Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Meet the team

Buenas dias! It’s time to introduce you to the advance fieldbase team and tell you a little bit about their roles:

Julian is our Country Programme Director, a man who first came on Raleigh in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since. He works closely with our project partners, focusing on our external relationships; project planning, funding and business development.

Our Country Programme Manager Ross has worked his way through the ranks since 2006, previously working as Logistics Manager, Expeditions Leader and Accounts. His main responsibility lies in the delivery of the expedition programmes and management of our volunteer managers; running and organizing all expeditions.

Deputy Manager Sabrina is responsible for the day-to-day running of all expeditions, and ensures that everything here at HQ runs smoothly. She spends her days making sure that all project managers are fully trained, knowing exactly where to go and what to do at what time.

Our three-man logistics team of Tom, Reggie and Jed ensure that our venturers are properly fed, they have all the equipment they need with them on expedition, and that all Raleigh vehicles are roadworthy before being taken out on expedition. They are our Raleigh lifeline…no pressure guys!!
Our Finance star/team photographer Nadia deals with the finance details to make sure we're not overspending and the expedition accounts are all in order! She's also helping to document the expedition with some awesome photos!

Our advanced fieldbase medics (advanced because they arrived early but they also seem to be very bright) are Owen and Barney. They are busy checking all the medical stock and putting together medical kit for project groups. When not doing this, they are putting the Scots in the group to shame with their advanced porridge making skills.

Quite possibly the most important person on expedition is Alex (that’s me) the Communications Officer. Amongst other things, I’ll be keeping the blog up to date to let you know how everyone’s getting on and all about the amazing work being done on project sites.

Completing the team are our four-legged friends Daz and Splatches.

Like most people, our team members all had dreams when they were kids. And while some may say working with Raleigh in Costa Rica and Nicaragua is 'living the dream', some of these snap shots of the team may suggest that their lives are tinged with regret!!!!

Ross - wannabe rockstar!!

cowboy Reggie out on the range
Jed - another wannabe rocker

Nadia..reliving her dreams of acting stardom.

Sabrina the ballerina!

Tom (with his co-driver Abi) - well he always wanted to be a 'Raleigh' driver


Owen..well he always wanted to be a doctor!!

Barney...astronaut..or ace porridge maker

Alex...you can see why he never became an international rugby player!!!

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