Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hanging out with Alpha 5 and Delta 1

Bravo 3 swung by fieldbase after some eventful roadtripping that took them through the rainforest and down to the beach. Check out Wendy's report on Alpha 5 and Delta 1's progress...

Alpha 5

Some of the Alpha 5 team at La Cangreja were just about to embark on some yoga after a hard days work clearing the drainage for trails when the roadtrip arrived – a good bit of stretching to ease their muscles after the hard work they’d been putting in clearing trails. The rest of the team at their Jungle Camp (a good walk away) entertained us with songs and tales. All were all smiling and happy despite the fact that drying their clothes in the rainforest was proving to be a tad challenging.

The next morning armed with tools they set off to start work on a different section of the trail having fun crossing shallow water to get there. This proved amusing as the team worked out how to help each other out placing ‘stepping stones’ across. The following ascent was steep but soon all were happily working taking breaks every now and then to take in the beauty of the surrounding woodland and wildlife.

Daily yoga sesh

Say queso Alpha 5!

Working hard clearing the trail

Lost baby frog stumbles across jungle camp

Local grasshopper pays a visit

Delta 1

Next the roadtrip moved on to Playa Hermosa where Delta 1 provided a lively welcome, a black tie dinner awaited and all had ‘made an effort’ with black bin liners being transformed into dinner jackets and waistcoats, the female contingency using sarongs to create their ‘little black numbers’ (albeit not black!). The ‘silver service’ meal was completed with port (ok Tang the local powdered squash) served with appropriate etiquette i.e. port bottle not to touch table, men to serve all ladies and the bottle moving to the left. Cheese and biscuits (rich tea and jam due to lack of cheese) rounded the meal off.

The next day we were immensely sad (but also pleased!) to find out it was Delta 1's first day off since arriving – luckily we’d brought the sunshine with us and were informed that this had been the best weather the group had had. All were in good spirits and deserved a day off following a mixture of nightly turtle patrol, hatchery and trail work shared out on a rota system.

Delta 1 having a formal dinner

Andy shows off his dinner jacket

The turtle hatcheries

Not a bad view eh?

So where to next? Well I know some of you are itching for news on Delta 4! Just so you know they are our most remote project and our roadtrip is out visiting them as we speak... expect more on them this Friday!

*Blog and photo's by Waheeda Athaullah and Wendy Miller


  1. para cris bolaños/delta 4.

    Hola linda! Espero que estes bien y que este disfratando y aprovechando un monton, yo c q si y que fijo estas toda feliz :), todos los dias te mando toda la energia y buenas vibras q pueda! vieras tengo q contarte un monton de cosas, ya compre las entradas de RHCP y va a venir pearl jam!! :):), la semana pasada no me fui a san lucas porque se cancelo, pero no importa xq me lo pasaron para esta, me voy este viernes y regreso el otro, fui a construir unos dias, david dice q todos bien! y q camilito tambien, esta semana me iba a ir a rincon de la vieja con efra pero al final no lo logramos entonces talvez vamos cuando vuelva de la isla vayamos y si nos da tiempo vamos a rio celeste, hoy fui a pasear con mi papa y fuimos al irazu y desp al turrialba x el camino q te habia dicho y es dem chiva, todo boscoso y con vistas dem chivas, habian dem flores amarillas, margaritas y vacas todas guapas!Mañana cumpleaños morita! jaja... Hoy hace un año! :) que chiva linda! cuando volvas hacemos algo muy chiva, desde ya voy a pensar que puede ser!, espero q te haya llegado el 1er mensaje, me haces un monton de falta bonita!! 4349989 besos y abrazos!! Te amo. feli

  2. Tom Harley Delta 1
    Hi Tomba
    So good to see you in the photos today and glad to see the sun is shining. Hope you are OK - the turtle hatcheries look incredibly impressive so well done! Not a lot of news from here - everybody is fine - Jack is helping out at Matt and Jeremy, Lucy and Sophie are doing lots of riding and Dad enjoyed the Open! You will be home in 2 weeks' time - yippee! Lots and lots of love Mum xx PS Had a slight false alarm when we thought our villa in Greece had burnt down but it hasn't! Bit of a panic.

  3. Jenny and Bruce Ramsay21 July 2011 at 03:28

    For Doug Ramsay, Delta 4

    Hi Doug I guess you are coming to the end of your project phase now - hope that went well. Good luck with the trekking - hope you have an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing some photos of you at long last when the road trip gets to you. Not long to go now - roast potatoes and apple crumble and a nice soft bed await you at home. Thinking of you everyday. Mum and Dad xxx

  4. Hello Delta 4 where are you??? Eagerly anticipating lots of photos on Friday! Best wishes from a blog reader in Hamburg

  5. Para Vero Flores (Alpha 5) amiiiiiiiiiiiii envidio las sesiones de yoga diarias! estoy segura que das las mejores copas de gratitud! cuadrao rebe y yo te extrañamos montones!!!! vieras que estoy enojada con jacó, el otro día me llevó una corriente dem fuerte que hasta un mae llegó a ayudarme a salir, y me di el peor wipe out que he tenido, hasta me reventó el traje de baño (me las arregle y no sali chingoleta del agua). este fin voy a dominical a ver como nos va!! todavia soy moraviana, supuestamente fijo fijo en 2 semanas nos pasamos, tururururuuuu voy al concierto de cafres ahi te cuento como estuvo
    besitos, la amoooo ami! ojala esten viendo dems bichitos :)

  6. DELTA 1

    Hi andy I bet you are looking forward to a proper Sunday lunch.
    What's the caterpillar under your nose, is it a rare breed?
    We are missing not talking to you.

    From the remaining members of the Cornish outpost.

  7. To Hannah Laeverenz S Delta 1
    Dear Hannah. Great to see photos and hear news of what you have been up to! Hatcheries look very professional. Well done! It sounds as if you all have been working very hard - I hope you enjoyed your day off and are looking forward to phase 2 - will you stay in the same groups or will there be a reshuffle?
    We too have had pretty wet weather - torrential rain showers followed by scattered rain and drizzle. It is very cold and ungemutlich. But at least we can dry our clothes and have a hot bath. On Sunday there was a big thunderstorm and lightening struck very near the house - the fuses on TV and DVD player blew and set top had to be replaced.
    Lara is really enjoying work experience - she gets interesting things to do and seems to get on very well with everyone else. We went to Glyndebourne with Graciella and Alex - always a treat. Yesterday I met Heather and family in Whitstable - we had fish and chips on the beach and even went for a swim. There was a brief sunny spell! Had lunch with Dalia and boys today, they are off to Turkey on Sunday - they send their best wishes!
    We all miss you and think of you a lot. I hope you will enjoy the adventure bit of the trip. Big hug and lots and lots of love!!! Eva xxxxxxx

  8. Jodie Wall - Delta 4

    Hey jode!! im so happy to read on the blog that we'll be hearing from the beautiful delta 4 in the up and coming days!! i am so excited, what a geek!! Jobs going great just to let you know and me n neat are having regular convo's about you ;) thinking about you soo much.

    Lots of love as always,
    Dougie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. To Fede Lang - Delta 3

    HOLAAAAAAAA. Hey muchacho, SÓLO 1 SEMAMA Y 5 DÍAS!!!! Quiero! Qué emoción jeje. Ayer llevé a Amanda al Vet y sigue con alergia tonta de vez en cuando pero tiene el pelo todo lindo y está gordita y rica, ya vi Harry Potter que me gustó, viene Pearl Jam (no sé si sabías), me estoy leyendo un nuevo libro y jugando Nintendo de vez en cuando y viendo a gente linda también... Por cierto mi portón terminó de morir, hay que ver que se hace :P Fuera de eso aquí todo bien... Quiero que suban fotos de uds! Desde las de los tubos no han puesto más y aunque sea así quiero verte.
    Espero que estés todo feliz y disfrutando montones montones y conociendo gente linda y haciendo cosas chivas y conociendo lugares increíbles! Te mando las mejores energías y vibras desde acá.
    Ojalá te haya llegado mi encargo y los otros mensajitos de blog. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Ya estoy toda emocionada por darte un abrazote cuando te vea. Me hacés mucha falta.
    Besito, Adri :)

  10. Alpha 7 Jasmine Furbert

    Hello Jasmine. It was so wonderful receiving your email! Thank you. We all miss you as well. Your email was funny. Hope your surviving and enjoying the change. Everybody is good. Nana Mills is the same, driving me nuts, I stopped giving her packs of cigarettes and now give her single cigarettes, she is cutting down. Jaden played in Mini Cup Match today at the Rec. He played for Somerset though, they won. Jaden read your email and he is writing you another letter. I must make you some tortillas upon your return, LOL. I'm glad you are enjoying your work. It must feel gratifying helping to provide water for those families. If you want to change to 7 weeks so you can work and prepare for college then OK, otherwise you should enjoy the full program. Berkeley sent your transcript to the college 2 weeks ago. I’m awaiting a call from the college to confirm that they received it. I'll follow up. And yes, I am working on your Hayate. Will write again when I see the next blog update. Take Care, Hasta que te vea de nuevo.
    Love Dad

  11. Hola Sara Wilkes-Alpha 5!
    Hope you are well and enjoying the wildlife!The photos look amazing.
    It´s here at the mo, going to see mum and dad in Oliva later.
    Take care and lots of love, besossss!!!!
    Kate, Mauri, Joseph and Elena xxxx

  12. Hi Chris T with Alpha 5 - looked for you doing the yoga but then thought that tales and songs would be more your scene! Hope your keeping some clothes dry in the rainforest! Guess it's not long now until your back at the fieldbase and getting ready for the next adventure. All well here. Family, Ros, Judith, Nerys, Gwyn, Claire and peanut send love as do we! Mum and Dad xx

  13. Ben Moye - Delta 1

    Hi Ben

    It's great to see photos of you, looks like you are having a fantastic time!

    Can't wait to see you to hear all about the work you have been doing, we are all missing you, although Sam and Oliver would never admit it!!!

    Lots of love Mum, Bill and everyone at home xx

  14. Alfie Carapiet Alpha 6,
    How is the building going?? Hope you are having fun?? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sun is shining here but it is very windy.

    Much love

  15. The Johnston family23 July 2011 at 07:16

    Oliver Johnston, gordano school, charlie 1.
    Hi ollie! Hope you're having an amazing time. I couldn't wait any longer to see photos and hear the latest news, so had to blog! If it's any consolation, monsoon season has arrived in Portishead, nothing but rain & it's been cold. :( we are all really proud of you. Keep up the good work. loads of love mum, dad, hamish, Victoria & Douglas dog! Xxx

  16. To Niall McElroy, Alpha 4 -

    Namaste! Have made it safely to Nepal (guessing it's a bit difficult for you to receive my text message informing you as such), and after a mental week running around the Kathmandu valley and barrelling down the Trisuli river in a raft, I've arrived at Pokhara for my placement. Will be working in a daycare centre with little kids for 3 weeks before I set off for Everest. The good news is that I do actually have internet here and so will be able to talk on Skype with you once you get back to field base! Drop me an email to let me know when is good. About a million things to report as always! Missing you tonnes and can't wait to speak again. Love always, Sarah xxx

  17. bella pringle - delta 4
    guess whoooo :). im in a internet cafe in napa.i having a good time. i have your name tattooed on my arm haha. literally cant stop thinking about you. the answer to the question you want to ask is no, of course i havent. you can trust me completely. i cant wait to have you home.
    (by the way the tattoo is a henna, i cant lie to you.. haha).
    there have been no updates on your grouppp, i wanna hearr about my soldier. how are youu??? no pictures :( i want to see your facee. keep smiling please and ill speak to you in 10 days!!!! i love you so much. spending all day thinking about you. AB2B. i love you smella xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Niiickkk I have goood news! :D apparently your mum is going to have roaming bbm just like me once youre in england sooo that means ill be able to talk to you for free once youre out of the jungle ahhh. It means you have to actually use blackberry but luke wont know dont worry. Its your survival week soon right? good luck dont get too skinny i wonder if you actually do have to go out and catch your own fish like you thought hhahah. well im in chile now finally i swear ive speant the past day on a plane. i saw some kid carrying around a huge eeyore which made me laughh, i miss you. Dubai ended up being quite fun the last fews days i have some funny stuff to tell you but its too embarassign for here. i wishh i knew what was going on with youu! anyway what elsee. amy winehouse died btw, OD. okay stay safe i love you lots xxx

  19. Alfie Carapiet, Alpha 6.
    Oh BTW, found the missing sleeping bag and rucksack - in your bedroom in Fouras!!! No wonder we couldn't find it!!!! Just as well we gave up looking!!!

    Bye for now.
    Love SueXX

  20. Jill , Nick, and Roxanne23 July 2011 at 15:34

    Ahoy Caesar! (Alpha 5, in Cangreja)

    You're still wearing the same T-shirt!
    It sounds as if you're getting as much rain there as we are here in Brazil; but probably not as much as you'd have got in the Azores! And at least it's nice warm rain, hey!
    It looks as if you're all working hard. We hope you get to stay with a local family, on your next project, and get the chance to use your Spanish.
    Roxanne wants to know whether you've seen the red hot lava flowing down the volcano yet - and she says that photo (on the blog) is NOT A GRASSHOPPER; it's a cricket!

    Love and hugs from all of us aboard the good ship Mollymawk.



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