Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ready or not here we come...time for jungle camp!!

Before I get into today’s blog report proper, I’d like to set a little competition for all the venturers gearing up for the most amazing 10 weeks of their lives.

You will see some amazing wildlife out here from iguanas to multi-coloured birds but you may not be lucky enough to see one of these (see below). Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to identify this amazing creature. Answers on a postcard…or a scrap of paper when you arrive…and there will be an awesome prize for the first person to give me the correct answer in 12 days time!!

Meanwhile it’s been a busy few days at fieldbase as the volunteer managers (VMs) have gone through some pretty intense training. Our awesome team of medics have led highly informative first aid sessions, the fount of all knowledge Ross has shown us how to efficiently pack our rucksacks, and Julian has added to the growing excitement by talking us through the projects lined up for this expedition.

There’s been a lot of information to take on board but now the talking stops as the VMs go on jungle camp. As I type, bags are being packed (light bulky stuff at the bottom, heavy stuff at the top) motivational speeches are being given by the team leaders, and water bottles are being filled up.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for three days of basher building, trangia cooking, navigation, river crossings, jungle trekking and team-building.

The blog will go quiet for the next few days (internet connections are notoriously bad in the jungle) but we will be back on Friday with a full report on jungle camp. Until then Pura Vida!!

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