Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fieldbase antics and exploring!

Something you may or may not know is that there is quite a lot of jungle in Costa Rica! So it only seemed appropriate for Friday evening’s entertainment at fieldbase to be Sabrina’s (deputy project manager) own version of ‘I’m a celebrity….get me out of here!’.

Don’t worry, it didn’t quite come down to eating bugs and tackling snakes but Owen certainly won’t be wanting to see cinnamon for a while and Jed took on a pretty feisty chilli and came out on top….just!!

In other jungle challenges, Bruce (a new arrival and Costa Rican project manager) broke all kinds of records in putting on 32 different pieces of clothing, Daz was one of the many objects to be found in a treasure hunt, and the team members’ flexibility was tested to the limit in trying to pick up a cereal box with their teeth.
An entertaining evening all in all and I think we called it a draw!



Saturday brought a wonderful opportunity to escape fieldbase for a few hours and visit some stunning waterfalls. A 30 minute, somewhat sweaty, walk through thick forest was rewarded with the sight of a torrent of water and an inviting plunge pool. Suffice to say we all took the opportunity to cool off before heading further up to the top of the waterfall and…yes another quick dip!

Not satisfied with swimming under waterfalls, some of the more intrepid members of the team went to visit the self-titled ‘Snake man of Costa Rica’. Despite an under-developed sense of self preservation, this man did seem to know an awful lot about snakes and was kind enough to introduce us to the three most poisonous snakes in Costa Rica - one of which had a particularly evil glint in his eye. The snake man warned us not use flash photography around this one!! And we certainly kept our distance when we were introduced to the jumping viper!

All in all, a great day seeing more of Costa Rica’s stunning scenery and meeting some of its less friendly inhabitants.


Today, ladies and gentleman, is a hugely significant day in the early stages of expedition 11L as the project managers arrive in Costa Rica and will be brought to fieldbase on Monday morning. Like ourselves last week, they will no doubt be a little bleary-eyed but the enthusiasm and excitement will be bubbling away just waiting to burst out. And they will, of course, have Daz and Splatches to welcome them to fieldbase!

Until then Pura Vida!

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