Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jungle Camp and Salsa!

The Delta’s arrived back from Jungle Camp this morning. After spending their first night out in the sticks our venturers have returned with new skills, open eyes (mainly on the look out for mosquitoes and spiders) and for many, a zest for adventure (for others this may take a little longer).

The Delta groups set off after lunch yesterday and trekked for around an hour until they reached their jungle camp destination. When they arrived it was action stations and as the groups hauled all the kit (bashers and bamboo!) up a hill to jungle camp location - group effort all round. After this the PM’s (project managers) each took a turn at showing the ropes; from how to put up a basher bed, to how to put up a hammock, to how to put up your mosquito net, to how to dig a longdrop… you get the idea. There was a lot to learn. After these demonstrations the Delta’s broke off back into their smaller project groups and just before the rain began to fall, they set up camp.

Basher beds!

Basher hammocks!

Communal area / where to put everything when it rains!

Happy campers!

The teams spent the evening cooking dinner in their new kitchen (of sorts) using the trangia’s and finally settled down with a warming cup of tea and/or hot choc… which, incidentally, tastes so much better in the jungle, in the rain, after trek.
It wasn’t long before the groups were keen to get tucked in to their hammocks and bashers for the night, but not before a few fun and friendly games around camp.

Delta 3 getting stuck in at Jungle camp - muddy hands all round!
The next morning the groups were up ay 3.30am to prepare breakfast, take down camp and start making their way back to fieldbase. On the journey home each group stopped for some emergency Casevac training where they went through the emergency radio and casevac procedures, and one lucky volunteer was stretchered back to base. It’s alright for some! The teams arrived back at 9am this morning, and have since been enjoying some down time until they jet off again early tomorrow morning for the start of their first project.

In the meantime, the Alpha groups have spent the morning frantically packing for their own Jungle Camp adventure! They set off after lunch today, after a Latino-style party last night to see them off… Salsa! The beats were blaring, the hips were moving and the Alpha team were demonstrating some serious salsa shakes on the fieldbase dance floor last night. Spirits were high and it was a great way to celebrate the start of the 11G adventure. Pictures below, check out the moves!

PM's Chava and Marga showing them how it's done.

Mountain leader Carwyn -  showing us how the Welsh do it!
Tonight's entertainment - 4th July Party! (on the 5th July) With America as the theme, this could be an interesting night!

Pura Vida!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. To Hannah Laeverenz S - Delta 1
    Those hammocks look cosy! I hope you got enough sleep last night! The blog is great - so good to get updates and see photos - everyone looks so happy! I am sure you are learning loads of new and useful stuff. Keep up the good work! Have a brilliant time at Playa Hermosa.
    Love + miss you! xxxxx

  2. alpha 2 karen rocha: hello mi osita bella espero que la ete pasando de lo mejor hoy es el dia para que conoscan a sus compañeros por que ya mañana salen para el campamento en la jungla y bueno mire que le toca el trek pero vamos a echarle muchas ganas y ayudarse entre todos miren que ustedes son el grupo donde van mas nicaraguense aganle el animo y que lastima que la separaron de fransi pero eo ya uste lo sabi desde aqui, la adoro mi osita bella y se que va a vencer todo staculo yo estoy informando todo lo que pase a su mama no se preocupe saludes a todos y bueno saludes a chava que estoy segurio que sera un buen PM ese maje es de lo mejor me lo saludan y digale que si viene en la 2º face a nic que me avise okis..... TKM att larry

  3. alpha2-maycol meneses. que nota mi hermano ya mire que le toca lo chiva pero no se preocupe que usted es alguien valiente y super fuerte eso no sera nada para usted, recuerde la unidad del grupo y no se desespere siga pa lante siempre ahi ayuden a karen usted y fer.. recuerden que son un grupo, bueno man les deseo lo mejor y se que con chava van en buenas manos por que ese man es de lo mejor saludamelo y a keineth tambien att larry

  4. alpha2-fernando: que paso mi brother suerte en la caminata y a poner ttodo para dejar en alto nuestro pais y ase todo lo posible para mantener el grupo de nicas a todo la emocion suerte y a ponerle duro a la caminata solo aganle caso a chava que por sierto no es muy regañon pero si buenisima onda saludes a el y a serle el animo en la caminata att larry castillo

  5. alpha4-eveling: hello niña bueno le deseo lo mejor y le asegro que ese proyecto que le toco es de lo mejor y super divertido o eso me han dicho espero disfrute todo y a meterle para la fiesta antes de salir, espero la pases super mañana en el campamento en la selva nos vemos pronto y suerte okis adios att larry

  6. alpha5-wernet: man que buen proyecto te toco, bueno man a serle el animo y a disfrutar todo, mna ayudemele a los nicas para que lo pasen de lo mejor okis suerte en todo en la fiesta y en el proyecto att larry

  7. alpha 1-fransis: hola mi niña bueno se que le toco el treck y que la separaron de karen pero bueno asi son las cosas, le deseo lo mejor y por sierto ese era mi caminata espero que la pase de lo mejor pero ahi conocera personas super lindas y asta podra aprender idiomas nuevos como el caveca que es la lengua indigena de esa parte de el pais y bueno le deseo lo mejor y como dice keineth biemvenida a raleigh mi niña att larry

  8. Jordan Carter 11G - Looking good salsa dancing - it will get better with time!!! Love you muches....Diane

  9. Maddie Hosker (Delta 4)
    Hi Maddie we all miss you at home. It's quiet without you. We have really loved seeing the photos of you. Take good care of yourself. Don't get too bitten. Keep smiling and think of the Inca Trail!!!!! Lots of love Mumxxxx

  10. Jordan Carter 11G - Yeah, I second what Diane said! Great salsa dancing, Jordan. Dad and I miss you. Take care of yourself! Love you, Bud!

  11. Charlie Page - alpha 4. looks like you had a good party before setting off - hope the feet hold out and we are all missing you very much - it is very quiet here without your dry wit! love Mumxxx

  12. Nick Burden - delta 3
    i actually love this blog so much hahah, it looks like youre having an amazing time over there so far :) apart from the 330 am wakeup maybe.. ouch. im not sure if you got to join in with the salsa night but if you did i hope you actually took the lessons seriously they might come to good use next new years. im seeing emily today so tell cyrus so he gets jealous muahaha. i miss you alot nickk x

  13. Nick Burden - delta 3
    i actually love this blog so much hahah, it looks like youre having an amazing time over there so far :) apart from the 330 am wakeup maybe.. ouch. im not sure if you got to join in with the salsa night but if you did i hope you actually took the lessons seriously they might come to good use next new years. im seeing emily today so tell cyrus so he gets jealous muahaha. i miss you alot nickk x

  14. Bella Pringle - Delta 4

    Mmmm it's taken me a while to work out how to blog - so very sorry for radio silence. But i have seen your lovely smiley face so I know you are having fun. We had a good painting weekend in the sunshine. Bee came for supper last night. Basti is headlining in Holland this weekend. Tristan is loving Croatia. So all is good here except of course for missing you. I wonder if the lizards are as big as we thought they might be? Have fun building your classroom - what a great project. Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxx

  15. Message for Rachel Neustadt:

    Hi gorgeous; everyone here in the US who has ever been to Costa Rica is jealous as anything--though they may not be seeing quite the Raleigh scene. Love to you from Jaya and Amy and all of the Cohens and especially ME! Mum x

  16. For Rachel Neustadt

    Hi Rachel - good to see you have arrived safely. Have just heard from your Mum that things are going well.

    Take care and have fun
    Tim x

  17. Cyrus Afkhami. Delta 4. Emily Perkins
    Hey Pookie hahaha, Alex and I were speaking and thought this was a good idea so you and Nick can hear from us.
    Anyway hope you are having an amazing time. Nothings been happening in Dubai, it's boring at the moment so I don't think you are missing out on much. Everything is alright here. I've been writing in the journal so much so you better have been as well :)
    I love you and will send you another message soon <3

  18. To Chris Vos (Alpha 7 - 11H)


    Received IB results today.

    Congratulations on getting into Durham!

    Well done!

    Enjoy your community project in Nicaragua!

    Lots of love from Dad, mum and Ben

  19. Susan and Iain Black6 July 2011 at 13:06

    For Emma Black 11G Alpha 3.

    Hi. Looks like you were concentrating hard on the Salsa dancing - looked a bit like the slosh on the photo! Hope you enjoy the trek and it's not too exhausting. Lots of love Dad, Mum and Jake.

  20. Carmen Gaskell Delta 4

    Hey little one,good to see you have arrived safely. It looks like you are having so much fun and only 3 weeks in.
    We are thinking about you.lots of love Big C and Ian

  21. Heather |Alabaster7 July 2011 at 07:23

    For Cat Alabaster, Delta 4 group
    Cold and rainy here so we're quite jealous. Hope you have everything you need as there seem to be bits of kit left scattered in your bedroom - which is now much tidier. Hoping life without hair straighteners is liberating,and at this end the Nutella bill's now down to zero so that's all good! Your many fans at Peterlee and Fram and even Sherburn all asking how you're doing - they're impressed so far! Lots of love Mum xx

  22. Hey! Jordan Carter, 11G

    Hey Jordan, it's katie! So i hope It's not so terrible you were smiling so that's good! And i saw they had food, so hopefully you'll live. :p We all miss you a billion. And the pictures of the party looked like you were having alot of fun. Don't forget about us, can't wait till you get home. I mean who knew you remembered how to smile, kidding. I'm kinda jealous, wish i could of gone with ya, ha. Sad note i smashed my ipod completely, cause you know that would happen while your gone. Anyways, have fun and be safe, hopefully i can here from you soon.
    Miss you Amillion. I Love you.

  23. Delta Emily Paxton - look at you on your expedition - so jealous of your time in the jungle. What great stories you will have to share when you get home. You are such a strong and beautiful woman - can't wait till you get home. We love and miss you! Jason, Nancy and Abby

  24. Hi Ryan Austin Alpha 3,

    We all miss you and Hootie keeps looking for you. Pippa bit me on the nose. Then,Puddin bit Pipps on the nose. We're still cleaning up the carnage from your departure. Hope you are having fun. See you soon, Brian

  25. Hi Naveen
    Your jungle camp looks awsome. We miss you. Have fun.
    Mom and Dad

  26. ben moye, delta1
    hey Ben,tried to text here once,but it's not showing,so I'll give it another try..can't believe u got the turtles saving job,lucky bastard ;o] hope u r having a great time..well, it's the leavers ball 2morrow, so I bet u wish u could be here, haha ;o] it's nice to c u on the pictures, miss u here..have a great time and enjoy every moment of it..love u xxoo, Veronika

  27. to ben moye,delta 1
    btw Ben, hope u showed them all, how to dance properly,lol..salsa is nothing, compare to your dancing ;o]

  28. Jodie Wall (delta 4)

    hello buba!!! just read n saw i wont be able to send another message for a while on the blogs so thought i'd send another one now :) i did write one the other day, dont know if you got it?? Anyway im thinking about you soo much and im going crazy without you!!! Wrote out a letter tonight which will be sent out tommorrow (09/07)so look forward to that in 3 weeks!! haha i love you baby... hope all is well, you look amazing in your pics but not sure about that head scarf :p xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love youuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Delta 4 PM Reggie Lang.

    Reggie Reginald ... Heeey Stranger!!

    ... I tired too send you a message the other day don't think it worked. Ops. You know my luck with these things. Have an amazing time putting up that class room yus... Make Sure you get some pretty pics of yourself for me, i know how you love to pose for the camera! ... i miss your singing A LOT. Hopefully hear from you when you are back in your office. Make sure you leave that Jungle behind painted in glitter baby. :p

    Missing you tonnes. Enjoy every moment... i'l be thinking of you lots. x x x x x

  30. To Bea Lee(Delta 2)
    Happy Birthday sweetheart!Hope you're having a great time already.Pressie with your Mum&Andy for return.Will keep eye on blog..Lots of love,Rich

  31. alpha 1 Francis Lanuza como estas mi princesita te extrañanmos mucho Gabriel y yo que bueno el trek fue su primer fase recuerde q usted siempre a sido una guerrera valiente y se que vencera todos los retos que se le presenten animo y adelante estamos felices de lo que usted esta disfrutando de esta de experiencia que tanto quiso te queremos mucho te manda saludes la niña tambien te extraña



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