Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Photo Blog: X-ray 5 and X-ray 6!

Here are a few snaps from the roadtrip crew's visits to X-ray 5 in the community of Yeluca in Miraflor and X-ray 6 in the community of Los Llanitos in Achuapa....


X-Ray 5

And over in Achuapa...X-Ray 6!


That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates from the other groups!


*All photos by Emily Paxton & Abi France*


  1. Corrie Moxon - X Ray 6

    Hey! I hope you're ok out there. Looks like plenty going on to keep you busy! Keep going strong on this project, not long to go. So proud of you for what you've done so far.
    Everything's going ok back here, I've been working in London recently, I might've even met some of the Made In Chelsea lot... In Chelsea ;)
    Lots to tell you when you're back, but I'm sure you'll have more. Can't wait for it :)
    I love you so much, keep safe, and I'll see you very soon.
    Daniel xxx

  2. My Dear Abiii,
    Happy Birthday, wonder what you are doing today, trekking still i guess!Read your blog, loved your blog, there was even a picture of you!! You are too far for me to plan anything for you.....so you are safe!!!hope you have a great day, lots of love mum xxxx

  3. Elliot Bartholomew X Ray 6

    Hey mate, looking rather warm and sweaty in the photographs! Clearly they are keeping you busy. How is the family you are staying with? Have they fed you up and looked after you as they should?

    Keep smiling, gonna see you soon.

    Love Mum, Dad, Sophie & Lily xx

  4. Christina Clare - X-Ray 1
    Hi Chrissie
    Hope the trek is going OK and you've not got too many blisters. I loved the photo of you taken on the trek. The folding of that scarf on your head is certainly a work of art! You looked lovely.
    Sarah is feeling like she might have the baby any day now, but I hope she'll be able to hold on till you get back. Little Sophie is such a chatterbox now and very cheeky.
    Graham is coming down to stay next Thursday night to make sure he'll be on time to come to the airport to meet you. Can't wait to see you.
    Have missed you loads. Enjoy the white water rafting - don't forget to hold on tight. Love you lots. Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Ryan Baker Xray 5

    Hi Ryan We've enjoyed following the Blog seeing the pictures and hearing about what you've been up to and reading your latest report you wrote.
    Have an awesome week and a safe trip home.
    See you soon!
    Love Dad Mum Kris And Becs

  6. Catriona McIntosh, XRay4


    love from Mum, Dad, Euan, Ally and the dogs xxx

  7. To: Chava
    X Ray 1
    From: Má

    Querido Andrew!! espero que estés bien de ánimo y de salud. Me haces mucha falta y ya no salen muchas fotos de ustedes, el blog es diferente ahora y cuesta mucho más postear los somentarios. Además como le dije estamos sin compu y eso complica todo.
    Pero espero con ansias su regreso y ojalá que todo salga de maravilla para que nos demos un paseíto en ocyçtubre los 4 para un poco "volver a armar" la familia. Quiero darle muchos abrazos y tener muchas horas para que me cuente todas las maravillosas historias que se tiene para contar.

    Me gusta el brillo en sus ojos cuando habla de sus experiencias, se que esto es como un torbellino de aventuras que está transformando su vida y que muchas de ellas dejarán una huella que perdurará en el tiempo y que lo marcarán de por vida. Gracias pore haber tomado este reto, estoy muy orgullosa de la persona que usted es y se que tiene mucho que dar y que hacer en este mundo. No existen las coincidencias, si está en Raleigh es porque usted tiene mucho que aprender, pero también mucho que dar y mucho que enseñar de su escencia, de lo que usted lleva en su corazoncito, que es de oro sólido, pero blandito y tibiecito como para albergar en el mucho amor y mucha ternura.

    Espero que esté disfrutando cada minuto que está despierto al máximo; y que incluso las horas de sueño las está viviendo intensamente, soñando un mundo mejor!!
    Por favor siga cuidándose mucho, viva sus días como si fueran el último, haga su mejpora esfuerzo en todo y de siempre lo mejor de usted. usted es una bomba de maravillosos dones, tiene mucho que hacer y mucho que dar, es una persona especial y valiosa; por eso la gente lo busca y lo quiere; así que trate siempre de hacer sentir bien a quienes están a su lado y deje en ellos su huella, plante semillitas de amor por todas partes. Así como dejó huella al hacer el sendero en Rincón de la Vieja; así hará senderos para el amor, la amistad y el trabajo en equipo en todas partes. usted es un elegido de Dios para hacer la diferencia en este mundo y se que lo está haciendo bien, me siento super honrada de ser su mamá, lo quiero con todo mi corazón.

    Te amo flaco lindo, que Diuos te cuide y te proteja siempre...y que él te traiga con bien a casa nuevamente, donde te amamos y te extrañamos.

    Su papá y su hermana también le mandan saludos y lo extrañan.

  8. Corrie Moxon - XRay 6
    Hey Corrie - I think (just as you're winding up your C America experience) you may finally get 1 of our messages!
    Whilst you've been having a ball in the mud, rain, volcanoes etc - we've been celebrating Claire's 50th, Jamie's 18th, Grandma's 81st, Rose & Colin's Pearl Anniv, your Dad's 50+, - we've missed you! Reading all the blogs and seeing the photo's makes me v. jealous - (has it really been 24 years since I was on Op Raleigh?! You'll have made some lifelong friends fo sure - and memories that'll last a life time. We're v proud of you - have a safe trip home - (no need to bring any dirty washing back with you!) hope to see you - fleetingly, Claire & Alastair xx

  9. To Imi Morgan X-ray 6
    Hallo!! Just to let you know I've arrived safely in Utrecht, I've got a really good room this year it's a studio but set out like a maisonette with a mezzanine area too, I guess for 480 a month it's gotta be worth it!! Hope you're having fun in your new team, and that the water project is going well! I'm looking forward to reading more about how the gravity well turns out. Take care, Love you Lots!

  10. Jonathan White X Ray 5.
    Hi Jon, No, we have not forgotten about you. Keeping up to date on blog and photos. Nice wellies and socks for the sand screening process. Jo thanks you for the Face book messages and we have your letter. Thanks. I am sure you will update us if your plans change about when you are coming home. All our love. Mum, Dad and Jo. xx



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