Friday, 12 August 2011

Romeo 3 and Romeo 7

We have more news from some of our Romeo's who called in to update us with their latest antics this morning. Let's catch up first with news from Comm's Officer Elliot in Romeo 3...

Due to the hard work and cooperation between the venturers of Romeo 3 and the rangers at Rincon de la Viejo we completed the tourist path on day 14. We still have other odd jobs to do, however everyone is feeling great satisfaction that our primary goal has been completed. The weather has been beautiful and for that we have begun to thank our local deity; the fearsome looking toucan totem pole erected one day by Corrie and Ester. When not at work we have taken advantage of the good weather and make excursions around the park. Firstly to a magnificent waterfall in which we bathed and then to some sulphur springs when we had a lazy lunch. We are now on the final stretch and everyone in Romeo 3 has had a incredible experience on our environmental phase and consider ourselves very fortunate in our location.

And all the way from Achuapa, Nicaragua we have some gossip from Jack and the rest of the Romeo 7 gang...

Just a quick one I’m afraid via telephone. So we've come down from the hills today, after two weeks of hard work in Achuapa for two days for the International Music Festival and we're due to perform 'Help' by the Beatles at 5pm tomorrow in front of one thousand people! The group as a whole seems reflective and slightly stunned to be back in civilization, but also very cheerful and excited. Many tears were shed this morning as we said or farewells to our families and friends. We nearly finished the main water pipe and managed to turn on a tap! It's been decided that there will be another project to begin there next week to tie up loose ends. We've done all the hard work! Off to a restaurant now for our first break from rice and beans in a fortnight! All’s well. We're looking forward to telling you all about it soon, as we get back on the net in Turrialba. Bye for now, Romeo 7.

News on the Charlie groups - our bespoke venturers have enjoyed a fun and relaxing day at mystery location, San Lucas island, where they enjoyed a spot of raft building and some extreme survival skills that involved cooking fresh fish and camping out for the night! The teams leave today to spend one last night in San Jose before heading back to reality.

Just a quick note and reminder for you folks back home - in order to obtain the latest news and goings on with our venturers it is important that we take the time to go and visit the projects which are spread all throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua (i.e the road trips). This does unfortunately mean that there may be occasions where we can't update the blog on a daily bases as many, if not all of these projects are in extremely remote locations, from the depths of the Costa Rican jungle to the very peak of a volcano in Nicaragua. We do however update as often as we can, so please bear with us. On the up side, the venturers will be back at fieldbase on Tuesday so there will lots of exciting news and gossip to update you with then! Until then, our project groups are keeping us updated as often as they can whenever they get the chance to radio in, so more news from them soon.

Pura vida amigos!

Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Kat Mammone unless otherwise stated


  1. Ryan Baker, Romeo2. Some amazing photos - huge tree!You must have experineced most of the environments covered by your beloved Geography. Thought you might be sporting a geography beard by now, but obviously all efforts are in the cranial direction! Love all

  2. Ryan Austin (Romeo 3):
    Hi! We've enjoyed following the Blog and hearing about what you've been up to. Can't wait for you to get back so we can hear all about it first-hand! Hoping to have you down to our place for a day when you are back. Maybe hit the CNE, have a BBQ on the roof, and do some other stuff downtown?
    Have an awesome week and a safe trip home!
    See you soon!
    Tracey, Shawn & Booker :)

  3. Elliot Bartholomew Romeo 3

    Hey Elliot, keep sending those reports, really interesting reading too!

    All well here, Sophie home for the week, so Lily being spoiled as you can imagine!

    Really looking forward to you coming home, keep up the good work and spirits, hopefully we will see some more pictures when you arrive back from this task.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Love Mum, Dad, Sophie & Lily xxxx

  4. Message for Carmen Gaskell

    Hi Carms how are you? How was the trek in Nicaragua? It sounds great. Thanks too for your hotmail message- glad the blogs have reached you. How are you? I hope you are really enjoying your project. I can't believe it is nearly September already ( well, a month to go).

    All is fine here, I am still on holiday- had to manage 2 weddings without you- (Steve+Joe's)- both good in their own way. Woo came back from India today- think she really enjoyed the project- Dad, Mum+I have been painting her room for the last 2 days- reminded me of all the floorboard work we did on my flat! Thanks again for all your help with that.

    Have you heard about all of the riots in London last week? I guess that is world news already. Was quite scary for a few days- you had to be careful about going out in the eve+ quite a lot of damage to local businesses but it didn't affect Stoke New or Fins Park at all, areas nearest us were Hackney central and Tottenham- plus Clapham Juc and Croydon! ( all the best London spots!). There are lots of interesting politcal debates at the mo about the causes of the riots/ impact of gang culture etc- will have to see how the situation unfolds in the run up to the Olypmics. Ed is okay- he is up in Edinburgh to visit, think he wishes CP had done a full show- we should go again next year. I have been seeing Christian a bit- will fill you in on updates on your return.

    Any other news for me? How are your parents? Hope you have met lots of new exiting people. Can't wait to see you soon. Lots of love, Jess xxxx



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