Friday, 7 October 2011

Dress to impress!!

In amongst all the hard work going on at fieldbase, there’s been some quality entertainment, with fancy dress making an appearance on a regular basis.
Wednesday saw the vocal chords being stretched at our very own ‘Raleigh-oke’, with some impressive singing all round, some truly classic songs were butchered by our PMs. Everyone from Johnny Cash and Queen to Billy Joel and Sir Mix-a-lot got an airing.

Tom, Owen, Reggie and Keiner murder a classic!

Matt, Duncan, Ronnie and Rachel belting out a tune!

How do you outdo such an entertaining you may ask? Well, put on a lot of tartan, learn some appropriate lingo and all the moves, and do a lot of spinning. Yes last night was ceilidh night and with expert tutition from Ross (Country Programme Manager), we were soon dancing the night away and, we like to think, doing justice to some classic ceilidh dances. Enthusiasm was the key to this activity and there was no lack of that with the night soon full of the sounds of ‘Up your kilt!’ and ‘Spin!’.

Julie (she's Scottish you know!) and Lucy

Rachel, Nadia, Kelly, Kunmi and Bruce

Owen and Tom

Will and Brie

Raggie, Barney and Duncan

Julian, Brie and Bruce

The team has also found time for some outdoor pursuits with some seriously competitive games of football and ultimate Frisbee taking place. Today saw some the team brave the rapids on the local river for some awesome whitewater rafting.
It’s back to work tomorrow for some intensive soft skills training and further preparation for the venturers’ arrival on Tuesday.



  1. Buenos Dias tom blinderz- logs cowboy/bodega bitch/bravo one bad boy...? I hope you get this message... and that it makes you feel just a little more popular. Every little helps! Glad everything is amazing. ceighli looks awesome, loving the mini dress although not sure about the floral pants. Have fun, just keep on counting those noodles and packing that tang and what can go wrong!? Missing you have fun love Dawn xxx

  2. Hey Vics!!!!
    Looking like you're having fun and working hard.
    Missing you lots, tho took a while to sink in that you've gone all that way, as life here is not as exciting as where you are haha!
    lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx



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