Friday, 19 August 2011

The X-rays get moving...

It's only been a day since our X-ray teams left us here at fieldbase and already we can't wait to hear what they're up to. This is the latest so far...

X-ray 1 didn’t waste any time and began trekking yesterday afternoon. Today they are heading to Barbilla where they will meet their guide for the next couple of days.
Our Nicaragua teams, X-ray 2, 5 and 6, spent last night at Jinotepe school and today will be splitting up and going their separate ways to begin their phase three ventures.
X-ray 3 are settling in well at the top of Volcan Turrialba and soaking up the magnificent views before the hard work begins.
X-ray 4 are already getting stuck in, busy building bridges and painting the nursery.

So this is just a taster of things to come, but we're happy to say that all groups are safe, well and by the sounds of things feeling tip-top and full of gusto for the phase ahead - just what we like to hear!

It's that time again - the big 'R' (road trip...), when our fieldbase team leave the comfort of Raleigh fb and head on out for some life on the road, visiting our groups. The two Bravo vehicles will be off early doors on Sunday so if you have any messages that you want to get to our venturers soon, best get them in by Saturday night.
More updates soon. Pura vida.

Blog written by Dawn Tennant and photo's by Kat Mammone, unless otherwise stated.


  1. Chris/Alfie Carapiet X ray 3

    Well done Chris for the exam results, do you realise you have more UCAS points than both Alex or John, so pat yourself on the back, you can relax if you haven't already done so. UCAS has changed your listing from conditional to "unconditional offer" but we haven't had any paperwork through as yet. So you could be sleeping in the grounds of the University; but you would be used to that by now!

    Looking forward to the next blog to see what you are up to so keep well and keep busy.

    Love Dad

    Have a really good time

  2. X-Ray 5 - Reggie Lang
    Well done Reggie on your news. Noticed a lot of comments on facebook from your friends. We're going to bbq today at May's - you will be sorely missed. Next week bbq at Rachael's so will see all the family. Marie says congrats - she's keeping up with the blog messages. It's brilliant to see photos of what you're all getting up to. Chatted with Liam on fb the other day - he's well and busy working. Hope you managed to get some new boots and that they're not too hard to wear in. Look after yourself and keep safe. Kathleen says hello. Missing you. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Kathleen xxxxx

  3. Emma Black xray3
    just a short note to let you know that Claire has still got her job at sanderson and we are all delighted for her. love Mum

  4. Alfie Carapiet, X-Ray 3,

    Hi there!!! Just got confirmation in writing from Greenwich - Yeay!!!!! All is good here. Weather miserable. Looking forward to seeing you shortly!!

    Much love

  5. X RAY 5 Jonathan White
    Hi Boj! looks like your having a great time...extremely tanned! and are those new shoes i see?! or are they just a different colour because they are so dirty hahaha. Can you please save some of that lovely burnt bbq'ed chicken for us ;) We all send our love and lookin forward to you coming back! xxx

  6. Joanna Bartlett- x-ray 1. Great that you got on the trek that you wanted. Sounds like it will be a challenging but wonderful experience. There's not much info about the trek on this site but it sounds like there will a great variety of terrain to cope with. Im sure this will be a great way to finish off the whole expedition. Enjoy Love mum xx

  7. Jasmine Furbert X-Ray 2

    Hello Jasmine. Have fun on your trek! I am so proud of you and I love you very much. I am enjoying the break but miss you a lot. Going to buy Jaden some school shoes today. Will wash the car first. Nana, Jaden, and Ro are fine. Jaden has cleaned out his fishing box and reel, so we will go fishing and swimming later. Had to call a repair man for the fridge, the freezer was fine but the fridge wasn’t getting very cold. It’s fine now. Had to tell crazy Uncle Patrick off again. He unplugged the fridge while it was full of food, He tries. Take care honey.

    Love Dad

    And here is a letter from Jaden:

    I hope you are doing good out there Hi Jasmine I miss you. I want a humming bird. How many friends have you made. I have a feeling you don’t have that much :). I am taking care of your blackberry. I have a SIM card. I go camp at white’s island now. I have a great time. I have a lot of friends out there.


    Love Jaden

  8. For Sarah Canty - X-Ray 6
    Hi Sarah , hope you're settled into life in Nicaragua are enjoying living with your host family. What an amazing experience. Dad , Nanny and I are at auntie Liz's for the weekend and every one has said how proud they are of you. Nanny was thrilled to get the phone call from you.
    You're uni place is all sorted so don't worry. Dad said to tell you that Wales beat Argentina today and looked very strong in the second half.
    Make the most of your last few weeks and see you all too soon.
    Love you lots
    Mum and Dad xxx

  9. Francis Lanuza, Ray-X3.
    Hola cariño mio, lamento muchísimo que tu anhelo no se haya hecho realidad, pero estoy con usted, siga adelante, Dios la Bendiga y la Guarde, pronto estará de vuelta a casa. Cuidese mucho.Todo mi AMOR MAMI

  10. To Catherine White x ray3 from Mum
    hi Catherine. Thanks for the emails and postcards. hope the last lap is as fun as the others. seems like you've made some great friends. the slog of the last year has really paid off. Everyone is really jealous of your experiences!
    We all send our love and are looking forward to seeing you.
    love Mum and Neil.

  11. Francis Lanuza, RAY-X3
    Hija te he enviado varios mensajes y no aparecen publicados, no se que problema esta pasando, espero recibas este. Te deseo Buena Suerte y Muchas Bendiciones Adelante.MAMI

  12. For Charlie Page X-Ray 3
    Hi Darling - just wanted to say huge congrats on your results! we have had letter through to confirm so just waiting for paperwork for your accommodation now. Georgie and Abbie left last night for Greece and have just had txt that they are now on Paros and i am jealous! Hope your next phase as good as the first 2, like the photos esp the one of you as a geek! Nicholds, Clays and R-Rs send their congrats and love. LOVE YOU Mum xxxxx

  13. para eveling, werner y jisbell x-ray 1
    holaaaaa chicos, espero esten muy bien, que esten disfrutando al maximo raleigh. se que estan juntos en este trek y me alegro por eso por q se van a poder dar fuersas mutuamente cuando ya no quieran seguir. estoy segura de q algunos dias son dificiles pero al final es muy bueno y gratificante por q se dan cuenta de q lograron sobrevivir un dia mas con lugares facinantes q pudieron ver... los quiero a todos y espero q c cuiden y se den animos entre ustedes siempre esten contentos y bromeando es la mejor forma de pasar el tiempo. besitos nos vemos aca y que viva nicaragua
    ♥♥♥ josseling zeledon

  14. x-ray 3 para francis zeledon y fernando
    hola muchacos espero la esten pasando deacachimba en su proyecto, aui los extrañamos mucho a todos pero estamos felices d q vivan esta experiencia tan maravillosa juntos. los quiero a todos y que viva NICARAGUA

  15. Mitch Tulloch X-Ray4
    Hi Mitch I can't believe you are in the last phase. I have seen the latest pictures, what an inpressive beard, you look very well. I have just seen a picture of the view from the rangers station, it looks fantastic.
    I hope you are well, I look forward to the next bit of news from your team. Enjoy yourself, take care. Love Mum&Dad

  16. X ray 4 Claire Symes
    Helloo missing you all lots from spain though i'm loving the hot water and real beds ammazzing! will message again soon when i have more battery and time on my laptop hope you're keeping the turtles safe love you and love to all
    katie xxx

  17. Justin Shenolikar Xray 4 Hey Just - quick catch up. SASS has sent all your papers so your fees are sorted for uni.We are off to Liverpool to see Aunty Jo and give her a break from Harry and Paul. She says HI! Had afternoon tea with Catriona yesterday and guess what - she is expecting! Baby due in Feb'12. She is looking for names.....Also in the news - Richard Branson's house on his private island got hit by lightning and burnt down - all 200million worth! Apparently his Mum was rescued by Kate Winslet who was staying there as well.Jord has cleaned all his stuff out of your room but Chris is coming home soon so he might move in.He is loving Brussels - mainly the luxury flat that they put him up in. A world apart from the jungle!When are you getting to the turtles? I want to see pics of you with turtles! In the meantime I am sure you are having a wonderful time and we are all proud of you. Keep well and safe and Deeted. Hugs. Love Mum x

  18. Charlie page X Ray 3
    Hi darling. just wanted to say a very big congratulations again - have had paperwork to confirm your place so just waiting for paperwork re accommodation now! All well here though very quiet as Georgie and Abbie are sitting on a beach somewhere in the Med! Hope environmental is as good as other two phases, can't wait to see all your photos. Everyone is sending love and congratulations. Mum xxx

  19. Carla Dunphy X-Ray 1
    Hi Carla, Mum here just to let you know I love you and I can't wait to see you...Keep doing what your doing babe xxx

  20. Carla Dunphy X-Ray 1

  21. X RAY 2
    Maricruz Esquivel L.
    Mi amoreeeeee me hace mucha faltaaa, ya es mucho vengase jajajaja no cariñito espero que este todo bien y que no me la haya picado nada mas.....muchos exitos y suerte, animo ya falta poco creo =S y ademas aqui la estamos esperando =D
    Bueno mi vida la quiero montones se me cuida que me le vaya muy bien, cuando pueda me avisa como esta =)
    <3 Macha <3

  22. To: Chava (PM) - porque si la pulpa se pudre, la cascara se cae! y apenas bueno! porq de cosas contare, muchas faltas me haces, en aquellas mañanas de sisas-yunos. y yo fotos vistes y tristes pones-me. porque de cuando caminas conquistas montañas "que rico trabonearlo!". mae, quiero que sepa que me hace falta, lo quiero un pichazo hermanito, fuerte, contagie alegria!! :) -su hermanito nacho

  23. To: Fieldbase (all)

    i miss u all, you have no idea! this was (by far) the best experience of my life and i hope every single volunteer can enjoy it & appreacite it as much as i did... it was such a learning experience that í'll never forget. i'll keep working behind the scenes in everything i can... take care, much love!!

    para pará pa paaa.... HEY!!! -NACHO 11-C

  24. To: ticos/nicas 11GH

    muchas suerte, un abrazo gigante! :) disfruten, aprendan y compartan alegria! wejepa!

    -nacho 11-C

  25. Para Keiner y Bruce

    para pará pa pa... HEY! ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! cuidensen hermanitos :) un abrazo

  26. To: Dawn -> WEJEPA! Hope everything's apenas bueno! haha! love u & miss u! take care... :)




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