Monday, 26 September 2011

The PMs have arrived!!

After a week of intense preparations and building excitement, expedition 11L is now truly up and running as the project managers have arrived at fieldbase and the team of volunteer managers is complete and raring to go.

Welcomed to Costa Rica by a spectacular rainstorm on Sunday evening, the travel-weary PMS enjoyed a comfortable night on a school gymnasium floor (don’t tell me Raleigh doesn’t do luxury) before heading to fieldbase on Monday morning, where they enjoyed an excellent breakfast of gallo pinto (a traditional Costa Rican rice dish) and egg, prepared by our wonderful, indispensable cook Sandra.

Tired but raring to go, PMs in San Jose before heading to fieldbase

Our wonderful breakfast was a great chance to catch up before training began in earnest.

Fuelling complete (humans need it as much as cars!) along with motivational welcoming speeches from Julian and Ross, it was onto admin and the obligatory fieldbase tour before heading to the pool for the swim test and some highly competitive races.

The next two weeks will see all the volunteer manager undergoing some intense training and project planning so that everything is set up and ready to go for the venturers’ arrival in two weeks time.

In the spirit of starting as we mean to go on, it was straight into radio training as the VMs learnt about our various means of communicating with fieldbase. It was then onto a session with Radio maestro Ross on setting up and using the HF radios that will keep the project teams in contact with fieldbase, But before that, Ross highlighted the importance of sun safety!!!

How many PMs does it take to set up a radio!

In amongst the training, there was time for mess tin decorating, a highly informative introduction to the three-bowl cleaning system by logs manager Reggie, and a general catch-up for what is going to be an awesome team!!

Still to come this week: the medics tell us how to keep them out of a job (be safe people!), we learn more about sustainable development, the VMs take to the jungle for a spot of camping, and the PMS learn their project allocations for the first week.

All in all, it’s going to be a pretty hectic, exciting seven days. Pura vida!

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