Saturday, 22 October 2011

Alpha 6 (Miraflor) Blog by Lisa Risenbrij, Flor Mendieta & Molly Sandquest

After a day long delay due to heavy rainfall, Alpha 6 arrived safely in Miraflor. Originally we were slightly apprehensive about meeting our new families, but they have been incredibly welcoming and hospitable. A bright 6am start came with the help of a large array of farmyard animals - our alarm clock for the next two weeks! Rice and beans treated us for breakfast and filled our stomachs for the day ahead. Everybody was keen to begin the project but first the community needed us to help build filters to help drain the excess water that had built up during the storms. Armed with mattocks and trench shovels, we got to work heaving heavy rocks and digging ditches. Spirits remained high in the rainfall with renditions of 'Singin in the Rain' and multiple games of ninja, cups, mafia and ron mata ron. Since the second day of the project we have been transporting wood to the worksite from the surrounding area, which will be used for the frames of our building. The group coordinate effectively in order to distribute the work load. While feeling proud of our achievements, we are blown away by the ability of the locals to carry double our load and wonder why we struggle so much! The majority of our communications with the community have taken place at the pulperia (local shop) where we get our daily sugar fix. Watch this space for our increasing integration with the locals...

I know, I know, we said we would have photos and a blog from Alpha 2 yesterday... however, our vehicle got a little delayed due to the state of the post-rain roads. If all goes to plan we should have that elusive A2 blog along with some photos from Alpha 6 tomorrow – Raleigh Blogger


  1. Alpha 5, Friso. What a tremendous experience, you will never forget this, I believe. Oma Tigchelaar is just back home from hospital and is waiting to die. She can hardly breath. Hopefully she will go soon. Just think about her for a moment. Hope you and the team are doing okay.
    With love from Russia's West Siberia, your dad.
    Watze Tigchelaar

  2. Hi Nichola (Alpha 6)! It's Sunday morning here and we've just enjoyed reading the blog! Sounds like you are working very hard! We are hoping that the weather has improved for you! It's very autumnal here now and our clocks go back next weekend so not sure how that will affect the time difference! Dad is off to Holland for bits of the next 2 weeks instead of SFO! And next weekend we are both off separately (on Sat) to see the parents who are all OK,although Gran is worrying about whether you are getting enough to eat! Nothing to be dealt with on your email - STA have sent some stuff but the voucher is the same as the one you have already printed! That's all for now. Looking forward to seeing some photos! Love Mum and Dad xxx

  3. For delun jones alpha4
    Hi delun, we just had breakfest in the harbourmaster and watched the world cup final-new zealand beat france 8-7 wales should have been there! Hope everything going well for alpha 4 and the turtles are hatching and swimming safely into the pacific. Hope you are all working hard and eating plenty of rice and beans! Miss u and love u to bits, mam and stu. Ps judy and gang and pearl say "hello" and of course nanna gaga and the davies's. And rocky is missing u-there's no one for him to run after round the house. Love u x x x pura vida!

  4. Hello Moll. Lovely to read the newsy blog from you, Lisa & Flor. Hope you've settled in well with your family, I'm sure they are loving that smile of yours. It's all very quiet here, nothing much going on ... and hardly any washing to do! Sounds like you may be getting washed while you work! Shame about the rain but keep up the good work and keep singing! Look forward to the next up-date. Lots of love X X

  5. Daisy Knox Murphy (Alpha 2)
    Bueno señorita,tras sufridos intentos y sin saber como funciona esto James, por imposible que parezca, me ha solucionado la vida para que por fin pueda escribirte, cosa poco fiable y que reduce las posibilidades de que esto te llegue en un 90% aunque tengo confianza jajaja No se si podrás contestar a esto pero necesito una direccion a la que mandarte cartas o algo que solo puedas leer tu porque la historia ha llegado a demasiados detalles, por encima un poco te cuento que con Lucio fue increible y con Victor quiero dejarlo y tengo una rayada en lo alto increible pero no worries jajaja y la uni la verdad que bastante bien aunque esta llena de gente con rastas y piercings antifascistas pero creo que sobrevivire :) espero que por alli te vaya todo muy bien y que no te me hayas puesto malita ni nada de eso, ya me contaras cuando te den el premio de mejor cavadora de zanjas y te den una estrella de well done jajaja te echo mucho de menos y ojala tuvieses un maldito telefono para poderte contar mi desastrosa vida. Espero que dentro de poco tengas contacto con la civilizacion para poderte contar detalles te quiero mucho sister!

  6. Alpha 3, Reinier van Doorn

    23/10/11 drakie ik kom net terug uit barcelona, nu terug in london!!! was superleuk en papa en tito zijn naar barcelona-sevilla geweest gister hihi! hoop dat je t nog steeds onwijs naar je zin hebt en elke dag geniet van deze zaaaalige paar maanden!!!! heel veel zoenen en kan niet wachten totdat ik weer met je kan kletsen ipv deze monoloog! haha hoop dat je ze leest dit is mn derde!! xxxxh

  7. James Gilchrist Alpha 6
    Hi Dim, sorry to break the news but Man U lost to Man C 6-1! I have no idea what went wrong but 3 goals were scored in injury time! Hope you are working hard, it seems that you are in the right place at the right time to help out after all that rain. Keep taking that tablets and we will see you soon, love mum

  8. To Moritz Steinbeck, CR&N11, Alpha 6 (Miraflor)

    Hallo Moritz -
    wir hoffen sehr, dass es Dir trotz des Regens gut geht.
    Wir verfolgen die Blogs von Raleigh und haben den Eindruck, dass ihr da wirklich sinnvolle Hilfe leisten könnt.
    Hier ist alles gut: bin nach 2 Wochen aus GAP zurück, es war sehr schön- goldener Oktober.
    Wir denken an Dich - hdl K&P

  9. Georgina Corrales23 October 2011 at 16:53


  10. A: Bruce Muñoz (ALPHA 6, MIRAFLOR)
    De: Vanessa Alonso!
    Hola Bruce, Espero que te este llendo SALVAJE en Miraflor! con el grupo, con la comunidad y con todos! jejeje al final no pude verte en Esteli cuando llegaron, fui el dia k vinieron con todo el grupo al foro pero ya se habian ido, talvez antes k te vayas nos mandes un mensajito o algo para irlos a ver aunk sea a saludar!! jejeje
    Por Cualquier cosa, si no logramos vernos ps te estoy escribiendo...
    ^_^ bueno, espero la pases genial y des al maximo tus habilidades como pm!! Pura vida en Nicaragua XD

  11. Para Bruce Solano Alpha 6
    Hola titi espero que estes bien que Dios te bendiga por querer ayudar a los que necesitan . Aqui te extrañamos mucho . Te mandan saludos .Boo , Mami Mira y Yanci..

    Siga disfrutando a lo bonito papillo :D

    T.Q.M Mami 10/26/2011

  12. Para Ani ii alpha 6 (ana gabriela herrera)
    espero que estés super bien y la estés pasando excelente, haces mucha falta. cuidate mucho y espero que estés hablando mucho ingles británico ;) jaja
    te quiere CARO =)

  13. chelsie alpha 4.
    chel hope your ok..your doin so well bin lookin at pictures of you an showin f! hes missin you,we all are! you still look good anyway even in wilderness :)
    faines walkin nah hes all over show an othr than that not much is happenin at home...exept we dressed him up as a bat for halloween an he looked funny! sorry i ant rit sooner but iv bin tryna work out how to do it for bowt a week..o well last i no how to do it na ..anyway write back if you can an let us no how your gettin on ..miss you love you ryan, ellis an faine xxxxxx

  14. Chelsie Eccles 11l Alpha 4,
    Just seen the photo's on the last blog update, it looks absolutly fantastic out there. 40 degrees in the sun, keep that tan topped up. Dad is so proud of you so keep up the good work. Love always xxx Dad + BobbyBoy xxx



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