Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Introducing the X-rays!

We have our final phase project groups - the x-rays! Check out the teams below.

X-Ray 1 – the Turrimacho trek with PMs Chava, Ruth and Sabrina...
Bert Dunphy
Christina Clare
Evelyn Calderon
Joanna Bartlett
Kelly Robinson
Yisbel Centeno
Jack Smylie Wild
Harvey Ka Hung Tse
Daran Sarma
Werner Calderon

X-ray 2 – the Miratombo trek in stunning Nicaragua with PMs King Tut, Carmen, Nati and Dawn...
Abi Ramanan
Imi Morgan
Jasmine Furbert
Jodie Hastie
Maricruz Esquivel Lopez
Alex Newman
Caesar Schinas
Keith Lau Sui Pang
Saran Kular

X-ray 3 - off for their environmental phase spending half at Volcan Turrialba and half at Braulio Carrillo, with PMs Cam, Marga and Amy...
Catherine White
Charlie Page
Emma Black
Francis Zeledron Lanuza
Hannah Bottomley
Alfie Carapiet
Hugh Packer
Cebolla Gamboa
Fernando Castillo
Kay Chow
Sacha Lapins

X-ray 4 - environmental project with half the phase at La Cangreja and half at Playa Hermosa, with Pms Jen, Kiki, Claire and Kat...
Catriona McIntosh
Claire Syme
Jen Clements
Karen Rocha
Tricia Ofuono
Isaac Hassard
Justin Shenolikar
Lloyd Thomas
Luke Smalley
Maykol Meneses
Mitch Tulloch

X-ray 5 off for a comunity phase in Yaluca, Nicaragua with PMs Reggie, Ronnie and Tom...
Cindy Fung
Jennifer Miller
Kulbir Rai
Noe Corrales
Sara Wilkes
Yasim Begum
Jonathan White
Otto Mena Kikat
Ryan Baker

X-ray 6 off to Quebrada Honda in Achuapa, Nicaragua, with PMs Conor, Niall and Helena...
Angelina Cheung...
Corrie Moxon
Esther Lusty
Sarah Canty
Yandry Benavides
Alfonso Ureña
Elliot Bartholomew
Jordan Carter

So those are the news groups! From now on when leaving blog messages please start with the new x-ray group and the name of the person you are writing to.

The night is still young here at fieldbase and our Vegas night is well underway. Check out some of the very special 'freaks and geeks' moments from last night's party... enjoy!

Pura vida!

Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Kat Mammone, unnless otherwise stated.


  1. X-Ray 2 Imi Morgan
    Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday from a very grim and grey London! Am sure you're having a great day - made even better by the fact you can have a proper shower at field base. Have just spent the last couple of mins reading the recent blog posts (not slacking at work or anything!)and Playa Hermosa sounds amaze. The energy bomb made me laugh...that takes me back! Have to have a post Raleigh skype session to hear all about your adventures. Take Care on Trek! Debsxxx

  2. Corrie Moxon - X Ray 6

    Good day your Majesty! I hope this finds the Queen of the Jungle well. Hopefully you get this before you head off into Nicaragua. Good luck on your next project, whatever it may be! Be nice to your host family, and make sure to pick up some cooking tips.
    I'm counting down the days till I get to see you, which isn't long now!
    Love you lots, Daniel xxxxx
    p.s. You really do suit the geek look. I would ;)
    Bye! xx

  3. Justin Shenolikar Xray 4 Nice facial hair! Time for a shave hippy!Glad to hear you are off to help turtles. Good luck.Everyone here is all worried about getting a place at uni as the A levels just came out and there is a mad rush to get in before the 9k fees next year. Not many taking a gap year which is a shame. You seem to have gained a lot during your gap year.See you in a few weeks. And deet,deet,deet! Not happy about the camera. Guess what you will be getting for your birthday.....? Is it insured? Love Mum x

  4. Iain and Susan Black18 August 2011 at 12:18

    Emma Black x-ray3

    Hi Emma.

    The freaks and geeks night looked fun , hope the vegas night was good too! It was great to talk to you last night.Enjoy the next phase . have fun and see you soon.

    lots of love
    Mum and Dad xxxxx

  5. X Ray 5 Jonathan White
    Enjoy your community phase in Yaluca and use the pie chart in the letter from Max to help!Use your spanish now to maximum effect and above all have a great time. Didn't see you in any of the party shots so get in the range finder next time. All our love. Mum, Dad and Jo.

  6. hi Jack X RAY 1,
    we've enjoyed seeing you in the photos - Luca said ' is that a real beard?' !! sun's shining today, birds singing....but I smell a change in the air as summer heads towards autumn. Louis is going to Luca's for a sleepover tonight, in theory ( we'll see!)pea is arriving later. Love Love Love you, Mally, wilbs , Louis and Meg x xx

  7. Sacha Lapins, Alfie, Cam and Kay Chow - Hey guys, just got home. Hope you guys have a great time on the Environmental Project, im sure you will get up to some mischief. Was great trekking and getting to know you guys and i hope we can all keep in touch.
    P.S. - Sach, im about to eat a mean spicy pizza with coleslaw, should be saweeeeet.


  8. to:Carla. X-ray 1
    from: Cecy, Nicaragua!
    hello again hun! i'm still missing you guapa! oh wow! you are in x-ray 1!!! i know that you can do this! you may be strong and i know you are! it's so exciting look that you are still with barni!! i mean Werner, you and werner are Raleigh brothers right now! i'm happy to know that :D guapa sometimes you going to feel stress out about the trek just think that is you last phase and you need enjoy all that is happen! just go ahead! and i hope see good news about your group! love Cecy xxxx psd: ill write you again!

  9. De: Ccy
    Para: Werner X-Ray 1
    que onda manito!!!!!!!! XD como stan los pieseses?? jaja espero les este iendo super dicachimba! hay bi que esta la chaparra y gisbel con vos! que tuani! y vi tambien que ganaron el segundo skit! felicidades! tuani fuera que los hubiera presenciado! pero bueno cada cosa en su lugar... tas con carla aun! jeje tuani a ver cuando viene a nic a vernos. oe haganle egg ahi! no todo es color de rosa pero es la mejor experiencia! espero que cuando stes leyendo esto lo stes haciendo en vos alta para las chavalas tambien porque es para ellas tambien! ok?? aki los stoy esperando con unas vichas! XD ya estan en la ultima!! que rapido no? metanle candela y disfruten de sta! los quiero y los extrano muchisimo! aki los espero para que me cuenten todo! :D cuidenc muchisimo y no me maltrates mucho a las chavalas! dale un beso a Carla por mi! Ccy!

  10. this message is for KELLY ROBINSON xray 1
    hello bbe its darren r u ok seen a couple of photos on dis then is ryt bbe seems like u r avin a laff i gt ur letters gutted i never gt to speak to for long on the fone gutted me but as long as u r okiee am ok lol tell luke bert an yasmin i sed hi cnt wait to see u its a friday nyt an am sat in on me bill as usual haha wb soon ilu xxxxxxx

  11. Jodie, Xray 1

    Hello sweetheart! Hope the bus journey back to our beloved Nicaragua wasn't too bad and you've started the trek with a smile! And remember, if you're ever having a rough day, just think about what awaits you when traveling, hopefully i can advise you on the top places to go and see :) It's going well so far and hostel Pangea's crazy- thanks for telling me about it! Have a great time, see you soon! Vejuna xxx

  12. Sara Wilkes, X-Ray 5

    Hey darling! Hope the two day bus journey was okay. Im so excited you have your community phase now, it'll be so much fun! Enjoy staying with the family and bring loads of stories to share and vivid memories. One favour- on your way back, when you stop at a bus station in Nicaragua, in Estelli i think, there should be a guy selling hammocks for $5... Would you please please please bring one for me? Thank you so much, make the most of your stay, can't wait to see you back at Fieldbase and hear all about it!! Vejuna X x x

  13. Tricia Ofuono X-ray 4
    My dear love Tricia, Always having fun and dressing up eh !!! and I loved your day by day treking diary, sounds exciting as usual, no wonder you don't want to come back ! By the way who decides the group names? Why you called Xrays now ? you all loosong weight or something?! Actually looking at the pictures you are in you seemed to have become quite tanned, or it could just be the camera effect... we'll see soon... 21 days !!!
    The day after you called I accompanied Mauro to get his plane (at 5 in the morn!) and then the same day left for the Asinara Island again, cause I just had to go and suck up more diving sessions in those fish filled waters. I took a diving suit with me and some food for packed lunches and stayed 2 nights, 3 days, till yesterday.
    The island is 52km squared, like 17km long and 6 wide. It used to be a maximum security prison, which closed in the 1990s and was left kind of abandoned till a few years ago when it was reopened as a national park. It's full of wild horses and boars and especially donkeys, which the name comes from. on the island there isn't much in terms of services for visitors, just a small hostel and that's where I stayed.
    I spent my time there taking walks and reading and beaching about... there are the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, probably nothing compared to your pacific ones but still for me I found it quite fulfilling. The only problem was that at the moment, sadly as I am leaving, there is a really ferocius hot spell and it was litterally boiling and highly humid, So with the walking to get to places and the diving and the heat I actually managed to get a summer cold, I think from sweating too much. The nice thing there was also the sky at night which was so dark that you could seel ALL the stars possible, which literally fell on your head being so bright. I think after this rough central americal experiece you would love a wild place like that !
    Today I am taking the ship to Genova, to then get the plane back to brussels from Milan. I am quite sad to say it all, but cannot be depressed as I have had a good full 3 weeks of relax and holiday, plus I have all the good and exciting things to do before staring work, the kitchen, the house, that little monster liya... and then YOU COME BACK !!! YEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
    I have bought you some nice things to eat, so you can be sure you will also satisfy you little taste buds as well as everything else...

  14. To jack smylie wild x ray 1,greetings from sunny wales! hope your feet are happy and you're squeezing the juicy goodness out of every expereince!Cant imagine what ur up to right now without your words to paint a picture but I miss you and snd you loads of love x x x x x xseren

  15. mari ezquivel X RAY 2...
    hola mi momia jaja me hace falta ya un monton ocupo que oiga mis caniones polas no tengo a nadie mas para hacerlo jaja espero que este super bien y que todos los h.p de mosquitos esten muertos!!! barbie ya la quiero veeeeer te amo mari!!! ate: bff ana graciela

  16. Catherine White X-ray 3
    hellooo hope you're having fun up the volcano and are not too cold!got home safe and sleepy on friday have no idea how soft your bed will feel when you get home truly incredible, hot water is lush to but you come out 3 shades lighter! missing you lots and i'll keep checking the blog to see how you're all doing lots of love Katie xxx

  17. Charlie Page X-ray 3

    Hello hope you're enjoying having porridge again and your new group are being nice to you ;). I'm nice and clean back in england, I've even had my haircut so it is now brushable! missing you loads it seems very empty in room without you as my room mate and an array of Nicaraguan children watching my every move! make the most of the pork and beans and make sure you visit the san jose airport gift shop as it has free chocolate samples :) love you loads Katie xxx

  18. Francis Zeledron Lanuza X-ray 3

    ¡Oye Francis! espere que sea impresionado por el español (utilizo traducció espero que enviromental va bien y usted no es demasiado frío a la cabeza de ese volcán, manteniendo para sonreír y cantar y serle y yo soy cierto tendrá un último amor asombroso de fase usted y le perderá gran cantidad Katie xxx

  19. Carla Dunphy Alpha 5 OR X-ray 1
    Hey Beautiful Sister of mine Ive been looking on the bolg every single day but not much info about you!! I've Know discovered that your in X-ray one so I hope you've still got my last couple of messgaes!! Sister its only 19 days til I get to give you a big massive squeeze!!! Come stay in the nest the night you get home me and Wayne will take you for a feast Nando's maybe?? Mmmm and then you can come home get the fittest hottest relaxing bubble bath then I'll give your little back a massage (hope it hasnt been playing up) and you can have the biggest lie in ever!!! <3 Try and get in touch with me sis so I know what time you'll be geting back I'll come get you from the train station!! I've been checking my e.mails every day coz pauline asked for my e.mail address for you but just incase she didn't manage to get it to you its Sis I've just read a message that Cecy has sent you from the sounds of it your not enjoying it as much as you could be!!! wish I could send you a big massive hug!! I love you so much Carla Louise Dunphy you mean the whole world to me and I am so unbelivably Proud of everything your doing!!! the end is near just proper go for it!!! smile your beautiful smile and enjoy these last two and a half weeks!!! Cant wait to hear all your stories!! I especially cant wait to hear who this barnie is!! Hmmm :-) Love You So Much Pura Vida!!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Yasmin X-ray 5. Hey, hope your having an amazing time on community. And putting back on all that weight you lost on trek! The coffee is the best, right? Looking forward to seeing you back home. Cesca x

  21. Imi Morgan. Your not trekking anymore! Hope your still having a great time. Missing you and your strange ways. Invite me for a holiday sometime soon :D . Love you!!! Cesca x

  22. Kelly, X-ray 1. Hey, hope your having a great time trekking. The beach is amazing at the end! Add me on fb when you get home. Miss you. Cesca x

  23. corrie moxon x-ray 6
    hello darling hope you're loving community and arms bears grylls would be proud of from all your hard work. Miss you lots but greatly enjoying all the comforts that come with the return to civilisation that said I had a cold shower today as i'm now in spain topping up my tan! Enjoy your last phase and keep smiling love you
    Katie xx

  24. DE: Josseling
    para: evelin x-ray 1
    hola amiga espero estes muy bien, como van esas ampollas? espero que no muy feas, te extraño mucho pero estoy segura d q te la estas pasando deacachimba. te quiero un monton, cuidate y cuida tu espalda. yo se q vas a poder terminar el trek bien pero ponele animos q aqui todos s acuerdan de ustedes un saludo para werner y para yisbel

  25. de: josseling
    para: karen x-ray 4
    feliz cumple karen espero la pases de lo mejor te quiero un monton y aqui todos los extrañamos creo q ese es el mejor regalo pasar tu cumple en raleigh disfrutalo.
    espero q hayas hecho lo q hablamos en la fiesta ya sabes el hubiera no existe... maycol espero la pases muy bien en esta fase q se diviertan mucho juntos.

  26. Alex Newman X-ray 2

    Hi. Hope the trek is going well, and looking forward to seeing some photos. Good news from Rory - 1 x A*, 4 x A's and 5 x B's, so he's got what he needs and more. Mum & Dad.

  27. Joanna Bartlett- Xray 1. Read the blog . The trek sounds both exhausting and exhilarating. Hope you have taken lots of photos of what sounds like fantastic scenery. Have you mastered the hammock? We are all back at school this week and are also exhausted but for very different reasons from yours. It is Chris’ last year at school!!!.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care
    Love mum xx

  28. Catherine White x-ray 3. Hey hey Catherine!! As promised, one cheeky little message from your favorite Clairey (dont tell Claire S!) Hope ur doing ok girly!! And hope the projects all good :) Missing u guys already!! But I am also having the most fabulous of times..for eg. today we went swimming off an island in belize, with sharks, sting rays, manitees and turtles!! woooop! Maybe Im not missing Raleigh as much as I thought!! HAHA!! Anyhoo, got a few mgs to send so bye for now!! Big love, Claire/Barnsley/Barno xxxxx p.s. CAN NOT WAIT FOR BRISTOL!!!

  29. Claire Syme x-ray 4. Why, what a wonderful name you do have!! HA, hello, other claire here!! Hope ur doing ok and the projects all good!? Missing me much? Ye I thought so! Im not missing u AT ALL! i went swimming with sharks and sting rays and manitees and turtles and loads of fishys today in gorgeous sunshine off belize :) aaah, but maybe i do miss raleigh just a weee bit! Oh and pretty please will u say a BIG hello to catriona for me too pleeease!! (miss u roomy!)
    Hokaaay, gotta go - got some pina coladas waiting, oooh yeah!!
    Adios, Claire/Barnsley/Barno xxxxxx

  30. Sara Wilkes x-ray 5. Whatuuuuuup!? Claire here!! haha, sending sweaty betty hugs from belize! so damn hot!! Hope the projects all good fun! Just thought id brighten up ur day and send a wee msg!! We were swimming with sharkys and rays and eels, and manitees and turtles and fisheys today :) fun fun, if not slightly shit scary!!
    Anyhoo 1 min left on the comp so byeeeee!! xxxxxx
    p.s. please say a HELLOHA to jonnie too for me :) no more time :) and please tell him i have been practicing my swimming! love xxxxx

  31. RAY 2 - Princess Jodie Hastie


    Jodie loving the new pics of your project you look beaut! Hope all is going well and your still alive and kicking! So Marky is back now, he's been staying at mine and isn't even annoying me yet lol! Carnival was amazing we went both days and got so drunk on rum punch on both of them I'm still recovering! As I'm single and ready to mingle now, I got four numbers at carnival but because I was so drunk I didn't save any of them properly haha!

    Is your english rose skin getting tanned yet? You've got some tough competition with me and mark we are latino now! When mark came back we had a nandos I'm really in to the wraps now and the hallomi was amazing! We defo need to do the same when you get back! Hows all the food going there, is it proper rations still? Don't come back really skinny or we wont be able to be friends you know how jelous I get hahahaha.

    Me and Jen are planning to go away next year for maybe a year! You should come with us! Who needs a career we can just keep traveling then when we're about 50 we can go and be hippies in India!

    Anyway Jods I miss you so much and so does my bbm! I know your having the best time, and I can't wait to have a next update from you. Didn't relise how much I love you until now when I can't talk to you! Lots of love kisses and booty shakes. Love your favourite Luchia McCall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. Catriona Mcintosh X-ray 4.

    HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CATRIONA! Im gutted i cant be with you today but i cant wait to see you when your back! Iv been looking forward to seeing you more than i have been to go to uni! haha. Honestly though words cant describe how much i miss you, you are my bestest of bestest friends and ten weeks without you has been so hard! I hope your going to have an amazing birthday, im sure you will! I'll see you when you get home. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!! Hope your keeping well! Lots of love, Annabel. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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