Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Romeos, Charlies and a sad farewell

Here to keep you occupied and in the loop are a few mini updates from the Romeo groups...

Last night Romeo one arrived at destination Rio Pejibayo and managed to strike gold with some luxury accommodation. The owner of a beautiful wooden house with incredible views over some of Costa Rica's magnificent landscape generously offered the group a home for the night. They graciously accepted. Unfortunately for the team the swimming pool had just been emptied that morning…it’s a hard life. Romeo two enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch with ranger Don Luz yesterday, and spent the night at the ranger’s station in El Jilguero. Today they will be making their first steps into the jungle! Romeo three over in Los Pailas are working those muscles hard by busily moving bags of gravel and rocks over to their new trail. On Monday they climbed to the peak of Las Pailas. Unfortunately for the group as they reached the top they were met by the rain, yet this didn’t dampen any spirits (excuse the punn). Happy to say that everyone is on great form and the team are enjoying the hard work and unpredictable weather. Romeo four are busy building their park trails and enjoying life in the jungle. At the end of the week they will move out of La Cangreja to breathe in some of that salty sea air as they begin part two of the phase at Playa Hermosa, volunteering at the turtle conservation. All is well with Romeo five. They are working hard on their community centre, soaking up the culture and settling well into their host families. Romeo six are making great progress with their own community centre. They are currently working on building up the walls and flattening out the area. They are looking to make a start on the roof in the next few days. Romeo seven finished the roof to the water system yesterday. They are now spending their time digging more trenches and taking in the Nicaraguan culture. Romeo six and seven will be joining forces this weekend and heading over the International Music Festival in Achuapa for some cultural music. The groups have big plans to put their own musical talents into good practice by forming a band and performing a little something of their own - chart toppers watch this space!

Our Charlies are also cracking on well with their projects...

Yesterday Charlie One left Alto Parma and headed to Piedra Vieja where they spent the night in a local school. Plans for today include a trip up to Caite where they will climb Barres and head back down to stay at Galan for the evening. Charlie two are working hard on their kindergarten. They have finished plastering up the walls and roof and today will be making a keen start on the floor. Charlie three are putting the work in on their biogas unit. They have already dug out the pits and are now laying down the brickwork for the pig pens. Everyone is well and enjoying project life!

Charlie three!

A little of the latest from sunny fieldbase... Bravo one (Wellard, Kat, Cathy and Emily) are currently making their merry way around many of the Romeo groups at the moment. They are currently driving through Nicaragua and checking out the projects there. The Bravo four road trip team (Sabrina, Phil, Abi and myself) will be heading out tomorrow to visit some groups of our own; saying hello to all the guys, bringing them the delights of 'the shop', such as the over subscribed Zinc Oxide tape and baby wipes, and of course collecting the latest news and gossip for you back home.

From elation to sadness to relief and even a little confusion, emotions are flying high here at fieldbase as our 11H volunteer managers come to the end of their Raleigh road and we prepare to say goodbye. Volunteer managers Andy, Megan, Wendy, Sarah, Siew, Nick and Hayley are leaving us after five incredible and invaluable weeks on expedition. Tonight we will be celebrating will a gourmet meal and some good old Raleigh-oke to sing them farewell! What better way to end. Guys, it’s been a pleasure - pura vida! 

*Blog by Dawn Tennant, photo by Pedro Rodriguez


  1. Emma Black, Romeo 7

    Hey Emma :)

    Sorry that I have not written to you yet. I'm just going to write you a letter now and post it tomorrow.

    Hope all is going well. You're looking good in the photos and you look like you're having a ball.

    Miss you lots but I'll see you soon :)


  2. Claire Barnsley, Romeo 6

    Hi Claire!!

    Hope your having a great time on your building community project, seems like the perfect excuse to get the guns out.

    Also look after Winty and Danny for me.

    Love oli


  3. To Claire Davis (Romeo 6)

    Hello Claire! How are you? I´ve read that your team has started building up the walls, GREAT!!
    I´m sure that centre will be the best in Miraflor!
    My news: Remember about the radio show project on internet? Well, as you know the name of it is "Las ángeles de blaving". Marianne from Chile and I were looking for the third angel and today we´ve finally found her!!! She´s a girl from Argentina, her name Marianne... Exactly! like the other angel! We are going to record our first show on Friday, so please, fingers crossed to wish us good luck!
    About my website, I´ve been working on it too and also I´ve been studying more about marketing on line.
    Ok. Gotta go. Hugs and kisses,


  4. Romeo 2 Reggie Lang - Hello Reggie - hope you're still enjoying the costa rican experience and that it's not raining too much there. Looking forward to seeing some photos of you. Hope you're not being bitten too much. We haven't heard from Liam for a while. Grandad was asking after you and wants a photo of your building project. Missing you. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Kathleen xxxxxxxx

  5. Claire Barnsley Romeo 6
    Hi Tink
    Hope all's going well.I have beaten and struggled my way through the jungle of your bedroom and cleared it out. Only wildlife i met was a koala, a smiley monkey and a stripy fish!! Have decided you definately need a bigger wardrobe for all your stuff so have moved the enormous one from our room into yours. Looks good.No excuses for a messy floor now!
    Had a wonderful spa day with A Wend at Stobo Castle incl massage, manicure and pedicure. Lovely! Bet you will feel like one when you get back!
    Don't forget to check with Raleigh about being contactable on results day - you don't want to miss the chance of a place if there is one so think about it - even if you have to get up in the middle of the night.
    As always, keep well, keep safe, have fun and don't scratch those bites!!
    Love u. Big hugs from mummy xxx

  6. grace minns romeo 2 hi grace how are you gettng on in the jungle? Bet the animal life is amazing. Haue finised work today for a weeks hol, will chill out a bit . How are your feet? Hope your boots are holding up to the tasks. Hope you get chance to taje plenty of photos . Love you lotr mum x x

  7. To Carla (Bert) @ Romeo 7
    HELLO! I have a message for you! Hope you are having a wonderful time and 'phase 2' is as much fun as the first. I've loved meeting you - remember that if you want to come to a reunion in London 'yell' and I will make sure it's as easy as possible for you to make it. It's been a real pleasure meeting you.....catch up with me on facebook! Wendy (Miller)...the daft one that picked you up at the airport!

  8. Elliot Bartholomew Romeo 2

    I guess now you are deep in the jungle, there will be even less opportunity to communicate.

    Nevertheless, we will keep on sending!

    Some news - Dad has passed his RNLI competencies (no getting rid of him now).

    Looks like he is going to stick at it a little longer.

    All else is good, even Lily is relaxing into the sunshine (when we have it).

    Take care and looking forward to some updates on the blog.

    Love and miss you.

    Mum, Dad, Sophie & Lily.

  9. Romeo 7 Bert
    HI sorry lost your email every day remember to my dj achuapa is very nice so good my comunity proyect is las tablas achuapa amazing bert you can give me your email with gyne or josi please i lve kisses for you good luck :) ENMA

  10. To Vejuna Zalalyte
    Romeo 5
    labas vejuna, as Lt, ryt atvyksta tetis. Vaziuosim i km, bus giminiu susitikimas musu kaimely. Padarysiu tavo draudima per artimiausias 2 d. As buvau sokiu stovykloj, tai susitikau eglute is reketuko, ievute nebuvo, dar daugiau jusiskiu buvo apie tave klausia bet as ju nepzistu, tai linkejimus tau perdave. kaip jiems ten smagu!!!. Tu butinai kitiem metam susiorganizuok ir nuvaziuol i Lt stovyklas, butinai.
    laikykis, saugokis, nesirk, dziaukis viskuo ir sekmes per paskutines 3 savaite, daryk , kas atrodys tau geriausia,ko pati labiausiai nori

  11. Romeo 7 ...Jodie Hastie

    Hi Jodie,
    WOW i just read the post Jack wrote..lovely to have an update on u guys!!
    The water projcet must be finished by now,you must feel so happy now the water is in all those homes...the local people sound very happy people....Im up visiting shirley now came to see them all and see her new home....Just staying two nights then back to see nan,for day or two....we are all good...I do miss your smiley face and your laughter,look forward to hearing about your adventure and all the mad moments and I know u would have lots of them !!
    You must be off on the trek...Ring nan if u cant get me she would love to hear from you....when u get a u take care b safe....Hope u had great time at the music festival sure u dis !!!! xx
    Love Mum xxxxx G xxxxxx J xxxxxxxx

  12. Catriona McIntosh - Romeo 6

    Hi Catriona, its Annabel! I miss you so much and honestly cannot wait till you come home! It looks like your having an amazing time! I was just looking through photos of us and it made me miss you more! Im going to napier so i'll be staying in Edinburgh :D and i start on the 5th of September which i THINK is the day you get back... Anyway my exam results were very average as usual haha, but iv still managed to get into university! Im now counting down the days till you come home and gutted you wont be celebrating your 18th here, but we will definately do something for it when your back! I hope your exam results went well, im sure they have! We'll catch up when you get home! Keep having fun, and dont waste a minute out there! You'll have a very warm welcome home and a nice fresh start to come back too so dont dread to much coming home haha. I love and miss you so much! Will see you very soon! (oh and you have no idea how amazing it is when i see a photo of you on this, iv been saving the ones im seeing for you to see when your home) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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