Saturday, 27 August 2011

News from X-ray 5

Toot toot - Bravo one are still out and about, living the Landrover dream, off-roading to their hearts galore and enjoying some stunning Nicaraguan scenery! This morning we left X-ray 5 over in Yeluca after spending the last two nights with them, and have just stopped off at the local internet café with just about enough time to dish out the latest to you folks back home.

X-ray are on top form! When we arrived at the community on Thursday afternoon and we were able to drive straight up to the work site and were greeted by a somewhat hardy looking team. The guys have been building up the walls to the community centre and you can really see the building taking shape. They have been busy collecting rocks from the nearby fields (after helping them out with this yesterday I can tell you it´s not as easy as it sounds), collecting mud, mixing their own cement and bricklaying and there seemed to be fully loaded wheelbarrows coming in from all directions. The community centre is set to be finished fairly soon and then X-ray 5 are free to let their artistic flavours flow as they´ll then be left to decorate. All in all, the group are on good form. Surrounded by 360 degree breathtaking views of rolling hills and mountains there isn´t much to complain about. The host families´ kindness is overwhelming. The group are brought snacks and lunch to the worksite daily, and are enjoying some truly delicious traditional Nicaraguan cuisine to fuel them up for their days. Last night we enjoyed a party with some of the local families which gave us Raleigh folk the chance to be taught how to really dance – Nicaraguan style, as well as playing a few games with the families, finishing off with an intense round of Ninja which was won by one of the local children whose combat moves were so defined and her technique so smooth we are starting to think that she may actually be a real ninja. But that´s enough from me, let´s hear what the group has to say about it all, with a few words from team blogger, Ryan…

X-ray 5 are living in a small community called Yeluca nestled amongst the beautiful Foro Miraflor highlands in the northern reaches of Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras. We have been welcomed into the community with immense hospitality and made to feel like one of the family in our new homes. Many of the houses are simple structures shared with an assortment of farm yard animals and pets… chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and cows – you name it, we´ve had it trying to get into our bedrooms.
We have been making fantastic progress on the community centre and we´re improving our Spanish builder lingo… Mezcala, codals, baldes! All second nature now. The walls are going up at a rapid rate and we are well on track to meeting our target of completing the project in this phase – although certain members of the team have been caught sleeping on the job! The food here consists mainly of cheese, corn and beans prepared and served in every conceivable form and in copious quantities. However, Reggie (AKA Reynaldo) and Tom fancied some extra meat in their diet and were asked to kill a chicken for dinner (cutting, gutting, plucking, the works). Reggie proved more capable of doing a clean job, whereas Tom didn´t want to leave anything to chance and beheaded his innocent chicken in front of the locals. Smooth.
Being a highly religious community, Sunday is a rest day and we took the opportunity to explore nearby town, Yale, a short 5km walk away. For many this also meant the chance to buy some leaving presents for our families.
Soon after the road trip arrived on Thursday we all had a rest and checked out the river just beyond Ryan and Cindy´s house. After a hard days work there´s nothing better than relaxing in the water and having a splash with some of the local kids. Keep checking out the blog for more updates from paradise. X-ray 5.

The bravo team are now off to drop Dawn (that´s me, gulp) off with X-ray 2 for some trek-trekkety-trekking, and will then head straight back to fieldbase to prepare for the final changeover (sigh, sniff, sob). More updates from the guys back at base soon. Keep checking the blog for photo´s of X-ray 5 as the team will be posting these up when they arrive back at base.

De acachimba/pura vida!

Blog written by Dawn Tennant unless otherwise stated.


  1. Mitch Tulloch x-ray4
    Hi Mitch greetings from Londinium, I have not seen any blogs from x-ray4 for some time, I hope you are all well. It won't be long before you are all back so enjoy your last couple of weeks. See you soon. Love Mum & Dad.x

  2. Jasmine Furbert X-Ray 2

    Hello beautiful. How are your shoes holding up? How’s your body? Hope your spirits are high and that you are enjoying the trek. Tropical Strom Jose just popped up a few hours ago. The closest point of approach to Bermuda is forecast to be 51 nm to the west in about 3 hours. It is only CAT 0 right now with winds at 35kt, gusts to 45kt. Jaden is coming down for the week today. I have been sharing the Blog links on FB so everyone can keep up to date with your adventures. Take care honey.

    Love Dad



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