Thursday, 25 August 2011

Updates from Bravo one

Buena’s dias amigos! Bravo one has been out on the road for a good few days now and already we've been able to catch up with our groups here in Nicaragua. First point of call was with X-ray 6 over in Achuapa. We met up with the group at lunch time after an hours trek into the village and were greeted with the friendly faces of Connor and Corrie, and then sat down to a delicious meal prepared by our host family, Dona Camilla. A good start to our visit. We then caught up with the group who were busy digging, shoveling and pikaxing their day away at the work site. The group are currently working a new gravity-fed water project in the community of Los Llanitos, just a half an hour walk from where our previous Raleigh groups stayed, over in Quebrada Honda. The guys have only been working for a few days but they have already made some real progress. With a goal to finish the project in this single phase and to finish off the final touches to the water project in Quebrada Honda, the team have a lot of work on their hands and they aren't wasting any time. Let's hear what the group have been up to in their time so far with blog report written by Elliot...

Please note that Imi Morgan has moved from trek group X-ray 2 to community project in Los Llanitos, Achuapa X-ray 6. Please address any futher blog messages to her to X-ray 6. Gracias!

After a long two hour journey in the company of X-ray 5 and X-ray 2, we said goodbye to our friends at the Nicaraguan town of Estelí. We had three more hours on our own "party bus" in which we were able to connect our iPods to the speakers. We arrived in Achuapa and made the final leg of the journey on foot and were immediately treated to a downpour. The rain dampened only our clothes not our spirits and we arrived at Los Llanitos. Amongst the other livestock we were divided into our houses and introduced to our new surrogate families.
It has only been three days now and early shyness has been overcome and conversation, although basic, is coming along wonderfully. We have debated with the members of the village about how to go about starting our project and we have now begun to build a gravity-fed water system from a nearby stream that will provide running water for each household. This is a little more ambitious than our original plan but X-ray 6 are determined to help as much as we can here in Achuapa. We have settled in well and some of us attended church on Sunday of which we were greatly moved by the heartfelt welcome we received. We look forward to what we can learn from the community, as well as doing what we can to aid them.

Getting together for the evening

The beautiful views that surround Achuapa

Bravo one has also just returned from a visit to our Nicaraguan trekkers, X-ray 2 and it has to be said that despite some initial worries and a few nervous, first time trekkers, this group are really enjoying life out on the beaten track - going for gold and taking in every second of their adventure. After a somewhat tiresome first couple of days, spirits are soaring. The group are cheery, chirpy and getting fitter by the day. When we joined them yesterday afternoon they had been resting in their home for the night, a local school in the small town of La Tejera (just 20km from Estelí), after just having returned from a trip to the town's cheese factory; each carrying bags full of cheesy goodness and souvenirs! I suppose the cheese makes a nice change from Raleigh rations of noodles and tuna, so why not stock up?! Here are a few words from the group's designated blogger, Abi...

As X-ray 2 set off on the now familiar bus journey to Nicaragua, there was a slight air of trepidation: it was finally happening - we were the last ones to do the trek and we were so ready! Sort of...
Filled to the brim with advice (and horror stories) and armed with our one t-shirt for nineteen days (ew), we had a smooth journey and a chilled first days walk finishing at what can only be described as a terracotta mansion. Unfortunately we were not to be so lucky the next day; a promising start eventually turned into a twelve hour trek (no punn intended) and we collapsed, exhausted, at a farm house for the night. Everyone was in an excellent mood the next morning (only joking) and we bid farewell to Imi as she left for a community project in Achuapa. Our twelve hour day day actually paled in comparison to Sunday which ended at a military base a sweet thirteen and a half hours after we set off; more than a few tears were shed that day. the views from so high up were spectacular, but we only enjoyed them for about forty seconds before once again we collapsed onto our uninflated roll matts.
Monday began with amazing views as we walked through a "magical" pine forest (to quote the route card), and we enjoyed our break above the clouds. we were rewarded for our last two days toil by finishing at 11.30am and decided to take a three hour lunch break outside a fully stocked pulperia (coke has never tasted so good). We're thinking of following the Turrimacho trek groups example and looking at the relationship between altitude and pulperia girls' level of hotness. Watch this space.

Relaxing after a hard days trek

Organising the next couple of days snacks. Beautiful

The girls tuck into some dulce de leche...
Bravo one are now off to visit X-ray 5 over in Yeluca, Miraflor to see how they're getting on with their community centre, so we'll be able to update the blog soon with news from their end. As for me (Dawn) I'll be off trekking with X-ray 2 in a few days but the rest of the fieldbase team will be keeping you up to date with all the latest from the groups on my behalf. So for now, all the way from sunny Nicaragua, de acachimba!

(wish me luck!)

Blog written by Dawn Tennant, unless otherwise stated. Photo's by Dawn Tennant.


  1. Imi Morgan X RAY 6

    Hey Meemze, loving the pics you look great!!! What are you up to now??? All is well back here BBQ went well, lots came by to say good bye to Laz, who has now said her Adios... Slowly but surely all my babies are leaving...YEAH;-P.
    Shay will soon be off to Harris, will have to make sure we send you photos. And I saw Zoosy at BBQ, he's off to Holland soon, everyone's off to bigger & brighter tings...except me, booohoo:-(.
    Anyway, keep on ENJOYING YASELF!
    LuvuLoads.xxO ... Ya lovin Ma

  2. X-Ray 4 ... Karen Rocha.
    Que onda'?.. Hola Karencita linda esperamos que tu cumple haya sido de lo mejor estoy segura(o) que asi fue por que estas en Raleigh. Hacele webo, disfruta tu ultima fase, que la pases diakachimba!, ahhh y saludes a Maycol, portence bien!!! trabajen duro y no se olviden de enlodarse mucho!! Los quieremos mucho y los extrañamos
    P.s.. ESpero hayas hecho lo que te hablamos O.O donde la Vanessa , recordalo -.- el hubiera no existe :P , disfruten de la ultima fiesta, es la mejor!!!
    Att: Josseling y Wuilkild!!!!!!!!!!!..... =D

  3. Tricia Ofuono X-ray 4
    hey !!!! we have it !!!!!! WEEEEEEEEE'VE DOOOOONNNEEEEEEEE ITTTTTT!!!!!!
    bottaro-ofuono is on the doorbell and on the post box!!! Oh you woman of little faith .... now wHAt you got to say ?! he?!!!
    Yesterday was the day of the signature and the keys were all handed over, and today I met the old flat owner to let her meet the new people who she is gonna rent to which I found 2 days ago !!! pretty good uh ? and you thought it would never happen ! or that it was a joke..... rue loncin 22 is waiting for you baby !
    It's been quite a hectic week and it's not even over yet, electricity gas water companies kitchen doorbell rent bank dentist eye doctor swimmingpool van rental lift rental suitcases taps drawers shelves washing machines plants beds nickers tights dishes pots pans glasses liya's hair house insurance school materials emails blogs doormats toiletbrush cat mouse dog pig octoPUSSY MMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! ... you name it, I am dealing with it, except internet, still havent figured that out yet, how to switch contracts without leaving myself without internet for a month or so... oh well...
    I've been doing all of this and more, all with liya tagging along complaining she wants to see her friends from school, which I don't really blame her, cause it's all pretty boring stuff and she has to sit in a corner drawing quietly most of the time... she is actually reAlly good, like when I went to sign for the house yesterday she was really wise and quiet and polite and angel like, but then when we got out of the lawyer's office she just started bolting everywhere with her little 2 wheel push thing, uphill especially, she didn't want to take tram or nothing... and it was so far tricia, but she just had to let out all the repression she forced on herself during the hour we were in there and she had to be quiet! oh boy did she let herself go after ! non stop taking and moving machine!!! Today I took her swimming to give her a treat which she deserved and so she even managed to sleep earlier.
    I am really cool, now, as I was a little nervous on monday not knowing if I was going to manage to rent the old flat to get my deposit back, but then I found the people the same day I put the advert in the net so all fell into place.
    I kind of have massive lists of things to do before I start work next thursday, and everyday they get longer, but I manage to wake up and take it easy and not stress, and in a funny way all seems to get done, or almost, so guess all is good and dandy ! I am going a little crazy actually on the ... you know ... department, like i haev huge bags under my eyes!!! just joking, or not !
    I hope you are having a great time still, and that you stil enjoying every single second of it all, I really really really really miss you enormously and it really isn't the same without you around here, LOVE YOU !!!

  4. Alfie Carapiet, X-Ray 3.
    We really enjoyed reading your blog - We're hoping you will still be able to make cheesey mash when you return!!! Sounds good!!
    Milo had a small eye operation today - which we hope will sort out his problem eye - the stitches come out just two days before you get home - doesn't seem very long now at all.

    Everything else here is all very good. Will write again soon.

    Love SueXXX

  5. Jordan Carter X-ray 6
    Jordan! you come home T- minus 2 weeks! haha
    I'm beyond excited, i miss you alot.. And can't wait to see you.
    Have so much to tell, and i got in to collage i'm so pumped! I can't wait to see you in person! It's been like for ever. ha I hope everything is going well. Did you know there was an earthquake from virgina to Altlanta. Crazy.. Everyone says the worlds ending, Mckenna thinks it's the start of the zombie apocolypse.. Clearly she's special.. haha . Ahhhh, i just can't wait.. Come home safely please. Miss you. Alot.
    - Katie.

  6. X Ray 2... Jodie Hastie....
    Hi Lovely your looking great and i expect uyou have never felt so fit!! The Trek does sound so the new photos you having a rest,the food pile for next journey and the photo of you and the girls...tell Abi i like what she wrote....We are all fine, Kim has now gone home we had very relaxing few days lots of chatting!!!!Its bank holiday weekend so all the scooters have arrived on the Island!!The weather is very British at moment rain sun rain sun !!Ive got Kerry and boys coming next Tuesday till Friday, will be nice break for Kerry and we cant wait to see them...All your family are fine ...Next few days i have to give in and do some housework etc cant keep eating cream teas OH sorry Jods!! im off to keep fit soon havent done much in the holidays!!
    Ok my lovely girl be happy be safe chat soon xx love u mum xx G xx J xx

  7. To Andres chavalazo Navarro
    X-ray 1
    Heeey Andres,
    How are you? I can't believe that you are doing another trek!! You have done nearly as many as Ivey. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I am sure that being on Raleigh meant that it was incredible. I have left your birthday present with Tuti, it is trek related. I was back in Costa Rica a few days ago and now I am back in England. It is nice being back in England but I miss travelling and Latin America so much! I will have to come back very soon jajaja!!!! Anyway good luck with the rest of trek. I read the blog and apparently there is a salami missing. Have you checked your bag??? Remember how our salt went missing for a week and it turned out that it was in your bag!! jajaja Enjoy Raleigh and I will talk to you soon!! Pura Vida Mae :D

  8. Jasmine AM Furbert X-Ray 2

    Hi Jazzy, How are you? Haven’t seen any pictures of you lately. What’s up Raleigh or are you camera shy? How’s the trek going? Are you busted or enjoying the exercise and scenery? I enjoy reading the blog posts. Nothing new or exciting to report on the home front that is suitable for this blog post, lots of crazy happenings on the island. Aunt Norma and the folks in NY have been spared the potential wraths of Tropical Storm Irene. I love you so much and am very proud of you.

    Love Dad

  9. Jasmine Furbert xray 2

    Hi baby. I miss you, I am so proud of you. We can hang out know lol. I love you as a daughter. I think about you every day and wish I was with you. We have so much to talk about when you get back.

    Love Rochelle

  10. Alfie Carapiet, X-Ray 3. HI there, all is well here - counting the days until you are back. Its sooo quiet round here!! Uni organisation is going fine - no problems whatsoever - Understand that you are off to the jungle for the last week - hope you have a good time there too. If we need any paths or buildings erected over here we know who to ask now!!!
    Thanks for the email - it was wonderful to get it. Love you lots.

  11. To Niall McElroy, X-ray 6 -

    Hey you! Back in Kathmandu post trek - it was pretty incredible, but also pretty punishing at times. Imagine torrential rain, giant hills and very limited food (our snack supply ran out after about day 2). Highlights included "Ben Nevis day", where we ascended 1300m in one day to avoid a section of the trail where someone had died the previous day due to a landslide, and being somewhere between 4800m and 5000m and so dizzy I could barely see the trail (which was about 30cm wide and had a sheer drop either side). I'm still in one piece though, and miraculously without trench foot, and have some great photos and tales to share when you get home. Bungeeing tomorrow, then flying home on Monday, so will write again when I'm back in the UK. Missing you loads (only 3 weeks now, not that I'm pathetic enough to be counting...)and hope you're working hard! Say hi to Esther as well for me. Love always, Sarah xxxx

  12. Corrie Moxon
    X-Ray 6
    Hi there - we're back from holiday and have just caught up on all your news and pictures. Thanks for the e-mail. You look like you had a great time at the National Park - Queen Of The Jungle - who'd have thought it! Hope you're becoming fluent in Spanish especially as you're now living with the locals! We had a great time on holiday we'll tell all when you get back. Jamie had a busy and eventful 18th!? Off to celebrate Grandma's birthday today at Bawburgh. Have done all your financials don't worry and booked your ticket. Not long now look forward to seeing you. I will be at the airport to meet you. Lots of love Dad & Mum xxx

  13. Elliot Bartholomew X Ray 6

    Hello Elliot,

    Excellent journalism from you again! Good to see things are still favourable, even if the weather isn't. Just a couple more weeks now and you can get to sleep in a comfortable bed of your own (with a cat, of course!).

    Now, listen, we will be meeting you at Heathrow, so think now about what 'treats' you would like us to bring along.

    Still proud and looking forward to more photographs.

    Take care, missing you, lots of love from Mum, Dad, Sophie & Lily ...

  14. x Ray 2 ...Jodie Hastie...
    Hi Lovely hope all ok .... we are fine got Kerry and the boys coming soon ....
    Had good weekend busy but fun ....
    Jerrad off to Amsterdam on wednesday for 4 days his 21st treat...going with his uni mates....
    Jodie chat soon ive got to get busy kerry will be here soon and ive had a lazy morning xx lov u mum xx Jxx Gxx



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