Monday, 25 July 2011

From Deltas to Zulus

Out with the old and in with the new - our brand new 5 week 11H teams have been announced this morning - the Zulu groups! Hooray for the Zulu’s - everyone say ‘whoop whoop!’ (…“whoop whoop”). Here they are...

Zulu One
Becky Talbot
Belle Tellier
Deenal Patel
Doug Ramsey
Erick Cardenal
Felipe Coto
Fer Zuniga
Henry Bullard
Luke Saunders
Nella Anderton
Sam Berry
Sophie Flanagan
Wilson Woo

Zulu Two
Celia Underhill
Charlie Mann
Fede Lang
Jodie Wall
Kayleigh Carr
Laura Hoddell
Lucy Williams
Micheal Sanni
Ross Lester
Susannah Packer
Trino Chan
Will Harbourne
Zoe Bellamy

Zulu Three
Cat Alabaster
Cristina Bolanos
Daniel Fernandez
Gabriel de la Esperanza
Harry Touche
Jade Porter
Jasmine Chopra
Kate Richardson
Louis de Dumast
Maddie Hosker
Nick Burden
Rianna Kelly
Venexia Walker

Zulu Four
Ava Mayer
Bea Lee
Bella Pringle
Ben Moye
Cata Aguilar
Cyrus Afkhami
Eleanor Pike
Georgie Ward
Hannah Schlogelhofer
Kevin Tan
Naveen Yarlagadda
Rachel Neustadt
Sophie Jenkins
Tom Harley

The Zulu’s spent the morning getting to know their new team mates with a bit of catch up time and a few games. The coaches departed at 11.30 this morning and are currently on their way to the starting point of the adventure trek. They will spend the next four days trekking through some serious Costa Rican terrain and then after a days rest they will meet up again at the mystery location for their Survival Challenge – a fun couple of weeks ahead for sure.

Celebrations as they arrive back at base!

The skits!

Too many birthdays to celebrate


Project Zooloo allocations

Fun and games before they set off again

Group hugs!

For you keen message posters out there, from now on when writing your blog messages for the 5 week venturers you will need to write their name followed by their new Zulu group, so best to take note now. Much appreciated!

The Alpha groups arrive back today! News on that soon.

Pura Vida

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Bea Lee Zulu 4

    Hooray Bea!!!! You look like you are having fun. Hope you have a great time in the next bit and I will see you next week. Lots of love Mum xx

  2. Jenny and Bruce Ramsay25 July 2011 at 15:26

    Hi Doug good to see you having some party fun! Really enjoying the blog. Your place in the cricket team is safe - James took your place last week and scored a golden duck! See you in just over a week. He's gone off to Cos now. Have a great time on the adventure section. Love Mum and Dad xxxxx

  3. Louis de Dumast Zulu 3

    Hi Louis,
    We are sending you this message from the middle of nowhere in Madagascar where we have also been hanging out with turtles! As well as lemurs, dolphins, chameleons etc. Loads of photos to show you when we get back. Had news of Winston yesterday (Alice was missing him on his birthday!) - he is having a great time and has apparently got a girlfriend!!!

    You seem to be having a good time: hope your last week of adventure goes well. Really looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd. Much love from us all xxxxx

  4. Bella Pringle Zulu 4

    It is great to see so many pictures of you on your return from the jungle. The party looked fun. I couldn't believe it you didn't have your bandana on!! I hope the trek isn't too gruelling and that you see some interesting things. Dad finishes work on Thursday - it will be very strange for him for a while until he starts his consultancy in September. All is well here otherwise - although weather awful so you haven't missed anything. Have fun Lots of love Mum xxxxx

  5. Hannah LS Zulu4

    Dear Hannah,
    Eva told me that its possible to send messages to you ... there is hardly a day where we do not speak about you and wonder what you are up to and what experiences you are having ... you look very happy and well on the photos which is very nice to see ... we also look at the faces of the people around you and wonder what they are like ... I am very happy that you got into the group looking after the turtles - even so all the activities look interesting ... I hope you have a lot of good experiences during the adventure phase and the survival challenge ... you don't miss much here in London ... I had three root-canal treatments on my teeth (one seems to have survived) ... it was not too bad the dentist used a lot of painkillers and I did not feel a thing ... lara is holding down her work experience well and had a really good week last week at the PR agency ... it's a bit more difficult at the sound studio as they are less organised and are not quite sure what to do with her ... our trip to California went really well ... we also met Fred (fireman) and his friends ... we will tell you all about it when you are back ... I really look forward when we are all together in bad voeslau and can look at the pictures and listen to the stories ... lots of love and many adventures (but not too many!!!), Ernst.

  6. For maddiie Hosker, Zulu 3
    Hi Mig, how fantastic to hear your voice yesterday -it made my day,you sounded so full of life and excitement..I can't believe you are almost at the end of the epic will be home now before you know it !! It looks like a fabulous job you all did with the classroom,especially if you were the only ones to finish and it sounds as if it was really tough...but how satisfying ,,, anyway,very very proud of you..will now pass the iPad 2 over to mum to write her xxxx. Ok so now. We have an iPad!!! Maddie I can't tell you how very proud of you I am. You really can do anything if you really want to. We are off whale watching today. Very interesting having everyone under one roof. We drank a toast to you last night. Elle is ok but missing you. Harry is in his element. See you soon. Love mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  7. Ava Mayer Zulu 4
    Great to talk to you and see latest photos. Olivia has your stuff and will share your casa in Santiago. I'm messaging the group on FB with your flight details and they'll fix to meet you when you get into town. Dad is going to confirm bokings. Olivia has lots of stories that I got just a hint of. It's going to be a brilliant get together I'm sure. All love Mum

  8. Jodie Wall - Zulu 2!!!

    So my lil jodes a zulu now huh? :) 8 days and counting babe and i cant wait!! pics are great and you've defiantly lost weight! Gunna try and blog everyday as im sure you would want me to!! enjoy ya trek, and please dont die!! haha miss you babe <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. Rachel Neustadt. Zulu 4

    It looks as if you all had a good time back at base. Take care and have fun on the trek.

    Tim xx

  10. Rachel Neustadt, Zulu 4

    Wow--it's all change! Very cool Zulu look!

    Like you I am now in the home stretch of my stint here in Cambridge, MA looking for work; I fly back on Saturday in time to be sure that we have plenty of shower gel waiting for you. ; )

    Love you, darling. Ma

  11. Hi Jodie Zulu 2.
    Lots of photos of you at your party, you certainly look like you're having fun! New friends now, I wonder what your adventures will be?? Looking forward to seeing you soon now and hearing your stories, keep drinking the coffee with 6 sugars!!
    Love Mum and Jess xx

  12. Isabel E. Córdoba Lacal26 July 2011 at 15:25

    gabriel de la Esperanza- Zulo 3.

    no te puedes quejar..estas rodeado de todo chicas! jajajaj te va tocar llevar la tienda tooooodosss los dias!!
    acabo de empezar un libro super interesante que te voy a obligar a leer!!pasaloo muy muy biennn! MXMX

  13. Eleanor Pike Zulu 4

    Hey gorgeous girl, well done for the hard work you all did building out in the sticks :-) proud of you! We missed you lots at West Wittering this weekend and were all thinking of you. Enjoy exploring and adventuring across CR.

    Muchos besos guapita, Katrina x

  14. Ben Moye Zulu 4

    Hi Ben

    Everyone says hello! I have been looking at the photos and looks like you are having a great time. Have fun on your trek!! Seems such a long time since I last spoke to you! Can't wait to see you next week.

    Lots of love Mum and everyone at home!

  15. For Bella Pringle Zulu.

    Um hii :) - im home from napa!! lying in my bed, so happy to be back. it was quite good, but not amazing. they had a silent disco which was fun and also i dont know if you know who he is but one day me and nikolai went to see JME live in one of the clubs and we were rightt at the front and at one point i gave him my dominos t shirt and he put it on! haha. then afterwards we bumped into him in a chicken shop and he knew who i was - so funny. (he is a pretty famous english rapper if you didnt know - skeptas brother). my mate jonty got a tattoo of his football clubs initials haha. thats all thats worth reporting really.
    im pretty depressed right now - missing you so much. need a cuddle. i was so glad to hear that youve been having an amazing time. (secretly i was sort of scared that you would be missing your mum too much) but mainly i knew you would cope, you soldier. well done on the school! sounds so good. great to see some photos of you on the site as well.
    come home when you feel like it pleaseee - i may have one or two small presents waiting hehee devil.

    i love you, keep smiling. deals a deal. xxxxxxxxx

  16. Rachel Neustadt Zulu 4
    Greetings from an exuberant and joyous birthday celebration. Hope to see you soon. All our love, Geof

    So happy you are having this Costa Rica experience. It's wonderful to step into a new culture. You always come out slightly different. Someday I hope to hear some of the stories that you will bring back with you. love, Jaya

    Fresh bluefish; home made cheese; veggies from the garden, AND homemade blueberry birthday pie with wild Truro blueberries AND Nauset ginger ice cream. Eat your heart out. Love, Mum

  17. Jodie Wall; Zulu 2

    Hi Jodie; sounds like you are having fun but not many photos in the last few days. We are all missing you here apart from Mr Tesco who has phoned to claim that unless our shopping bill goes back to normal soon, they will be out of business!! I assured them it won't be long :-)

    I love and miss you,

    Dad xxx

  18. Lieve Bellie,

    Ik mis je echt heel erg en heb zin om je woensdag weer te zien! Leuk om de foto's te zien, zulu haha:). Geniet nog even de laatste paar daagjes kleine. Ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen. Zo chill dat je bent ingeloot btw, ben blij voor je! Zie je woensdag!

    Love you! liefs Veer



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