Friday, 29 July 2011

Zulus, Romeos, Rain and More

Updates from the venturers! Everyone is doing well. Romeo 1 are doing what they’re meant to be doing – trekking hard, walking strong and going for gold in the Turrimacho trek! Today they will be staying at Barbilla Rangers staion and tomorrow they will head over to take on some of Cost Rica’s deepest jungle! Romeo 2 are on track, on time and going strong. Today they are on their way to Alto Cebadilla. Romeo 3 over at Las Pailas are also cracking on nicely. All is going well and yesterday they began building their jungle camp so they now have a nice comfortable roof/tarpaulin over their heads to keep them safe and dry. Romeo 4 over in La Cangreja spent their first night at La Fundación Ecotropica rangers station. Today they head over to the Santa Rosa ranger station where they will be sleeping for the rest of the project. Romeo 5, Romeo 6 and Romeo 7 arrived in Nicaragua yesterday where they all stayed the school for the night, before going their separate ways to their project sites today.

Zulu groups 1, 2, 3 and 4are all on their last day of trekking today. They will meet tonight at La Fundacion Ecotropica ranger station where they will spend the night catching up and sharing stories. They will make their way over to mystery location first thing tomorrow morning! Bearing in mind that none our Zulu venturers know what part two of the adventure challenge holds, it’s all pretty exciting in Zulu world at the moment. Some of our field base crew have departed today to set up for the next few days in situ. A few more of us will be joining them tomorrow morning with lots more up our sleeves to make the next few days of expedition 11H one to remember.

Everything with Charlie one, two and three is running smoothly. Everyone is well, happy and enjoying the torrential downpour of rain that has decided to hit Costa Rica and Nicaragua recently.

Speaking of rain, time for a weather update! For those of you jealous folk back home who are longing for some of our Costa Rican sunshine, be jealous no more. Sweeping its way across Costa Rica in the next few days is rain, rain, rain! But it wouldn’t be Raleigh without a little bit of damp. So with our anoraks’ zipped, umbrella’s up and tarpaulin tightly fastened, we’re just about ready to take on the world (or Central America at least). Saying that, the last few weeks have provided us with a whole lot of sunshine so we won’t complain. Let it rain!

Please note that Pinki Tse from Romeo 5 and Joyce Hiu Tung Law from Romeo 7 are moving to join the Romeo 4 team in La Cangreja.

In other, more cultural news, Cartago is getting ready for one of Costa Rica's biggest Religious festivals – Virgen de los Angeles Day is a Costa Rican holiday celebrating Costa Rica's patron saint, the Virgen de los Angeles (la Negrita). It is celebrated on August 2nd with religious pilgrimages from San José to the Nuestra Señora de los Angeles Basilica in Cartago. Locals and tourists make their way over to the monument of Virgen de los Angeles to pray. They bring with them small objects and things of signifcance that represent what they wish to come true in the future. In the next few days Cartago will be filled with over two million people celebrating this special day!

Updates from the phase one moustache competition... drum roll... In third place, we decided that everyone’s a winner here at Raleigh (apart from the actual winner, who actually won) so there is no third place. But we do have a second place… Keiner! Well done Kei. A unique design, neatly shaped and a decent amount of volume. Solid. But taking the lead with the majority vote we have… more drum rolls…. with an absolute howler – Cameron! Well done Cam.
Well done to all participants, a great effort from you all. It’s the taking part that counts. You can shave now.  

It’s Sabrina’s (Deputy Manager) birthday today – happy birthday Brie! To celebrate the field base team have decided to replace walking around the office with dancing! It’s the simple things in life. Pura vida.

Photo by Dawn Tennant

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo’s by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Jodie Wall - Zulu 2

    Hello my lil zulu!! :D just having a pro night with jon, just finished another week at work n got a busy weekend of shopping for someone special ahead!! :D i miss you buby but its only five days!! cannot wait, don't know if you've heard from your family but your mum seems to be fine!
    I Love You xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  2. Katie Neal - Romeo 5
    Hi Katie! Well done for finishing the trek - im sure it's like DofE but 100000000 times worse! In Krakow at the moment, Berlin was nice and the hostel elf in Prague was really good. Going to auchswitz tomorrow thwn on to Budapest. Good luck with the project! Lots of love, see you in 3 weeks!xxxxxx

  3. Chris/Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1,
    Hi, John, Katie and Alex are all here safe and sound. Weather is absolutely beautiful. Alex has got a job interview on Tuesday so he is flying back with John and then coming back here on Wednesday. We are all keeping our fingers crossed. Its for the PR Department for a company selling trainers - so if he gets it we should all be OK for shoes!!! Terrace is holding up fine and Dad seems to reaslly like it. Seems as though you have been away for ages. Missing you lots. Good luck with the rest of the trek in the rain!! Are you taking some pictures - we haven't seen any yet.
    Lots of love

  4. Hi Ryan (Ryan Austin Romeo 3)

    I hope the new project is going well. I am jealous that you get to hop into hot springs. I am still trying to talk your mother into getting a hot tub so get lots of practice. We are very busy here with Pippa. I am teaching her new tricks and she goes to puppy manners class on Wednesday nights. Love Brian

  5. Adam Grey - Charlie 1 (Gordano School)
    Hello again!! :)
    It seems as if we're having nicer weather here than you are there at the moment! Hope you're not too wet and that things are going well with the classroom and the sports day was good. This will most likely be the last post from me as we're off to Woolacombe in two days on Monday. Can't wait for you to join us down there in 9 days time!!! I've got a little count-down in my diary! Sooo excited! Everyone's asking after you and wishing you luck (including Elaine and co and the neighbours). Hope you're all well and having fun
    Miss you lots. See you soon :D
    Lots of Love
    Lizzie Xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Claire Syme, Romeo 6.
    Hey Claire!! how are you? hope you are having an amazing time! you're looking very tanned and lovely in the photos!
    Missing you lots, you will have to come visit me in Edinburgh when you get back!
    Things are same old here, going to Edin this week for my friends birthday, and to see some of the festival, I've never been before!
    Loads of love, Susan

  7. To: Catherine Chatfield-Ball
    Romeo 4.
    You look gorgeous in the blog photos! Hard trekking obviously agrees with you. I am sure you are having an awesome time in your new group, and enjoying the jungle... not too many mozzies and creepy night time sounds I hope.
    All well here.
    Love Mum xx

  8. To Corrie Moxon
    Romeo 3

    Just seen all your pictures and read all your news. Great to see you're so happy and healthy even though you wore the same T shirt for 19 Days!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep well. Lots of Love Grandma xxx

  9. Rosie P / Charlie 3

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the rain!

    Much quieter (!) here without you. Saw Tom Jones, though... He was excellent. Seeing Marge tomorrow at a golden wedding party.

    Thinking of you lots and can't wait to see you in NYC.

    MJ x

  10. Adam Grey (Gordano School) - Charlie one
    Hello :)
    How are you? This is my last post as we're off tomorrow so you're safe from any more! Sounds like at the moment we have nicer weather than you do! Everyone's asking after you (including the neighbours and Elaine and co). Hope your classroom is going well! Today's your last day isn't it? Looking forwards to your trek? Dad cycled 100 miles yesterday and is now knackered. Been packing today which I HATE! Got you your favourite sweets for when you return. Only a week now! Sooooo excited!!! Can't wait! Saw your family a couple of times which was good. Travel home safe! Enjoy it.
    I miss you loads!! Been busy though
    I love you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. hey jacksmylie wild , romeo 7, love you and miss you!! not sure if my messages are getting through as i can't see them on the blog?? will be easier to suss out when we get home - leave portugal 2m, will be tuesday by time we get back to farm. can't wait to see meg and get on with illustrations -and backdrops for the festival.tht's all til i get home honey!! enjoy!!
    pura vida mama x x x x xx x x x x x

  12. Grace Minns enjoying looking your pictures very good hope you enjoy your trekking and not getting too wet lots of love chicky g and g xxxxxx Romeo 2

  13. Rachel Neustadt - Zulu 4

    I hope that the trekking has gone well - the final mystery task sounds interesting and I hope it goes well. In case you have not heard from your mother she arrived back safely yesterday without her luggage which arrived today - apparently lost at Heathrow.

    Take care and have fun

    Tim xx

  14. For Sarah Canty - Romeo 2
    Hi Sarah, hope the trek is going well and you are coping ok. It says you are on schedule so must be ok. Saw a picture of Arenal Lake and volcano on the blog, looks amazing hope the weather was good so you could appreciate the view. Hope you've not had too much rain. We're in Spain at the moment, having a lovely time as usual, everyone sends their love. Take care and treasure every moment of the experience. Lots of love Mum,Dad and The Clares x x x

  15. To Emma Black

    Romeo 7

    hi Emma, hope the new project is going well and am glad the trek went well too! had a look through the pictures again there and it looks amazing, even with the rain mind you, you do have your funky poncho. hope the weather gets better for you :-D
    im supossed to be getting more news from the casting agency about the movie soon, so its all getting exciting here! especially with my birthday coming so its gonna be a busy month.
    hope you did end up getting my letter and it didn't get lost lol
    cant wait to hear about some of your adveture and hope the rest of your stay there is great

    krishan xxx

  16. The Southey Family1 August 2011 at 12:23

    Tom Southey - Gordano School - Charlie 1.

    Hope all is well with you and the rest of the Charlie 1 group. Just wondering if you'll be posting any photos on this blog site as we haven't heard much from Charlie 1!
    Hope the project has gone well, enjoy your trek this week and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Love Mum, Dad and Hannah.

  17. Tom Harley zulu 1
    Hi Darling Can't wait to see you tomorrow - I'll be there and am buying some cooking apples in anticipation! The blog sounds as if you are having an amazing time - WOW WOW WOW!! All well here - Sophie had a party on Sunday which was fun and then tennis yesterday. Lucy is at pony club camp. Jack misses you. Lots of love Darling, Mum xx

  18. Christina Debbie Clare - Romeo 4
    Hi Chrissie
    Have been following the blog every day - hope to see some more pictures of you soon!
    Hope you're enjoying yourself in the jungle. I expect you will have forgotten what it feels like to sleep in a proper bed. I'm sure Daniel could rig up a hammock in your room if you like! Looks like you've had lots of rain - We are having a heatwave at the moment - 30 degrees!
    Shame I've got to work. Misty and Paws miss you. I miss you lots too. Can't wait for you to come home. Will send another letter this week. Love you lots. Mum. xxx

  19. Maricruz Esquivel Lopez
    Romeo 3

    hola cruz mi amore....ya luego de una ardua lucha ana y yo nos encontramos el lugar para escribirle alguito jajajaja....Mi vida recuerde que la queremos mucho, espero que esto le sirva para su vida, experiencias y para que nos quiera mas cuando vuelva jeje. Y vieras la falta que nos hace mongolita...ya quiero verla aqui para pelear un rato como siempre nosotras jajajaja....EXITOS LA QUIERO MUCHO!!!

    Atte: Macha

  20. para: maricruz esquivel. romeo 3
    hola mari espero que este bien que no tenga muchos piquetes que le dan alergia jaja y tambien que mi amorsote se haya portado bien jaja heeee bueno nena quiero verla ya!!!! (ya casi) bueno momia suerte y que disfrute lo que esta haciendo chao muaaaaaaaaa :D atte: su bbf ana graciela jaja

  21. Romeo 1 Kay,
    Enjoy the view, experience the pain and gain lots of friendship ! Really like your new look. Its so great ! Add oil !! Keep the morale ! wooo !!

    Romeo 1 Angel,
    So great that you have Kay in your group, you can share your stuff to him la ! Hahha !! Keep the end in view a !! Baby !! Add oil !

    Romeo 2 Harvey,
    BB~~ You are not in the group with Cindy ma ? You look so tidy wor !! How comes ? Miss the food in field base ma ? I miss it !! Enjoy the time !! Add oil ! Ga Yau !

    Romeo 3 Cindy,
    Enjoy the nature view and relaxing environment la ! I saw the amazing sunrise and sunset during environmental phase! Add oil !!

    Romeo 5 Pinki,
    I saw the group photo la !! You are so fd with the "Gua Mui" wor ! So nice !!! Make lots of lots of fd fd there !! Eat more and become a fat baby !! keee !

    Romeo 5 Keith,
    How was the Exped ? You are so fd with the dog in field base ! haha ! Take group photo with him ! :) Enjoy and hv fun ! Time to have crazy party ~! Add oil !

    Romeo 7 Joyce,
    You are amazing !! You keep your hair so clean !! I really want to cut it during exped. So "Ma Fai" to handle it !! Enjoy the time ! We will have AW1108 next week, about you and Charles are not in HK. >3< We miss you two !!! Hahah !



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