Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Mysterious Island......

Step up guest blogger No 3!  Dawn is STILL away having fun visiting the Zulu’s on adventure island (also known as San Lucas Island) so I Laura (field base medic) am stepping into the breach.  My mum will testify that my spelling is atrocious so bare with me J

Romeo 1 have trekked through Barbilla National Park and made it to their next destination, Valle Escondido, a Cabecar village in the Chirripó Indigenous Reserve.  They say the scenery is breath-taking and all members of the group are going strong.
Romeo 2 are currently trekking towards Lake Arenal and praying for good weather so they can have some clear views out to the majestic Arenal volcano.

Arenal volcano on a clear day.

Romeo 3 have set up a stylish jungle camp with all the mod cons like basha hammocks, tarped off dining area and long drop!  Today they have been shifting gravel in rucksacks and wheelbarrows to make a path through the Las Pailas National Park.  Later, weather permitting; they may visit the hot springs and volcano, nice work if you can get it!
Romeo 4 have moved to the other side of La Cangreja National Park and have continued work with the rangers making the tourist path ready for all those visitors. They are going to be working on the Fundación Ecotropica section of the park which Raleigh hasn’t worked on for 5 years!
Romeo 5 in Miraflor have started work on the community centre but today took a day off to explore the nearby town of Yalí. They are living in the community of Yeluca where they have been warmly received by the local population.
Romeo 6 are also up in Miraflor in the community of Apantes. They have also had a lovely day off watching a baseball game, and to get there they had to walk along the orchid trail, wow!
Romeo 7 are busy putting the finishing touches to the water tank in Quebrada Honda, Nicaragua and were planning to go for a swim in the local river today.

The local Quebrada Honda folk working on the water storage tank.

The Zulu’s are all together (with Dawn the blogger) on adventure island still surviving by their wits alone out in the wilderness!  And loving every minute of it!  What they are actually doing is still a little bit of a state kept secret but I guarantee they will come back with stories aplenty!

The two Challenor’s groups have now been on project for 6 days. Charlie 2, the group in Namaldi, have been storming ahead with their work. The walls of the kindergarten are now up and they are starting on the floor over the next few days. They are also going to be mixing lots of cement to plaster the walls. The community have really taken to the group and they have organised a community party as well as cultural events. Over in Palmera, Charlie 3 has been busy digging the pits for the bio-digestors. Over the next few days they are going to start on the pig-pens where the pigs will live that will be producing the waste that will turn into bio-gas.

 Here at field base we are like the helm of this huge ship they call Raleigh and we have been working hard all day to make sure she sails safe and true.  We have been sending food and equipment out to the projects, cleaning tents and devising a half hour ‘Radio Raleigh’ which included world news, sports and entertainment as well as a little sing along to keep the spirits high.

Until next time this is Laura.... signing out.


  1. for bella pringle, zulu 4

    hi beautiful! reading about what you are up to right now and im so jealous, it sounds amazing. this prison island thats now a wildlife refuge! (i hope you dont have too many encounters with lizards). and you get to watch the sun set! can wee doo that?? youll probably get this when you are leaving and can call me anyway. but i thought id just leave a small message because its the 1st of august. so weve been seeing each other for 8 months now, and its been so perfect.

    sitting by my phone waiting for your call. i love you, keep smiling xxxxxx

  2. Ben Moye - Zulu 4

    Hi Ben

    Only a few days to go until you are home! can't wait to hear all about your adventures. From reading the blogs it looks like you are all having a fantastic time!

    We have all been missing you, however since you have been away we now know who the tomato sauce fiend is!!!! I will buy a big bottle for you as I am sure that you have been having withdrawal symtoms!!!!

    Chelsea has been poorly again so will need lots of cuddles when you get home!!

    Lots of love Mum and all at home.

  3. For Laura Salmon!
    Great blog hun! sounds like u r having an amazing time! Keep up the good work! All well here Joshua getting big looks forward to his cuddles with u when u return! Take care
    Love Sarah & Joshua xxxx

  4. To: Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1, Yeah!! News is that you are all enjoying your trek... Hope you are taking some brilliant photos - don't forget to download some of them when you get back at the end of this stage!! Just off to the airport to set John and Alex back on their way... We will get on with some basic renovations on the house - hopefully with your new found skills you will be able to supervise next year!!

    Bye for now and much love

  5. Elliot Bartholomew Romeo 3

    Really Good learning about your jungle camp and of course your planned visit to the hot springs and volcano. You also seem to be working hard, so hopefully a real balance. Everyone here is fine and thinking of you often.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy every minute of your experience.

    Love Mum Dad Sophie and Lily. xx

  6. To: Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1.

    Just to let you know Alex and John have arrived in London safely. We are off to dinner on our own - Joy!!!!

    Will let you know how Alex's interview goes tomorrow.

    Love SueXX

  7. For Christina Clare,Romeo 4.
    Hi Chrissie! Thank you for the email, it sounds like your having an amazing time! Hope your managing to keep the creepy crawlies away. It's currently nice & sunny here in the UK.I spent yesterday lazing in my new hammock and ended up falling asleep & getting burnt, oopsie.I have been keeping track of you so don't think we're not thinking about you. Hope your enjoying your new group & task! Take care, love Za x

  8. Romeo 5 Charlie Page
    Mum and I are back from The Lakes and have started Family Week at the sailing club. Abbie passed her Dinghy Instructors Course and is helping with Ollie at the club. Mum and I are doing well!! Well not last anyway! The weather here for once is lovely. Georgie in particular but all of us are checking the computer all the time to get your news and see the photos. It looks like you are all having a great time. Lots and lots of love from us all. As we speak Mum is writing a bluey for you. Dad XXXX

  9. jenny and Bruce Ramsay1 August 2011 at 13:29

    For Doug Ramsay Zulu 4

    Hi Doug Everyone here can't wait for your return. Make sure you pick up the post I sent to you at Fieldbase before you come back - it has a new sim card plus other stuff you need for the journey back. Lots and lots of Love Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  10. grace minns romeo 2
    hi again, have you reached the view of the volcano yet looks amazing on the photo. How the time is passing cant wait to see you. Hope you got rid of the tic! ! Not too painful ? All ok at home am sleeping over at work tonight . Very hot today but cloudy beach was packed. Will blog you again soon , much love mum x x

  11. For Jodie wall (Zulu 2)
    Heya babe!!! cant believe that it's only two days untill i see you again (i will bring chocolate upon your arrival!) we should also have some hash browns and waffles with lots of salt ready to cook when you get back so hopefully you'll be happy!!! anyway i will take some tea in a flask for you to drink on the way home, and if you let me stay in your room then we can have a friends marathon and eat lots of rubbish!(my diet starts on friday!!!!) anyway i'll miss you till the very end so come back safe and huggable!! luv you forever babe xxxxx
    lllluuuuuuurrrrrrrvvvvveeeeeee from Jess !!!! xxx

  12. For Marga (PM), Romeo 7

    Ola fofa,
    All is good, nothing much happening other than work. I'll be in Chicago between Aug 29th and Sep 4th. And flight to Spain is already booked.
    Can't wait. Miss you very much.

  13. Chris Tullo - Romeo 1
    You have made fantastic progress, and the pictures of the views are stunning.
    Hope you have had the chance to see loads of animals and birds.
    How's the sing-along going. Have you taught them F&S yet??
    Lots of Love
    Dad xx

  14. For Christina Clare, Romeo 4

    Hi beautiful, hope you are having a great time and keeping dry ! Can't wait to hear from you. Posted you another letter today.

    Love you always.


  15. jack smylie wild romeo 7
    hello jackie boy, i saw my last comment on blog so feel better now! we are home after getting in about 3 am ..... it's all go with prep for croissant 9, but at least we didn't need to re-adjust to temp - it's hot here!! mark still out there in digger laying track, wilb collected landcruiser today, i've been shopping and washing , louis watching night at museum 2 and scratching his mosi bites! bought nicaraguan fair trade coffee, thought of you ! did you go for a swim?? we love you!! Mummy mally and de crew x x x x pura vida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Iain and Susan Black2 August 2011 at 13:44

    Emma Black romeo 7

    Thats us back from Skye. We had a great time and it was fantastic to talk to you. It is great to see you looking so well and catching up with the blog. Keep up the good work.

    love Mum and Dad x x

  17. Jordan Carter Romeo 4

    Hey it's katie!
    I miss you soo much.. I hope your having fun!
    i was really happy i got to talk to you! Oh i got my lisence whoop!! I really hope your having fun! I miss you soo much it's not even funny. Paul, gordon, Mckenna, Karyssa and Megan all say hey! We're just being lame at my house like usual. It's like 1:23 a.m. here.. haha
    Well i wanted to just tell you i miss you and can't wait to talk to you again!
    Love you and miss you.
    Amillion. (:

  18. To Niall McElroy, Romeo 2:
    Namaste! Week 2 in Pokhara now in full swing, have started teaching the bambinis how to read and write... Not sure there's actually anything cuter. Except them singing the Nepali national anthem. I'll get a video! Que mas.. Visited the "world peace pagoda", was one of those "does exactly what ir says on the tin" moments. Went for a 10k run in proper torrential monsoon downpour along the lake yesterday - it was almost as good as your morning coffee. But not really, so still somewhat need you back! Only kidding - missing you terribly of course. Will check in again in a few days. I love you always. Sarah x

  19. To Laura Salmon from Benjamin Bunny and Haribo,

    Dear Aunty LaLa, we looked at photos of you today and both us boys really miss you. Your blog is great and really well written (mummy says well done for using spellcheck) and its so nice to see what you are all up to out there. It is 13 years since mummy did raleigh in Namibia but she says she still thinks it was the best thing she ever did apart from marrying daddy and having us! Enjoy every moment and they are lucky to have you looking after them out there, all our love B and H Barker xx



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