Tuesday, 18 October 2011

11L All Group Roundup... and a rather large statistic!

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday... with three weeks of build up and hard work achieved, the Fieldbase team were understandably in need of a day's rest... don't worry though - WE'RE BACK and hoping to have a blog for you every day. We have a guest blogger in each group that will be sending us in words and images when possible throughout the phase (please remember this is quite tricky to do... remote villages don't have wi-fi!). Our first group sent in their words and images via Bravo 1 today (Bravo 1 was the Fieldbase Team delivering a food drop in the Raleigh Land Rover) - see the blog below.

Here at Fieldbase we have been busy clearing up the mess of 100+ people and preparing for the upcoming road trips to resupply our hard working groups. Country Director Julian Olivier has been compiling a fair bit of data as part of his ongoing strategy work... today he calculated that on Expedition 11L we have passed the 4000 volunteer mark... yup, FOUR THOUAND volunteers have now 'got out there' and made a difference in Raleigh International Costa Rica & Nicaragua, so a big shout out goes to all of our alumni - PURA VIDA & DEACACHIMBA to you all.

Here's a quick round up of all the 11L groups:

Alpha 1 - see the blog below. In case you are wondering, I'm afraid that heavy rain and thick cloud ruined their chances of a clear view from the top of the volcano... ah well, they still had a blast climbing up there!

Alpha 2 - have also been drenched by the heavy rain. Despite a couple of detours to avoid swollen rivers and longs days trekking over hills, through jungle and back-country roads, the group are all still happy and not letting the weather dampen their mood. Don't worry A2, sun is forecast for tomorrow!

Alpha 3 - reached the top of Cerro Chirripo and have been treated to some absolutely spectacular views. They started work on their trail repairs today - they get their first visit next week so I'm afraid you'll have to wait until then for photos.

Alpha 4 - have built their jungle camp, settled in and began their turtle patrols. Today 37 nests hatched, meaning the group released hundreds of turtles back into the sea.

Alpha 5 - are currently staying in the town of Achuapa in Nicaragua as the village they will be working in (San Nicolas) was affected by the recent heavy rains. For the next few days the group will be helping with the relief efforts, helping to repair roads and buildings - a very worthwhile job indeed. They will hopefully move in with their host families within the next few days.

Alpha 6 - have arrived in the village of El Cebollal. They have moved in with their host families and are now enjoying discovering what it is like to be part of a rural Nicaraguan family. Like Alpha 5, they will be spending a few days helping with the post-deluge relief effort so that vehicles can get in and out of the village safely. They should begin their intended project very soon, but until then the work they are doing is massively helpful to their hosts.

That's it for now - we'll bring you words and pictures from Alpha 2 on the 20th who will be receiving their first food drop from Bravo 1 tomorrow.

Hasta luego...


  1. Tyla Koen Alpha 4

    Hi Tyla. Hope all is ok and that you still enjoy this lifetime experience, making new friends and memories. God bless and be safe cant wait to here all about it. Love Marthina

  2. Floris Muller - Alpha 1

    Hi Os,

    Wat onwijs cool om de foto's en de verhalen te lezen. En wat een natuur. Geniet er van. Hier in NL alles goed. Afgelopen zaterdag hebben Mamma, George en pappa de ouders van Mischa ontmoet. Was erg gezellig. Verder niet heel veel bijzonders. Geniet daar en maak er een mooie belevenis van. It can be live changing. Heel veel iefs en dikke X, Died (en Mies)

    ps: mama heeft moeite met bloggen, het lukt haar op één of andere manier niet om iets te posten. Ze mist je iig heel erg en je krijgt een dikke x

  3. Alpha 6 - Nichola - Hi Twinnie, sounds like you are having an amazing time...I am currently sat in the library at 8.50...it was snowing here in St. Andrews yesterday morning!!! Temperature has plummeted and our heating is broken...the boiler is leaking water, bit of an issue. Got my laptop back finally and all seems ok apart from my photos but they backed them up for me but need to sort them out etc...Off to play golf this afternoon, freezing but clear so its a nice day at least. MIC got even more awkward on monday night if that is even possible, you will have to catch it up. New series of shipwrecked starts on sunday!! Not much else to report here...have just spent my days in the library and at class and then playing golf or going to the gym. Off out for dinner tonight with Rups. Hope one of my many postcards is on its way. Love you lots, miss you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. To Monisha Sodha (11L ALPHA 5)
    Hey Moon,
    Nur e kurzi Nochricht, dr FCB het leider gester 2-0 verlore gege Benfica, es isch e guets spiel gsi, ziehmlich ussgliiche aber dr FCB het eifach sinni torschanze nit ussgwärtet. Sie sind jetzt uff platz 3 vo ihrer Tabelle.
    Ich hoff ihr sind guet in Nicaragua acho, wiä ich gläse ha wärdet ihr zerscht chli mit dä uffruumarbeite beschaftigt si, bevor ihr in euri familie wärdet go.
    Hoff es goht dr guet und ich schrib widdr bald!
    Love, Didi

  5. Jurriaan Vollebregt19 October 2011 at 04:04

    Hey Noor,

    Hoe is t daar in Costa Rica. Al de befaamde zwarte panter tegengekomen?

    Hier in NLD gaat alles goed. Gister befaamde commissie borrel gehad, je raad t al we stonden binnen te zagen te hameren, borrelmeubel in elkaar te zetten op de borrelvloer. In ieder geval veel van die geimporteerde mooie bomen uit Costa Rica kapotgemaakt! Zo ook moest alles weer opgeruimd worden en hebben wij r een enorme teringbende van gemaakt. Overal lag hout alles werd kapot geslagen, gezaagd en gehamerd.

    Maar nu ben je op de eerste tocht en je hebt 3 tochten heb ik begrepen? Wat moet je precies allemaal doen want je gaat pas de laatste 3 weken trekken, of niet?

    Had ook al gezien dat je wel kon facebooken! Stuur eens wat fotos door via facebookapp.

    Groeten vanuit Hollandia


  6. Floris Muller; Alpha I.
    Hoi lieverd,
    Wat is dat leuk zo'n Blog, ik geniet er echt van, elke dag even kijken of er nieuws is, echt heel cool. Overleef je het allemaal een beetje? is het erg zwaar? en het weer werkt geloof ik niet echt heel erg mee he? als ik het zo lees en de weersberichten bij jullie volg op weer online. Het was kennelijk koud daar waar foto's werden gemaakt die op het Blog staan want je hebt dat hele charmante donkerblauwe HH shirt aan met lange mouwen, toch blij dat je het bij je hebt?!?!? Ik heb net een enveloppe voor je naar de port gebracht met DD er in en een DD pocket die ik nog had liggen en zakjes Cup A Soup, hoop dat het allemaal bij je aankomt. Ik ga zo Hans en Renee even naar Schiphol brengen, die vliegen vanmiddag naar Midas in Argentinie, ze hebben hem heel lang niet gezien dus ze hebben er echt heel veel zin in, ben een beetje jaloers op ze. Oke schat geniet en doe voorzichtig. Ik heb trouwens Meijer dit blogadres doorgemaild, neem aan dat hij je wel een berichtje zal sturen. Hvj. Dikke zoen mammie.

  7. To Bruce, Alpha 6
    Hola feoooo!!! Maee me hiciste falta en el concierto de sonambulo, nadie quizo bailar conmigo como se debe jaja :)
    Espero que la este pasando genial en Nicaragua. Uno se llega a aburrir de la comida eventualmente, pero D I S F R U T E L A, porque ya cuando llega aca le hacen falta las tortillas, y hojuelas, y buñuelos, y tamal de elote y el cafe!!! jaja Vi que estan ayudando a la comunidad con problemas que tuvieron de inundaciones y asi... Solo bueno! Ayude muchisimo, yo se que vos sos un buenisimo para eso. Ahi voy a seguir viendo el blog! Pongale papillo... trate de no embarazarse mucho jajajaja
    Lo quierooo!

  8. James Holland (Alpha 4)
    Hi James,
    Just read the update...37 turtles hatched and released to the sea...how wonderful just totally awesome stuff..Go James Go!!!!!!!
    Nina x

  9. Millie Pierce, 11L, alpha 5
    Hello! I see you're doing some very worthwhile things good for you! Don't forget to use all that spanish knowledge when you move in with your family - I'm sure they'll be really nice. I miss you so so much, exactly 2months now! Its getting very very chilly hear - sea breeze!! But I did cycle to the hospital in 20 minutes today :) Love you, Catherine

  10. To delun jones alpha4.
    Hi delun, we are looking at the blog every day to find out the latest re your group and the turtles! Hope you are enjoying this task and that you and the turtles are safe. How's life in the jungle? Hope you got enough to eat. We are going to thr harbourmaster this weekend! Miss you, love you to bits, mam and stu xxx ps first frost of autumn tonite.

  11. Charlotte Bradley19 October 2011 at 15:05

    Dear Tyla Koen,
    I remember you told me to contact you on here so I thought I'd leave you a message. It's getting really cold now here in Leicester, almost feels like winter already! I have been wearing my scarf and coat and contemplating wearing my wooly hat and gloves! I feel like I should be singing Christmas carols hahaha. I've been feeling really homesick again, missing family and Qatar and you! Uni isn't all fun and games :( I'm not sure if you can access your facebook inbox while you're out there, but I will post you something a bit more personal there! Love you and miss you, Charlotte Bradley x x x

  12. clare jones 11l alpha 4
    hi hope your still injoying yourself.me and your mum are haveing good time in cornwall.weather is good for time of year,we had a run at lands end butwas trickyon the cliff paths in the gales.
    looking forward to hearing more about turtles sounds great.anway speek to you soon missing talking to you about training ect.phill+mum

  13. Hi Nichola (Alpha 6). It's Thursday pm now and a lovely bright (cold) sunny day! Hope the project is going well and that you are not too exhausted! I'm using my "home alone" time to clear out cupboards lol! News say Col Gadaffi has been captured & killed! Dad is back tomorrow (fri) then off again on Monday! Not much else to report! No more post for you of any interest! xxx Mum

  14. Nichola Walker Alpha 6
    Hope you are having a great time and working hard. Shame you have not started on the building project but you will be doing good works anyway. Very cold up here due to get warmer this weekend. My cousins are coming up from London this weekend so will be busy knitting with them if I can find a pattern! Bye for now. Lucinda

  15. Tim Sawrey (Alpha 2) A few issues with the blog when we tried to send you a message from Italy as all instructions were in Italian! We had a great time but back now to cold, wet weather. Loving the news and photos - hoping for some of you tomorrow. Sounds amazing and can't wait to hear all about your experiences. Take good care, enjoy! Lots of love Mum and Dad

  16. Monisha Sodha (11L Alpha 5 )
    Hi Moni
    Kemche? Ame maja machiye. It was nice to see Mary Thomasand Jeen thane yaad karta ta. Penny was also remembering you( Marku Home)Pap's U.S. gayo che Diwali na devshe avi jase. chauhan's and Gadhai's are coming for dinner on Diwali day.Tane miss karshu. Gaddaffi mari gayo che.Happy Diwali to you It reached 0 degree last night. Funiture in the guest room is in place looks good.Lots of love Mum xx

  17. Hi Rob
    Looks like you're having a good time. We're all ok this end. Dad & I are going to a pie night - Dad's done steak & bacon pie & I've done sweet cherry pies. Danielle is fine, nothing happening as yet. Granny is well - I think she is missing you - no-one to share crumpets with! Final for the rugby is New Zealand v France. H, Mandy, Dave, Charlie, Steve & Fi all send you their love and hope that you are enjoying yourself. Will write by snailmail later. Missing you my son. Love Mum xxx

  18. Ha Hilmar! 11L alpha1.
    Het is nu zaterdagavond 22 okt. Died is naar een hockeyfeest (thema: dirty fitness). Hein, Tjalling en Marijn Kip waren er ook, vertelt A3. Ze misten je, ook als DJ. Herfstvakantie gewoon thuis met Daan doorgebracht. Wel zonnig overdag, maar 's avonds daalt de temp. tot 1 gr C. Hoe is de temp in CR? Moet op 3000 m ook koud zijn! Las in de krant over criminaliteit in El Salvador, een van de gewelddadigste landen ter wereld met 64 moorden per 100.000 inwoners in 2010, met name door bendes (maras). Honduras heeft een nog hoger cijfer. A3 heeft de kelder opgeruimd. Roséflessen uit 2002! Ik was halve week verkouden en de andere helft bezig met mijn "to do" lijstje. Nieuwe geluidssnoeren voor de boxen gekocht bij Huigens. 40 euro! Wereldnieuws: Kaddafi is gevonden en doodgeschoten, en de euro wankelt door Griekse schulden. Dinsdag wordt de 11 jaar oude Krups espressomachine vervangen door een Miele Barista CM5100. En ik denk over een flatscreentje. Have fun in the jungle! Mooie vulkaan. Lfs,

  19. Para: Bruce Solano, Alpha 6...

    Hey, no se si le llego mi segundo msj...Creo q no jAjA....Espero que lo este pasando muy bien Cholo!! Lo quiero mucho, todas las buenas vibras desde aca de la zona de los santos...DISFRUTE!! Pura vida!! :)

  20. Marette de Vos, Alpha 5
    Ha lieve Jet !!! Wat een geweldig verslag van Friso op het blog !!! Hij schrijft over de ellende met zoveel elan ,dat het niet anders kan dan goed komen met jullie hulp in Achuapa !En de moraal is ook prima, zo begrijp ik !?
    Maar goed, een vakantie reisje kan je deze 1e expeditie niet echt noemen......alweer een leermomentje !
    Hoop dat jullie het fijn hebben met elkaar .
    Hier is alles OK. Harald heeft aan Hilmar het wereldnieuws doorgegeven,zo zag ik , dus dat zal bekend zijn bij jullie. Veel nieuws uit Nijmegen is 'r niet. Papa en ik hebben de boot winterklaar gemaakt 't weekend...laat de vrieskou maar komen!
    Vanaf donderdag heb ik blokreserve, maar ik stuur je tussen de vluchten door wel een zoen op het blog .......dikke kus, lieverd !!! xox mam

  21. Catherine Werra18 July 2012 at 15:24

    Alex Spensley,

    Alex, it's Cath...i have no idea if this will reach you...i am waiting to hear from your mum just to check i am doing the right way of sending you a message so i hope you see it one day! :D
    Want you to know I am thinking of you, hoping you are having the BEST time as well as being safe and happy! i'm sure you are, can't WAIT for you to come and tell me all about it.
    love you lots,
    love cath xxxx



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