Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Updates from the Trekkies!

Jack Smylie-Wild for X-Ray 1, Turrimacho Trek:

Hi everyone and anyone who is dropping by to check on the progress, happiness and health of their sons, daughters, friends and partners who make up the cross-country-Costa Rica-mountain-topping, playa-seeking, grubby clan named X-Ray 1.

So, where to start? The time that passed so far on this trek has assumed that strange quality of seeming far longer than 12 days whilst those same days also seem to have flown by. We now have walked about 143km and the last four days have been particularly difficult: long days, never-ending ascents, tents in the rain, freezing nights at 2500m. The luck we've been blessed with today then feels all the better. We were due to camp again after a 23km walk, but somehow the roadtrip guys from the fieldbase team, who caught up with us today in their 4x4 for a food-drop, managed to find us a rather luxurious wooden cabin in a typical Costa Rican village called San Francisco at an altitude of 2000m. When the clouds clear we can catch a glimpse, a glimmer of the Pacific in the distance! Not far to go now. We arrive at Palo Seco, the beach, on Friday - day 16. None of us can wait, but we're all going to make the most of our journey before we reach our destination, for a weekend of frisbee, sleeping, swimming, chilling... enjoying being still! We're really looking forward to seeing you all very soon! Pura Vida x

Meeting the roadtrip... food and
messages from home

Cookies courtesy of Joanna :)

Kelly...  dayleader extraordinaire

It's not a tent! Luxury accommodation in San Francisco

Diary time

Sorting latest fooddrop for next few days trek

Stretching in more ways than one...
Bert preparing the daily sitrep back to fieldbase

*Photos by Cathy Titterton*

Abi Ramanan for X-Ray 2, Miratombo Trek:

Pulperia girls aside, X-Ray 2 have been enjoying a diverse trekking experience. I'm sure that you won't believe that we're not biased but this really is the best trek; travelling between different communities has been hugely interesting, not to mention great for improving our Spanglish. 

Day 7 ended "early" at a picturesque town and everyone almost imploded with excitement when we spotted a restaurant. Rice, beans and tortilla made a welcome break from rations. The roadtrip dropped by in the evening which was excellent timing, as quite a bit of souvenir shopping took place earlier in the day. Of course, it was lovely to see them too, and we all slept on the porch of a school on a warm evening. 

Day 8 involved quite a lot of plodding forward in single file in the rain and we were thrilled to finally arrive at another school where the local community were holding a 4 hour First Aid course. Great! The next couple of days went by in a blur, involving a lot of mud, and I must give a special mention to my sandals which are no longer with me as I said goodbye to them thigh-high deep in mud. 

Unfortunately, Nati had to leave us today (members dropping like flies) but luckily Dawn has arrived and everyone is super psyched for 24k tomorrow!


  1. The One And Only Carla (Bert) Dunphy X-Ray 1
    Hey My World Not Long Now Til Your Home YAY :-) I've Missed The TCP Smell Sooooooooooo Much <3 Do You What Day You'll Be Getting Back To Liverpool Yet??? Try And Let Me Know So I Can Come Meet You At The Train Station!!!! Guess What I'm Cooking My First Ever Pan Of Scouse Tomorrow!!! I'm Learning To Be A Good House Wife HaHaHa Mum And Dad Are Coming For Tea Too I'm Hoping Its A Sucsess And I Don't Give Everyone Food Posioning HaHaHa If Its Nice I'll Cook It For You When Your Home!!! Bet You Need Some Hot Fit Meals Down Your Lil Neck!!!! Carla I Bloody Miss You So Much!!! The Amount Of Times I Av Gone To Ring You Its Been Proper Sly Hurry Up Home <3 Make Sure You Enjoy Your Last Week Though My Doll Love You Millions Billions And Zillions xXxXxXxXxxXx

  2. To Niall McElroy, X-ray 6:

    Hi! So, it's been a few days... Thought I'd leave you one last message before your return. Haven't been doing a lot as I'm in Canterbury for the moment, really just catching up with Rose and the gang. Meeting Christina from Laos on Saturday, although unfortunately Bambi as well - we'll see how that goes! Trying to get my hundreds of photos up at the moment, and have also found out where I'm living next year, which is nice. And made a certain booking for your return.... Which I'm very, very excited about. Can't wait to see you, and look forward to speaking on Monday/Tuesday! Love always, Sarah x

  3. jack smylie wild x ray 1
    hey honey!! we spotted you copping out of the yoga session!!! not long til you see that sparkling ocean now, bet it's been quite a journey in many ways . sunny here today , might go to outdoor pool. louis off to beach for day tommorrow with ede, kate and girlies, me and wilbs might catch them later for a bbq. i've got last few illustrations to finish. wedding was amazing , loads of old faces . tell you more when we see you - when is that!!??
    we love you and miss you
    Mally and de crew x x x x

  4. Jasmine Furbert X-Ray 2

    Hi Jasmine. We received your post card two days ago. Jaden loves it. Great words. Hope all is well with you! Jaden is home today due to rain so i will have him write you a note for the blog. Take care!

    Love Dad

  5. Alfie Carapiet, X-Ray 3, We presume that you have moved to your new location in the rain forest - hope it is as exciting as all of the other ones have been!

    Am dealing with all of the letters, registrations etc. from Greenwich - everything is on track - accommodation is sorted and - best of all - they are expecting you!!! Looking forward to seeing you - it'll be very soon now.
    Lots of love

  6. Iain and Susan Black1 September 2011 at 12:20

    Emma Black X-ray 3
    Hi , we haven't heard from your group in a while , hope everything is going well.Everyone here ok and back into old routine of work and school. Dad is still enjoying his new car. I can't believe that we are into september now and you will be home a week tomorow!Take care
    love Mum and Dad xxxxx

  7. to Catriona Mcintosh x-ray4

    Happy birthday ! Hope your celebrating it in style, be a birthday you'll never forget, although your quite selfish, celebrate your birthday today then again when you get back so you get 2 ! Hope your having an amazing time and everything you wanted you've found. Met any jaguars ?

    Everybody in the Bruce family sends their love. And also murphy sends his ( he ain't a Bruce after he ate the box for the 8th time! )

  8. X.Ray 1 Carla Dunphy

  9. For Christina Clare X-Ray 1

    Hi christina, only one week to go. I bet you are having an amazing time. I'm sure it'll be strange coming home.

    I got your letters. It was brilliant reading them. I can't wait to hear even more about it when you come home.

    It's friday night now, so this is the last weekend before you come home. I'm going to football tomorrow and Sunday is operation tidy the flat !

    Love you so much.

    Graham xxx

  10. Hullo Caesar (X-ray 2)
    Are you still out there? (There's not a lot of info on the blog about your trek, and no photos.)
    We're still hanging out at Alligator Beach, in the sunshine. Invite all your new friends to join us for a party under the coconuts palms and a cruise down to Salvador....!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Love and hugs from all of us

  11. Reggie Lang X-Ray 5
    Hi Reggie It looks like everyone is working hard, but surely you're supposed to be pushing the wheelbarrow not posing with it. We're looking forward to seeing more updates and hopefully a finished community centre with art work. Hope you're in good health. Kathleen's off to Bestival next week. Look after yourself and hope to hear from you soon.
    Mum Dad and Kathleen

  12. X Ray 2 ... Jodie Hastie....
    Hi Jodie...Hows You my lovely,the trek must be coming to an end very soon...sounds like you have had loads of fun!! and hard work along the way hope your feet are ok? Cant wait to hear from you it seems like ages...all ok here...Im back at work on tuesday ...going in tomorrow for few hours to sort the classroom out....x
    We had a lovely time with Kerry and boys they really are great boys!!Kerry is doing so well and will soon be back at uni.....
    George is great and looking forward to the Bestival next weekend he is going with Laura..
    I had lunch with Wendy and Caroline yesterday havent seen them all holiday we did have a laugh..
    Jodie things are going to be very busy when i get back to work because wendy has to take time off from the 12th of september,to look after her mum who is ill, so its unlikely i can come up and meet you wish i could,will tell u more when we chat on phone...
    Love you miss you ... stay safe be happy love mum xx Jxx Gxx

  13. Jenny Clements X-Ray 4
    Hope you get this Can't wait to see you Friday
    Promise to feed you up with all your fav food.
    Can't believe how long you've been gone.
    Everything fine here apart from rubbish weather
    Love you lots and lots and Miou from babbies
    Mum & dad

  14. Everybody in the Bruce family sends their love. And also murphy sends his ( he ain't a Bruce after he ate the box for the 8th time! )



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