Monday, 10 October 2011

The Expedition Officially Begins

So with the last 3 weeks of preparations complete and the Volunteer Managers finally ready, at long last the Venturers have arrived!

The first to be welcomed to field base were from our host countries and they soon found their way around and began to get into the spirit of the expedition.  In fact they seemed so keen to be here, they even made friends with one of our vehicles!

They also took some time to meet the staff on the base such as our Programme Manager, Ross, and some of the Project Managers. I've no doubt these guys will be bringing a lot to our expedition if today is anything to go by!

Hopefully they will soon feel at home and will be ready to meet the other 50 Venturers who will be arriving tomorrow, following their overnight stay in San Jose.  There's a busy week planned for everyone with lots of training and preparation before deployment out to the projects. 

Having the Venturers here is a great chance for everyone to meet and learn about each other's cultures.  And I'm sure you'll agree that the most important element of any culture is food!  So thanks for our expert in-house chef, Sandrita, and our compère for the evening (Keiner), we were treated to an interactive lesson in how to prepare the classic Tico dishes of gallo pinto (rice and beans) and empanadas (tasty little parcels!).  

So with the expedition officially underway, we look forward to welcoming everyone else here tomorrow.  And please remember that if you'd like to send messages to anyone out here you can post up comments on the blog and we'll make sure they reach the right people - even when they are out trekking through the jungle or building trails at the top of a mountain!  Until tomorrow, Pura Vida!


  1. for Jesus Jimenez! (Chus)

    Mae desde guatemala se le desea lo mejor!! Pura Vida
    un chistesito! para que se recuerde!!
    ¿Cuál es el vino mas amargo? - Vino mi suegra.
    de Neto.

  2. Hello Poppy B (11L) - although you haven't arrived yet! It looks like you are in for a brilliant time... I am feeling very envious :) Love your Ma x

  3. For Imogen Wetzell Ramsey, Alpha 6.
    Hola Imogen, this is Mummy. so very happy to see your pictures and know you are safe and what looks like fun. Very proud of you and what you are doing. Please stay safe, I love you and pray that you are watched over. I will enjoy watching your project become a reality via this blog. Take care my sweet Mum



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