Saturday, 6 August 2011

Celebrations with Romeo 1

Yesterday the Bravo 4 road trip team went to visit Romeo 1 at Purisil on day eight of their trek for the night where we enjoyed a sit-down dinner, some birthday celebrations and a cheeky bit of gossip. Here’s a quick update from the first four days of the Turrimacho trek, written by Tricia.

Day one, 28.07.2011
And Romeo 1 are off! In short, today consisted of a surprisingly quick journey. The walk consisted of small hills and a view that gave us a little hint of what was to come. Highlights of the day (and trek so far) include words from our very own charismatic PM, Cam...

Getting on the bus, Cam says (to all of us) “Get all your stuff on the bus.”
Venturer says “which bus?”
Cam says, “I don’t know.”

In the evening discussing a few house rules, Cam says “We only have nine rolls of toilet paper, so treat the toilet paper as if it is your mum.”

Day two 29.07.2011
Day two – rain, rain, rain. On the flip-side, to overcome this PM Veronica taught us a song to get rid of the rain. It did not work, but at least we had a good sing-a-long! Our evening home at the community centre allowed us to have a candle-lit dinner on a table, result! Now for a few light word from our very own Mr. Cam…

Arriving at sleep location, Francesca asks “Cam where are we?” Cam says, “In the hills.” (Thanks Cam, specific).

Day three, 30.07.2011
This day was spectacular; hard work but one great challenge. Trek consisted of a challenging river crossing like something out of a movie. After that we entered the jungle and turned in to Spiderman, crawling up steep hills with our hands and feet. We were later welcomed by the ‘M’ word (mud)… but let’s not get into that. Today’s words from Cam…

Cam says “We are probably camping tonight but we are probably staying at the house.”

Day four, 31.07.2011
This day we came cross the ‘m’ word again. However we soon made a swift escape into an indigenous community. Being in such remote communities really makes us realize how much harder it would be to reach these places and people, and to experience the things that we are without trekking. How blessed we are.

More food to carry! Noe and Ronnie sorting out the rations for the week ahead.

The local community centre - home for the night.

Sacha and Alfie getting stuck into a game of football with local children!
Pasta for dinner!
That night the Raleigh road trip team were lucky enough to be able to join in with PM Ronnie’s birthday celebrations! To celebrate, the venturers whipped up a Banoffee surprise using their Raleigh rations. It’s amazing what you can do with some old biscuits, a few moulding bananas and some Dulce de Leche - Delicious and nutritious. We then whipped out our fancy hats and party blowers to celebrate properly.
Feliz cumple Ronnie!
We left the group at daylight the next morning, but were able to hang around just long enough to witness Romeo 1’s cultural energizer... getting them pumped for the tough day ahead - the Hakka! Courtesy of Kiwi Cam.

Pura vida Romeo 1!

*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photos by Dawn Tennant, unless stated otherwise


  1. Hi Chris T Romeo 1
    Great to get your text and then to get this latest news and pix on the blog. Forwarded the text to Rachel who is down with Granny and to Glasgow and to Ros. All really keen to catch up with your news. Off to Helen and Terry next weekend who of course are much more in tune with what you've been seeing; they said that the Pacific Ocean is pretty special! Hope that the camera has been working OK and hasn't got wet like at the Igassu falls!!
    Much love Mum and Dad xx

  2. Hi Chris T, Romeo 1

    Great to get the latest news from the blog and some super photos. So pleased to see all the smiles, despite some tough trekking and mucho mud. And the group has even managed a party! Strikes us that Romeo 1s know how to make the best of everything. So party on! Lots of love, the Glasgow bunch

  3. Francis Lanuza, Romeo 5
    Mi niña linda como estas, siento que aunque estés en tu país y en Mira-flor, te siento mas distante, no te he visto en fotos y te extraño mas que nunca, se que estas trabajando muy duro en un nuevo proyecto, animo siga adelante como siempre lo ha hecho, demostrando dar lo mejor de si misma, recuerde que después de lo alto vendrá la recompensa.con todo amor mami

  4. Chris T.
    Hi there, what fun time you seem to be having. Mud, mud and more mud!! Looking forward to the next installment. Have you told Cam about your visit to NZ, a while ago I know but I'm sure you remember bits. Were with Robin & Carol when your text came through last night - great excitement and so special to hear from you. Enjoy the rest of the adventure and see you very soon.
    Love Dad xx

  5. Vero (Romeo 1):
    amigaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que linda pari tuviste! :) me imaginé a cata contentísima comiendo dulce de leche! jaja que montón de años!! y que montón más de buena vida le esperan! siempre con sonrisas, retos y satisfacciones! y a seguir creciendo...como los árboles, ...tan alto como se quiera...besitos la amo!!!

  6. Hi Claire Syme (Romeo 6 - costa rica)Hope you are having a fab time - wish we were there too! Instead we are having a micro adventure in scotland- with some sightings of sunshine! Love and best wishes Rozi. Brian and Ali

  7. Joanna Bartlett- Romeo 5 Well it appears from the recent blog update that you are busy improving your building skills. Tom, who has just left after a short visit, is impressed. Chris has returned from his time in the Alps. we are all preparing for school. Our hols are nearly over but youve got lots left- you lucky thing. Hope to chat soon. Love mumxx

  8. Justin Shenolikar Romeo 2 Hi Boo! Nice blogging. Not envying yr 300m trek thro' the jungle but the rain should cool you down. Aberdeen cold and rainy - typical summer!Hope it gets better this weekend as I am heading down to Edinburgh to see Geena and Robin is coming up for a visit so should be a good get together. Your new bed arrived today and Jord says he is going to'test drive' it for you.Missing you - even your messy room! Mind Jordan has spread his junk into yr room as well now.You will have fight on yr hands to get it back before you head off to Glasgow. Keep well and safe and keep using the Deet! Love Mum x

    who I think is ROMEO 3.
    Hi Amy
    How is it all going? Hope you are well and still enjoying everything, also that you got the card I sent you some time ago. Send me an email with your latest news next time you're able to.
    Lots of love
    Dad XX

  10. Claire Barnsley Romeo 6
    Hi Tink. How come nearly every other Romeo group is on the latest blog and not yours. Typical! Was the same with the Alphas too!
    Well, we have booked Peru and the Galapagos through Hanny who has saved us lots of pennies! V exciting! Off sailing soon too, ready for some sunshine as still piddling it down here! Wish you were coming - haven't got a parrot and swords this time - shame! Can I borrow your team t-shirt - that is if i can find it! Hope it's calm - jonnie and Dad are hoping for lots of wind! I've sent you an e-mail to send to Bristol when you're next at base camp - it's marked IMPORTANT! I think it reads ok - see what you think - it just might make a difference. Don't forget to ask about how you can be in contact that day.Sorry to nag but it is life changing! Well, hope your Spanish is coming in useful and that you have had chance to chat to the locals...and they understood you! Keep safe, keep well and keep smiling! Love u. Mummy xxx

  11. Tricia Ofuono ROMEO 1
    hey !!! how wonderful to see pictures of you! looks like these places are really really breath taking and the people seem nice too. I am beginning to be jealous and wishing i could have come too! damn !!! Soo sweet of you to have that picture were you are reading the letterr, I really appreciate that so much you can't even imagine... and your bracelet too... you sweet lovely Tricia...
    I have been in brussels yesterday and back in sardinia now after a long long journey from brussels to cagliari and then 4 hour train ride in a terrible heat , but all's good cause tomorrow Cecco is arriving and we'll be relaxing quite a bit I think. We'll probably be travelling by motorbyke a little bit, going south with a tent and a lot of film in the cameras.
    You know yesterday when we came home with liya she was asking why you weren't there and when you'll be back, it was quite sweet cause she was worried you wouldn't know that you we would be in the new one! As usual it was quite sad to leave her after only a week with her, but I'm good now. In fact we had a good time even if it was short in Sardinia, cause with Elena coming it made me really happy you know, and Liya was obidient in her own way.
    You know this afternoon I got a little booklet on which I am drawing and writing to you, cause I think that if I send any letters they will probably not arrive, so I will keep them and you can read them when you are back. I will still write on the blog cause it's good and direct. I hope it is good for you.
    Actually did your sister write to you? cause i gave her all the details after you called the last time... speaking of calling I am dying to know if it was you who called me 3 times the day of my birthday, aaaahhhh!!!! We had a nice dinner for that the day after my sister arrived and invited paola and giovanni and laura too, I got a book and some glasses, pretty cool eh ? I thought I wouldn't get anything at my age and after all I just need you at the moment, but it was nice. My dad and I were quite well drunk and he was making people talk the way he does.
    HEY !!!! I hope you are good my love I really really hope you are having a good time and to the fullest, I mean it really looks like a wonderful place. I wonder and think a lot about what you could be doing and how you might be feeling. I miss you very very much and I am truly thinking of you all the time... I wonder if the people doing this blog are gonna read all this but it doesn't matter!
    I miss and love you like crazy !!!!

  12. Angelique Bartstra10 August 2011 at 01:06

    To Bibi Bartstra at Romeo 1
    Hoi, zag weer wat foto's op de site! je ziet er roodverbrand uit, lekker, hebben jullie toch ook zon? ik kreeg het idee van de posts dat jullie veel regen hadden...zo leuk om die foto's te kunnen zien! zoooo frustrerend dat we de verhaen er niet bij horen! hier alles okay, Robert weer in Dubai. De jongens hou ik met van alles bezig. Vandaag gaan ze met de Wickers naar Duinrell, ik ga naar Omi. Vanavond bij Denise eten, ze hebben egeltjes dus de jongens willen wel mee! Morgen bij Lisa eten in haar nieuwe huis in Scheveningen. Het regent hier nog steeds veel maar vandaag is het goed weer. Dat roodgeruite shirt staat wel goed in de jungle! Jongens kunnen niet wachten op je verhalen dus bereid je maar voor dat het niet slapen wordt als je aangekomen bent! :) eerst vertellen!
    dikke zoen van ons allemaal! sterkte met de laatste loodjes! XOXO!! Angelique

  13. Joanna Bartlett-Romeo 5
    No new postings on your blog- i guess that means that you are all very busy or perhaps those at Base camp have forgotten about you. Anyway- horrible rainy weather here in Berlin. School for me starts tomorrow, which im looking forward to as usual. Saw Hertha at the weekend: the opening match of the season which they lost. However the crowd were amazing, 95% of whom were supporting Hertha.
    Hope to hear from you soon- keep well.



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