Friday, 8 July 2011

It's all kicking off!

So that's it, the ball is officially rolling for the 11G&H projects and the venturers have been living the Raleigh dream for at least a day now! The Alpha groups left yesterday morning for the start of their phase one projects. After a night of mayhem at the fieldbase party the evening before, which involved lots of cake, paint and dancing, the venturers were up the next morning from 4am to set off on their adventures… some of whom were still covered in the party paint.  Let's see how they're getting on with some brief updates from the groups;

Alpha 1 – Turrimacho Trek
The group spent the first night of their Turrimacho adventure in Cimarrones where they slept last night. Today they are trekking on to Barbilla National Park. So far so good for the trekkers!

Alpha 2 – Guanacaste Trek
Spirits are high and morale is well and truly boosted for the Guanacaste guys as they began their trekking adventure with complimentary bandanas and a trek song already in place. No doubt there will soon be a team dance to match this, maybe even a group handshake. We can only hope. The team spent their first night sleeping under the stars on a school porch in Anjeles and will continue on to Alto Cebadilla today.

Alpha 3 Miratombo Trek, Alpha 6 Apantes & Alpha 7 in Quebrada Honda
Jetting off to Nicaragua – after a lengthy 8 hour bus trip, these groups spent the night together in Jinotepe School to break up the journey. With a fully equipped kitchen for cooking and two seperate bathrooms with showers, (with showers!) this luxury pit stop was well appreciated by our groups. This morning the groups went their separate ways, continuing their journeys for the start of their phase one adventures.

Alpha 4 – Volcan Turrialba / Braulio
After spending last night in the more luxurious ranger’s hut (rumour has it that this particular hut has a chandelier! Potentially a little inapt but fun nonetheless), the group have headed off this morning to La Casa, where they will be sleeping for the duration of their time at Volcan Turrialba. They headed up to the top of the volcano this morning to begin their first day of work - woohoo!

Alpha 5 – La Cangreja
The group spent their first night in the comfortable ranger’s station before they set off today into the depths of the jungle to set up their jungle camp! The team will begin to work on the wheelchair trails in the next day or so after they have settled in, but first thing's first - camp. Watch this space.

Delta 1 – Playa Hermosa
Delta one has successfully set up their jungle camp. They are spending today finishing final touches to their new home (such as sorting out the ‘Tarzan’ and 'Jane’ themed longdrops!). Work has also begun today on the hatchery and tonight the team has their first night patrol where they will begin the search for turtles!

Delta 2 – Camaronal
The group spent their first night sleeping in the Ranger’s hut before heading out to build their jungle camp where they slept yesterday. They have already began working on the trails and tonight they’ll be taking part in their first night patrol shift!

Delta 3 – Bajo Chirripo
Delta 3 aren’t wasting any time! The hard work has already begun as the group work on clearing the area of all trees and debris, and start on the foundations for the school. Go team go!

Delta 4 - Chirripo
Delta 4 are also cracking on! The group has been split into two groups on the work site; one to collect and carry the wood back to base, while the rest focus on digging ditches and putting in new piping for water. This will be the main job for the rest of the week. It's tough work to start with but spirits are high and the venturers are giving it all they've got!

A quick heads up for you guys back home, some of us fieldbase staff are off on a road trip to visit the groups on Tuesday 12th July and will out of the office for 12 days. So if you want to leave any more comments, best write them before the 12th so we can deliver them when we’re out and about!

Also, just a warning, because so many of our projects are based in such remote locations there is limited contact and access available for both the venturers and the volunteer managers here at Raleigh. This just means that the blogs may be less frequent, especially when we’re out on the road. But bear with us and keep an eye out as we will be updating as often as we can… Viva la blog!

Message from Birthday girl Bert Dunphy to home - She has had the best birthday ever and can't wait to get out there!

Check out the Alpha teams departing yesterday morning!

Alpha 3!

Alpha 6 Cameron getting stuck in!

Alpha 5 off to La Cangreja!

Loading up the supplies!

Early morning breakfast and a packed lunch for the road!

Alpha 2!

Alpha 1!
Pura vida!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant unless otherwise stated. Photos by various.


  1. Mitchell Tulloch & Alpha 1 group Costa Rica
    Hi guys good luck on your trek best wishes
    mum & dad

  2. To Claire
    From Diana

    Hello Claire!

    How´s Apuantes treating you? Hope everything is going well so far. You must be tired after that eight-hour trip to get there.(Well, that´s what the blog said)
    Remember the bet with this chilean girl? Well, I´ve already paid it!! Yesterday I sent her a recording with my horrible voice singing "si vas para Chile" with music in the background (louder than my voice,of course!! xD).
    On her radio show, she put the song and people from Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Chile listened to "my oso". So, It was an international ridiculousness!! lol!
    But, the latins appreciated the effort and all went well in the end.
    I tell you that I´ve the next week off and not for holidays but, I took some days to keep working on my proyect as work has been keeping me busy lately.So, I´ll let you know when it is ready.
    Ok. Gotta go. Take care a lot and have so much fun!
    Diana x x

  3. For Bella Pringle - Delta 4

    Hey you, i hope everything is going well and youre enjoying yourself a lot. it's almost been a week :) less than 4 weeks until the 2nd and less than 6 until i get to see you!!

    everything is very boring without you here at home. really not doing anything. had daisys party last night which was so long. it was in the country-side and we got coaches down there. the coach got lost on the way down which set the tone for the night. but it was nice to spend some time with the guys i guess.
    leaving for corsica the day after tomorrow in the morning, and i literally cant wait to get out of london.
    showed ife the blog and some pictures of you :). he really misses you too, but not as much as me :(.
    3 and a half weeks until we can talk. i cant wait. i was writing a diary but i stopped because it was too depressing haha.
    theres some more news about what you are up to. it does sound really tough! but as you said it will be so rewarding so keep going (and smiling for meee). just keep soldiering on and you can think of coming home and letting me spoil you and give you breakfast in bed and let you fall asleep watching films.

    i love you bella, deals a deal. keep going strong xxxx

  4. To KEVIN TAN (Delta 2)

    Hello! I hope you're having a smashing time.

    I seriously considered springing this proposed itinerary on you as a great surprise ('great' in the sense of AWESOME). But everyone has been saying that big surprises are in real life not all that pleasant - which clearly is a form of socialisation that in the end will turn me into a prudent, judicious, predictable and bloody dull adult. So this is the first step away from impetuosity.

    What I thought I would do was: Meet you at the airport.
    Greet you with a kiss.
    Instead of driving you off to Ocean Park or for ngau larm meen, take you to Departures.
    Fly you to Beijing.
    Then to Hangzhou.
    Take the train to Tibet.

    13 - 15 Aug Lhasa
    16 - 18 Aug Namtso
    19 - 21 Aug Ihamoilatso Lake

    Then back to HK on the 22nd, and back home for you.

    We'd be travelling with my brother, a family friend, Megan, whom I grew up with, her best friend whom I used to debate with at DGS, and Megan's friend's friend (possibly boyfriend).

    If you've got internships and things like that back home from the week of the 22nd, the two of us could stay in Lhasa till the 18th, and I'm happy to leave first with you. But it would be amazing if we could stay a while longer.

    You can visit HK any time, but Tibet?

    I'll wait a few days for your decision. I understand you can't reply all that quickly; I do really need to book tickets soon though, so I might just do that regardless. It doesn't count as rash since I did try contacting you. Right?


  5. Hi Nick and Cyrus
    Loving following you both on the blog. Loved your messages to the girls ... Bahar and I await ours with eagerness ... LOL
    Miss you .. Dubai is too quiet without you
    Love Mum Burden

    For Nicholas Burden and Cyrus Afkhami 11H Delta 3 & Delta 4

  6. Louis de Dumast Delta 2

    Hi Louis,

    We're off tonight to Madagascar - all very excited! Max left yesterday for Ischia and Winston has gone off to summer camp at Mortefontaine!

    Have ordered loads of SAT books for you to keep you busy in August in La Thuile. Have had to change your test to November so that you can do the SAT2's in October - hope that is OK.

    May not be able to send you any more news until we get back from Mada since there is not much network or internet there. Looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd!

    Much love M+P+A xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Charlie Page Alpha 2
    It is all very quiet at home. Abbie and Mum are in the rainy Forest of Dean on D of E. Georgie is out with James. So I am home alone with cats and dogs! The girls are typically fascinated by what you are wearing whereas I like the fact you all look like you are having fun. I hope the boots don't stop you smiling. We are all missing you lots. Lots of love Dad xxx

  8. To : Jaz Chopra (Delta 4)

    Another message honey - just wanted to say we were thinking of you loads this morning. Can't believe it's been a week since you've been gone - that means only 4 weeks to go before you're back. Really hope you are enjoying yourself, although I suspect it is hugely difficult. Did the girls get the job of collecting the wood lol. Everyone back home send their love to you and everyone is thinking of you. Debs at the hairdressers says to send a special hello and lots of love - she is so proud of you, as we all are.

    Well honey, not much is really happening here. The sun is shining which is a plus point at the moment as it has been tipping down here in Weston/Bristol! I have downloaded the photos of you on the site and have sent to Eddie Eddie and also have pointed AXA at the website to see you in your refinery, namely lovely shorts lol.

    Always thinking of you Jaz. You are doing a fantastic thing for people and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

    Big hugs honeybun
    Mum, Tony, Grandma, Nana Jane and Eddie xx

  9. Cyrus Afkhami. Delta 4.
    Hey, hope everything is still going good and is alright. The blog said what you are doing this week sounds pretty tough but knowing you you'll be okay.
    I watched Harry Potter part 1 today you know the one we went to the 12oclock showing for awhile ago as i need to get ready for when we go see part 2 with you in England :)
    Dubai is pretty alright at the moment just been going out and sorting my room out for the change over and seeing some people. The usual.
    I hope you are still writing massive entries in the notebook as i am :)
    Only like 3 more weeks or so until you are done so not that long. Fb inbox me when you are back from those 19 days.
    I miss you. ilyaaf

  10. For: Corrie Moxon - Alpha 1

    I hope everything is going ok, looks like an amazing time so far from the blog!
    Can't believe you've been gone a week already, only 9 more to go!
    Good luck on your first project!
    I love you & miss you loads xxxxxx

    p.s. you look lovely in your hat, it doesn't make you look like a tourist at all.

    love Daniel xx

  11. To Emily Paxton, Delta 2

    Greetings from EARL Curtis in Lincoln, Nebraska! We are thinking about you a lot and wishing you the best. We are so proud of you! Love reading the blog. Take care and enjoy ever minute of this adventure!

  12. to kayleigh carr delta 4
    hi how's you hope you are having a wonderful adventure x. love and miss you loads xx mum and kyle x

  13. private/lydia woodward/alpha 6

    Hey hey hey there m'darling. It's james again (but also wez, really, since the content of this message is based upon a joint tsr troll...). I really hope that image urls work on this, because if they don't you're going to get a stream of random symbols which aren't as good as the delightful memes that I created.

    Anywho, the story goes that some trolltastic fool decided to post another of those "trolololol Oxbridge is rubbish" threads. Here is his post:

    The way I see it, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are nothing but over hyped nurseries that perpetuate obedience. All they do is indoctrinate people and further the life ambitions of the inbred children of the middle and upper classes.

    Every person I have ever met that has gone to Oxbridge has been banal in every sense of the word and has desired to be nothing but obedient to a system that encourages closed mindedness and ignorance. It is a place for people that need to be told that they're intelligent, not somewhere for those who don't need the adoration of others.

    To me it seems that for all the prestige that comes with an Oxbridge degree, most have had to sell their academic and intellectual souls to attain it.

    'Education is a system of imposed ignorance' - Noam Chomsky

    (I know you'll be even more afflicted because he used Chomsky in such a silly context... hahaa :D Unfortunately my actual/sensible response is apparently TOO LONG to post. The injustice, eh. I'll shove it on faceyb and hope you get on there at somepoint..

    This is the part where I post URLs and really really hope that they come through properly... if they don't... they're also on faceyb for you. Both my own memetastic work.



    So yeah, you wanted banterous trullz, there they *hopefully* are. In more real-lifey news, everything is fairly good, England is rainy, I might somehow have obtained a job and people are well. Message about your contactableness has circulated so hopefully more of these to come! I also think you might like to know that I bought a lot of fruit today in keeping with my newfound stereotype... not gift-card sliced, I'm afraid.

    Hope you're vastly enjoying whatever it is you're doing, pretty sure it was school building/teaching, so I hope you make some architectural delights and educate the kids with your infinite chomsky-derived wisdom. Or just teach them some witty things. Or how not to get smashed off very little Pimms. Or something.

    Hopefully I'll hear from you soon. Miss you lots :) xxx

  14. For Bella Pringle Delta 4.

    Its been one full week now, its going fast :). i miss you so much. i really hope you are enjoying yourself out there. if it gets difficult then just think about what you are doing and how rewarding it will feel when youve finished (and also about the two weeks in the bahamas).

    still nothing interesting to report here im afraid haha, just a lonely boy missing youu. going to corsica in the morning so i wont be able to write on the blog for a week because theres no internet :(. im looking forward to going away though, i really need to get out of london. everything reminds me of you haha.

    keep going strong beautiful. youre doing such an amazing thing and im so proud of you. you are such an independent, strong, admirable young woman. keep smiling, i love you.

  15. Para Bruce Solano - Alpha 1

    Que tal cholo, espero que la este pasando bien, por acá en el mundo real todo sigue similar, mañana domingo es el partido contra Argentina y pues existe motivación ante el gane con Bolivia (2-0). Mañana parto para la Peninsula de Osa y de ahí para Chirripo huyendo del Me Gusta de fb! mas que todo jajaja, vuelvo el 21 de julio, le escribo porque al rato y se me dificulte luego. Cuidese bastante y explote al máximo sus capacidades, usted tiene el poder de lograr muchas varas socio, es cuestión de proponerselo.

    Se le quiere bastante mi compa!

    DE SU HERMANILLO, Jesús Jiménez Valverde

  16. Darling Siew,

    By now you will be fully immersed in the land of the turtles, with jungle camp erected and team bonding sessions in full flow. I can only imagine you are leading from the front, inspiring, enthusing and amusing! Those venturers don't know how lucky they are!

    All good in Brighton. Sunny summery days which goes just a little way to compensate for the lack of you in my life. I've been corresponding alarmingly often with your mother - I think she might want to adopt me in your absence!

    Can't wait to see you again my love. Stay safe and have a wonderful time.

    Moff xx

    ps. you are formally inducted into King's. Possibly the dullest thing I've ever done - it must be love!

  17. Mitch Tulloch Alpha 1
    Hi mate I hope alls well with you and the rest of Alpha 1 group. I am following your progress with great interest. Keep up the good work, enjoy yourself, take care. love mum & dad

  18. Freddy and Jane10 July 2011 at 09:12

    Emma Black Alpha 3
    Hi Emma, Hope you are having a wonderful time! It is great being able to see photos of you and to be able to keep track of what's going on over there! Everything is fine here. Take Care. Lots of love. Freddy and Jane xx
    PS. Freddy says don't forgot the tobacco! Only kidding!

  19. To KEVIN TAN (Delta 2)

    Oh dear, after all that fuss and excitement, I'm afraid the Tibet trip is off now due to various considerations which I shall tell you about some other time. Sorry to have got your hopes up if that previous message did that. Perhaps another time. I am dreadfully sorry.

    I'll try to write you soon!


  20. Chris T - Alpha 5
    Hope you are having a great time on the expedition. We will look out for your news and pics on the blog. Keep a record of all the wildlife, Dead jealous!!!
    Luv Dad and Mum

  21. Daniel Saborío11 July 2011 at 07:50

    Para Bruce Solano - Alpha 1 (Turrimacho Trek)

    Cuando quiera lo parto en Deal (obvio cuando vuelva!), créame que he practicado bastante para siga debajo de mi zapato!!! Jajaja todo tuanis mop?! Espero que lo este pasando como nunca en trek, le tengo una envidia que este haciéndolo jaja!!! Siempre con buena vibra y "echando pa'lante"

    Bueno don Bruce... cuídese mop!
    Conoche como viene los de la 11-C jaja
    Daniel Saborío

  22. Andres Chavalazo Alpha 2
    Dip Top buenas buenas!hUEVO TOOOnto:DHola foto mia montezuma cuando cumplimos 5 meses aww niños sin amor sabes que tu amor me hace bieeeen lolito lindo tu eres mi tesoro ando los zapatos blancos de blanca nieves y los lazos de amor de las trillisas! Cuando vengas besame en la boca tiiiiii Mamoi Mamoi Te amoooooooooooo!!Chiquitiboom a la bin bon ban,Chiquitiboom a la bin bon ban a la bio a la bao a la bin bon ban Chava Chava ra ra ra eeeeeeeeh!! <3 CIao mi amorcito besos besos abrazos apapachadores solo para ti...<3

  23. Maricruz Esquivel L.
    Hermana!!!! Ojala veas esto!!:D
    Espero estes pasando una excelente aventura, y disfrutando mucho, y poniendole bonito verdad!!! lol
    Todos los dias la recuerdo mucho mi negra bella! Y todos los dias me hace un poquito mas de falta!Pero se que Diosito me la cuida 24/7!!! Tons toy tranquila!!!
    Te amo sistilla!!! Cuidese mucho!! Y disfrute!! Acuerdece q vida solo hay una y solo es un dia a la vez! Besos de parte de Gustavo y de su hermanita mujer favorita!!
    PS: El sabado vamos a ir a ver Harry Potter! ya tenemos las entradas!! jajajajajajaj! ♥ No nos odies mucho! jajajaja

  24. for Jennifer Clements Alpha 6 (11G) Bonjour mon chou.. no news, good news. the price to pay for being the project furtherst from base camp, I guess. Have looked at pictures of Miraflor, looks amazing. Enjoy your new friend (locals and group) and lets hope there is a river nearby where you can cool down. End of term next week, no more kids until Sept!! ye!! Miss you lots Hope to hear from you around 28th (3 weeks??) and lots of bisous from Dad, me and the babiesxxxxxxxxxxxMum


  26. To Chavalazo - Alpha 2

    Wejepa arroz con mango, chikis, café, fresas y leche condensada... Buenas buenas :) Hablé con Cristian, te mandó saludes y dijo que muy tristemente no va a estar en el parque los días que vos llegás allá. Todo mal!
    No sé si estos mensajitos llegan o no antes o después o cuándo... Tons, un FELIZ MUY FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS PARA SU LINDA PERSONA. Demasiadas incoherencias increíbles en apenas 5 meses de conocerlo. Ojalá que te esté yendo super bien en el trek (fijo sí).
    Cuídese mucho, UN ABRAZO.

  27. FEELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MI NEGRA... esperamos que la este pasando de maravilla.. miles de besos y abrazos de parte de papi mami tia y yo... una falta increíble, pero con la seguridad q estas en lo q te gusta, son experiencias inolvidables, entre tanta lluvia falta una gatilla maullando de que se acerca su cumpleaños, en fin todo un personaje que nos llena de sonrisas y alegrías, y ganas de hacer comida.. TE AMAMOS GORDA... infinitos deseos y buenas energías...

  28. Maricruz Esquivel Lopez- Alpha 6
    Cruzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cariño espero que este teniendo una experiencia inolvidable y aprovechando al maximo todas las oportunidades, recuerde que la quiero mucho y le deseo muchos Exitos y que este poniendole bastante jeje....

    Me hace mucha falta siempre nos acordamos de los pleitos y de las fiestillas jajaja no no en serio espero verla pronto guapisima como siempre tenemos muchas cosas que hablar jejeje LQMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  29. Buenos días Mitch and Alpha 1!

    Hello from behind a desk in London - a very jealous writer sucking in airconditioned air and wishing I was outdoors. Hope you're having an amazing time already - I have no doubts you will be! Keep on writing in that journal.


    ps never mind the beard, looks like you've got some competition on the afro!

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