Sunday, 28 August 2011

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Buenas dias!! Having spent 5 days out on the bumpy road, taking in some of the stunning sights of Costa Rica, Juliet Bravo 3 are now back at fieldbase and ready to fill you in on the goings on of Xray 4! Arriving mid morning at La Cangreja to a muddy, yet extremely chirpy Xray 4, we successfully interrupted their hard work for a cheeky cup of tea and a catch up about what they’ve all been up to for the past 10 days. Without further ado, let’s hear from Xray 4’s blogger Justin……..

‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle of La Cangreja National Park, greetings from the intrepid Xray 4! In our short time here we have been very busy: to talk you through an average day, Xray 4 would wake, spring out of bed into an energy busting game of ninja, then hit the project site, where follows a day of levelling ground, shovelling mud, and working on the greenhouses where tropical trees are grown ready to be shipped worldwide.

The greenhouse the group have been working on

The evenings are spent well, with Claire and Catriona making lovely bracelets for the group, as well as a rousing game (or two!) of Mafia (it’s always jenny!). When it rains in La Cangreja, it doesn’t just rain – it pours! Justin takes the opportunity to dive straight in and use the rain as a shower – it really works!

Xray 4 have also learnt the art of foraging – Lloyd found us an orange tree whilst Isaak and Luke cooked up some plantain. The rangers were also nice enough to give us some fresh piña (pineapple!) The constructive spirit also caught Xray 4 when Maykol fashioned a makeshift shower from basha tarps and a hose pipe. Luke added a roof, remarking that we wouldn’t want to get wet in the shower… (?!)

Even the strongest need their days off, and we found ours when visiting the beautiful Rio Negro, where naturally formed jacuzzis helped the group relax after a hard days work. 

Finally, Xray 4 would like everyone to join us for the celebration of our very own Karen’s 20th birthday! We celebrated with cake and games such as pass the parcel and musical chairs. Raleigh is not for the faint hearted!

The intrepid Xray 4’s next steps are to the amazing Playa Hermosa, where we will be going out on turtle patrols to rescue eggs and set free baby turtles into the sea. Wish us luck as we stride boldly onto the beach!’

Xray 4 taking some time out from work with a game of cards
Cerro Cangreja - the torrential rain looming in the distance!

Blog written by Justin Shenolikar. Photos by Cathy Titterton.

So that’s the low down on what Xray 4 have been up to for the last 10 days! All in all the group are on top form and looking forward to spending the second half of their phase on turtle patrol at the beautiful Playa Hermosa. Juliet Bravo 3 are now back at fieldbase eagerly awaiting more blogs to come through on the radio from all the project groups so we can get them up for all of you to read, so keep checking! Pura Vida!!

Blog written by Wellard. Photos by Cathy Titterton. 


  1. Francis Lanuza, Ray-X3
    Hola Princesita, deseo que este aprovechando y disfrutando al máximo esta experiencia, cultive nuevas amistades y consérvelas. Saludos le manda el sr. Alexis de Yeluca, también su madrina Aura y Gabriel. Te extrañamos mucho y TKM MAMI

  2. Sarah Canty - X-ray 6
    Hi Sarah, hope you're having a great time in Nicaragua with your host family. Saw a photo of you on the blog and you looked very very muddy!, a bit sunburnt but smiling happily. I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks before you're home, the times really flown by. really looking forward to seeing you and giving you a big hug.
    Youve missed a rubbish summer here it's been really cold, you'll notice a big temp difference. Busy trying to make sure everything is ready for you and Dave to go off to uni and trying to organise the Warbies and Penny's for the holiday (not easy!)
    Enjoy the rest of your time there and the White water rafting at the end and look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love you lotsMum and Dad x

  3. Mitch Tulloch X-ray4
    Hi Mitche just read the latest blog for you guys, sounds like all is well we you. I understand you will all soon be on turtle watch. Enjoy you last couple of weeks love Mum&Dadx

  4. hi luke .... hows it going ? how are those baby turtes ? seen the kind of thing u doing on wildlife on 1 ... lol ... we tried to do a car booty the other day , up at 6 ona sunday , oooohhh not good 4 me wen i bin working all week with only me and kaz ... all kids going back to school , so school haircuts .... well we there 4 half an hour and it threw it down , blowing a gale ... we were soaked , i made 20p ... it cost me 5 quid 4 the space ... seen the funny side wen i dried out .... we gave it all the charity shop to day and sum went to the tip ... house looking in better shape ....but sill a way to go ..... cant wait to c u ..... 1 of ur mates was asking after u the other day ... dont no who he was , but he thought u were doing an amazing thing ... he asked me if i was ur mum and just started chatting to me , ha ha .. nice bloke .... any way chat soon , love u lots ....and love that u put a roof on the shower so u dont get wet hi its gray u belomg in my tool box"spanner" lol pmsl!!!!....aawwww miss u , lots of love mum and gray xxxxxxxxxx

  5. kelly robinson x ray 1 ......

    aaaw how u doing ...? i just sent a message to luke and forgot to put wot group he was in ... hope he gets it ,,, i was just so excited to c wot he bin up 2 ... wot a divvy .... hope ur walk going well hunny and ur shoulders and feet r holding out !!!!! it bin rubbish weather here , we had the most amazing thunder storm , it hailstoned!!!!!! in the summer!!!!! and lasted bout an hour .... ur mum bin toutch with me , she is lovely ... take care babe and see u soon .... lotsof love and big hugs carolyn and gray xxxxxxx

  6. To Niall McElroy, X-ray 6:

    Hi! Just a quick note to say I am safe and sound back in the UK. Bungee jump was absolutely incredible, and should have a video to show you by the time you get back! Totally weird being back in Maidstone, and not really sure what I'm doing past about tomorrow night as to where I'm staying... I'm sure I'll figure it out though. Loads to tell you (realising just how much when talking to my mom about the last three months), and cannot wait to speak properly again when you're back. Love always, and hope you're well, Sarah x

  7. Catriona McIntosh, X-Ray 4
    I can't believe your getting to go the turtles!
    Amazing that you'll be spending your 18th on the beach!
    have fun toots
    Love from mum

  8. Justin Shenolikar Xray4 Hey Boo! Great blog as usual.Looks like you guys were very busy building the nursery. Well done! Turtles next I guess then can't wait to see you before you shoot off to uni. Chris came home from Brussels last night and is in your room for now - trying out your new bed! Still waiting to hear if his internships went well.He loved the high life in London. Otherwise everyone ok. Lauren up in Aberdeen for a uni open day. I guess anywhere except home!You also need to contact M&S about transferring your job.Jord has emailed your Dad again with your uni dates but no reply yet.Keep well and safe and deeted! See you soon baby. Love Mum x

  9. Elliot Bartholomew - X-Ray 5

    Hi Elliot

    Wow what a brilliant photograph with you and what I imagine is the family you are staying with. I hope the last leg of your adventure is as enjoyable as the others. Your blogs read very well and capture the interest of everyone. The weather is growing colder here and as the children go back to school, the nights are beginning to get darker.

    Cannot wait to see you next month and hear much more indepth accounts of your experiences.

    Lots of love

    Mum, Dad, Sophie, and Lily. xx

  10. Hola Wellard! Good blog and even better to see you are still enjoying yourself. As this is possibly your last trip with Raleigh we just wanted to say we are both very proud of what you have done and achieved during the past couple of years. Good luck in your new career starting next month in London. Pura vida! - with lots of love from Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxx

  11. Justin Shenolikar Xray 4 Good news all round! Chris got 2 job offers and is dancing - or should that be mincing - around the living room. He came back from his internships laden with freebies so no problem with mugs for uni. Jord also now into 3rd year - at last! Think I will have you keep an eye on him cos he only did the work when you hassled him. Both of them are away this weekend. Chris has gone to Inverness to see Julia. Jord is off to London to see Cida who is just back from Hong Kong - his 'life partner'! I am off to see Geens as both Ross and Lauren are away as well. Lauren has her trek for DOE but it is expected to be chucking down with rain so she won;t be very happy. Lauren is certainly not the outdoorsy type! Ross is off to bag his first Monroe. Far too energetic for me - so Geens and I will be bagging shoes instead!How are the turtles? Hope you are well and you must be a lot fitter! See you soon. Don't forget to contact Laura about your job swop. Deet, deet, deet! Love and hugs Mum x

  12. To Catherine White x-ray 3. Important message from Mum.
    hi, you got single ensuite self catering at Durdham Hall. I have accepted on your behalf. very exciting. one week to go. Looking forward to seeing you.
    much love. Xxx

  13. Joanna Bartlett - X ray 1. So the trek is over- hope the ankle didn't give you too much bother and that you are enjoying the beach time. Enjoy the sunshine while you have it- it is rainy and autumn here.
    Not long before you are back home- looking forward to seeing you.
    Take care mum XXX



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