Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What can you expect...

Buenas dias! When I told you yesterday that our advance fieldbase team was now complete I lied a little bit. We were missing one person, quite an important person as it turns out! Our Country Director Julian was away being spoilt by ambassadors and meeting with project partners; he arrived back in fieldbase yesterday afternoon in time to cook our dinner and show us his impressive pool skills!

Like the rest of us he had dreams when he was a child….

Despite all the practice, he never made it as an architect

Now, part of the excitement and attraction of Raleigh is heading into the unknown and taking on challenges that you would not normally have the opportunity to tackle. I am sure that the anticipation is building for our venturers as d-day approaches and, while we like to maintain an element of mystery, here is a little taster of the projects that you will be working on when you arrive in Costa Rica….to help fuel that excitement!!

Adventure - The Turrisantos Trek

A new trek for this expedition but every bit as challenging and rewarding as those tackled by previous venturers. This trek has an incredible start climbing between two active volcanoes – Irazu and Turrialba to over 3000 metres. On a good day from the top you will be able to see the Caribbean Sea. From the top you pass by the Guayabo National Monument – the ruins of an ancient settlement in the jungle before passing close to Fieldbase and then on to the Tapantí National Park. After climbing up to nearly 3,000 metres you will then follow the ridges of the Fila de Bustamante towards Cerro Dragon, before heading down to the Pacific Ocean at Playa Matapalo – a stunning finish to an awesome trek. This and the other trek truly will be an unforgettable experience that will test you physically and mentally but reward in ways you can only imagine.

Environmental - Chirripo National Park – trails

Cerro Chirripó is the highest mountain in Costa Rica, with an altitude of 3,820 meters. It is located in the Chirripó National Park and is noted for its ecological wealth. The high peaks in this and La Amistad International Park host important areas of Talamancan montane forest and Costa Rican Páramo with high endemism and an extremely high biodiversity. Due to the height of these mountains, its peaks are sky islands for many species of plants and animals, snowfall happens from time to time in the peak. From the summit it is possible (only on clear days) to see across the entire continent, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. For the first time Raleigh will be working right at the top of the mountain to repair the trails for the many thousands of visitors who undertake to climb in this stunning national park. Working in these stunning surroundings will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

Community - Achuapa, El Carrizo and La Brisa, Nicaragua

Close to the town of Achuapa, in one of the poorest most remote areas of Nicaragua, you will be working on a gravity-fed water project to bring clean and safe drinking water to 50 families in the community of El Carrizo. At present the local people get their water from the river which often dries up in summer or comes from polluted water sources.

You will be working with the local population to dam small streams, build tanks to collect the water from where it can run through pipes to all the local houses. The benefits of clean water will be felt by many generations to come. During this phase, you will be living directly with families in the village and will help out with their day to day tasks. Be ready for lots hard of work but an amazing welcome from these friendly, compassionate people.

So, there you have it an amazing experience awaits you all and believe me, the other projects will be just as excellent!

Adios for now and watch out for a fieldbase update in our next blog.

Pura vida!

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