Saturday, 29 October 2011

Alpha 6 Blog Update by Flor, Lisa & Molly

After 278 pieces of wood were carried and many full wheelbarrows of rock shifted, the materials were finally sat at the project site ready for the next few days of work. We began working on the foundations yesterday, nailing pillars together to hold the cement which we then mixed with sand and water. The human chain has come in handy once again to pass rock to the 60cm hole we dug. Everyone is excited to see the work finally coming together.
Last weekend we enjoyed an informal football match with some local children along with the Fieldbase team who were visiting. They gave us some laughs with Sabrina’s dramatic attempt to avoid falling in a large cow pat and Jed shocked us all with his English legs – was he actually wearing a great pair of milk bottle leggings?!
On our first day off we packed out bags with swimwear, sunscreen and lollipops and headed to a nearby (in Bruce's estimation) waterfall. We practiced our river crossing technique, which measured at a steady pace of one group every 30mins so maybe more practice maybe needed!
We utilised an afternoon off by talking and learning about poverty and the Millennium Development Goals. It sparked an interesting discussion and led to a heated debate. The Project Managers also taught us some new games as an alternative to Mafia - we thoroughly enjoyed climbing through plastic bags and chasing little pieces of paper with our eyes closed.
Our next blog will be upon arrival at Fieldbase, so until then...  Deacachimba!


  1. Georgina Corrales29 October 2011 at 17:03

    Para Ana Gabriela Herrera Corrales Alpha 5
    Hola mi nena ayer celebramos los nueve días de tio, nos reunimos toda la familia. Los chiquillos y tia estan tranquilos y abuelita Luz también. Ya estamos pintando la casa y en estos dias ponen los vidrios. Escojimos color café para la torre y beige para las paredes, por dentro verdecita claro, vamos a poner persianas horizontales muy bonitas. Te extrañamos mucho!!!Besos, mami.

  2. Voor Floris Muller/ Alpha 1:
    Broertje, Hallo!!!!! Sorry dat ik nu pas iets schrijf, maar had even niet door dat ik verhaaltjes achter kon laten. Hoe is het met je? Nog steeds zoveel regen? Geniet je van de mooie natuur en het "op pad zijn"?
    Lieve Os, geniet ervan. Dikke xxxxxx Fleur

  3. Floris Muller; Alpha 1.

    Hoi Lieve Floris,
    Heftig, heftig, heftig wat je allemaal aan het doen bent en erg spannend. Neem aan dat jullie inmiddels de kust bereikt hebben en hoop dat jullie daar een beetje zon hebben en dat jullie een beetje kunnen genieten. Heel veel nieuws van hier is er niet. We hebben net lekker gefietst bij Zeist in de buurt door de prachtige herfst bossen, schitterend al die kleuren. Philip heeft de eerste twee dagen van z'n 1e SE er op zitten en dat ging best wel goed, zegt hij, nu de hele komende week nog. Hij werkt er in ieder geval erg hard voor. Wij gaan vrijdag 4 november a.s. voor een paar dagen naar Nasca, huis een beetje winter klaar maken, druif snoeien, beetje genieten saampjes, zal de laatste keer zijn dit jaar, met kerst gaan we dus niet en volgend jaar ook voorlopig niet. Geloof dat Boefie je trouwens best wel mist, ze begrijpt er geloof ik helemaal niets van. Ik mis je ook wel heel erg, maar ik begrijp het tenminste en gun je van harte een heerlijke tijd daar. Oke lieverd doe weer voorzichtig en geniet met volle teugen. hvj. Dikke zoen mammie.

  4. For Molly Sandquest - Alpha 6

    Hi Moll,
    It's Monday, last day of October here and we are waiting in anticipation for the door bell and the continual succession of scarey little, halloween trick-or-treaters.
    I wrote one of these last Friday but I don't know if you will see it as I forgot to put who it was for and what group!
    I went to a party and was intending to wear your 'mummy' outfit, you'll be relieved to hear I thought better of it and didn't!
    I have been doing a bit of painting in your room, a little 'freshen up'. Should be nice for when you get home ... oooh, a real bed!
    Hope you are keeping well and getting on OK with your 'family' and the work.
    We are planning to go to Bridgwater Carnival on Friday and a firework display at the 'Waggon' (biker's pub) on Saturday night.
    You take care of yourself and stay well.
    Lots of love, Mum X X

  5. para Bruce Solano (con amoooorrrsh!!!)

    BRUUUUCHHHH mi vidaa!!!! aaaaaaah lo amo increiblemente! que tuaaaanis!!! se me retorcijaron todos los recuerdosss cuando lo vi en la foto, no lo puedo creer.. gocelo demasiado y vivalo al maxxximo!! le cuento que yo ya volvi de las europas, naturalmente amarre y jale y naturalmente me quedo el corazon partido en mil por templona, pero que se va a a hacer... aqui tengo a los chiguines suyos esperando que su progenitor vuelva pronto del masaya, le mandan saludos y muchos caterpilars! ;) aaaah como lo quiero ver, no tiene idea!! cuideseme mucho todo ese cuerpito y porteseme bien, un abrazote a los y las chelitas y un juejepa a los nicas y ticos!

    con amorsh, su mujer
    yenri sulca maria del monte ♥

  6. Hola Bruce microscópicas,
    Espero que estén disfrutando de su tiempo en Nica. El tiempo era muy bueno cuando estuve allí pero me dicen que tiene un poco peor.
    Inglaterra está haciendo frío y húmedo ya que no es ideal porque no puedo andar en moto. He empezado a hacer artes marciales mixtas, muay tailandés y kickboxing para mantenerse en forma y fuerte. Acabamos de tener Halloween, así que estaba vestido como un luchador de Egipto y se emborrachó con Flor de Caña, el ron bueno!
    Espero que estén disfrutando de ser un PM real y asegurarse de que el trabajo duro por lo que no se los músculos pequeños, jaja:)

    grandes Jonnie

  7. Molly Sandquest - alpha 6


    So lovely to be able to see a pic of you! You look lovely and happy and it all looks very energetic which I am sure you are loving. Are you really muscley??! Glad to hear of lots of games and singing, I hope you have been teaching your host family Stop right now (with actions!) by the spice girls.
    I have been watching the Raleigh kids version expedition on tv at the moment and hoping I am looking at a little bit of what you are doing.. lots of hairy spiders in their program I hope you have been luckier and are with butterflies instead!
    I have joined life drawing with the arty grannies of Frome, you HAVE to come at xmas, I am turning into a hippy! Missing your lovely self and funny conversations very much!

    All my love and luck for all the projects.

    Laura x x x x

  8. Molly Sandquest - alpha 6

    Sister Mollina!!!!
    I worked out the blog!! (well actually Laura helped me) How are you my darling?? I hope you are having an amazing time?? So gorgeous to see that picture of you but i miss you so so so so so much!
    Everything is pretty crazy here... Nottingham life is going past soooo fast! Can't believe its 4 weeks and im finished for christmas! I have been expected into Oz but long story i am now applying to Rotterdam! So you will HAVE to visit!!
    Can't wait to hear all your stories when your back and squish you so much! I will private message you on facebook and update you on the latest goss!! Miss you so so so so so much and love you millions Catherine xxxxxxxxx <3



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