Thursday, 18 August 2011

Round three...

This morning we waved an excited goodbye to our new X-ray groups as they headed out for the final phase, and a few tears were shed as we said ‘adios’ to the 7 weekers, whose Raleigh adventure has come to an end all too quickly. True to the nature and moral principles of Raleigh however, we didn’t let them go without a bit of a jolly to see them off. Last night was Vegas night at fieldbase and the Raleigh staff were dressed head to toe in their finest get up in order to make the evening as authentic as possible; the girls in sparkly, floor-length numbers, the guys in dodgy shirts and bowler hats and we even had our very own Elvis. Unfortunately budget wouldn’t allow for our show-girl outfits, feathers etc (oh darn it, never mind), but the atmosphere was there all the same. The night started off with a slideshow of phase two moments captured by our venturers and super photographer, Kat, followed by an awards ceremony for the 7 weekers ‘best guy and girl’. Prizes went to Pinki and Rich whose efforts, motivation, high spirits and well rounded natures did not go unnoticed. Well done guys, you’ve helped to make this expedition a wonderful experience both for you and for those around you. We hope you enjoyed every moment of it, just as much as we have - pura vida!

After this Vegas officially lit up - the casino opened and bets were being placed left right and centre! (with matchsticks can I just add, no real money was used in the making of this event) A fun night for all. Check out some pictures below of our groups departing... and some random ones from fieldbase, just for fun.
Best Female Explorer - Pinki!

Trek ready!
New team - Victor Meldrew 1
Goodbye hugs for all
Bien viaje 7 weekers!
X-ray 6
X-ray 2
X-ray 5
X-ray 4

X-ray 1
Some cows in a field...
Hello's in the rain

Back soon with news from our X-rays as they head, trekking feet first, into phase three. Pura vida.  
*Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Alfie Carapiet, X Ray 3, Whooppee - well done - got final written confirmation of place 8.30 last night - what a carry on!!! You've almost got twice as many points as you need but didn't want to believe it until I saw it in black and white. Soooo well done!!! We are exstatic!!!
    Katy is starting "school" in September - and we are going to buy her uniform today - so sweet!!! Fortunately for now it is only a track suit and boater hat I think!!!
    Alex is still enjoying his job. We are off to Germany for work on Monday but will be back in plenty of time to meet you at Heathrow!!!!!

    Miss you loads - SueXX

  2. bert clarkson,x-ray 1
    Esta Antonio, you are crazy,funny and lovely. I hope you are enjoying trek. I am at home studying i wish i was with you. The sunrise and sunset is beautiful in Guanacaste i hope someday we will see it together you have no idea how amazing it is here i miss you. I may see you soon but if not i will see you in may pinky promise,enjoy your moments in trek and in Costa Rica.Keep being yourself and dont ever change that no matter what.I will miss you.Muchos besos y mucho amor. Pura vida Antonio x

  3. Justin Shenolikar xray 4. Hi Boo - have sent off all your uni stuff and paid for the fresher's pass so you should be sorted. You need to sort out the SASS stuff as soon as you get back - we can't do that for you. Chris's interviews went well so fingers crossed. He is in Brussels this week and is loving it. Says the 'company' flat is amazing. Not at all like his student flat.i think he is going to like this corporate world and all the trimmings.Esp the trimmings! Jord seems to think he is in to 3rd year and has been sorting out his student fees etc so I guess he must be confident. At last!! See you soon. Look after the turtles. And deet,deet, deet! Love Mum x

  4. Jen Clements X-Ray 4
    Arrived safely home today... long flight and losing 8 hours so feel like zoombies. babies happy to see us. off to see Denise on Thursday and back for the weekend (need to recover jetlag to go to work Tuesday and get used to new car (lovely shiny beast). Great to see more pictures on the blog and got your letter and card too.
    Isn't technology amazing, it was so great to hear your voice last week. Fell in love with Victoria on Vancouver Island and wanted to take one of the water taxis home (hotel was fantastic (Mum wants to go all Japonese). Can't wait to see you on 9th. Enjoy the turtles.
    lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxx Mum and Him indoors



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