Thursday, 27 October 2011

Alpha 2 Update by Eleonore Vellbregt

Here is Alpha 2 Again!

In the first 5 days, most of us thought about giving up and we were all exhausted. But a miracle happened, we actually started liking it!!! There was less rain, so no more wet clothes in the morning. That´s an incredible feeling. All our aches and pains sorted themselves out and got used to it, so that´s pretty good as well, and we wanted to do the fun part of the trekking - we went into the real jungle...

We had an amazing guide called Don Luz. He had some legendary stories for us and did everything with his machete. On the first few hours one of us saw a snake, which was amazing. The jungle was rough to travel through, and some of us fell slipped in the mud more than once. We saw some puma footprints as well. The jungle walk we did was a privilege, because only Raleigh is allowed to go there with Don Luz. So that´s just one amazing opportunity we had. Nobody dared to go to the toilet in the dark jungle because of all the frightening animals out there!

At the end of the second day in the jungle, we came to a place with hot springs, a waterfall and a beautiful turquoise river. That was really wonderful and relaxing. We had a lovely place to sleep too. However, the day after we had a surprise...Alex and Lucy (our Project Managers) were gone! They had left a note for us and we had to do that day ourselves. That was nice and we took it easy that day. That was a lovely day with a nice weather as well. Sadly enough we had to do the next day a full 22 kilometres, but we did a good job we were allowed to be proud of ourselves, because we´d already done 15km before 9:30am. We had some amazing views on our way too - including being able to see Nicaragua at one point. On the 11th day we walked about 17km and it was a really hot day, but that was the only thing that was a bit hard.

We´ve been camping at a farm with pigs, piglets and lots of chickens. The farmer also gave us lots of mandarins and oranges. That was super kind and it shows the lovely character of the Costa Ricans. The day after we went to a National Park and walked to a forest. We´ve been camping next to a hotel, where we can use the facilities, which has been a good break from using the short drop!

This is the news so far for you! Lots of happy greetings from Alpha 2!


  1. Georgina Corrales27 October 2011 at 14:08

    To Ana Gabriela Herrera Alpha 5
    hellllooo!! haven't know fram you since last Monday, it seems a long time since every day I check the blog in order to find our news from you. I hope to receive som information soon. Love you, mom

  2. To: Sarah Bartram, 11L, Alpha 5

    Hi Sarah, hope you're well and getting on with whatever you have to do. I read the blogs regularly and am amazed at the projects, the treks and the adventures you're all having. I'm sure the work you're doing, though hard and not what you set out to do, is helping the devastation in Nicargaua - it sounds really bad and I hope things are improving out there. Life here is nowhere near as exciting as yours though I'm hopeful the bonfire party will go well and provide some entertainment - I just hope the fire brigade don't come again this year! The cats are growing and becoming more tame & adventurous - still haven't decided on names yet but I like Bonnie & Clyde. They've lifted some of the carrots (apparently they're very good)and have started to straw the rest down for winter. Jennie moved to her new house this week so that's kept Gma busy for a while! Hope to go see the illuminations in York tomorrow (Friday) - wont be as spectacular as some of the sights you're seeing. Hope you are finding some fun and enjoyment amongst the long and arduous days. Everyone sends their love and good wishes - take care, look after one another and smile about something everyday! Loads of love Dad xxx

  3. Will Harris Alpha 1
    Hello Will. I may have messaged you yesterday, but I don't think it worked, so I'll say hi again. Hi! How are you? Aren't one way conversations weird?! Anyway hope all is well and that you've seen cougar prints. I'm all packed and off for the OMM tomorrow, woop woop. That is if they accept my balaclava as a hat. The venue is an old PoW site, and may have a secret nuclear bunker. I am hoping it will be a check point. I got some new running shoes for ten pounds. Bargain of the year. My walshes have gone pretty disgusting because they haven't been dry for about a month now. I imagine your shoes are much the same. Watch out for trench foot. Love Amy


    Hey Immy. We hope you are doing well with the flood situation. It must be an amazing experience for you... Mia made a card for you which she wants me to send to you. I just opened it - much easier than using the post. I will keep them all in a box for when you return!

    Front: Dear Immy (a big love heart in the middle of the page) Love Mia, Mom, Daddy, Morgan, Pablo.

    Inside: Dear Immy, We miss you alot. I love you alot too. Wish you were here. Love Mia.

    Inside: Color me! (she drew Morgan, me, you and herself as Angels and you need to colour us in!)

    She also made a boat which she put inside the card. She is on one side and you are on the other side; you are both saying "HI"

    We had dinner at China Girl tonight - love that place! Hope the beans and rice are as yummy... Lots of love, Nin x

  5. Hallo lieve Noor, Wat een verrassing dat er donderdagavond weer een blog van je was op de site stond! Wat een avontuur beleven jullie - wat fijn dat het weer nu wat beter is - dan ziet alles er anders uit! Zalig dat verse fruit, precies waar jij zo dol op bent! Even uitrusten op de luxe stoelen en dan nu jullie laatste stuk alweer! Volgende week kunnen wij weer een smsje sturen! Hier geen bijzonderheden, wel stil in huis zo zonder Noor! Heel veel liefs van ons allen, ook van je broers, dikke kus van pappie en mammie

  6. Tim Sawrey (Aplpha 2)
    What a relief to read Eleonore's up-beat blog and to see the very relaxed photos of you all soaking up the sun! The first few days sound so tough but what a reward to spend such a magical time in the jungle. Can't wait to see your photos and hear all about it! Haloween here, clocks have gone back so dark early and feeling more wintery. Mum went down to see everyone in Shropshire and all OK. Man U beat Ev 1-0, Arsenal beat Chelsea 5-3 and Man C won 3-1 against Wolves.
    When you are back at base please can you let us know your Hotmail password as unable to get onto UCAS tracker without your UCAS password (they have sent it to your email). I will also send you the UCAS details via email if you want to check it yourself. As is it we can't find anything out which is frustrating!
    Thinking of you loads and so proud! Love you, Mum and Dad

  7. George Di Biasio (Alpha 2)
    Hi George,
    I hope all is going well. It was lovely to see you all relaxing and sunning yourselves after being soaked through for so many days. I bet you're missing my brilliant one-liners and jokes by now!Everyone is well and missing you loads. Emily seems to understand that you are away and pointed you out in the photo of you eating under the gazebo!Penny and Patrick are also following the blog with great interest! Keep you're spirits up and have fun, look after each other. It's far too quiet here without you. Milk lasts for ages!!
    Take care and well done. We are so proud of your achievements. Love you.....Mum and Dadxxxxxx

  8. Tim J Sawrey (Alpha 2)

    Hey Tim! I hope you've been having an amazing time! Iv seen some photos of you on this and it looks like your living the lifee! I have been piled with uni work back home, your so lucky to be in costa rica! Plenty usual drama back home as well, but i can never seem to get away from that haha. It was halloween, i went dressed as a robber.. haha literally the easiest outfit ever! We went to a foam party though and i have never swallowed so much foam in my life, woke up the next morning without a voice! I have also yet to hear justin biebers new song with mariah carey but he has his own one out just now called mistletoe, i know you will love! Im really unsure if this is the right page iv sent this too so im hoping you get it, i'll write to you again soon though! These can be more letters you can add to our collection we seem to have going on hahaa! Message me soon though if you can! Keep safe and enjoy the time you have left! I'll write to you soon, keep having fun!

    Lots of love, Annabel Farnood xxxxx



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