Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Out with the Alphas and in with the Romeos!

Our project allocations for phase two have been announced! As of 9am this morning the Alpha groups were officially no more. Expired. Finito. Gone. It’s now time to make way for… the Romeos! So without any further ado let’s meet the teams.

Romeo 1 - The Turrimacho trek, Costa Rica
PM's Ronnie and Cam
Bibi Bartstra
Alfie Carapiet
Chris Tullo
Chris Vos
Francesca Payne
Kay Chow
Noe Corrales
Tricia Ofuono
Sacha Lapins
Sara Wilkes
Angelina Cheung
Yasim Begum

Romeo 2 - The Guanacaste trek, Costa Rica
PM's Reggie, CC and Niall
Emma Sheehy
Grace Minns
Hugh Packer
Isaac Hassard
Jen Clements
Justin Shenolikar
Lucy Xu
Alfonso Ureña
Rich Johnson
Ryan Baker
Sarah Canty

Romeo 3 - Environmental project in Las Pailas - Rincon de la Vieja National Park - building  and working on the park trails and living in a jungle camp.
PM's Carwyn and Amy
Corrie Moxon
Daniel Renshaw
Elliot Bartholomew
Esther Lusty
Harvey Ka Hung Tse
Jasmine Furbert
Jennifer Miller
Lydia Woodward
Maricruz Esquivel Lopez
Otto Mena Kikat
Ryan Austin
Cindy Fung

Romeo 4 - Environmental in La Cangreja National Park - building and working on the park trails and living in a jungle camp.
PM's Tom and Helena
Catherine Chatfield-Ball
Christina Clare
Imi Morgan
Joss Tringham
Jonathan White
Jordan Carter
Kelly Robinson
Cebolla Gamboa
Kulbir Rai
Saran Kular
Tim Hales
Yandry Benavides

Romeo 5 - Community project in Yeluca in Miraflor, Nicaragua - building a community centre and living with the Nicaraguan families
PM's Jon, Carmena and Chava
Abi Ramanan
Charlie Page
Pinki Tse
Francis Zeledron Lanuza
Joanna Bartlett
Katie Neal
Keith Lau Sui Pang
Luke Smalley
Maykol Meneses
Daran Sarma

Romeo 6 - Community project in Apantes in Miraflor, Nicaragua - building a community centre and living with the Nicaraguan families.
PM's Claire and Connor
Alex Newman
Catherine White
Catriona McIntosh
Claire Barnsley
Claire Syme
Daniel O'Brien
Dave Winterflood
Hannah Bottomley
Fernando Castillo
Lloyd Thomas
Yisbel Centeno

Romeo 7 - Community project in Quebrada Honda in Achuapa, Nicaragua - working on a gravity-fed water project.
PM's Jenny, Marga and Waheeda (King Tut)
Caesar Schinas
Bert Dunphy
Emma Black
Evelyn Calderon
Joyce Hiu Tung Law
Jack Smylie Wild
Jodie Hastie
Karen Rocha
Mitch Tulloch
Vejuna Zalalyte
Werner Calderon

From now on if you could put the name of the person you are messaging followed by their new Romeo groups for any blog messages you are leaving that would be great. The same goes for the Zulu’s (previously the Delta’s). Muchisimas gracias amigos.

Last night the Alphas now Romeos celebrated their return with a superhero party here at fieldbase. Costumes were a plenty; varied, colourful, sparkly, tight, and generally quite ridiculous. Everyone spent the evening flying around and saving the world from evil villains and monsters. Not really. Health and safety wouldn’t allow it. But it was great fun and there was lots of dancing and jumping around to some major beats courtesy of DJ Turrialba. Check out some pictures of the groups in action and their skit performances.

Right ok folks I think that’s enough silliness on the blog for one day. Let’s move on to more important matters – the phase one Moustache competition.
The PMs have been working hard on their designs over the last three weeks. Each has come back with their own individual style, unique to their personalities and their project experiences. Here are the candidates. Dads, lock up your daughters.
Reggie - looking shady
Niall - full marks for gingerness

Jon - Grizzly

Phil - the John Cleese look
Connor - representing Ireland

Kiwi Cam - an outrageous set of handlebars

Chava - The T Bar

Tom - 70's Texan style
Kei - The Fonz, in Mexico.
Don Martin - what a real beard looks like 
Nick - the 'I can't really grow a 'tashe' 'tashe.

Andy - Hmm, I wonder...
Mario and Luigi... What?
We welcome all comments and criticism so please feel free to leave yours. The winner will be announced later tonight so we’ll keep you posted.

From superheroes to superstars - on the entertainment menu for tonight at fieldbase, Raleigh-oke! We'll be filling you in with some updates on that soon i'm sure. I'll finish off with a few snaps of the Alpha's returning from phase one - pura vida!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photos by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Jonathan White 11GH Romeo 4.
    Dear Jon, Now you can put all those building skills to use! Pity there is no pointing! Have fun on your new project and enjoy. Received your email and before that we despatched a letter to you. No doubt first and last. Hope your spanish is improving. Love Mum, Dad and Jo.X

  2. mummy barnsley27 July 2011 at 17:05

    Claire Barnsley Romeo 6
    Hi Tink. So where was your moustache?! Oh sorry, it was beard time you used to have wasn't it?!
    Sorry missed you on skype - must do it next time.
    A Wendy, U Keith and Natty coming tomorrow so guess what? I've tidied your bedroom!!! Needed somewhere for Natty to sleep. I was lost in there for days but eventually managed to make a clear path to the door and escape!!! Haven't thrown anything out, just made lots of tidy piles! Gertrude spent most of the day in there too!
    Told Hanny to bring 2 umbrellas for your trip! She wasn't amused...hoping for a tan!
    Great to see your huge smiles on the photos! Hope you enjoy the next project and get to practice your Spanish - sounds fun living with the families.
    As ever, keep safe, stay well and have fun. Big hugs n love u loads, mummy xxx

  3. Romeo 6 Claire Barnsley
    Hi Claire, Great to speak to you. Sounds like you're having a great time. True to form, I notice you have picked up 1 or 2 two insect bites!Don't scratch! Enjoy the new project. It sounds brilliant.Millie says hello. Her paws are all better now, hope your ankle is too.
    Take care. Love Dad x

  4. Romeo 4, Jos Tringham
    Hi Jos. Now I have it sorted. Your dad told me you are off to watch turtles when you get back from the jungle. Am green with envy. Take lots of photos for me. Much love, Sarah

  5. Hi Chris Tullo Romeo 1.
    Lovely to speak on the phone. Glad to hear that things are good. Looks like you've had a bad reaction to an insect bite so hope that is OK. Good luck with the trek! I'm sure it will be brilliant.
    Much love Mum xx

  6. Christina Debbie Clare - Romeo 4
    Hi Chrissie just read your e-mail and reviewed the pictures - see you ran out of mascara! Glad to hear you got the 5* tent. Enjoy Playa Hermosa and your 19 day stroll.
    Take care Meryl

  7. Reggie Romeo 2 - Get that thing off your face Reg! Haha! These parties look AMAZING! Wish I was there! Have an amazing trek!
    Not much gossip from here, me and LCB have just booked a holiday to Greece, going in 3 weeks. Going to Europe's largest water park haha, we love it! Haven't seen the boys since Lovebox but it was a messy one! Will send them your love. Take care and speak soon! Nicky xxxxxx

  8. Jodie Hastie...Romeo 7....
    Hi Jodie...
    Sooooooo happy to hear yr happy voice we do miss u....BUT know your having fun...glad its all going are easy going and the new group you will all be fine just takes few days ..... I will give everyone your messages....
    Im on holiday...sooooo happy things to do but also need a rest....Love you always and will keep looking on blog most days xxxxxxxxx mum xx Gx Jx

  9. Zulu 4: Sophie and Rachel
    Hello beautiful kittens! Hope you're having / have had an amazing trek and that you can survive on the beach with just the clothes on your back and Rach's amazing multi-tool. Got home safe and sound. Was weird on the last night with all the alphas in our tent but it was fine, went into Turrialba and on another exciting trip to Maxis. As promised I had my first cup of tea in Costa at the airport with Mummy which was amazing and then came home and had a hot shower which actually felt really weird! Sleeping in my big comfy double bed last night however is a luxury that I have taken no time in getting back to used to. Off up to Manchester in classy megabus stylee tonight, excited to show off my beautiful t-shirt and shorts lines.
    Love to all the delta 3s and zulu 4s, have an amazing last few days and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Lots of love, Lucy, xxxx

  10. private lydia woodward romeo 3: wishing you happy adventures up that volcano. A bit in the paper this Sunday says that a Dr in Tanzania found if you hang sweaty old socks outside your camp 8 out of 10 mosquitos will go for the socks rather than the flesh of a nearby human volunteer. They're now building sock baited traps outside their villages. Maybe that's worth a try? think guy socks work the best. Hum along with those hummingbirds..look forward to hearing from you again soon xx

  11. Romeo 3 Corrie Moxon
    Hi Corrie Fantastic to see you so happy. Congratulations on completing your long trek!Good luck on your next adventure.Keep clean and safe!Bramble won't leave your bed! love you Mumxxx Joan Marie says Hi and she misses you.

  12. Jasmine Furbert Romeo 3
    Hi honey, I have just viewed the blog updates. You’re looking good and your smiles are much larger now. Thank you Raleigh for providing pictures and updates! I have posted all your pictures in my office. I see you are off to Rincon de la Vieja National Park, that area looks lovely. It’s great to see you having fun on stage doing skits with your group. Today is the first day of Cup Match. We will go Horseshoe today and the field tomorrow. I will let you know who wins. I’m still looking for your keys. I’ll take your SIM out and give Jaden your phone. Thanks for the emails. Don’t bring back any live snakes, LOL.
    Love Dad

  13. For Chris T, Romeo 1

    hey there Chris - can't believe I was there with your mum when you phoned - got the news first hand! So glad all is going well and have seen some great photos. But what's with all these photos of beards and moustaches? What about the GOATEES eh? Bring 'em on! Lots of love from the Glasgow crew x ps please don't bring any scorpions back in your rucksack!

  14. Rosie Palliser - Charlie 3

    Hey Rosie! Bet you're having an amazing expedition! It's pretty quiet in the office. We gave Sophie T a good send off last night, we got her a lovely journal to write in for when she's on expedition. JB is trying to deal with the matter that now Cat will be in your team he will have to make an extra cup of tea haha! Pip and Cat are both back now which is great - they say hello!

    Take care and speak soon,

    Nicky xxx

  15. Grace Minns, Romeo 2
    Hi Grace, lovely pics of you all, hope you are ok on the start of your long treck, All ok here Abi starts work tomorrow ! we are all missing you lots, will keep blogging. Love you lots ,mum xx

  16. Hello Caesar (Romeo 7)
    Please bring me back lots of poison arrow frogs, but steer clear of all the assassin bugs carrying chagas disease. There are supposed to be more where you are then any where else in Nicaragua! Roxanne

  17. Elliot Bartholomew Romeo 3

    Good luck with the next part of the experience! You look very happy in the pictures, we are so proud of you, looking forward to more tales.

    Take care

    Mum & Dad (and Lily)

  18. Romeo 5, Charlie Page
    Hey you! missing you lots and lots, its not the same without you! Looks like you're having an amazing time and the stuff you're doing sounds exciting! Weather isn't fab here so you're not missing out on any sunbathing sessions don't worry! Lou got a job in slug so were always in there now haha! We sent you a postcard from turkey...hope you got it!
    Write back soon! Miss you and love you loads, Charlotte and Gaby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Grace -Hope you are fully recovered now.
    Thinking of you, as always. I know the trek will be hard but enjoy, its a fantastic experience for you.
    Getting very busy at work, Abi had another training session today with Rosanna and Sarah Naylor.
    "The weather is cloudy 16 centigrade today.
    I am going to send Grandad M-s news in this post:-
    My dear Grace
    Dad called last night and brought us up to date with all the latest from you. We were so pleased tp learn that you are enjoying your working holiday and that you are managing to cope with all the hard work which you have been given. Hope you are keeping a diary and lots of photos too.
    We will look forward to hearing about the Costa Rica trip in detail.
    Vicky started work in Gateshead this week.
    She has a new VW Polo (white) which is very smart.
    Ben will be working at Mortimers before heading off for his final year in London.
    Hope you got my first letter which I sent on 19/7/11.
    Love & best wishes Grandma & Grandad xxxx
    Very best wishes from Grandma & Grandad "I" and everyone.

  20. Jill , Nick, and Roxanne29 July 2011 at 15:49

    Hullo Caesar, (Romeo 7)
    So glad to know that you're going to be working on the water project and living with the locals, as you'd hoped!
    Rox is right about the chagas bugs. Tuck that net in tight!
    Thanks for your e-mail. That was a nice surprise.
    Be sure to bring us the recipe for tortillas and for any new bean dishes!
    Love and hugs from all of us.

  21. to: Chavalazo
    Romeo 5
    From: Má
    Mi flaco guapo....ahora sí se ve guapo...razuradito!!!! la nicas lo van a ver muy guapérrimo allá en el norte. Vi la foto del bigote, no ganó el concurso, pero bien podría sustituir a Johnny Deep en Piratas del ve igualito!!!
    Mi flaquito, ojalá que le vaya bonito en Nicaragua. Es un afortunado, otra vez va a tener oportunidad de compartir con el pueblo nica y conocerlos mejor, compartir sus dones con ellos y permitirse conocerlos a ellos y su hospitalidad. usted quedó fascinado de como ellos se desprendían de lo poco que tenían para compartirlo con ustedes....ojalá ellos queden sorprendidos de lo mucho que ustedes tienen de bueno para dar y para aportar...y para agradecer su bondad y su hospitalidad.
    Dale duro y fuerte al trabajo con la comunidad, de lo mejor que usted sabe que tiene. Usted es maravilloso...tiene mucho que dar...cunado lo oigo contar sus vivencias con tanta emoción y alegría NO me cabe ninguna duda de que DIOS lo puso ahí, y de que está haciendo lo correcto en el momento y lugar correcto. Lo veo feliz, cambiado, leno pleno...eso me gusta mucho. Creo que en estos cortos meses su vida se ha ido transformando de manera maravillosa y para bien. Realmente verlo tan motivado y feliz me hace feliz por encima de lo mucho que le extrañamos....

    Saludos y buenos deseos para todos los Romeo 5´s.
    Así que de nuevo......DALE DURO Y FUERTE mi chavalazo.....cuidate....valés mil. Te amo y suazzzzz!!!

  22. Chavalazo´s mother29 July 2011 at 23:33

    To: Kei
    From: Chavalazo´s Mother

    Hola Kei!!!
    Felicidades por ganar el concurso del mostacho. Se ve guapo ...con mucho estilo.

    Gracias por todo, que Dios lo bendiga siempre....gracias por ser uno de los motores de Raleigh...excelente trabajo...Un abrazo!!!

  23. Laura McIntosh30 July 2011 at 07:56

    to Catriona McIntosh (Romeo 6)
    hi again, hope ur still having lots of fun and working hard. Boys just arriving back today from golf, tennis and scout camp. Dogs just had summer haircuts - short!! exam results out later this week - but you'll have to wait til u get home to find out!! hear ur in for a bit of rain -pit, lovely and sunny here today, haha. keep having fun and wave that scotland flag, love Mum x

  24. Grace Minns Romeo 2
    Hi Grace, lovely to have your email, hope you enjoy your unexpected break sounds a hard trek.All ok here, giong next door to Irenes 90th birtday celebration tomorrow. Took mum to East Field garden centre for afternoon tea on Thursday mouth watering cream scones, cakes and sandwiches, will take you when you return. Have you lost any weight? Abi is ok I can assure you she has not been amongst your clothes!!key well hidden. Missing you lots txd vicki this afternoon she is going to try and blog you. Take care enjoy every moment (even the hard bits) with lots and lots of love mum, ps grandma will be attempting to blog you tomorrow.xx

  25. Romeo 7.....Jodie Hastie....
    Hi Jodie hope all ok yr end..
    And yr enjoying the water project...
    How is the new group hope u r all getting on ok....
    I went to see Lewis he had a leaving party at the bargemans was nice to have a chat he is off to London soooooo no more keep fit with Lewis....
    Jodie I hope to have my laptop back soon at the moment... im having to use Georges laptop and u know what he is like.....does not like to share....lov u sooooooo much....miss u chat soon take care b happy lov from the Isle of wight....
    Mumxx Gx Jx

  26. Joss Tringham Romeo 4
    Hope you have found a comfortable place in the jungle and I am very pleased you will be on a pacific beach with turtles. I have had a look at the lonely planet and you are near a wonderful beach apparently. Freya has had a very good birthday I think. I took her to the Savoy which was great fun. then she was out with friends. Just back from weekend with Simon Wood and wife with Cally and Glen. Back to work tomorrow where Rona has started causing trouble. Only 18 days! Wonder if you are looking forward to coming back or if you wish you could stay longer. You look very happy and apart from some bites on your leg, look as though you havent been eaten by bugs.
    Lots of love darling. Dadxx

  27. To Christina Clare; Romeo 4

    Hi Chrissie, so good to read your e-mailed news recently. Well done those muscles!
    Gues you are now deep in the jungle.
    All is good with us and the family. Jill's finished work - or rather started her new career. Morgan's in Sweden with the Scout Jamboree and Tom and Evelyn are soon off to China for 20 days. We have just had a few days away with (Ben Ibby's) wedding in Chepstow and tomorrow we are walking near Grassington - remember it? Not quite so adventurous as you.
    BTW it was a lovely wedding!!!!
    We are proud of what you are doing .. things to make a difference and to remember all your life.Who needs mod cons? We look forward to hearing more by e-mail and to seeing you in September.For now, take care. With much love, M&D [Marlaine and Denis. XX]

  28. Grace Minns Romeo 2 Dear Grace Hope you are O.K and having a good time. We are always thinking of you and all work you are doing. Grandad and me have have just had a lovely roast dinner and thought of you Been very warm and dry We are going to a Christening on Sunday and ringing bells on Saturday for a wedding.We love you very much More news tomorrow Chicky Grandma and Grandad xxxxxx.

    Hi Grace - hope you are ok and the trek is going well.
    Weather warm - rain forecast, hope we dont get too much as the harvest is already slow.
    Abi completed 1st days work in laboratory without event.
    Will is playing golf every day!
    Mum planning my birthday party lunch for 28/8/11.
    Rooney is going for his clip on Friday, Cassie and Ollie ok.
    You got a £50 parking fine in Sheffield, needless to say im deducting it from your allowance (nuggett)!
    How is Katie doing, Do you hear from her?
    Hull City's new season kicks off at KC Stadium this friday night -its on tv so I will be watching.
    Im in a golf comp with Will and Alex on Saturday
    cannot wait for a break from work work work!
    Hope your leg is ok.
    i bet you wih you had done some training!

  30. For Andres Chavalaso (PM Romeo 5)

    Mae! Que pasa mufasa? espero que raleigh sea bueno para la segunda vez! usted está loco para hacer trek dos veces. como fue es? como estaba sin mi? solo mierda si? jaja. y ahorra usted es in miraflor! que bueno! diga hola a mi familia in el rodeo.

    england is nice and hot at the moment. but no giant waterfalls to jump off. Abi and I are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now and we went on holiday to the beach for a week with her family on a speed-boat, we got to water-ski off the back which was great. And there are a few of us going up to Scotland for the comedy festival at the end of the month. We're all staying with Andy the PM which is going to be awesome. I've finally got a job for a couple months before I go back to study, so I can start re-paying all the money I spent in Central America! I hope you are having an amazing time as a PM.

    Miss you brother. Pura Vida Mae

    Sai x x x

  31. Andres Chavarria Romeo 5
    Mi amooooor precioso hola baby todo bien espero que siiii!Vieras como me tiene la u estoy toda llena de cosas en mi cabeza jeje pero he podido lidiar con ese monton de cosas y relajarme y he sabido llevar todo a un mismo ritmo y he tratado de equilibrafme y no descuidar a nadie ni a nada y seguir con un balance como se debe!! El domingo que paso vieras me entro el palmito jeje nada mas escuche: domingo sola en mi casa, lloviendo,escuchando musiquita matizada,viendo fotitos y recordando todos los buenos momentos fue algo muy intenso vieras jeje pero me gusto sentir eso :D Mamoi mamoi aparte de todo eso que te conte Cha cha cha chaaaan mamoi 3 DE AGOSTO MAMOI el dia mas especial de los mamois hace 2 años estabamos camino a fresas jaja 5 letras que barbaridad... bueno continuo jaja en el volcan muertos de frio en un pic nic hermoso bajo la lluvia jeje luego Andres Chavarria se me declaro deciendome Quieres ser mi novia? Desde ese momento mi vida cambio y hasta el momento sigue siendo igual o mejor que nunca Gracias mi amor ud me hace la mujer mas feliz del mundo siempre seremos el duo dinamico de los besos perfectos y siempre seguire pepiada y babeando por ti ERES MI NOVIO ERES EL UNICO HOMBRE CON EL QUE QUIERO ESTAR!!!TE AMO MI MEDIA NARANJA FELIZ ANIVERSARIO 2 AÑOS WOOOOW por siempre seras mi mamoi muuuuah.Desde mi cuarto viendo el partido de la sele sub20 con maualden quien extrañamente ahora se deja el bigote a las 8:55pm, se despide tu novia enamorada y Feliz Naty mamoi byeee cuidese mucho mi flaco :D

  32. "Romeo 7".... Jodie Hastie
    Hello lovely Jods...
    Just read your post and u r nearly finished water project well done!! Im sure u have all been working hard....Your off too the ' International Music Festival in 'Achuapa'..Lucky u WOW what a treat!! How is your group entries coming along music xx Good luck !! what a laugh u must b having!! The pictures r great..A few character's !! The weather has been lovely here very hot and sunny BUT today its raining still it will b good for the garden!! Ive been doing some jobs indoors,having a sort out... and dog walking Dylan who is a very good boy for a mad boxer!! Took George to see the new Harry Potter sorry Jods it was great u will love it....I also got the boys to pay up your £50 and put it in your acc....Going up to see nanny kathy on sunday the 7th for few days....Nanny marie is coming round to see your pictures on blog, i will pick her up ..we r all ok much the same and appreciating each new day !!
    what a lucky lot we all are ....Soon b Jerrads 21st..He does not want me to get busy....!!
    Love u Jods soooooooo much love Mum xx J xx G xx LOts of love from your family and big hugs...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Grace Minns Romeo 2
    Hi Grace, How is the jungle trek going? All ok at home, Abi has been working today, will at golf this afternoon after having a lesson and yet another new club! I have just picked rooni up from his pamper session clip / bath. Very hot and mainly sunny here today rain forecast for tomorrow so am about to mow the lawn.
    Invites sent out for dads big 50.Cant believe we will be picking you up in 2 weeks time.
    Am taking Abi to York on Monday for her birthday. Enjoy the rest of your adventure. Love you lots , mum. xx

  34. Maricruz Esquivel Lopez X-RAY 2

    Hola Cruz soy mami,espero en Dios que este bien,la extraño mucho!!desearia saber algo de usted pero pienso que esta bien,TE AMO!!!!SIGA ADELANTE Y CUIDESE MUCHO!!!!

    Rosa López Barboza



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