nuevo cada dia, animo siga pa delante, usted puede mi niña linda, le envio sueter con Emma. Muchos Besos y Abrazos.

  15. Joanna Bartlett- Alpha5.
    How is it going??
    It is an USA Vs Japan women's world cup final, both deserved finalists. Both England & Germany were knocked out in the quarter finals- they were simply not good enough: slow and not as skillful. A bit rainy here but generally things are fine. Love Mum xxx

  16. Jonnie White - Alpha 1,

    Yo yo yo from the ghetto. Good to see you're out and about and having such fun! Very jealous dude, it looks great.

    Ironically you just stayed in the same football field I did 5 years ago! I think it's time you stopped copying me now bro don't you think?! Jokes.

    Look forwards to the next blog action. Hope you're taking care of your feet and aren't playing the 'Jonnie man, can carry everything' game too much. In the meantime I've sent you a letter to keep you amused with annecdotes from my shit life <3 Ahhh...

    Big Love,

    Max xx

    p.s. Sent in an appeal to rid myself of Desmond. Be afraid, be very afraid!!! x

  17. Joanna Bartlett- Alpha 5.
    How is it going? Hope all is well. It is an USA vs Japan women's world cup final; both are deserved finalists.
    Germany, England & Brazil were knocked out in the quarter finals, they just weren't good enough.
    Things are fine here although a bit rainy.
    take care MumXX

  18. Jordan Carter - 11G Alpha 1 - Whazzup Jordan??? I hope you are having a good time!!! Love you & think about you alot!!! Diane

  19. Bruce Solano, Alpha 1
    Yeaah bruce ahi exibiendose con capa y sin camisa jajajaja :P
    Bruucii! mae ayer staba hablando con lai.. y si q nos hace falta!!
    dijo dani q :( no se pudo despedir de ud, ya jla el domingo..
    Q siga disfrutando mucho mi amor! Lo queremos! :)

    Pd. jajajaja! se perdio el viaje a puerto viejo con mis compañeras de aparta :P zaaaa

  20. Keiner!!! Alpha 2
    zaaaaaaa!! mae q mal q me cae! como se va haber ido al trek! jajaja varas! Q lo disfrute kei!

    Creo q calculé mal y debi haber mandado un mensaje hace demasiados dias antes a chavalazo o decirle a ud en persona... pero si este mensaje llegara a tiempo y pasaran en stos dias q ud sta allá x donde don Luz XFA saludemelo y la esposa! o dejele dicho al chava q lo haga x mi ! :)

    Kei q disfrut mucho estos dias x alla y el resto en fb (lease fieldbase y no facebook jajaja)


  21. Joyce Law, Alpha 1
    wa wa.....your skin seemed to be burnt into dark brown colour. You slept in those tent, was it ok? Hoping you keep exerting all your strength on your Raleigh life. We miss you a lot, love from Mum, Dad and Cathy.

  22. francia alpha 1 dificil trek pero veo q todo va bien niña la felicito usted es muy fuerte aqui todo bien y ffrancis tengo unas cosas suyas cuando pueda se la mando es q por problemas de salud no pude ir se le quiere disfrute niña la quiero animo0 arriba nicaragua suerte dios te bendiga

  23. Delta 4 - Sam Berry
    What an amazing time this is for you!! Thinking of you lots and excited about hearing all about it!! Keep going!! lots of love Pat

  24. to Bibi Bartstra - Delta 4 Costa Rica
    Hi, we zijn net terug uit Portugal sinds gisteravond. Nu een maand in NL. Het is hier heeeeeel slecht weer geweest en nu nog, het regent en waait en het is koud. We zijn zo benieuwd hoe het nu gaat daar en waar je mee bezig bent. Ik heb geprobeerd om Omi op de Raleigh blog te krijgen maar dat lukte nog niet helemaal. We missen je en proberen ons in te leven hoe je het hebt. Laat gauw weer wat horen als je de mogelijkheid hebt! dikke, dikke zoen en vette hug! AnRoDoHi XOXO

  25. Annabel Farnood26 July 2011 at 16:15

    11g alpha3
    to Catriona McIntosh

    Hey Catriona!

    I just saw some photos of you, Miss you a lot! Im going to Turkey tomorrow - to let you know. We have so much to catch up on, counting down the days till you come home! But i hope your enjoying every minute of it! Miss you!!

    Love Annabel xxxxxxxxx

  26. To Corrie Moxon, alpha 1.
    Hope you're having an amazing time and that the trip has turned out to be everything you hoped and more! You are so brave to go away for such a long time! Nothing to report this end..just been working and catching up with a few friends.
    Enjoy the rest of your time out there and I will see you in 6 weeks in Aberdeen for a cup of tea and a catch-up. I look forward to hearing all about it.
    Ashleigh xxxx

  27. Message for Carmen, PM Alpha 4.
    Hey little one, hope all is well with you. all is well here in the UK apart from the weather (no suprise). I had a wonderful time away thank you so much for my card and gift i loved them both especially the card. we toasted you and all the hard work you are doing, we are so very proud.It looks like you are having an amazing time and achieving so much

    i look forward to seeing you soon
    big C



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