Saturday, 6 August 2011

News from the Charlies

The Bravo 4 roadies arrived back this morning from a brief visit to our Charlie groups 2 and 3! When we arrived they were putting some serious elbow grease into their project work; digging, shoveling, cementing and painting there buildings to life in the sweltering Costa Rican sunshine. Still, the girls were enjoying themselves, smiling brightly and passionately singing there way through the day!

Charlie 3 had a mammoth day of work on the 5th August, rushing to get the project finished before it’s time to leave. The pig pens are well on their way to being finished and the pits are were being finalized with a few finishing touches when we arrived. It’s hard work to say the least but these girls are doing an incredible job. A couple of days ago some local women from the community came to visit the group with some fresh fruit. They got chatting and explained how impressed they were with their work. The locals commented on the fact that they are not used to seeing girls doing such hard and heavy labor, and how impressed they were with they strength and courage. Quite right. In response to this Charlie 3 invited to them to share some dinner with them that evening, to which the locals graciously accepted.

Teaching English at the local school!
Charlie 2 are also on good form. We left them earlier this morning, head to toe in blue paint, as they made the final touches to their kindergarten. Later on today they intend to mark there stamp on the walls with a muriel of the world with footstep going from the UK to Costa Rica and there names printed around it! As well as the hard work, the group have been soaking up the beautiful scenery around them, washing and swimming in the gorgeous river just a five minute walk down from the building site, and yesterday went to support the local boys lose at a game of football. Hmm, perhaps they were distracted. One of the highlights of the expedition for the girls so far has been the opportunity to sit in on the classes at the local school. Yesterday they attended Biology and Math's lessons, which was then followed up by a salsa class with the pupils and teachers - sounds like a fun day at school! Last night we all enjoyed a fairly intense, home-made game of Taboo. Unfortunately the road trip team were beaten by the girls as they raced there way to a whopping 14 points last minute! We only had 7… a poor show from us but fun all the same.

After chatting to the groups it seems that the guys are really enjoying working on the projects and being surrounded by new cultures. As the work comes to an end the final product is starting to take shape and the groups are gaining a real sense of achievement now that they can clearly see what all the hard work is for. Vicky Foden commented “It’s been the hardest two weeks of my life, but so rewarding. Even more so when we get to meet the people that it’s going to benefit.”

Charlie 1 have come to the end of their expedition and we said goodbye to them at the airport this morning. Our Charlie 2 and 3 groups finish their builds on Monday and will continue on to part two of their expedition, the adventure challenge - fun times ahead! Pura vida.

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Polly Baldwin


  1. Ola! Charlie 3..... And Charlie Allen

    Fantastic update and photos. The pits are looking good - if only we'd known how capable you were at cementing we could have saved a bit on the building work at home. Lovely to see the Allen 'twins' giving it large in the classroom. Our money is on 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes'.

    All fine here but missing you. Sam and the family arriving tomorrow - have the usual BoS wonders lined up for them to enjoy. Everyone asking how you all are so super to be able to let them know about this blog. Really hope you get messages and know how proud we are of you and the Chally girls.

    James admitted that yes he was missing you too -but only a bit! He and dad had a very successful fishing trip with the boat ... 4 mackerel and we ate them for lunch. How Ray Mears is that??!

    Anyway, Don't want to embarrass you by chatting on! Just know we love you and think of you often.

    Mum, Dad, James xxxx
    T, G, M, E and bird xxxxx

  2. Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1,
    Was really great to read the blog and see the pictures. Hope you have taken many more and that we can all share them when you get home!

    Alex is off to London today and starts work tomorrow. Dad and I have a big project starting immediately when we get home - involves an extended trip to Germany. Reckon you will be travelling for another week or so... and really looking forward to your next email. Oh yes!! Good news - your tax rebate is through. Will pay it in the Bank when I get home. Alex's came in the same post - so I should ask him for a drink as your share of the reward for having taken them on!! Looking forward to hearing from you on your return - keep the blogs coming.

    With much love from us all over here. SueXX

  3. Hi Charlotte (Allen) - Charlies 3

    Can't believe that we are actually viewing photos of you all - our garden next! Hope you're having a wonderful time - your weather looks much better than ours. How modern is you grandma, actually managing a message - or 3!!? Love from us both. Gpa & Gma xx

  4. hi Helena - Charlie 2 or 3 - fabulous pictures! We love them! All fine here - its actually very tidy!!! Seriously impressed with what youre doing in Costa Rica now - you must be so fit after all the building work and it must be great to have a bit of Spanish to add to your talents! Love you miss you Caroline Gary Julia and Camilla

  5. To Charlie Two, Ellen Victor:
    Hello Smell!
    Wigan beat Saints, Lucy and Mum were there, Sammy MOTM!!
    Great to see that your project has been finished, enjoy the expedition and the rest of your trip...can't wait to hear all the stories! :)
    Lots of love, Lucy, Mum and Dad xxxxx

  6. The Candletree Crew7 August 2011 at 13:18

    For Claire Richardson, Charlie 2.
    Hi Claire, I've been following the blog for news daily. Glad everything has been going well - the building looks great! Enjoy your last week and looking forward to seeing you next Sunday. Love Madders xx

    Hey Snark (You, not the animals that come up to you when you're sleeping!),
    Glad to see you got the job that you wanted most...the hard physical labour. Enjoy your expedition into the rainforest, and try to discover a lot about yourself.

    My son has just returned safe and sound from scout camp in darkest Kent, now I need my daughter to return safely from the deepest dangerous jungles in Costa Rica.

  7. A big hello to Rosie P from Raleigh HQ! Looks like you are getting well and truly stuck in there, which is good to see! I hope the project went well and the back (and toenail) are holding out! Weather looks good, and everyone is smiling which is a good sign!
    Nothing much to report from here - its been fairly busy but also quite quiet in the office as everyone heads off for sunnier climes. Looking forward to hearing all about it, and the USA, when you get back. Don't rush - its been raining a LOT. Love Amy & the rest of the marketing team xx



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