Monday, 24 October 2011

Alpha 3 (Chirripo) Blog by Reinier van Doorn

This environmental phase began with a small trek... a mere 16.5km, all up-hill. Though the battle between Mount Chirripo and Alpha 3 continued for two long, wet, heavy, muddy and cold days, Alpha 3 triumphed over the rocky terrain to arrive at Base Los Crestones at an altitude of 3400 metres. Because the park is closed for the public during our stay we only have to share the entire park with two rangers.
Our task here in Chirripo National Park is to renovate and improve the paths. Armed with pick-axes and spades we are moving rocks, digging countless trenches for the water to drain away and making piles of rocks to mark the paths. It is heavy manual labour in high altitude, but it's nothing Alpha 3 can't handle. With our machine-like strength we finished a task that was meant to take 4 days in only one.
It's freezing cold up here. You should see us after a day of work; racing back to the ranger station hoping to escape the coming downpour and finding relief in the awaiting hot tang and layers of warm clothing. Most of the days we stop working around noon because of the rain. As a result we've got a lot of free time, though we sleep from 8pm to 5am most nights. This free time gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and play chess.
The guys from Fieldbase are here visiting us now and we are going to do a summit attempt tomorrow (all the way to the top of Cerro Chirripo, the highest peak in the whole country), leaving at three in the morning so I'd better get to bed. Goodnight!
 Smile - you're at the top of the world (YES, YOU TOO POPPY!!!)
 Head Office royalty, Akash (a.k.a. AK47) considers that this
might just beat cooking the books in London!
 Randy can barely contain his excitement as he discovers that his native
New Zealand have just won the rugby world cup... easy son...
 Awwwwww.... fwends.....
 Yup... I came to Costa Rica for the sun and beautiful landscapes... you?
 "The beach is that way..." - Duncan uses any excuse to flex his guns...
10 days living at altitude with literally no other people around hasn't
affected Alpha 3's sanity in the slightest... nope, not one bit...


  1. Yay Poppy (Alpha 3)! It's great to see you... and smiling too... phew! It looks like you are having an amazing (although hard-working, wet and cold) time :) Everyone here has been asking how you are doing and now we can tell them at last. Love you. Yor Ma, Pod & Kim xxx

  2. Tyla Koen Alpha 4
    Dearest Tyla, all is well here at home with no problems to report, just we all are missing you more so now because we have had no news from your side of the world. Technology is a good thing and one can keep in contact via the net but when access is bad it is really bad and having no news is so is hard, I suppose "No News is Good News". Anyway enough of a moan, you know your old mom. Am still trying for the Res at UCT or off-campus but nothing doing so far. Am now looking at rented flat sharing with Chandra. Eid holiday is coming up on Sun 6th so looking forward to a little break. Well must go hopefully we will hear soon all about Alpha 4 and what you guys have been up to. Love lots and send hugs and kisses via this message from mom and dad.

  3. sophie jongeneel25 October 2011 at 07:28

    ***I am not entirely sure on how this works so my apologies if I'm doing it wrong, this message is intended for Jasper Jongeneel***

    hoi lief broertje, hoe gaat ie daar? het lijkt erop dat het weer iets beter aan het worden is?! ik hoop het voor je. is de groep een beetje leuk?

    ik heb weinig nieuws, hier is het (ook) nat en koud. gister met papa gegeten: was gezellig. ben nu een paar dagen vrij, beetje aan het paardrijden en zo, en ga morgen voor een paar dagen naar jasper in groningen. ik moet 1 november beginnen bij nieuwe baan in utrecht (intussen ook een beetje naar huisjes aan het kijken enz).

    ik heb een heel cool verjaardagscadeautje voor je! iets om naar uit te kijken :) ik mis je, maar ik vind het echt onwijs stoer dat je dit aan het doen bent en ik hoop dat je het een beetje naar je zin hebt.

    veel liefs en xxx, sophie

  4. Hi Beta,
    We missing you alot. Just wanted to wish you 'Happy Diwali' for 26th October. I will write you a long email on your account as you will be back you to base on the 2nd November. Keep safe and enjoy this adventure!!
    hi its simi
    how are you?
    are u having a good time.I so happpy for you.
    missing you sooooooooooooo much..
    and i cant wait for my bday
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you soooooooooo much
    hi its ravneesh
    im sleeping over at sims lol, hey harneel hope ur havin a great time wherever u r !!!!!!!! cant wait to c u :) miss u already xxxx

  5. Hi Poppy,
    Wow looks like you're having an amazing time up in the mountains. Lovely to see you've got a big smile on your face. Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. Lots of love Aunty Anna x x x x

  6. To Oscar Crol Alpha 6 11L;
    Lieve Ossie, wat fijn dat ik je mailtje kreeg en goed om te horen dat alles goed gaat en dat je het leuk hebt! Helemaal top! Ik heb alles geregeld bij Laura van Altitude dus ook wat je nog moest bestellen. Hier gaat alles prima. Maak er nog een mooie tijd van. Pura Vida Heel veel liefs van ons allen Mama

  7. Georgina Corrales27 October 2011 at 11:39

    To Ana Gabriela Herrera Corrales Alpha 5
    hello babe,we have been missing you so much. I hope that theweather changed. maybe you are already with your new family while I write this comment. Tomorrow we are going to celebreta the nine days of your uncle, we love you somuch, take care! Mom

  8. 11L Alpha 4-Clare Jones.

    Hi Cal it's Hal!! Sorry I have only just got in touch, been very busy-will fill you in when you get back!! Been reading the blog, sounds amazing what youre doing. So proud of you. I hope you are enjoying it!!! Miss you and will send you a letter/comment soon. Helen xxx

  9. Hi Poppy in Alpha 3 looks like you're having a rare old time, working hard and playing hard too. It really can rain in Costa Rica, can't it, but I'm sure you'll experience some of that lovely sun too before the end of your trip. Enjoy every second of this adventure. Lots of love Margaret

  10. to Reinier van Doorn, Alpha 3

    hahaahahaha goeie blog bebe!!!!! pittig engels hoor, heb je dat er zo uitgekakt???! leuke fotos man! hier halloween dus wordt heerlijk gepartyd en ik ben verkleed als bob marley!!! superlelijk maar superleuk dus! ik heb je zoveel te vertellen! jij mij vast ook!!! kan niet wachten om alles te horen ben zo benieuwd.... je hebt vast ook al leuke vrienden enzo hihi en vriendinnies hihi trouwens he we zouden de titanic kijken toen ik in holland was!!!! dat schuiven we dus mooi door naar december als ik je weer zie!! <3 como esta tu espagnol?? un poco mejor? besos skattieee x x x hannah



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