Saturday, 30 July 2011

Zulus Head To Prison & Tangos Go To Playa Hermosa!

Our lovely and talented Communications Officer, Dawn is currently on San Lucas Island, putting in place all of the final preparations for what should be an incredible second half of the Zulus’ Adventure Challenge. We, Logs/Yankee Emily and Raleigh Veteran/Tica Tuti, will be filling you in on all the juicy details in her absence. Here goes nothing...

The Zulu groups descended upon La Fundación Ecotrópica last night; after a collective sigh of relief (trek phase over!), the groups hunkered down for the night, anxious to see what the second half of the Adventure Challenge had in store for them. All 4 Zulu groups got an early start this morning and with tummies full of porridge, made their way to San Lucas Island (formerly an island prison, now a wildlife refuge). The venturers spent the day enjoying the beach, taking a tour of the prison grounds, and generally chilling out. And tonight, rather than sheltering themselves from what was supposed to be a heavy tropical storm, are sitting on the pier watching a beautiful sunset and the millions of stars peppering the sky. Magical.

 PM's Megan, Nick and Haley loving the trek!

San Lucas Island

Last night the Mini Expedición Latina deployed – here with some information (en Español) is Tuti! Take it away...

Es el segundo día para la Mini Expedición Latina, el grupo (Tango 1) llego ayer al Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Playa Hermosa, esta es la primera parte de la Mini Expedición.  En estos 3 días siguientes, los chicos van a estar ayudando con labores do voluntariado en el parque. En este tiempo, también van a estar aprendiendo como utilizar el equipo de Raleigh, por que después de estos 5 días, les espera la parte mas emociónate y desafiante…la caminata de 5 días hasta la cima el Cerro Bares! El grupo esta listo para todo lo que falta de su aventura!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Fieldbase), we’ve been getting into the Adventure Challenge spirit as well! Mozzy net fishing, anyone? 

We are truly roughing it.

Until next time, this is Emily & Tuti – out.

Photos courtesy of Haley Rust


  1. For Amy Ratcliff, Romeo 3
    Hey baby, I had no idea that you liked TMNT that much! Don't get any ideas though, you know what I'm talking about! How's the enviroment doing under your careful watch? Went out last night to a Brazilian buffet restaurant for Sophie's birthday/engagement party. Chicken heart is yummy! Wish you'd been there baby, lots of couples dancing together and being coupley. I've decided to forbid you from leaving the country for at least 6 months when we get back. I have friends in passport control so that shouldn't be too difficult. Say hello to pongo for me. xxxxx

  2. For Rachel Neustadt, Zulu 4:

    Hi honey: I'm back in London now, looking forward to seeing you--very soon! I met up with Caroline today; had sent her a photo from the blog and she said she thought you looked 'beautiful and relaxed'! She sends her love. Me, too. Ma x

  3. Patricia Ofuono ROMEO 1

    The last 2 messages I have sent have been titled RINGO 1 Instead of ROMEO 1 !!!please pass on to Tricia Ofuono!!!!

  4. For Alfie Carapiet - Romeo 1,
    Hi Chris, All is well here. John went into La Rochelle today and managed to buy himself lunch.... We are eating out on the terrace tonight - Dad really, really likes it now. The ladies over the way have given us a huge parasol (bet you could do with it!!) I managed to try and roast some potatoes today without turning the oven on!!! Something to do with the manual timer putting the oven off after 4 minutes of warming up. So I'm in the dog house!!! Button won the Grand Prix so everyone at home will be pleased, Lewis was 4th... Oh. John is applying to Cambridge to do a PhD... If he gets the application in in time.... Lets wait and see!!

    That's all for the moment - still miss you loads.
    Love SueXX

  5. Zulu3/Venexia Hope you've had a great time. Message from Auntie Lynne: She will meet you on the baggage claim level of the airport. I will text you her mobile just in case. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Missing you - love the famalan!

  6. for luke smalley 11g romeo 5

    hi there luke ... how u doing ? ur new project looks exciting it must be brill living with a host family ... the house is upside down at the minute ... we taking the cieling down to moz and getting the walls sorted to be plastered for saturday ... thank goodness am of work for the week ... not much of a holiday for me but it has to be done ... gray of now till the end of the month , how jammy is that !!!!! tyson still a hench he being a good doggy though ... cant wait to next hear wot u bin up to , keep taking loads of photos , and try and get them on fb , u can take memory card out and put it in computer and follow the insructions ....take care and love u lots , missing u lots to !!!! how ur spanish coming on ???? ha ha and have u mastered the salsa yet ..... just show everyone the gabba stomp !!! xxxxx



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