Thursday, 20 October 2011

Alpha 4 Blog - by James Holland

Day 3 - Monday 17th October... a day in the (early) life of Alpha 4

We were woken up at 6:10 by Dr. Owen's wake up call of 'Singing in the Rain'.. appropriate, as the rain chucked it down for our first few days (don't worry readers, it's a little sunnier now! - Blogger). Breakfast was made by Geoff and Gemma, porridge as usual... a great way to get all of the energy we need for the day ahead!

I was nominated as Day Leader and got the group to work completing our jungle camp. For our time here we will be living in basha beds and basha hammocks just off the beach. Every night we will fall alseep with the roar of the waves only a few hundred metres away.... that is if we are not on turtle patrol. Each day we have a day shift and a night shift. At the moment the day shift are doing a combination of tree planting and maintenance to the turtle hatchey, while the night shift do turtle patrol (walking up and down the beach looking for turtles / trutle markings in the sand so that we can find their egss and move them to a safe location away from poachers or predators).

For lunch Tyla made an awesome energy bomb,  followed by Tyla and Cristiany's great dinner of pasta and beans. A4.1 were off to do the first early turtle patrol night shift until 12:30, then A4.2 switched shifts with A4.11 and worked until 4:30am.We all then went to sleep, which was possibly one of the most satisfying times of the day after all of our efforts, even if it was only for an hour and a half!!

Signing out - James


  1. James Holland (Alpha 4)

    Hi James, Awesome Blog loved it. This will go centre peice on the board. Sounds absolutely amazing and you sound like your really enjoying yourself...I'm so pleased and relieved of course..I will get an update of football scores for you from Davies..I know he is keeping tabs for you lol. Your doing a brilliant job and already I am having to create a diary for you as quite a few people are asking if you can give a presentation on your return..Wow. Signing off now ..all quiet back here keep safe and look after the one after me lol Speak Soon..Nina x

  2. James Holland (11L Alpha 4)

    Liking your blog style James! Sounds so good...I hope you're not getting too nackered from early mornings! I don't know if you already know that Man U won their game 2-0 on Tuesday just gone (today is Fr 21/10) game Sunday...Man City! (Update courtesy of Roo lol)

    Have fun sounds as though the leader in you is coming out!!!!! Sophie :) :) :)

  3. Tyla Koen Alpha 4
    How's the turtle conservation going, hope you enjoying the special moments that the little turtles and enviroment can bring. All good this side with nothing new to report. We are missing you and think of you often as we don't have news from your side. Love you mom and dad.

  4. Mark Wem - CR&N 11L Alfa 4 - Hi Mark you got a great project, hope it's going well, it looks great and Lewis and Big S want you to bring a turtle back .Everyone has been asking how you're getting along so we've sent them your message and now they're following the blog. All Blacks have just won the RWC by one point in a real tight game with France. You should be back in base camp for your birthday so have a great day and give us a call if you can. Mam & Dad

  5. Hi James,from Grandma and Grandad. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself. loads of best wishes from all here in Chorley.

  6. Hello Delun (Alpha 4 ) 24th October 2011

    Seem the photos of you. Sending you a letter today and some photos...Your accommdation looks great but i would'nt fight you for it..Take care

    Trisha, Mal, James,Chris

  7. Para: Cristiany Alonso( Alpha 4)
    De: Tu hermanita menor! Vane_chan!!
    Qihubo cristiany!! en el mar la vida es mas sabrosa, en el mar, te quiero mucho mas!! JAJAJAJA
    Ps aca escribiendote pork no tenia nada k hacer (es broma), ps si aki mirando los blogs y ya nos dimos cuenta k te a tocado salvaje con las tortuguitas y cocinando!! jejeje ya va a terminar la primera fase y ps si te llega este mensaje antes de terminar la fase o despues! espero k estes bien bronceado y k te hayas quitado las ganas k tenias de darte unos buenos chapusones en Playa hermosa, por si no sabias yo estuve ahi tambien, sunk solo 2 dias!! jejeje pero lo disfrute! y ahora k vienen a comunitario ps a difrutarla igual!! lo tuani de raleigh es siempre volves a empezar y ps ahora te toca con un grupo diferente! pero la vas a pasar salvaje con todos ellos, ya miraste como son las cosas! aaaaaaaaaa y ya me contaron k parecias trompo en la pista de baile!! jajajaja hacele el animo y espero k realmente mejores en tu baile aunk no importa, solo baila con el corazon !! and feel the music in you!!! jejeje y tu ingles ponele mente, espero k haya mejorado bastante!!
    Dale me despido pork o si no, me van a correr de aca!! Matta nee!! crsitiany-kun!!

  8. CRISITIANY alonso alpha 4
    que mas mi hermano!!!! un saludote que la pases salvaje, las fotos se miran de acachimba la tortugitas todas chiquititas super lindas! si podes cocina arroz frito delicioso. mi abuelita te manda saludos y me haces mucha falta, pero me siento feliz porque sé lo que estas viviendo... pa lante y hacerle huevo con el ingles besos pa vos.
    pd. ya tenemnos mas peliculas^_^

  9. James Holland - Alpha 4
    Hi son
    Hope you are doing ok, loved your blog, the experience sounds amazing and can't wait to hear about it first hand.
    Man U lost to Man City badly, 6-1 the final score so at least you didn't have to watch it.
    I've been keeping people updated with your trip and sent grandad a link to your page, think he was quite pleased that he'd sent his first ever blog.
    Can't wait to see you in December, Charlotte is missing you loads.
    Lots of love, Mum, Lee, Thomas and Charlotte (aka babba)

  10. Hi James
    Sounds fantastic. Soooooooo envious! Keeping up with what you're doing. Stay safte and enjoy! I wanna turtle named after me too!!!


  11. Hi delun,already three weeks gone
    Just had a lovely welsh lamb dinner down mammys,with the davies as well.
    Goin to see billy now and the usual sunday visiting.
    I will make u your favourite sunday dinner when u come home. Gaga misses nagging u. Miss u loads, love nanna xxx

    For delun jones 11L alpha 4

  12. Hello Delun (Alpha 4)

    Hope you are feeling better and able to continue with the good work you are undertaking..We all miss you and are looking forward to seeing you..James did'nt get to play against Llantrisant on Saturday who won the game. Met up with Stuart, had a quick chat , he said you are really being missed.
    Take care and lots of love

    Trisha Malcolm James Chris

  13. Hia Del, hope your ok now, only three weeks left now. cant wait to see you. Look after yourself and i'll see you soon.

    love you loads

    James Gibson xxxxxx

    for Delun Jones Alpha 4



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