Saturday, 20 August 2011

It's off to work we go...

Our X-ray groups 2, 5 and 6 have all arrived safely at their Nicaraguan destinations - hoorah! X-ray 2 (the group that I’ll be joining soon!) started trekking yesterday afternoon and already on day 2 are going strong – you can do it X-ray 2! (Not that I’m biased or anything). X-ray 5 have settled in well with their new host families in the community of Yeluca and today they continue work on the rest of the community centre that was started by our previous Raleigh group, Romeo 5. X-ray 6 has are also settled over in Quebrada Honda and the team is already working to finish off the gravity-fed water project, before moving onto project number two.

As for our Costa Rica based groups - X-ray 1 spent last night at the ranger’s station and today are trek-trekkety-trekking out of the jungle to Rio Dante, where they will spend the night camping at Ernesto’s house; an old, disused house with incredible views, plenty of water and most importantly clean sanitary facilities! X-ray 3 are settled and feeling quite at home at top of Volcan Turrialba. They are already cracking on with work on the trails. X-ray 4 will be staying at the rangers station for their time at La Cangreja and last night they enjoyed dinner overlooking the beautiful view, sitting on the stairs just outside the ranger’s station - stunning.

La Cangreja

Our road trip teams are off on for their own phase three adventure tomorrow morning so we’ll be collecting news and gossip for you guys then, and updating as often as possible... In the meantime, pura vida everyone!

Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Alfie Carapiet, X Ray 3.
    Glad to hear that you have reached the top of Turrialba. Its more than three times a high as Vesuvius whose crater we walked up to see last time we were in Italy. Bet it looks amazing. Wish I was there with you! Went to the Red Lion tonight and had a really good meal - my turn to make you jealous!!!!
    Alex has been to see Mum today, will let you know if there is any news when he gets back.

    Keep safe - work hard and most important enjoy yourself!!! Much love SueXXX

  2. Francis Lanuza, Ray-X3
    Hola Hermanita linda, dale con todas tus fuerzas tu puedes,como siempre lo has demostrado, es tu ultimo proyecto, Fuerzas y siempre pa adelante, la quiero mucho y la extraño, estoy contando los días para verte de nuevo. Angel Gabriel

  3. X-ray 2 Jodie and Abi:
    I am back in Holland and missing you girls already! It is quite strange knowing you guys are still there while I am at home, with a FLUSHING toilet and NO pork and beans around! My family tasted the refried beans but they dont really seem to like it that much, gosh I AM weird! lol
    I hope the trek is going all right for you, hang in there guys! It gets easier by the time :). Just remember of all the benefits you will get from it!

    My uni starts the 24th so tomorrow I am doing all my shopping...

    Ok so news here in the real world:
    - Pukkelpop music Festival in Belgium kills 5 people due to a big storm that made the stages collapse
    - European leaders are under intense pressure to come up with a long-term solution to the debt problems straining the European Union -- but given the challenges involved, few analysts expect a solution anytime soon.
    - There was a mourning period in Norway for the attacks
    - Hurricane warning for central America, don’t worry you guys won’t feel it, there may ust be some rain and storm
    - Charter flight crashed Saturday afternoon in Canada's Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others, officials said.
    - Blake Lively is dating Leonardo Dicaprio
    - Kim Kardashian is getting married, like we care!

    So that is basically it. I am sending you some post with pictures per mail, so I hope I will arrive eventually :)

    Missing you guys soooo much!!!!! I wish I was there with you, Holland is getting boring already!! :P
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx much much much love.
    Bibi Bartstra

  4. Christina Clare X-Ray 1
    Hi beautiful, hope you're enjoying the trek and that your feet are coping ok ! It will be an amazing achievement when it's finished.

    It's Sunday 21st now so less than 3 weeks till your back. Enjoyed reading the update email you sent everyone. You should be travel writer. Make sure you get in touch when you can.

    Love you


  5. X-ray 3 Sacha
    Yo brother from another mother hahaha just kidding I can’t really speak your language :P
    How is life going over there? Not too feezing..and how is the crappy shed? Still creepy? Don’t you think the house looks like one of those haunted houses in horror movies?
    So I am back in Holland, and wishing I was back in Costa Rica already. It is quite strange to be home again, so much luxuery, I cant handle it! My folks tried the refried beans but they really did not like it, I guess I am weird indeed hahaa hi am special, I am just going to see it as a good thing haha :P
    So my uni starts the 24th, so I am going shopping for it tomorrow. I can’t wait!
    So what else is happening in the real world?
    - Pukkelpop music Festival in Belgium kills 5 people due to a big storm that made the stages collapse
    - European leaders are under intense pressure to come up with a long-term solution to the debt problems straining the European Union -- but given the challenges involved, few analysts expect a solution anytime soon.
    - There was a mourning period in Norway for the attacks
    - Hurricane warning for central America, don’t worry you guys won’t feel it, there may ust be some rain and storm
    - Charter flight crashed Saturday afternoon in Canada's Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others, officials said.
    - A pilot on the UK Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team died Saturday when his plane crashed after an air show in the coastal town of Bournemouth, officials said.
    Then BORING :P
    - Liverpool beat Arsenal 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium in English Premier League: Liverpool won the first heavyweight clash of the English Premier League season as an Aaron Ramsey own goal and a late strike from substitute Luis Suarez gave Kenny Dalglish's men a 2-0 win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium Saturday.
    - Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen enjoyed five-goal romps and champions Borussia Dortmund also secured a fine win in the German Bundesliga Saturday.
    All three powerhouses are in a seven-strong group on six points after three games, trailing leaders Borussia Moenchengladbach, who beat Wolfsburg 4-1 Friday night, by a single point.
    Bayern have won twice since an opening day defeat to Moenchengladbach and scored an emphatic 5-0 home win over SV Hamburg, who are second bottom after a poor start to the campaign.
    - Motorspor: Sebastien Ogier defeats Sebastien Loeb to win the Rally of Germany
    Have a good time! Keep being goofy ☺
    Miss you! Xxxx Bibi bartstra

    Ps. I am sending you and also Abi and Jodie a letter through the mail with pictures, so I hope you guys will receive it…

  6. Jill, Nick and Roxanne21 August 2011 at 13:09

    Hullo Caesar (X-ray 2)
    Happy hiking in Nicaragua. Mind you don't let yourselves get blown away by that hurricane that's coming along astern of you!

    Only kidding: It's just south of Cuba - (I did say it was a bad month to be thinking of doing delivery trips, by the way) - and, happily, it's forecast to go somewhere a bit north of you.
    Have fun. Lots of love from all of us sitting here in the hot sunshine in Brazil

  7. Jordan Carter - X-ray 6: Jordan, we're thinking of you. School starts tomorrow. I spoke with Brooke about your missed days and she said you would have to make up seat time. No worries--Homework Cafe. We can't wait for you to come home--we've missed you so much! Love you so much, Bud! Love Mom and Dad!

  8. hi jack smylie wild x ray 1!!
    just another quickie- louis did the sleepover -finally! we've just been to Rumour for a pizza and Luca came , now he's staying over here. Trevors party was good - Sky was there, looking the worse for wear and sends his love!Only a few days til we head to WALES . it'll be great to see all the old faces. how's the trek? Looking forward to hearing more about how you are getting on. All our love, Mally, WILbs, Lou and meggie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. TRICIA OFUONO X-ray 4
    dearest lovely Tricia,
    I am back in brussels now. I had a nice journey back on the boat to Genoa and then took a train to milan to get a plane... the ferry journey was quite amazing in the sense that I had a cabin, but there were hundreds of people without, sleeping in the bar and corridors. The bar was a sleeping camp and I had to fight with a woman who at 9 o clock in the evening before depature had layed all her clothes on a 6 metre coutch on which she was going to sleep, and so wouldn't let me sit to drink a beer and read a book and write to you.... you can imagine I just went off in one moving her clothes away and she soon shut up. hahah ! that was actually my sadness about leaving coming out as anger, taking it out on someone, she was perfect. I was really really sad to leave, and secretly I cried when leaving my parents. I don't now why I get like this lately, so sorry to leave my parents, like it has never happened before... I guess it is only sane and human, after all these years of distance... I dunno, also although I know I have done a lot while I was there I always get the feeling I have left things which I wanted to to when I leave, like things which I should have done in the little time I had. Obviously rationally it's not true cause 3 weeks is a long time.
    Now I am here and quite productive... in fact Dorota sent me a messsage like when I landed (she must have planted a gps on me) asking me if I was available from the 29th of august instead of the 1st of september... to which I said no, as she had made a poit of telling me I would not be working august and I would not be payed. The fucking cheek!! It's really funny cause she didn't even reply after that!!! It's quite hilarious!!!
    Anyway, back to more serious stuff, I got your letter and you are so funny too! the english girls' thing... it just must me inside of you, can't do nothing about it ! also the chilo and Angelica and the guy with the shaved cross on his chest ! pretty good stuff you sweet thing...
    Today I have been going round with Liya all day to and from the new house were the worktop has been put up (and pretty damn nice it looks too!!!) and where we built her bed and the shelves which I will momentarily use to put my clothes in in absence of a cupboard! Liya keeps asking why we don?t sleep there and the reason I tell her is that I don't have a bed there yet! Also she keeps going on about getting a pet like a small one for example a budgy or a goldfish or a hampster or all three!!! I tell her that we have to decide things like that when you come back, cause it's not fare to make decisions without you ;)))
    Tomorrow is a funny day cause I am getting that thing removed from my eyelid, so I have to leave you now and go to my bed.
    love you to bits and miss you to death XXXXX

  10. Dawny D! As if you get to lead Momotombo, how exciting!! Hope you're having a really great time on last phase, it's raining in England so no need to hurry back.
    Andres/ Chava the Chancho! I miss you and let me know your shoe size so I can send you some colourful pumps :-)

  11. Jack Smylie-Wild X Ray 1

    Cho, whasguan? All ting irie? Halaree...
    Good to see photos of all adventures and things, big shout going out to the spider and moth. Epic.

    Finished the verse, you'll be glad to hear (and you'll be glad to hear it). Yet to record it, working myself up, I'll be ready in a few weeks no doubt (maybe synchronise for your residence in Bath?)
    All swell here, Vee and I hiding out in number 27. I've been baking lots. And, as a consequence, eating lots too.
    So you are now an X-ray, eh? Pretty cool title. Romeo 7 made you sound like a spy, whereas X-Ray 1 makes you sound like a superhero.
    Vee had a great time á Croissant Neuf, She really enjoyed it - hanging with Seren, making and shaking cocktails, etc...

    Look forward to hearing more.
    Not long til my Bday.

    All the best, love Midge and Vee

  12. Corrie Moxon - X Ray 6

    Hey you! Hope that you're well, and that you're settling in with your family nicely. Must be nice compared to the depths of the jungle! Good luck with whatever it is you're doing, I'm looking forward to the next blog update to find out!
    I'm in aberdeen for a few days just now, not exactly sure why really. Off to london/kent next weekend which will be good. I need a holiday! haha.
    Please hurry up and get home, I'm missing you loads!
    Lots of Love,
    Daniel xxxx

  13. X Ray 2 ... Jodie Hastie.....
    Hi Jods hope all ok and the trek is going well!!
    WE are all fine here...had good time in London again, my day with the girls was great fun !! Went to Grants birthday party on sunday they had a bbq in there garden...Ive spent time with nan doing her hair,and garden,nan is fine and looking forward to seeing you soon....xx
    Kim is on the Island with me now so its chat chat chat and cream teas.....yummie we will save you some....xx
    Got post card from maggie who is really enjoying her holiday in America..
    The weather has been rainy today hope kim gets some sunshine while here...
    Kerry and the boys come next week on tuesday till friday cant wait to see them.....
    ok Jods love u so much ...keep Treking ....keep safe....keep smiling up those hills ...xx
    Love mum xx J&G xx Kim xx
    Kim said she loved looking at your pictures on the blog xx xx chat soon xx

  14. diana oladoyinbo-ojomo13 November 2011 at 11:55

    message for kunmi olatunji on job xray 4. hi kunmi, its mum. was very worried when i didn't hear from you again after your first 19 days away. so glad to see pictures of you and your co-volunteers. well done you all for helping others. hope you are keeping well. i think your email has been hacked into again cos i got some strange email from you and i know you didnt send them. when do you come back from this job? keep well, love you and miss you. Mum x



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