Thursday, 20 October 2011

All Group Round-up and some thoughts for Nicaragua...

Here is a quick round-up for today…

Alpha 1 - have conquered Volcan Turrialba and are no back down to the more reasonable altitude of 700m. They have a few days of walking through villages and plains before their next section of jungle and mountain.

Alpha 2 - have finally had some sun, so their feet and clothes are drying out nicely. They spent last night in Tejona, joined by the Bravo 1 food drop team. Bravo 1 have collected a blog and photos from them and should be able to upload it tonight... watch this space...

Alpha 3 - are digging away at the top of Costa Rica´s highest mountain

Alpha 4 - see the blog two below by James Holland

Now onto our Nicaraguan groups, Alpha 5 and Alpha 6. As you know, both groups deployed late due to severe weather conditions in Nicaragua. They are safe and well and are by well looked after by our projects partners. Alpha 6 are living and working in the village of El Cebollal in the Miraflor Nature Reserve of Nicaragua, while Alpha 5 are currently residing in the ´albergue´ (hostel) in Achuapa until the community of San Nicolas are ready to receive them. The last week has been very difficult for our project partners and the locals who they work with. Although the weather is now stable, the heavy rains last week destroyed bridges, homes and buildings; many of the villagers fled to the closest towns (or in the case of Miraflor the many other community centres that Raleigh have built in the past) until the rains stopped. The worst news is that an estimated 90% of their crops have been destroyed due to the fields being flooded. This is obviously catastrophic news for them so our thoughts go out to all of the farmers and their families across Achuapa, Miraflor and the rest of Nicaragua. We are currently in discussions about how we can support them further. At the moment both Alphas 5 & 6 are working hard on the relief efforts to dig trenches in order to help drain the flooded areas as well as repair roads so that full vehicle access is possible. As it stands the majority of main roads are open but some of the smaller roads need work. We´d like to guarantee you that your loved ones are safe and we are constantly keeping our eye on the weather. Neither of the groups are working in areas that would be likely to flood or be affected by landslides. We´ll continue to update your regularly. Bravo 1 is right in this moment crossing the border to Nicaragua and will be visiting our groups over the next few days. We will have some words and images from the Nica groups in about five days.

Just a quick message about blog comments... the groups will all receive their message when the vehicle comes to visit their project either once or twice per phase. Any not received will be handed out when they return from their project at changeover. This is a one-way service... you will not receive any mesage from the groups until they have internet or phone access during changeover (in two weeks time). Thanks!


  1. Oscar Crol Alpha6 11L; Lieve Ossie, het is heel fijn om via het blog te lezen hoe het daar gaat. Jammer dat het zulk slecht weer is geweest en dat er zoveel oogst etc kapot is gegaan. Mooi dat jullie de mensen kunnen helpen. We zijn trots op je. Ik zal nog een pakketje naar het Field Base sturen. Veel liefs van ons allen Papa, Menno en Mama

  2. Hi Poppy (Alpha 3) We hope that you're having a brilliant time up that mountain... don't forget to bring back a rock or two! It's really cold in London at the moment - it's probably not that much hotter at your altitude, though the work you're doing is probably keeping you warm :) Are there loads of weird and wonderful animals around you to look at? Love you loads... Soph, Pod and Kim xxx

  3. friso tigchelaar 11L, Alpha 5

    Heey Friso, dagelijks kijken we of er nog nieuws is, heel spannend! Jullie gaan in Nica goed werk verrichten na het noodweer! Het zijn wel enorm leerzame maanden met veel plezier hoop ik. Op dit moment ben ik met Ria in Dubai, ik blijf er tot eind oktober. Papa is nu hard aan het werk in Siberie, brrrrrrr. koud he. Rogier is heeeel hard aan de studie:-) . Ik verheug me op dec om met elkaar een woestijntrip te maken in Oman! Oma gaat erg vooruit, daar ben ik enorm blij mee. We hebben net geshopt in de Dubai Mall, weer een dag voorbij........Ik ga heerlijk op het terras met een glas wijn en genieten van het uitzicht! We miss you, ciao suzoen. xxxxxxmams

  4. Millie Pierce, alpha 5 11L
    Very very important news that won't wait, apparently MSY is preggers!!
    I will write you the full update, hope you're having an amzing time :) xxxx


  6. Tom Coombs 11L, alpha3

    Hi Tom

    Can't believe it's nearly two weeks, since you arrived there. We're missing you, but we're know you are having a great time, sleeping under the stars at altitude every night, all that fresh air and wonderful scenery.

    The trail clearing will be hard work in the thin air, but it's gotta' be worth it.

    We hear the Landrover arrives sometime next week (hopefully, with this message) and all essential supplies and they'll then be posting photos of alpha 3 up on the Blog. We can't wait to see them !!

    Until next time, take care of yourself.

    Pura Vida, Mucha Suerte !

    Mum & Dad, Sophie sends her love. xx

    p.s. One of your many Waterproof Ponchos just arrived from Amazon this week.

  7. Chelsie Eccles 11L Alpha 4.
    Hi Chelsie, wow you look like you are having the time of your life out there. Loved James's blog and thought the pics were brilliant. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like sleeping by the sea at night, so different to being at home eh :-). Well lil F still not walking, just being a lazy bum but he's still as gorgeous as ever and still missing aunty Chel lots. Went out with Nana and grandad for breakfast today which was great, nan did get a ribbing off me and Hol though for her attire, it wasn't the best Chelsie, lol, as for the bag, i'll say no more. We also established all plastic rain hoods are banned from the wedding. Grandad has promised to check she hasn't stashed one in her bag before they leave. Anyway carry on smiling, missing you like mad, and love you loads xxxxxx

  8. Friso Tigchelaar 11L Alpha 5
    Hoi Friso, van wat ik in de blogs lees, moeten jullie allemaal het geweldig naar je zin hebben. Ook wel zwaar denk ik maar dat is goed voor jullie.
    Hetty en ik zijn vandaag boven op Burj Al Khalifa geweest, hoog zeg, we waren op de 124ste verdieping met een fantastisch uitzicht over Dubai. Ik ga vanavond weer naar NL en je mams blijft nog. Hoe is je spaans inmiddels? Ratel je al een eind weg? Anyway, onwijs veel plezier.
    Liefs, Ria xx

  9. Friso Tigchelaar 11L - alpha 5

    Ola amigo!!
    zijn je sokken al droog?
    Hoor van Ria en je moeder dat je allemaal toffe avonturen meemaakt in Costa Rica. Ben heel benieuwd naar je verhalen als je weer thuis bent.
    Heb je al een mooie vriendin gevonden voor de "extra lessen" Spaans?


  10. Boo Alpha 5

    Hi Boo. Just as well you packed those water wings. All fine here but we miss you lots. Kiwis rule - just - and Spurs doing well - here and in Europe - 5th in the League. We're looking forward to hearing all about Nicaragua as soon as you are back in comunication.
    Stay calm and Carry On ...Strength Through Hardship....etc.. etc
    Lots of love
    Pura Vida!

  11. Mr T, Alpha 4. Good to see the hair is growing again! You're booked for 21 to 24 December to go to Exeter (just in case you're filling up your diary there!). Like the shower photo - we'll make an engineer of you yet! Lots of love from Dad, Ginny, John and Philip.

  12. Geoffrey, Alpha 4. thsi I have just found out that all our previous posts didn't get loaded up! Hopefully you're too busy to notice! Katie's ducks are outside now. Envious of your turtles. We'll have to take you through Ascension next time we go to St Helena to see the turtles coming up the beach there. All well here. Love from us all. Dad, Ginny, Philip and John



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