Friday, 28 October 2011

A few photos from our groups in Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Alpha 1 - The Turrisantos Trek
Current location: Cedral
Day of walking until they reach the glorious Playa Palo Seco: 4
Number of Dragons yet to be slayed: 1 (Cerro Dragon that is!)
This is now Alpha 1´s natural environment. They no longer have use for beds, food that is not dehydrated, flushing toilets or electricty. 14 days and they are already carved out of wood...
Alpha 2 - Guanacaste Trek
Alpha Two have endured endless days of thunder storms, blisters, jungle, volcanoes, blisters and all kinds of scarey jungle creature things... just to prove it we have brought you photos... of them chillin´at Hotel Rincon Lodge! Don´t worry, Raleigh hasn´t gone soft... this was the base for their passage through Rincon de la Vieja National Park.. and yes, they stayed in tents, not hotel rooms!!
Alpha Two team... ASSEMBLEEEEE!!!
Man... this trek is TOUGH... Alpha 1 just don´t know they were born...
Did you know that gazebo in Spanish is ´belvedere´. Fascinating stuff huh?
Hey Alex... remember how you are actually the Comms Officer and instead of walking through storms, jungle and over mountains you could have been walking about Fieldbase in your flip flops, with fresh coffee on the pot and a comfy bed down the road to retire to after you´ve written a few blogs? Yeah?.. and how do you feel about the decision to trek instead? Uh-huh, gotcha...

Alpha 3 - Chirripo National Park
Alpha 3... or Alpha Hardcore as they deserve to be knows have stormed ahead with their work and completed everything the rangers had asked them to day after only a week! They´ve been given several more tasks to do and are well up for the challenge. As if working at 3400m wasn´t enough, A3 have been doing curcuits and going for runs at the end of their working day!
Best hat: Duncan / Best Shirt: Matt
3820 metres... on top of the world...
The A3 tanning competition was a bit of a non-starter...

Alpha 4 - Playa Hermosa
A4 have continued their turtle patrols, hatchery management and tree-planting. They finished their hatchery protection wall today... good work!
Mr T (Geoff) and Mark demonstrate their jungle shower... a complex, engineering feat... well done fellas

 I didn´t wear my nice white t-shirt and iron my shorts just to mess them
up in the sand, did I?... now DIGGGG minion!!
 Chelsie & Mark: We love cleaning!!! Honestly.
 Project Managers - Owen and Gemma
 Black & Decker work bench, jungle-styley...
 Hogar dulce hogar
 Could you spend 19 days sleeping here? Yes? Get out there then!
 Night patrol - burying the eggs in the hatchery...
 ... then releasing them when they hatch...
Good luck little one! 

The start of the turtle hatchery defence wall

 A to the 4

Alpha 5 - San Nicolas, Achuapa
Having spent a week helping with the relief work in Achuapa, A5 moved into the village of San Nicolas on Monday. They been given a warm welcome into the locals´ homes and have started work on their water project. Today they were digging trenches and carrying in materials from the main road into the community.
Now, you may think this is just a recycled photo from jungle camp... and you would be... absoultely right :(  We are trying to receive photos from A5 but their remote location is proving difficult. Soon!
Alpha 6 - El Cebollal, Miraflor Nature Reserve
A6 are still working their socks off carrying wood and digging the foundations for their building.
 A6 - what a team!
 Bruce with yet another Costa Rican slappy hand game...
 And streeeeeeetch.....ahhh, okay - READY
 Caption contest... entries sent via the comments section por favor. Prize winner will receive a free Raleigh expedition plus flights *See small print and restrictions at the bottom of the page...
 Hi-ho, hi-ho...
 These were cut using just a chain saw you know... yeah, impressive right!
 Sabrina: Work gloves - check. Boots - check. Silly over the shoulder bag - check
 A6 carried these all day everyday up a big hill for a week...
Thumbs up if you have indigestion from eating a massive bowl of rice and beans
 followed immediately by hard physical labour.


  1. Hi Moll, great going there!
    Just viewed the Alpha 6 progress and great photos of happy slappy hand games and humping logs.
    You all look so full of beans ... must be the diet! Ugh! Hope it's not going down toooo badly, rather you than me.
    We've had some rain in the UK, a months downfall in 24 hours in Cornwall and Ireland which caused flooding. Nothing too much in Frome and nothing compared to where you are! It's nice and sunny again today.
    I'm off to a party tonight and hoping to get into the 'mummy' costume you wore last year! Geoff said they'll say 'Oh look, that's Molly's Mummy!' Take care, lots of love. X X

  2. Nichola Walker Alpha 6.

    Good to see the photo's on the Blog. Your Mum is coming to stay on Saturday so taking her for a walk at the coast and then a meal at Rialto's in the village. Lovely sunny cold morning here so will be able to be out in the garden. Enjoy your last few days. Lucinda

  3. martin jongeneel28 October 2011 at 04:28

    Hi Jasper (Alpha2), toch wel beetje zomerkamp :)
    Hoe gaat-ie, trek je het trekken 'n beetje? Leuke groepsleden? Lijkt me wel erg mooi, die tocht als ik de beschrijving zo lees. Ben nog steeds beetje jaloers... Is je uitrusting zinvol en hoe houden de spullen zich? Maak je ook af en toe foto's of komt dat er niet van. Stom he, ik heb alleen maar vragen. Stuur me een e-mailtje wanneer je weer 'ns in de on-line wereld bent ok? Hier alles ok, behalve dan dat de Thailand trip op losse schroeven staat: heel veel wateroverlast en overstromingen, krokodillen in de straten van Bangkok (echt waar! waren ontsnapt uit een croc farm, 4 meter lang en al slachtoffers gemaakt!) We zien over twee weken wel of we moeten/kunnen annuleren of dat we alsnog vanuit Chiang Mai naar een andere bestemming gaan.
    He gozer, heel veel plezier, gteniet van alle dingen die je in je hollandse dagelijkse leventje niet tegenkomt! Mis je, hou van je, Mx

  4. Hi Nichola (Alpha 6)Lovely to see your photo on the blog and the smile on your face…. or is that just the beans? Looks like R’s trousers are getting a good airing and wondering where you got the wellies from! It’s Friday here now and Dad is on his way back from Holland, then we are both off up north tomorrow. Lovely day here today after a v wet week! R will be home in a week so she is counting down the days! I will write you a long email updating you with all the news whilst you’ve been away, so hopefully you will have internet access from the Fieldbase! Love Mum and Dad xx

  5. Hi Moon,
    Happy Diwali and Salmubarak. Mir händ sehr oft an dich dänkt am mittwuch. händ uns überleggt was du am mache bisch und vor allem was du am ässe bisch (während däm das mir mami's gulab jamun's g'ässe händ :-) ich weiss eigentlich gemein). ha no mitem grossmami gredet und sie het sich eigentlich hauptsächlich sorge gmacht ob du au gnueg issisch und het gseit du chunnsch denne sicher zrugg und bisch ganz dünn!!! süscht gits eigentlich nit soviel zum verzelle, d'herbschtmässe foht bald ah. d'novartis het diä wuche ankündigt das 2000 stelle verlore wärde goh, drvo 760 in basel. unseri abteilig isch zum glück nit drvo betroffe aber es isch nit grat diä besti stimmig.
    mir händ leider no keini neue föteli gseh vo euch do anschiinend d'internetverbindig sehr schlächt isch bi euch well ihr so ab vom schuss sind. bi froh z'läse händr ändlich chönä in eurne familie iziäh, hoff du hesch e nätti familie.
    ich schrib widdr bald!

  6. For Lisa Rijsenbrij Alpha 6. Liefste Lisa, great seeing the pictures and your smile. You would perhaps not imagine so, but your old Mum has gotten quite addicted to following the Raleigh Blog... A snail mail is on its way and hopefully waiting for you upon returning from Miraflor. Hugs and kisses from all of us, Mamma.

  7. Clare Jones 11L Alpha 4

    Hello Clare, I've just read the blog and see that the turtle project is going really well, the turtles look so cute. It all looks very interesting and your camp looks fun. Hope you're still enjoying it and not smelling too bad. Have you seen many spiders or wildlife? Theres not much happening here, I'm at work which is very boring and I've done a couple of runs this week but the evenings are getting darker (the clocks go back this weekend) and colder! I've got Saffy this weekend and we're having a halloween tea on Sunday at Gemmas (we will miss you this year). We've got the bonfire/fireworks party Saturday night. Nan said a letters come today for me off you so I'm going round to get it in abit. Bye for now - happy halloween - love u loads Mum xx

  8. hello everyone, I just love my country, and we are critico de bares so , it would be great if you can leave a comment or read an article! you'll like it, and we are hoping your visit. Thanks for visit Costa Rica!

  9. Millie Pierce, alpha 5
    I'm glad to see you're still alive and well. Hopefully there will be a little less rain, so you can get out the suncream :) Its very cold here at the moment, and everyone (apart from 3 people) have gone home for the weekend so its quiet in N-block at the moment... hopefully that means I'll get some work done! Miss you xxxx

  10. To Julie Gollner Alpha 4.
    I think about you constantly and I cannot take not talking to you. Sorry we did not have breakfast together on your birthday. I promess you we will be together soon. I miss you and I love you very much indeed conejito. take care

  11. Friso Tigchelaar L11 Alpha5
    Lieve Fries,
    Wij zijn vandaag naar de begrafenis van je oma geweest en in mijn gedachten heb ik jou een kaarsje voor oma laten branden. Het was een heel mooie dienst en het is goed zo. Hoe is het met je? Wel zwaar he met al die regen, maar wat ik lees hebben jullie het fantastisch en niet te vergeten doen jullie geweldig werk voor de community. Geniet ervan want voor je het weet loop je op de catwalk in een heel andere wereld. Dikke zoen xx Ria

  12. Ross Skinner - Alpha 2

    Hi Dude

    Thanks very much for the birthday card and the bottle of single Irish Nectar i'll crack it open later and raise a glass to all of you up to your waists in mud, river and jungle. Grandma's going to join us for lunch so i will show her the blog and photos. Look's like your having a tough time clambering through the jungle, the heavy rain, mudslides, swollen rivers, snakes.......... whilst laid on the sun loungers!! Neal's back in Siddie next weekend. All them in Holland send there love. Hope to see some more photo's soon and a blog about the trek.

    lots of luv Mum and Dad

  13. Friso Tigchelaar L11 Alpha5

    Hi Friso,

    Really like the Alpha5 blogs, it feels like being stuck with the 4-wheel drive myself and pushing it out. Did send you some e-mails, so you will see them when you get back to base camp today or tomorrow. Did go back to Moscow yesterday, after grandma's funeral. It has been good, as Ria wrote as well. Great picture of the Alpha 5 team, keep up the good work and the spirit, it might not always be that easy.
    Lots of love from your dad.

  14. laura alpha6
    hi laura hen jst looked at wht u been upto well done and big happy birthday from me and kids miss u loadsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. laura alph6
    a big happy birthday from
    gran,papa,and paul

  16. laura alpha6
    happy birthday lots of love
    mum and mun

  17. lara alpha6
    happy birthday big sis
    love and kisses
    miss u loads



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