Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zulus and Romeos

Our Zulu groups have been trekking hard through some of Costa Rica’s finest and most beautiful terrain over the last through days. We’re happy to say that all the groups are doing well do far.

Zulu 1 began their trek at Alto Palma. They spent the first day hiking to Caite where they were able to camp at a farm for the night. The next morning they continued on to the peak of Cerro Bares where they spent the night and woke up to a magnificent sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. Today they set off from Galan and are heading to Zapotal.

Zulu 2 began their trek at Rancho Largo and spent the first night in Upper Galan where. The group are currently making their way over to Bajo Quesado. They will spend the first half of the day heading towards Alto Palma where they will be able to witness some of the best views in the whole trek. They will spend the night sleeping at the edge of the ridge at Bajo Quesado with an incredible sunrise to wake up to in the morning.

Zulu 3 have so far made their way from Bajo Lanas over to the peak of Cerro Bares for an amazing morning’s sunrise to start the day. Today the team will be crossing the Rio Quirel, Rio Cajon West and Rio Cajon East until they reach the Iron Bridge – a magnificent bridge situated in between two stunning valleys. They’ll be spending the night here before the last day of trekking tomorrow.

Zulu 4 started their trek at Fundacion Ecotropica and ended their first day at Santa Rosa where they slept at the Ranger’s station. They then moved on to the peak of Cerro Bares. Today they will continue on to Piedra Vieja where they’ll be sleeping in a school for the night.

Safe to say all of our Zulu groups are doing well! Everyone is still in one piece, happy, healthy and most importantly enjoying themselves. Tomorrow is the last day of trekking for our Zulus before they will get ready for the second half of the phase and head to the mystery location to take part is some serious survival skills! We’d love to give you more information about this part but unfortunately we are sworn to secrecy. The field base team will be heading out to meet the guys at the mystery location in the next few days to help organize some of the fun and games, so more updates and pictures from that soon!

As for the Romeos, last night’s we all got well and truly stuck in to some Raleigh-oke. First song to get the ball rolling – Queen, 'Don’t Stop Me Now.' The venturers were up at dawn this morning to sort out a few final bits of packing before they loaded up the buses departed in their new Romeo groups for the start of phase two!

Pura vida!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photos by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Bella Pringle Zulu 4.

    Hey smellyy, me again. Just thinking about you a lot as usual so i'd thought i'd send another message. Researched some of the places that you are trekking through and it all looks so cool and exciting (im a loser). so i hope you are really enjoying it.

    watched due date with my family today which reminded me of when i went to see it with you. you better check yourself before you wreck yourself haha :).

    cant wait for my phone call. i love you, keep smiling. deals a deal xxxx

  2. To Claire Davis (Romeo 6)
    From: Diana

    Hola Claire! Gracias por avisar por el face de que ahora eres una Romeo 6. La verdad no he tenido mucho tiempo para leer el blog, a veces leo lo concerniente a tu grupo y ya porque he andado de la seca a la meca, o sea, muuuy ocupada con todas las cosas que me están llegando a mi vida.
    De la página, ahi voy, me estoy apurando para que esté lista pronto. Con respecto al nuevo proyecto, ya se que te he dejado con la duda de saber que es. Pues, hoy es el gran dia de decirte...jejeje!
    Voy a tener un programa de radio por internet con una chava de Chile y otra persona. Ésta tercera persona todavia no sabemos quien será porque la andamos buscando para que sea la tercera ángel porque el programa se va a llamar: Las ángeles de Blaving!! LOL!
    Bueno, ya luego te platicaré más de mi. Mientras, me da gusto saber que empieza la fase 2 de la construcción del centro comunitario. Veo que eres la lider, así que el proyecto está en buenas manos junto con Conor. Bien. Te deseo mucha suerte y que todo te salga muy, muy bien. Cuídate mucho los moscos y bichitos. Nos vemos en mi siguiente mensaje. Cuídate! ciao!

  3. Romeo 1 - Kay Chow
    Romeo 1 - Angelina Cheung
    Romeo 3 - Harvey Tse
    Romeo 5 - Pinki Tse
    Romeo 5 - Keith Lau
    Romeo 7 - Joyce Law

    Hi lovely babies!

    I saw your facebook photos~ so cool & jealous!!!

    Keep it up!
    Burn the fats!
    Tan your body!
    Enjory the trip!

    Look forward to seeing you in HK! =]

  4. Private/Lydia Woodward/Romeo 3

    Hello my dear, Jon again, with a reply as promised. I’m genuinely quite surprised those crazy packed buses with chickens and all actually exist and aren’t just a cliché we’ve been sold by multiple films, but I imagine they made for a fun journey :p I’ve already told a few skypers about the ‘lunch-crawl’ to welcome you back, pimms etc included, and it looks like we should get a good turnout, just got to organise it and make sure everyone turns up. I assume you want us to go somewhere around London, not heathrow, as I imagine you’ll be sick of airports by then, but we’ll sort something out and let you know what the plan is at some point in the non-too-distant future. Oh, and Craig now has your Reading ticket so you should get that from him when we meet up too, one less thing to have to worry about. Meanwhile back home it’s been a typically summer-holiday-esque few days, consisting mostly of sleeping and doing nothing worthy of any note. Though saying that it’s been a good few days since it last rained, making a nice change for this ‘summer’, we even had a few hours of sun today. And yes it is at this point you can be very smug about being where you are, and the fact that whilst some of us are wasting our summer, you get to work on some amazing projects. Anyway, thinly-veiled jealousy aside, time to go do something with my holiday. Talk to you soon xxxxxxxxx

  5. Fede Lang - Zulu 2

    Hola chapa!!! :) Ya mañana se te acaba el trek así que espero que podás recibir mi mensaje pronto... YA QUIERO QUE SEA MARTES!!! No puedo esperar. He pasado comiendo pancakes todos los días a todas horas y aún tengo masa jaja.
    Es o no el trek lo más increíble?! Uno ve paisajes impresionantes, y el sentimiento de llegar ahí caminando no se compara con un carro jamás. Te deseo lo mejor en estos días que te quedan allá. Disfrutá montones. Te quiero muchoooooo

  6. Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1

    John and Katie due today - beautiful weather - for a change! Your trek sounds awesome I'm sure that you will really enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to let me know, if you can, how best to contact you on the 18th.... does anyone there have a phone I can text???? If I don't hear I will email and send a short message on here.

    We are enjoyingthe blogs - lots of love Sue

  7. Daniel Renshaw Romeo 3
    Hi Daniel, v sorry I missed your phonecall on Tuesday, but glad to hear all is going well and you're having a great time (also evident from the photos on the website, where you look very happy and healthy!). Looking forward to hearing all about it in a few weeks. Gran is doing well and sends her love. D and I are off to Lacoste today, back on Tuesday and then we're bound for Salt Lake City on Thursday! I have never felt so undeady for or in need of a holiday! Hope you enjoy the next few weeks as much as the trekking ones! Lots of love from us all, M x

  8. To Niall McElroy, Romeo 2:

    Namaste... Hope you're enjoying the great wilderness once more - and hopefully not falling into quite as many rivers as you did during our (small) jungle trek! I'm sure the Indiana jones hat lives on - although I'm quite pleased to see your dodgy facial hair creation hasn't! All is same same here, although an iron bar fell on my head at work (don't ask how) and I now have an absolutely gorgeous black eye. Monsoon has definitely hit and power is stupidly minimal. Other than that, slaving over Everest training as always. Day off tomorrow and might trek up to the intriguingly named "world peace pagoda". Apparently it is literally a pagoda for world peace! Crazy Nepal. Missing you stupid amounts as always, will check in again in a few days, hopefully when my face again looks normal and mild concussion has subsided! Con mucho amor, Sarah x

  9. Bella Pringle Zulu 4

    Hi darling - you will have finished your trek when you read this and will be enjoying your secret last episode with Raleigh - have lots of fun for the last week. Keep in touch when you leave. All well here - Beth is going to give you the hug I can't give you! Love you loads mum xxxxx

  10. For Corrie Moxon - Romeo 3

    Hi! Becca and Daniel here! We're out having super cool tea in Edinburgh. Becca''s having a pot of Rock the Casbah and I'm having a pot of Gen Mai Cha. It's lovely! We hope you're having a really nice time. Becca says you look clean in the photos. We wish you were here, miss you lots. Hurry home! Good luck on the next project!

    Lots of love, stay safe.

    Daniel & Becca xxxxx

  11. To Hannah LS Zulu 4
    Dear Hannah, I wonder how Cerro Bares compares to the Scheeberg? I hope your legs and feet can cope with the challenge! I am sure they can! I guess that all your DOE trips were good preparation for this.
    I have booked our diving holiday in September!! I decided on Egypt in the end as I wanted guaranteed sun and realised that there would be so many more fish, dolphins and turtles(!) for us to see - is not the same place I went to with dad .... am really looking forward to it.
    Ash will pick you up from the airport and asked you to switch on your mobile once you have landed.
    Lara got a place at the Greenwich Summer uni TV course on 2nd and 3rd, so won't be home when you come back - she has enjoyed her work experience this week but looks forward to a couple of lie ins!
    We all really look forward to welcoming you home and hear your stories and hopefully see some photos - you did take some photos I hope?!
    Enjoy your surprise challenges and your last days in Costa Rica!
    Much love Eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Cyrus Afkhami,Zulu 4:Survival! Cannot wait to hear all about this part of your prepared cuz when you get back we're not gonna leave you alone till you fill us in on ALL your experiences!!!
    Love you lots n lots and cant wait to have you back....any requests for the first meal back at home? mum, dad, Cam & D

  13. Sam Berry Zulu 1
    Hey Sam, How's the trekking etc going? You have been put in new groups I take it, not just changed your group name? Looks like you are havin a great time. Much more interesting than our life here!! Have been in school moving from one classroom to another, sorting and clearing out and putting up displays. Have also been givin a bit of private tuition. Just taken your bro. into town for the day to buy stuff he needs for uni next year. Doesn't seem that long ago that we were takin you! He is off to Newday on Mon as a leader. Hope you have taken lots of photos whilst you were there? Can't wait to hear all your stories. Txt me when you land and e-mail me before you leave, if possible. Let me know if the e.t.a. changes and what you would like to eat in those few days before we go off to Cornwall. Am expecting loads of laundry and we have carpets being fitted on Thursday after you arrive, so it wont be very peaceful I am afraid. Can't remember whether you suffer more with jet lag going out or coming back? Many people are asking after you, so prepare for lots of attention! Thinkin of you lots! Much love Mum xx

  14. Fede Lang - Zulu 2

    VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Qué tan chiva fue entrar hoy a mi correo y encontrarme ese video tuyo! Fue todo lindo!!! :D
    Muchas gracias mi guapillo, apenas para empezar el día con una sonrisa.
    Ya casi venís, que dicha por que en el video decía algo de un abrazote grandote y yo lo quiero... Estoy entrando en estado mucho muy ansioso jaja.
    Pasá un tiempo lindo estos cuatro días (tres y medio, no puedo creerlo) que quedan de expedición y cuidate mucho.
    Un beso muy grande mío y de Amanda

  15. Jasmine Furbert Romeo 3

    St. George's won!!

    Yes yes

  16. Fede Lang - Zulu 2
    Ya no puedo esperar más... Por favor volvé :(
    Te quiero mi muchacho guapillo...

  17. Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1.
    Me again!!! Just been up to Ambrosia for dinner. No Karioke tonight unfortunately!!! John's gone to visit he midnight market - still selling all of the same old tat. Bargained two dishes down from 42 euros to thirty. Dad v. pleased!!! Going up to La Rochelle tomorrow for a walk around. Hope to check out the Irish Pub. Will let you know how we get on.

    Looks like more bad weather on the way for you. Hope you are all ok. Love SueXX

    Hi Grace -just a quick note to say we got your message.
    Hope the trek is going well.
    Been to Irene's 90th birthday pm today,
    Love SJAW XXXX

  19. For Carmen Gaskell

    Hello Carms- how are you my dear? You look like you are having an amazing time in the photos- plus you are also looking super slim ( great work dude). Loved the picture of you unloading stuff froma van- reminded e of Scouts! I have just started the summer hols last week-just got back from Turkey for a week and now back in Tats with Ed at home looking after Nips+Harry- quite a responsibility!!! ( mum, dad+woo are away). Plus I am excited about the next 3 weeks off work- going to buy a bike- will try and pop into see you Dad. How are things with you? Hope you are well and enjoying your latest project. Any news or gossip to report? Missing you up North buddy. Hope you are having fun- can't wait to hear all about it in Sept. Ed says hi too. Lots of love dude, Jess xxx

  20. To: Chavalazo
    Romeo 5

    te amo mi flaco guapo. "so soi guapo!!"
    acá se le quiere y se le extraña mucho. Me faltan sus locuras, pero se que las está usando en Nicaragua para llenar de vida y de alegría a la comunidad de Miraflor. Espero que Diosito me lo cuide cada día y le de muchas alegría para compartir y muchas ganar de vivir intensamente cada momento.
    te amo hijo!

    ROMEO 7

    labas vejunyte, labai taves pasiilgom, mylim, laukiam.
    Siandien as isvykstu i Lietuva, tai nedaznai turesiu rysi, gal tetis tau parasys dazniau. Cia viskas gerai. As insurance padarysiu is lietuvos, nebespejau cia. ta draudimo kompanija STA Travel Victoria, radau pas tave, tikriausisi ta pati.
    Jei tavo planai nepasikeite , tai labai ramiai tas tris savaites praleisk kaip planavom, nebeskubek, pasidziauk. Siandien dar idesiu i tavo banka pinigu, tai turesi galimybe pasiimt jei pritruks.
    Ate. Geros ekspedicijos, sekmes, saugok sveikata.

  22. Joanna Bartlett - Romeo 5
    Hi there- What are your host family like. Do they speak Spanish or do they have their own dialect?? Has been very rainy here, Tom, Trish & kevin will visit over the weekend. Chris is still in the Alps - his yodelling should be of a professional standard at this stage- what a shame he cant take it as part of his I.B !! Hope things are working out for you. Love mumxxx



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