Friday, 2 September 2011

The End is Nigh

Hard to believe Phase 3 is nearly complete! The Trek groups arrived at their respective beaches today (Wooo!), the Environmental Projects are very nearly completed, and the Community Projects are all planning to celebrate the hard work that was put in this phase with their Nicaraguan families.

Speaking of Community Projects, here is Ryan with X-Ray 5 in Yeluca with an update:

"X-Ray 5 are continuing to have an awesome time here in Yeluca. We've been working hard and the building has grown considerably since the roadtrip visited us. In our spare time we have been enjoying spending time with our families and have even turned our hand to harvesting beans and milking cows. One night we had a party and an epic game of musical statues where many of us ended up in risqué positions due to the playful nature of our Nicaraguan judges and our frozen states.

Before we leave Yeluca, we hope to be able to paint a big mural on the front wall of the new community centre, but there's plenty left for us to do in the next 3 days.

Finally, we need to mention that Ryan and Cindy's family has a new member! In the early hours of Sunday am, a healthy baby girl was welcomed into the world and X-Ray 5 has been asked to name here! A Raleigh first? What an honour! Stay tuned..."

Wow! What an exciting opportunity for the group in Yeluca! Stay tuned, indeed!

Until next time, Pura Vida!


  1. Francis Lanuza, Ray-X3
    Hola mi niña continua disfrutando estos últimos días, por que es cierto el fin esta cerca, y lo que mas deseo es tenerte de vuelta en casa, Martha fue operada de apéndice, Angela Maria ya Regreso de España, espera verte con muchas ansias, Julio esta de viaje por Italia, Cuídate mi Amor, pronto de te veré y podre estrecharte entre mis brazos, saludos de tu hermanito, Te queremos MAMI.

  2. Anyone seen X-Ray 3 recently!!!!!

    Would appreciate an update.....

  3. For Amy Ratcliff, X-Ray 3.
    Hey baby, we're almost in the single figures now and judging by the weather at the moment, when you get back we'll need to get you into lots of thick woolen clothes. You're lucky to have missed this non-Summer over here. I'm starting to get anxious about going to New York but I'm only concerned about going through customs in case they find some reason to turn me away. :( How's your environmental phase going? Though you might already have finished by the time you get this... My mum's been telling me now to be like Mike when we live together, he's got a bit of a rebellious attitude when it comes to getting things done around the house. Everyone seems very set on the idea of us living together, I just hope we can get something sorted with our jobs (have you heard back from that application? Ah! You won't know, you're away! Why am I leaving this in? Who knows...) I got my hair cut today, nothing majorly different, still enough for you to grab and run your fingers through though. Well that's quite enough for now, I'll speak to you again once you're at FB. Stay safe baby, xxxxx



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