Monday, 1 August 2011

Job well done!

Hello to everyone at home,

Charlie 1 (Gordano's) have just returned to field base after spending two amazing weeks on our project site in Kuchey. We are proud to announce our Comedor has been completed successfully! 

One fully functioning Comedor!

with a snazzy mural

Inside view of the building.

Some local children.

 We had a lovely last day which included having an opening ceremony for the building with the local community, being cooked for on a banana leaf and playing with a piñata.

Opening ceremony.

Banana leaf dinner.

While we were on project we celebrated Ollie’s birthday and even managed to make a cake. On the way to field base we stopped to have a swim in the Caribbean sea. 

Group antics!

We are now preparing for trek and are looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday morning.

Back safe and sound at field base and preparing for trek.

  Written by Dan and Ellie. Photos by Ellie Thornhill.

Goodbye, Charlie 1 xxx


  1. Oliver Johnston, Charlie 1.

    Finally, photos! So you haven't been eaten by giant tarantulas ...! Great to see you all looking well and smiling! The Comedor looks brilliant - no more DIY for Dad now, you have been officially promoted from mowing the lawn LOL :) Victoria has been doing your paper round (without moaning!) She said she misses you - wow! Your legs look well eaten by mozzies :( - don't scratch! or is it mud?

    You should be really proud of yourself Ollie, we are.
    enjoy your Robinson Crusoe adventure. Itll be a piece of cake in comparison to the last two weeks.
    Lots of love from all of us. Mum, Dad, Hamish, Victoria, and of course Douglas. Xxx

    P.s. Will a a good roast waiting for you Sunday! :) xxx

  2. To Aadam Sarkar, Charlie 1

    General well done to everyone! Looking crazy good! I wish I was doing something useful!

    Sarkar, everybody misses you! The boys and I mainly, but I'm sure Glen does as well! Missing you an awful lot, and just realised I'll be at work when you get back so I won't be able to greet you! You're coming home so soon, which is great, but it means my driving test is also close, which is scary! I watched Horrible Bosses with Roisin and Bessie - much funnier than Bridesmaids. I'll watch that with you when you get back, as well as Harry 3D. Also, there's a fifth Final Destination. I refuse to watch that. Eyes eyes eyes!

    Anyway, it's nice to see your hair isn't silly long! Haha! I look forward to seeing you on the 7th! Dad's birthday can come second to you coming home, what?

    Besos! Helena xxxxxx

    P.s. I got the mac fixed!

  3. neil and lesley2 August 2011 at 01:02

    For Ellie Charlie 1
    It looks like you are having a great time. The building looks really good. Did you teach the children to sing??
    Nice Paxos beach pose in the photo!
    We are really missing you and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your time there.
    love you loads
    mum, dad, wilamina (who hasnt been on your bed once since you left!)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Alfie Carapiet, Romeo 1.
    Alex had his job interview today - apparently it went really well - its between him and two others he will know by the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed.... Warm and a bit rainy today - but not as warm and not as rainy as it probably is with you!! Just going up to Isabelles for carrot cake and tea.

    Will write again later.

    Love from all here!!
    Love SueXX

  5. To Emma Black (Romeo 7) Alright cuz! The blog is making your trip look beautifully FABULOUS! Hope you're living the pure life & enjoying every moment of it! Lots of love, Sherolyn Xx

  6. Grace Minns Romeo 2
    Hello Grace how are you getting on. It has beenvery hot today I hope it has stopped raining with you.How are the bugs and creepiestreating you? Always thinking of you love G G chicky xxxx

  7. Jasmine A.M. Furbert Romeo 3

    Hello Jasmine. How are you progressing? I still can’t find the keys. Where else should I look? Kimberly from my job is in Costa Rica, I let her know that you are in the vicinity of Rincon de la Vieja National Park in case she’s in the area. We had a good time over the holiday weekend. Beach first day, Cup Match the next, and Non-Mariners with Jaden on Sunday. Jaden is at a summer camp at Whites Island now. A picture of him was in the Bermuda Sun last week. It’s posted on the fridge next to your group graduation picture in the Gazette. It’s so great to see pictures of you having fun and keep sending emails when able.

    Love Dad.

  8. Dan Kimberley, Charlie 1
    Wow well done everyone it looks amazing. So nice to see pictures of you Dan, it looks like you've been having a great time but it is going to be sooooooo good to see you on Sunday..... can't wait. Love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Ellie Thornhill, Charlie 1

    ELLLLIIIIEEEEE this is a message from the Farnalls and Cook. To fill you in, MAJOR NEWS about a certain Miss Carmody, we rocked the harbour fest last week as per [but there were no fireworks which was obviously because you weren't there], they've turned the fountains pink outside the Hippodrome for Legally Blonde, all three of us dedicated our trip to you. Quite a lot of gossip but me and Jof are writing a collection of things to tell you upon your return ;)

    Apart from that, WE MISS YOU SO MUCH, you are still looking pretty fresh so no worries there, MEGA appreciation for the jumping into the sea photo, just think about Pen-y-fan if you don't see eye to eye with the trek, see you when you get back!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Claire Syme Romeo 6
    Hi Claire hope everything is going well on phase 2. Hopefully we will see some more photos in a few days. How is the mud? Everything here is fine. Laura had her 17th yesterday and was out with Sophie and Sam. She says hi. Weather at home mixed as usual, today is nice tomorrow wet. Usual Scottish summer. Lots of love Dad, Mum, Laura

  11. Francesca Payne - Romeo 1

    Aunty Mandy has tracked you down - marvellous how technology works. Gosh I sound like an ole codger...well compared to you I spose I am ;D. Hope your having a fab time - need to see some photos with you in them x Take it easy and enjoy your time there. Love Manda, Adam, Aidan and nor forgetting Mad Dog Harvey xxx

  12. For Tim Hales Romeo 4: Hey Tim! How are you? Hope everything is going well. I just got back home today and it is sooo nice to be warm, dry and finally clean with some awesome food (not that I'm trying to make you jealous or anything!) I've had the best time and a bit gutted to be home- clearly 7 weeks is the way forward! One of the our trek groups said they bumped into your lot the other day at one of the environmental projects- heard the trek nearly killed you! Bit sad I didn't get to see you or at least say bye but looking forward to hearing all your stories when you're back! Enjoy the rest of your time out there! Cat xx p.s the 8 hour plane ride home was just not the same!

  13. The Southey Family3 August 2011 at 14:27

    Tom Southey - Charlie 1.

    It's great to see the photos. Well done to all of you for completing the project!
    Enjoy the last few days, have a good journey back and we'll see you on Sunday.
    Love Mum, Dad and Hannah



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