Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Raleigh Roadshow

Yo yo yo this is King Tut a.k.a Wah on da blog!!! Yep thats right, Fun Dawn set off this morning on the road in Bravo 1 along with Brie, Amy and Phil. They are now on a 12 day adventure up to Nicaragua covering hundreds of kilometres and visiting 7 expedition groups. On this exciting tour they will bring the venturers food drops, medical supplies and personal requests such as batteries and envelopes. For those of us living with creature comforts this may not seem like much but actually the Raleigh roadshow is hugely anticipated. For those trekking or out on project, receiving such items, seeing a few different faces and getting news from the outside world is a lifesend. Bravo 1 also have the messages that you, the much loved blog readers have been posting in the last few days. And they will also be calling in with updates on how the groups are getting on. So good luck roadies and enjoy the travels!

The FB crew preparing for the roadtrips

So you must be thinking there can't be many folk left at Fieldbase? Well we merry few are still working hard, organising the next roadtrip, making orders for Phase 2, wah-manning the radios and of course freelance blogging! One of our most important tasks is Radio Raleigh, the weekly round up that gets broadcast every Sunday to the projects sites (unfortunately the trekkers only have phones, no radio comms so they cannot tune in, but there is talk of setting up a podcast for them). This week's Radio Raleigh gave the venturers news, sports, jokes, facts and celeb gossip - the highlight of course, news of Harper Seven's entry into the world.

Finally Alpha 1 received a consecutive visit from some of the FB* team today as they are trekking through the Turrialba region. After a night spent camping in a waterlogged football pitch and a 20k journey on foot they are happy, safe and dry, staying in a church tonight. They say hello!

Oh how we love the wet clothes and boots!

Well thats all for now, more updates coming soon. Pura Vida!

* Please note FB stands for Fieldbase and not Facebook - now that would be a surprise if any of our groups had a visit from Mark Zuckerberg...


  1. message for Nick Burden Delta 3
    Hi there. By now you must be really feeling like a pork with mushroom cream sauce dinner. Had a great night with gratuitous champagne at Glenys' last night and everyone says hi. It looks like its wet but I bet you're having a blast.
    I miss you. Matthew's in Bali now and having fun. Rock on
    LYMYB x

  2. For Bella Pringle Delta 4

    Hi darling. We haven't heard much about you lately but we saw pictures of what looked like lovely rolling hills and streams where you are building your classroom. We all hope you are feeling ok and enjoying it. I am going to see Jane Cowpe today who is getting married on Saturday! Also seeing Joanna Haines who is over from Seoul. I am helping to run a big Macmillan party tomorrow night and then off to Wittering with the grannies on Friday. Quite busy but miss your smiling face at the end of the day.
    Lots of love Mum xxxxxx

  3. For Tom Harley Delta 1

    Hi Tomba

    Really good to see you in the photos on the blog - much appreciated by all the Bevans and especially us! Your 19th birthday in 2 days time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - and hope it's a good one - we will be thinking of you. GOt back from 4 days in Cornwall yesterday - staying at the Golf Club which was really good. Amazing weather so we are all very burnt - ouch! Hope you are having a great time - we miss you. Lots and lots of love Mum xx

  4. Ryan Austin Alpha3

    Three quotes of inspiration:

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
    Helen Keller

    One way to get the most out of life is
    to look upon it as an adventure.
    William Feather

    The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.
    Elbert Hubbard

  5. Jordan 11G&H;Alpha 3: Jordan, we think of you all the time. Can't wait to hear from you. Waiting on photos and word on your trek. We love you so much. Mom and Dad.

  6. Para Issac Hassard Alpha 5

    hola mi amor espero que la estes pasando de maravilla ,talvez por cosas de la vida dios te llevo a ese lugar y se que sera de gran beneficio para tu vida quiero que sepas que te quiero mucho y que cuenta conmigo para cualquier cosa filipenses 4.13 ... todo lo puedo en cristo que me fortalese espero que llegues ,porque aqui hay mucha gente que te ama
    chao que dios te bendiga cuidate tia coco

  7. Mitch Tulloch Alpha 1
    Hi Mitch saw the pic of you hanging out your wash to dry, also heard about your water logged field. Hope things are a bit drier now. Take care. love mum

  8. luke smalley alpha 1 , hi luke , hows it going ? it was so lovely to see u on photos , i was thrilled and it made me so happy that u looked so happy and obviously enjoying what ur doin ..... u cant even imagine how proud i am of u ! i took tyson out for a couple of hours 2 day cos the weather was brilliant and sunny for a change , he loved it and has bin asleep all day .... missing u lots and love ya lots mum xxxxx

  9. Jennifer Rodriguez S, Alpha 7
    De: Adri, su hermana q la amaaaaa! <3 <3 <3

    Hello Darling! :) q ya se hizo green?
    je la extrañamos mucho! nos habiamos quedado preocupadas x el mensaje q ud puso cuando se conectó pero ya al fin entendimos q fue, kei todo preocupado tamb ahi pregunto! jajaja la mandaron de translator.. zaaa fijo ya es toda bilingûe
    Ud viera.. mami sta q se muere sin ud, no se imagina.. me mando a decirle tantas cosas q ni me acuerdo.. cuando llegue a turri mejor le digo q le escriba ella un mensaje y se lo mande :)
    lo q me acuerdo es q me mando a contarle q bebè ya gatea! esta todo chancho vieras! :)
    Buenooo titiii! te amo mi titi linda! :)

  10. mummy barnsley18 July 2011 at 13:13

    Claire Barnsley Alpha 5
    Hi Tink! This is the fourth time i've tried to send a message but don't think it worked from Switzerland - or more likely I did it wrong - you know me and computers!
    Back home now after lovely relaxing time at the appt. Jonnie managed not to destroy the house! Hanny now definately into Imperial. All good. Millie delighted to see us and sends you a lick!
    Take care. Miss you. Keep smiling! Love mummy x



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