Monday, 31 October 2011

Alpha 5 Update by Friso

Pura Vida friends and family of Alpha 5...
Time for an update! While on Sunday some of us were taking part in Alpha 5 Olympics a few of us went to visit our community to see if the families were ready for us to move in. When they returned they had good news! Finally, we were moving to the community in San Nicolas. We’d had a nice time in the Albergue but it was time for us to go for what we came for! Off we went to San Nicolas. Surprise surprise, A5 got stuck again. There is always an adventure waiting for us! We had to push and pull our bus out of the mud, and although the trip was not smooth we eventually reached our destination and moved in with our families. The families were delighted to have us and so far we have done an amazing job for them by digging trenches and laying water pipes. Little did we know that community phase would be practice for our trek with a 1 hour walk to and from our project site everyday. As our work requires a lot of energy we’ve being doing other activities in the afternoons. For example we’ve been teaching the locals English (whilst they’ve been teaching us Spanish), doing a Q&A with our local partners and refreshing in the waterfall. After these activities the group always meets up at the top of the ‘rock’ to enjoy the stunning sunsets and to radio in to Fieldbase.

This is Alpha 5... listening, out....


    Hi MoniYou must be happy to join your host family I am following the blog.There were some pics but none of you or your group. Today is Holloween and Julian came across with his sream mask I pretented not to know him and asked him what he wanted he said obis schuss order saurer I gave him chocolate. He was happy. Heberst Messe started Basel is buzzing. we are lucky with the weather it is still 15 to 16 degrees. It is going to be 28 in Trivendrum. Roger was in town he went to FCB and his old Tennis club where he was training.Ami is finally coming Ayurveda few days after I arrive. We missed you alot at Diwali dinner. Take care. Love you lots Mum xxxxxxxx

  2. Trevor Littlewood31 October 2011 at 17:29

    To Jonathan Littlewood, 11L, alpha 5
    Hey Jonathan, glad that you finally got started on the water project despite struggling with the stuck-in-the-mud bus. Hope you are having a great time - the sunsets look awesome. I'm away in Norfolk at present on a lab retreat so I'm working just as hard as you (well, almost!).

    Love you lots and we are all missing you. Dad. xx

  3. Georgina Corrales31 October 2011 at 18:24

    Para Ana Gabriela Herrera Alpha 5
    Hola mi nena, hoy escojimos la pintura de la casa que ya la estan pintando, se ve muy bonita. tambiénescojimos las alfombras y las persianas. Keiner me dijo que el miércoles llegan a Turrialba apenas tengas señal me llamas. Espero que te haya ido muy bien con la familia, te amamos muchisimo! Besos, mami.

  4. Pura Vida Jesus jimenez!
    te hablo desde guatemala!!
    ya vi fotos del raleigh! MAEeee solo dire que tiene compania muy hermosa!!
    cuidese de parte de NETO

  5. Monisha Sodha (11L Alpha 5)

    Hi Moon,
    Hoff alles lauft guet? Mir händ immer no keini neue föteli vo euch becho, aber so wiä's vom bricht tönt sindr jetzt voll am projäkt drbi. isch sicher sehr schweri arbeit, vor allem wenn ihr no 1 stund je wäg müänd hi und här laufe. ich hoff dinni familie isch nätt und das du villi föteli machsch vo all däm wo du erläbsch.
    do vo basel gits eigentlich nit viel neus, d'herbstmäss het agfange aber es isch eigentlich immerno chli s'gliiche.
    öppis wo dich no wird überrasche, ha gester d'nochricht bim schaffe übercho, das ich uff poznan muess und zwar scho inere wuche! es isch jetzt rächt en stress zum alles vorbereite und so, gang am sunntig, ha am mäntig mis meeting dörte und flieg am mäntig z'obe grat widdr hei! ha natürlich dr anita gschriebe und sie chunnt mich am flughafe cho abhole, bringt mich ins hotel und denne gömr zämme neume go z'nachtässe :-) sie isch würklich en liäbi! verzell dr denne wiä's gsi isch wenn ich s'näggste mol schrib.
    bis denne!

  6. Millie Pierce, alpha 5
    I just saw the chickens in the photos on the blog... you must be ebing very brave!! Its cold here now, I've had to put the radiator on! Are you doing anything for Halloween?! I got locked out yesterday :( I'll send another letter soon! xxxx
    p.s. there is a game of frisbe going on outside :) Miss you xxxx

  7. Delun Jones 11L Alpha 5

    Hi Del! Sut wyt ti? Haven't been scared off by the frogs and moths yet?! :P
    You haven't really missed much here. Me and Alice have been to the cinema once to see 'The Help'. Wasn't the same without you though! Carys is home next week so hopefully we'll meet up.
    I've started my Open University course, and realised that I actually missed studying!! (I guess I really am crazy!) And I've finally started my volunteering in the hospital which is fun. The patients are lovely and the staff are a right laugh. :)
    And silly season has started in school. We started rehearsing for the christmas show this week so all i seem to have done in work is play christmas songs on the piano. I'm going to be sick of them by the time we actually get to the show!!
    Me and catherine are going shopping on saturday for our disco costumes, really looking forward to the course now. :D
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and I bet the trek will be 10 times harder than anything we did for Dug Caeredin! Pari's got nothing on you! :P

    Miss you!!

    Cariad mawr,

    Siwan xxx

  8. Monisha Sodha 11 L ALPHA 5

    Hi Mona
    I am sure you are enjoying this unique experience though I understand it might take most of us out of our comfort zone. When you return you can perhaps teach me a few survival skills! Both uncle Patrick and I are doing OK, nothing specific to moan about, except that we tried to make a bigger alcove in the kitchen wall to accommodate a bigger fridge and the project hasn't worked out quite how we expected! Weather is not great, very cloudy with bouts of rain but not cold yet. Bye for now & take care. Love from Umifai



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