Monday, 31 October 2011

Alpha 4 Update by James

Very early in the morning (around 4.30am), Project Managers Owen and Gemma surreptitiously awoke and left the camp, leaving a note on the group tarp saying that they would be gone for the day leaving Chelsie as the leader in charge…
At 6am a wake up call for the rest of the group rang across the camp which involved Tyla and Clare singing ‘We will Rock You’.  After everyone had climbed down from their basha beds, porridge (for the third day running!) was served up by Delun and Mr T (aka Geoff). After breakfast, a few exhilarating games of Ninja were played until the team were pumped for another days work.
Work started at 7.30am and involved stacking driftwood from the beach in the blazing sun – it must have been at least 40 degrees celcius! After a hardcore 3 hours of pain and sweat, it was time for a warm down. The warm down game of choice was the old school favourite: British Bulldog. Mark stole the first round with a clear victory and the second round was taken by Mr T. By this time, the hunger pangs were starting to kick in so Delun and Chelsie took ownership and made a delicious lunch of scrambled eggs on toast. Yum!
Later that day, the important pursuit of coconut collecting for the changeover skit outfits ensued. Fieldbase – prepare yourself for the best skit ever!!!
Soon after the coconuts had been collected, the long lost PMs returned and the day was reviewed. The consensus decision was that it had been a very positive experience for the group as we had all become much closer as a result.  We are now looking forward to enjoying our last few days together.
Alpha 4 signing off…


  1. To Owen & Gemma

    Hello Alpha 4. I have to say Owen and Gemma you guys did a amazing job in Playamosa. I remmeber when we did the PPV and we talked about it.

    You two are Amazing people with extraordinary personality. Hope you enajoy the rest of the day in Playmosa.



  2. Floris Muller; Alpha 1

    Goeie morgen lieverd,althans hier is het morgen, bij jullie is het nu 7 uur vroeger dus een uur of 3 's nachts.Jammer dat er op het ogenblik zo weinig over alpha 1 op het Blog staat en al helemaal geen foto's, we wachten het af. Vandaag zijn we 20 jaar getrouwd, we gaan zo naar een tentoonstelling in het Singer Museum in Laren en vanavond met Madge en Alexander een hapje eten, Pip heeft nergens tijd vor, zit alleen maar in de studie boeken, is te laat begonnen met leren dus moet hij nu alles doen. Hoe heb je het daar? is het erg nat? of valt het nu wel mee? een natte slaapzak lijkt me niet zo lekker, de rest droogt wel weer. Er staan mooie foto's van Ol op het Blog van Borneo, kijk ik zo nu en dan even op, heeft het duidelijk ook fantastisch. Kan niet wachten tot je terug bent en wat verhalen te horen, duurt nog wel even alleen. Dikke zoen van ons allemaal, mammie.

  3. Hi James, (James Holland Alpha 4)

    Great blog!!!! Happy halloween, hope u got ur mask out lol...Sounds like ur still having a great time. I will be sending a letter out soon and will include all the footie results for you so far. Saw a pic of you on here ...blimey you look so different already we in the office could not believe how well you looked. Hope all is well your doing a brilliant job James. Signing off for now... Enjoy cant wait for the next blog ..Nina x

  4. Tyla Koen Alpha 4
    Still having fun I see and at long last we get some news from your part of the world. This is only the 2nd posting since you arrived 3 weeks ago. I believe you still have a few days to go before you are back at Base Camp so make the most of your stay on the beach, the next project will probably be a lot tougher.
    Still have nothing to report about accommodation in CPT but we have not given up hope yet, know that something will come up. Chandra's mom and dad and us are going to sit together and chat about you and Chandra's budget etc for your stay in CPT during the Eid Holiday which is from the 4th - 13th November.
    Jo's back from California and staying with Li, we Skyped yesterday and spoke for a hour, all's well with her.
    Work has been very hectic for me but am managing, wish you were here to help out. Have your last months pay with me, will put it away safely.
    Anyway miss you tremendously and send hugs and kisses. Lots of love from mom and dad. 1/11/11

  5. Chelsie Eccles 11L Alpha 4,
    Just seen the new photo's, its good to see that the sun is out and tha temp is in the 40's (check out BabyBirds tan). Keep up the good work and keep smiling sweatheart. Love always xxx Dad+BobbyBoy xxx

  6. James Holland Alpha 4

    Hi James just a quick hello. Sounds as though they have you working say you have a last few days together...does this mean the group are doing different projects next?

    40 degrees?! Sounds like you're going to come back with a healthy tan! Hope you're using sun block lol Oh yeah Happy Halloween!!!! We (meaning me, Nina, Yvonne) were all dressed up as vampires in the office so you missed out there!!!

    Missing your face and long chats in reception...keep working hard. Will write again soon. Sophie:)

  7. Alpha4 = James

    Hi kiddo!

    Glad you're still having a ball. Love the blogs and Nina is so excited when she hears (as I am too).

    Stay safe and ENJOY!!

    Luv Sue

  8. Julie Gollner Aplha 4. I believe you are going to the field base very soon, I would love to talk to you then if you are up to. Please give me a ring and I all you back ok?I`m still in Madrid at least til late November.I am missing you crazy. I hope that you are alright, and to be able to talk to you soon, i love you.

  9. Hi Alex (CR&N 11L, Alpha 2).
    Happy Birthday! I hope your having a fantastic time out on expedition - I think you must be just about back at base camp by now. I've seen a few pictures and blogs from your expedition - it looks like a great adventure, in some incredible locations. It looks like you had a somewhat wet time of it for the first part, but I hope the improved weather then stayed with you! I can't wait to hear more about it when you are back on email.
    Love, Will

  10. Clare Jones 11L Alpha 4

    Hi Clare, I see you've come to the end of your first project and will be back at fieldbase when you read this. I'm sure you enjoyed the experience very much and I look forward to hearing all about the turtles and what you did. Everything very boring here I'm afraid - just the usual work and running... I wonder if you've received my postcard/letter yet. Thanks for yours. I'll keep updated by the blogs and see what your next project is. Hope you're keeping well love you Mum xx

  11. Voor Floris Muller:

    Hé broertje, best leuk om je zo af en toe een berichtje te sturen, geen idee alleen of je ze wel krijgt. Hoe is het met je? Vind je het "reizen"leuk? Ben echt heel heel benieuwd naar al je verhalen lieve Os...dikke x. Fleur

  12. Millie Pierce, Alpha 5!

    Hey there millie, Arthur and Yaya here! We just wanted to tell you that we are missing you lots and lots but we hope that you are having a great time in all the mud and hard work! How was your family that you stayed with? Arthur thinks it must be like from his book 'The Duck in the Truck that got Stuck in the Mud' but Mum thinks more like 'Room on the Broom' but i'm not sure where she gets that from! Mums still checking the blog every day and Emma wants to write you a letter! See you in december.. uhoh now mum is at the calendar counting the days till your home! I had my final foot thing yesterday, was a big one and now im on crutches! Arsenal are doing well, WE BEAT CHELSEA 5-3 on saturday and van persie got a hattrick!

    Anyway your in all our thoughts, house is quiet without you bossing us around.. (poppys' wearing her shoes inside, but i took your job at told her off haha)

    Much love xxx YAYA AND ARTHUR xxx stay safe

  13. Daisy knox murphy alpha2

    Hey Daisy, c your facebook status the other day. Good to see your enjoying the "hardwork" cough cough: sunbathing :). I went to visit pedro with santi over halloween. I went out in a bright orange morphsuit, looked like i'd been tango'd, running down the street drunk singing r kelly. good times, anyway peace out, hope your still lovinng life in costa rica x

  14. Millie Pierce : Alpha 5!

    Hi Millie!
    Its your beautiful sister here! I've just eaten your famous sausage rolls made by Emma. I heard you have been digging trenches and pulling a bus out of mud, i'm sure you will beat me at arm wrestling now! Louise and Ruby will be here next weekend for a visit and i will be looking around Felstead next Wednesday. Mum and i have started X-mas shopping which is always fun! For halloween Arthur bought a new skeleton costume to wear and i borrowed dads pink panther one which was rather large!
    Did you get our letters yet? Hope to hear from you soon!
    Missing you tones!
    Love from Poppy xx

  15. Millie Pierce : Alpha 5!

    I want to join in the blog sending as your brother and sisters have been!
    Dads out with work and is again tomorrow so we are planning a visit to Chez Bob! Promise to take you there when you return!
    Your adventure has sounded pretty tough! Pulling buses out of the mud
    and the olympic games! Really enjoy reading the blog and looking forward to seeing photos soon!
    Love you v much miss u Mum xxxxxxxx

  16. Marette de Vos, Alpha 5
    Ha lieve pop ! Het is heel eventjes stil geweest qua berichtjes van mij op het blog.....zat ' opgesloten' in Abuja....maar ben blij dat je gezond en voldaan terug bent op fieldbase ! Hoop je snel even te horen. Zag dat 'r al een paar vriendinnetjes zijn die 't blog ontdekt hebben en 'n berichtje voor je achterlaten! Da's leuk voor je.
    Heb wel in de gaten dat je gemist wordt in 't Nijmeegse ...! Maar het is goed om je vleugels uit te slaan, lieve Jet, al is 't vele regenwater en de heftigheid in Nicaragua niet te voorspellen sfeer in jouw groep was goed en je hebt ongelooflijk veel beleefd......da's rijkdom !!
    Geniet even van de gezelligheid van alle Alpha groepen bij elkaar op de changeover en ik hoop dat je volgende project meer zonuren heeft en qua groep net zo fijn zal zijn als de vorige, pop !
    Floris zal je snel ook weer schrijven. Hij heeft net examens gedaan en natuurlijk weer veel feest gevierd met z'n huis...dikke kus, mam

  17. Hilmar Heijmans, Alpha1
    Hey lieve Hilmar !!! Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag !!! Wat gaaf dat jullie net met z'n allen op Fieldbase zijn !! Wordt vast een mooi feest ! Lieve groet van de ' overige' vier Vossen !

  18. Hiya Delun! (Delun Jones)

    Hope you're having a wonderful time out in Costa Rica my dear! Can't wait to hear all your news and stories from your trip. I'm sure it's an amazing experience. It looks like lots of fun. Hope you're not missing Cymru too much. Gwna'n siwr dy fod yn cadw'n ddiogel cariad. I miss you lots and lots and lots!

    Love from,

    Carys xxx

  19. Emma J 11L
    Hi Em, it was so good to hear from you yesterday. You sounded so well and obviously having a fantastic time.I hope the BBQ was fun and obviously a nice change from beans and rice - I'm looking forward to tasting your Empenadas (?!). The G'parents are in Notts at the moment looking after Freya as Aunty Em is in HK buying things for their apartment - tough life!!Up there for dinner tonight.
    All is well and Penny is fine, only 4 weeks to go and very excited. Nick is also well and missing you too but seems very happy at Confetti which is great.Hope you enjoy your well deserved day off and I bet your really looking forward to finding out what and where your next project is. Take lots of care, love you lots. Mum xxxxx

  20. Dellend (Delun Mair Jones alpha 4 11L),
    Hope you're having a good time! I expect you to speak fluent Spanish by the time you get back and you must also complete a bigger challenge than this Costa Rica business...a night out in Swansea ;)
    See you soon
    Cal x x

  21. Hilmar 11L Alpha 1,

    lang zal ze leven, lang zal ze leven, lang zal ze leven in de gloria,
    in de glooooriiiia, in de gloriaaa, hieperdepiep HOERAAA !!

    How old are you know, how old are you know, 1,2,3 ..... 17,18,19!!!

    Lieve hilmar, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!! Ik hoop dat het een mooie en bijzondere verjaardag voor je wordt! En de cadeaus van ons hou je natuurlijk tegoed!;)

    Liefs Aviva

    PS: ik heb je leuke bericht op facebook gelezen! Maar liefst 40 mensen hebben je bericht 'geliked' :) Ik heb ook al verhalen van mama gehoord naar aanleiding van jullie skype gesprek. Heel leuk om te horen dat je veel plezier hebt van het notebookje! Heb jij mijn mail nog ontvangen? Ik hoop het!

  22. Hilmar 11L Alpha 1,

    Hier alpha mannetje,

    Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag !! Ik heb al een beetje van je reis gehoord en gezien en het klinkt heel goed! Ik ben nog best veel in Hengelo maar het is een beetje dood daar zonder jou. De kaldi gaat sowieso bijna failliet volgens mij. Met mij gaat het verder goed. Ik heb vandaag mijn laatste tentamen gehad en ik kan nu even chillen en hopen dat ik ze allemaal heb gehaald. Vanavond moeten ik glazen ophalen op de sociëteit, dat moet 1x per jaar. Morgen ga ik met marloes naar haar familie in Eindhoven. Zon zee en strand is er voor mij niet bij, ik zou er nog maar goed van genieten. Ik laat snel weer wat van me horen. Ik denk niet dat je dit bericht op tijd krijgt maar ik hoop dat je een hele leuke dag hebt vandaag.

    x Patrick

  23. Chantelle My Sister From annother Mr lol12 November 2011 at 13:58

    Chelsie Eccles 11L Alpha 4

    Hay Lady, looks like your lovin it out ther. keep up the hard work especially wen u get left in charge by team leaders, whoop, whoop. Missin u like crazy bird, Cyrons been kissin ur photo on fridge..bless him. heard lill faines walkin too, carnt wait till ther runnin round park 2gether wen u get bak. Been to ur nan and grandads and they showed me all pics on here but i can only find old me eh. carnt wait till ur home honey bunny. Missin u lots and lots and lots like millions of jelly tots. And defos carnt wait to here aaaallllll about ur storys, it looks amazin. Wish i was ther lol speak soon bird love ya Chantz Over And Out x x <3 :) <3

  24. Alice Hall X-Ray 1

    Hello Alice. We've been following the blog carefully and can't wait to hear more about the trek from you. Hope I am around when you are able to get in touch but I'm going on a course for the weekend of the 25th-27th. You've not missed much here - cold dark winter days brightened up a bit by the Christmas lights. Yes, the ones in Westhill are on already. Antonia's just got back for the weekend (and it's only Thursday!)She sends her love and is hoping that your feet are coping with all the walking. The new house is coming on. The foundations are down and you can see the outline of the whole house now. It seems both big and small at the same time. I will make sure there is an e-mail waiting for you when you get back to field base. Lots of love Mum

  25. Chantelle and Cyron Chelsie Eccles 11L Alpha 418 November 2011 at 09:04

    Hay Hun, Thanks for ur letter..its finally cum today, Friday 18th Nov.. feels like iv waited a lifetime fr iam so excited to hear all the stories..ur all doin a fantastic job. I keep checkin fr updates and new photos. now i have the hang of the blog..lmao...iam gonna write bak to u and get it posted with todays post, hope u recieve it in time b 4 u cum home. probs not since this took 3-4wk to get to bet its a lovely change out ther from here in Sheffield. And u asked in ur letter if u av missed oute...NO, same old, same old we went to scotts party at fighting cock. was same old, lol...nothin yr, we r defos doin our own halloween party as every1 let us down wi parties this yr. carnt wait til ur bak. we went fr a meal wi all kiddies and ladies again other day and we av planned at nite out on the town fr Sat 10th Dec. Carla and Chelsie nite out, we sud call really proud of u. Christina and Keeley dom always ask about u. They told me to say hi to u bird and well done...Cyrons so cheeky now, he has picked up a crazy snigger laugh, ant got a clue wer from but its funny, he sounds like Beavis and Butt Head..lmao..Keep up all the hard work guys and girls. ur aalllll doin a wicked job out ther. makin a BIG differance. C U Soon Ceeebo love ya millions and miss u more, ur bezzie Chantypants Over and Out x x x x x



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