Sunday, 4 September 2011

X-Ray4 at Playa Hermosa

Guest blogger Jon has an update for you on what X-Ray 4 are currently up to at Playa Hermosa:

'From the jungles of La Crangreja, the mighty X-ray 4 now stand at the edge of the world on the incredible Playa Hermosa. The sea is furious, the sun hot, and the turtles plentiful. By night, our heroes of X-ray 4 traverse the coast in search of turtles nests and guarding against poachers. The collected eggs are then returned to the hatchery until the babies are ready to make the journey to the sea, helped by the X-rays of course. To date, nearly 1500 babies have been sent to the sea.

In their spare time, the X-rays having been chilling on the beach are cracking (with great difficulty) into coconuts. In addition to turtles, the team have encountered some crocs (from a distance!) and Lloyd, Luke and Justin have spotted numerous snakes and coatis. There’s also been a hammock to relax on, games to be played (such as Ninja, Deal or Mafia) and books to be read. Justin powered through 550 pages in 3 days !!

Of course, there has been a very special day on our phase, our own Catriona turned 18 on Friday! It was a fun filled day where there was cake, a Piñata and an overly competitive game of rounders. An extra special thank you to the ranger Jonnie who cooked a wonderful meal for Catrionas’ big day.

With less than a week to go now, everyone is looking forward to impeding reunions with family and friends, but no one will ever forget the time they have spent here in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and all the friends we have made and things we have shared. Thanks Raleigh and Pura Vida to 11G and H!'


  1. Mitch Tulloch X-ray4
    Hi Mitch just read the latest blog about the turtle watch, that must be very satisfying.
    Can't wait to see you, enjoy your last couple of days. Take care Love Mum&Dadx

  2. Jasmine Furbert X-Ray 2

    See you soon baby!

    Love Dad

  3. to : Catriona McIntosh, xray4
    hi to the big 18 - sounds like you, friends and the turtles are having fun! thanks to everyone who made your 18th special. c u soon.... x mum etc

  4. Tricia Ofuono X-ray 4
    HEY HEY HEY !!!!
    My lovely ! where are you ???!!! swimming with the turtles and hurdling over the coral reef I think ... you should be anyway...So long since I wrote last time, well I am sorry my love but this move out just HAD to be finished, had to disconnect internet from th old house which is now history, and now I got the connection back in the new house !!!! yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    You can imagine what I have been using it for since yesterday... ehem !!!
    Now I have made Liya's room and our room and the kitchen reasonable, like livable, actually liya's room is done, just needs her clothes out of the suitcase. Then the washing machine is dealt with, and the bathroom I have pulled together with small glass shelves, discretely you'll see... I managed to smash the round mirror into a thousad pieces... oh well... what else, well I got a kind of makeshift curtain for one of the windows in the bedroom, cause you can see right inside from the flats infront, but when I pulled it down today it actually is way too short!!! what a fucking prick ! I really need you for this shit I am way over my head now, like I have done too much and cannot think anymore... just need a woman's touch now, precise and sober as you my darling !
    Liya started school on thursday and she was quite upset today cause it is saturday and there was no school, so that's a good sign, not like last year when she didn't like the teacher from the first day for about six months. I still haven't started work, gonna start monday, which is rahter good cause I managed to tidy up a little more in the house and do some real food shopping... first parmigiana cooked in the new kitchen yesterday ! a lot of mess is still around and tidying is slow and the study room is literally full of books and tecnology, but hey ! we are sooooo blessed Tricia, I am truly felling good and i like it... also the weather over here has like been hot like hell the last week, like hotter than before you left. So all this to say that apart from missing you and really longing to see you I feel good and quite hopeful, truly ready to take this new year by the balls !!!
    By the way franco franchini sends all his love and also nicola favoccia, whom I have been scrounging meals from as it took me a while last week to completely get control of the situation. I had to leave liya to sleep at her friends house a couple of nights last weekend cause it would just have been too stressfull for her to be waiting around looking at me going up and down the old and the new appartments... I must have climbed these and those stairs about 100 times... like the little chilli plants have become like 12 !!! imagine that in a move out!!! you would have gone insane... You know the more things you pack, the more they become ! I thought they would never end... I left the old flat like stripped to it's naked self... all was taken!!! a lot of the thigs I have thrown away, don't worry, it's just that when I started like paking the kitchen stuff, for example, It just never ended !!!! I just kept filling bags and bags !!!! well I think it is actually a good thing you wasn't here maybe!
    The little common room in the entrance of the new house was like a blessing, cause I stored everything in there while it waited a place in the flat, like I sill have the coutches there and other things which I haven't brought up yet while I figure out how to organize what I have brought up.... I dunno but it's pretty useful anyway.

  5. Tricia ofuono Xray 4
    Tomorrow i will meet the other people living here to establish some ways to deal with the common spaces and the common charges for the building, the lady underneath us seems pretty cool and so does the couple on the ground floor. I have given them a chilly plant each as a present when I came last week, so as to butter them up for all the noise and the mess I left in the common bicycle room... !
    Oh my god a big summer storm had just broke out !!! have to close some windows ....
    ...hey tricia, as you can see I am keeping myself busy as per usual ... I miss you still and hope you are really good and happy, as that's how I wish to imagine you, like enjoying it fully and thinking of me as I am thinking always of you.
    i love you to bits

  6. Justin Shenolikar Xray 4 - Snakes and crocs?!? Only a few more days so keep helping the turtles but keep avoiding the snakes and crocs. Can't wait to see you Love Mum x

  7. to luke smalley x ray 4

    hi luke , hope u ok matey ..... not long now till ur home , i feel sad for u , cos it gone so fast and u have the best time ever and i bet u dont want it to end...grayham is coming down to london to pick u and kelly up , with kellys mum , i cantfit in the car cos of all luggage ,but will c u wen u get home , face book me wen u can .... love u mum and gray.....have a safe journey back dollxxxxx

  8. Alfie Carapiet, X-Ray 3
    Hi there! Expect that you are back at base now! How is your Spanish coming along?? We hope that you got down from the Volcano successfully - although as we haven't heard anything for the last 10 days - we are beginning to wonder!!! Hope the last 10 days we as good as the first!!!
    John has an exam of sorts on Wednesday when he has to give a 15 minute presentation on a poster he has prepared. Then it will be full steam ahead for his project report.
    Katie starts school on Thursday - her uniform is so sweet but because everything is so big she looks like an orphaned Smurf!!! Well I suppose they will all look the same! She has to have a Panama hat - actually - thinking about it - you aren't very far from there ar you!

    Milo's eye is better and we are all well and looking forward to seeing you very soon. Enjoy the last few days of peace and quiet - very soon you will have to get your head back on - and back to the grindstone!!

    Very much love

  9. Corrie Moxon - X ray 6

    Thought I'd leave you one last message before you set out on the long journey home. Hopefully you get it!
    I just wanted to say, I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to hear about everything you got up to.
    So excited about you coming back. It's only a matter of a few days now! Not that I've been counting...
    See you soon gorgeous!
    I love you so much,
    Daniel xxxxx



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