Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Stories via the Comms Room...

Hello everyone! 
This is Kat here -  the lovely Dawn is currently in Nicaragua with Bravo 1 (Phil, Abi and Emily) visiting all our groups up there so the rest of the team at fieldbase will be keeping you updated for a while!
Last night was my turn to sleep in the Comms Room. I’m not sure if this has been explained before so I will attempt to describe what it entails... so every night one member of the fieldbase team spends the night in the Comms room- this is where the radio and phones live. This is so that the teams can contact us at any time should they need to. It is interesting trying to get to sleep with the whirring of the radio in the background! The best bit about it is you get to wake up at 6am and speak to the groups who go through what we call a SITREP (situation rep) or a Message Check. It’s great to hear from them and find out what they achieved yesterday, where they are (especially useful for the trek groups!), what they intend to be doing throughout the day ahead and so on... There are always some funny stories and requests and of course now that football season has started the boys (PM Tom in particular!) want to be kept informed about who is beating who!
So, this is what I learnt this morning:
X-ray 1 are all in great spirits and are doing really well. Bravo 3 (Sarah (aka Wellard), Laura, Amy and Cathy) went to visit them yesterday to drop off some food and camp with them. The weather has been being kind to them too which was good to hear!
X-ray 2 were already making great progress on the day’s trek when I spoke to them at 06.45 this morning! I think they had quite a short days walk today as well so they would have reached their destination pretty early and had a nice relaxing afternoon!
X-ray 3 visited a deserted village on the other side of the volcano yesterday... it sounded really interesting (and a bit creepy!) and today they were continuing their work building and painting the fences on the trail. Bravo 3 are off to stay with them tonight in their cute little cottage on the side of the volcano. I think they will also be receiving some bread pudding lovingly made by Pedro here at fieldbase. Apparently X-ray 1 wolfed it down last night!
X-Ray 3's volcano view lodgings
X-ray 4 were working on the plant nurseries yesterday and today were going on a trip to the river Rio Negro to a waterfall/natural Jacuzzi apparently! (I’m rather jealous to say the least!)
X-ray 5 are doing a really good job up in Miraflor. I visited the community they are staying with on the last phase, they were so incredibly hospitable and the food was incredible! I'm sure X-ray 5 will all have a turn at milking the cows too... and if they are lucky get to try a very fresh chocolate milkshake like we did!
The locals will show them how it is done!
X-ray 6 are being visited by Bravo 1 today and some of the team had walked out to meet the car... Bravo 1 are in for a treat as the houses the team are sleeping in are amazing. Last phase the family I stayed with gave Wellard and I their bedroom and in the morning we were woken up to freshly cooked eggs, rice, cheese and beans! Yum! The group are making great progress on getting the water pipes to some of the more remote houses.
Emily enjoying the Nicaraguan countryside
Victor 1 (this is what Carwyn, Jon and HCV Daniel decided they wanted to be called?!) have successfully completed their recce for a new section of the Miratombo trek for the next expedition which is exciting! They crossed the border back into Costa Rica today so I will be seeing them shortly no doubt.

Sorry that I haven't been able to provide you with photos of the venturers today - I'm doing my stint at fieldbase so haven't been to visit the groups. As and when the roadtrips return we will have dozens for you I'm sure!

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully Bravo 3 will come back with a venturer blog tomorrow and I can send that your way!
Pura Vida!
Blog and photos by Kat Mammone


  1. Jordan Carter, 11G&H X-ray 6: Gravity-fed water project; huh? Very exciting! I know you're learning a lot and we are both so proud of you. I know that when you return, you will tell us all about your adventures. We can't wait to hear. We love and miss you, Jordan! Love, Mom and Dad.

  2. Para Maricruz Esquivel, X-Ray 2

    Que hubo mari, espero que le este llendo bien en el trek, Nicaragua es dema chiva, di aqui todo es la misma vara de siempre, pura rutina, humo, malas vibras, buenas también. Disfrute lo que le queda, ojala y le haya gustado la experiencia. Di no hay mucho que contar de la realidad, mas bien cuando llegue me tiene que contar la historia completa. Ok cuidese bastante

    Jesus Jimenez (CHUTA)

  3. Francis Lanuza Ray-X 3
    Hola princesita, deseo que este bien, te extrañamos mucho, tu abuelita esta bien te manda muchos saludos, también Julio te envia saludos. Su tío Jose tubo este día un pequeño accidente pero esta bien. Cuidate. Con Amor MAMI

  4. Alfie Carapiet, X-Ray 3.

    Just leaving Germany - home tonight - accommodation confirmed for next year - all is well!! Will write again when we get home.
    Much love. SueXX

  5. jack x-ray 1, hi lovely, how's your feet/ back?? bet it's all worth it anyway! louis had a successful sleepover and we're gearing up to go to wales. have been doing a lot of sorting at the farm - have a big pile of stuff for the dump! satisfying! i bought some new secateurs today so have been trimming things and trying to tidy up in general. wilbs working late at Ida's new house in totnes ready for new tennant. hope this gets to you! we love you! Mally and co x x x

  6. Helena Alvarez X-Ray 6

    Helena!!!! como estas??? Espero que estés disfrutando muchísimo en Nicaragua, estoy segura que te debe de estar encantando!! Ayy como te extraño a vos y a todos!!! Es mucha la nostalgia que me da cuando pienso en Delta 4, Tsirbakla, Manuel y su familia, el café, el río, la brisa, todo todo pero lo recuerdo con demasiado cariño! Espero que estés feliz, no me imaginaria de vos otra cosa :) Mira este poema es de un autor que se llama Eduardo Galeano, no esta completo p te mando una parte, no se si lo conoces pero a mi me encanta y creo que a vos te gustaría también:

    El Derecho a Soñar: "Aunque no podemos adivinar el tiempo que será, sí que tenemos, al menos, el derecho deimaginar el que queremos que sea"...el aire estará limpio de todo veneno que no venga de los miedos humanos y de las humanas pasiones; la gente trabajará para vivir, en lugar de vivir para trabajar; se incorporará a los códigos penales el delito de estupidez, que cometen quienes viven por tener o por ganar, en vez de vivir por vivir nomás, como canta el pájaro sin saber que canta y como juega el niño sin saber que juega...seremos compatriotas y contemporáneos de todos los que tengan voluntad de justicia y voluntad de belleza, hayan nacido donde hayan nacido y hayan vivido cuando hayan vivido, sin que importen ni un poquito las fronteras del mapa o del tiempo...cada noche será vivida como si fuera la última y cada día como si fuera el primero"

    Besos y abrazos!!!! se te quiere y se extraña mucho! Cris Bolaños :)

  7. Reggie Lang X-Ray 5

    Hey Reg! how u doing? bet u are missing Delta 4 haha, hope everything is awesome! heard you got to go to the Guanacaste Trek last fase! im pretty shure you love it! "Guana" as we say its one of the most beautiful places we have in CR! hope you enjoyed! Also i wish you all the luck now you are in Nicaragua, i bet your having fun as always! I saw your stayin here in costa rica working with Raleigh? or i get that wrong? anyways im pretty shure whatever u do after expedition will be great, traveling all around south america, lucky u! haha! Here is some Manu Chao Lyrics for u :)

    Me gusta viajar, me gustas tu. ( I like to travel, and i like you)
    Me gusta la mañana, me gustas tu. (I like the morning, and i like you)
    Me gusta el viento, me gustas tu. (I like the wind, and i like you)
    Me gusta soñar, me gustas tu. (I like to dream, and i like you)
    Me gusta la mar, me gustas tu. (I like the sea, and i like you)
    Que voy a hacer, (what am i gonna do)
    je ne sais pas
    Que voy a hacer (what am i gonna do)
    Je ne sais plus
    Que voy a hacer (what am i gonna do)
    Je suis perdu
    Que horas son, mi corazon (what time is it? my sweetheart)

    Cristina Bolaños

  8. To Harvey Tse Ka Hung (X-Ray 1), Keith Lau (X-Ray 2),Kay Chow (X-Ray 3), Cindy Fung (X-Ray 5) and Angelina Cheung (X-Ray 6):
    Hey BBs,dim sin! How are you guys ar! I am in HK now la~~ Have you missed me!!!! I miss you guys :p

    Harvey Tse Ka Hung (X-Ray 1):
    嘩!打下中文先!你點ar?行trek辛苦嗎? 陳慧琳正嗎!? 加油丫! 行山大步d, 累就唱下歌, 日子好快就過啦! 最後一個phrase啦,加油!

    Keith Lau (X-Ray 2):
    你點ar? 同組人ok ma? 行trek係挑戰自己嘛,唔洗理人,你咁fit 實得既~ 返黎又大隻左啦:p 加油丫. 珍惜最後的時候! 去旅行要互相照顧丫!

    Kay Chow (X-Ray 3):
    我見你負責整curry同蛋炒飯! 勁ar! 今次食唔食得飽呢!? 我今日剛剛搭完korea airline既機,又食多次果一種加醬好多料既撈飯~ 即刻唸起你. 我今次chi曬成枝醬咁濟,好好味ar! 加油ar~ 去完南美返黎整特色飯我地食啦:p

    Cindy Fung (X-Ray 5) :
    老仙你點ar? 係community住得慣嗎? 有冇遇上好baba好mama好室友? 佢地餐餐有飯食,岩曬你啦! 唔睇唔知原來大家姐係1990年出生ga~~~ wow~~~~~ 就去浪蕩了吧? 萬事小心.好好照顧自己.

    Angelina Cheung (X-Ray 6):
    bb你點ar! 最後1個phrase,要盡力去玩盡力去體驗ar! 一生人一次的exped,唔好令自己有遺憾! 過多陣你們就出走啦,記住要互相幫助,唔好走失丫! bb i miss u!


  9. x-ray1 eveling calderon
    holaaa espero la estes pasando super bien en tu trek, yo se que casi siempre es muy dificil pero hacele el animo,pensa q al final del dia vas a sentirte satisfecha por haber caminado y haber pasado por lugares en los q nunca imaginastes que estarias, con hermosas vistas y animales espectaculares. ya no m pongo d cursi solon t quiero decir q te quiero mucho y fuerzas yo confio en q vas a terminarlo bien. saludos a werner decile q se cuide d no safornarse...y a la jisbel que se cuide q tambien la quiero... los quiero y aqui se les extraña QUE VIVA NICARAGUA

  10. X-Ray 1 Jack Smylie-Wild
    Jack! You stayed in San Francisco in that beautiful mountain house with a viewing platform on the foothill of mountain dragon! I'm so happy, that was my favourite part of the trek! Hope you're having an awesome time, enjoy the last few days on the beach. Sunny greetings from Panama's paradisiacal islands and see you soon! Vejuna



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