Thursday, 22 September 2011

A truly beautiful country

Yesterday I gave you a taster of what to expect when you come out here but I don’t think I highlighted strongly enough the sheer beauty of this country. Even just stepping out of the office at fieldbase gives you views like this (photos courtesy of our logs team member Jed). So you can only imagine what the rest of Costa Rica and Nicaragua offers.

While a stroll further up the hill presents you with this as a reward.

The wildlife is abundant as well.

Meanwhile, in these stunning surroundings, the excitement is building at fieldbase as work continues to prepare for the arrival first of the project managers this weekend and then the venturers.

The logs team habitually disappear to their second home the bodega (store) to sort out all the supplies and ensure that everything is in place for the forthcoming expedition.

The medics are only occasionally allowed out of the medics room where they are doing some pretty serious stock-taking.

Don’t worry though, some of us are allowed outside as the driver training continues in earnest. Yesterday, familiarization trips to Turrialba were followed by taking the Land Rover into its favourite habitat…off-road! Where, I’m pleased to report, under Ross’s calm guidance some fairly challenging terrain was safely negotiated. Before any driving happened though, the vehicle was carefully checked over.

Hasta luego and please keep signing in for more updates.

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