Saturday, 15 October 2011

Here we go, here we go, here we go… Phase one has begun!

This morning has seen the exciting departure of Alpha groups 1 (Turrisantos Trek), Alpha 2 (Guanacaste Trek), Alpha 3 (Chirripo) & Alpha 4 (Playa Hermosa) to their project sites for day one of Phase one and the start of 19 days out on site. Even with the 4:30am start there were smiles all round and a buzz in the air with the anticipation of the projects starting. Humming the songs from last nights paint party disco everyone boarded the buses finally glad to be on their way.

Additionally, Alpha 2 Guanacaste trek had an unexpected yet thrilling addition to their group, Alex whom you will all know well as our blogger/ Comms officer has deployed to take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the trek with the rest of Alpha 2. Hence, you have a guest blogger writing to you today in the form of the Deputy Program Manager Sabrina aka Brie!

With night time closing in on what has been a lovely sunny day here in Costa Rica I am delighted inform you that all groups have made it safely to their destinations to start what is sure to be the first of many amazing days!

For those wondering what is the outcome for Alpha 5 & 6 I can very happily announce that they will be deploying in the morning to Nicaragua. The weather system that is currently sitting over Nicaragua is starting to clear and after careful consideration with our project partners in Achuapa and Miraflor, and international weather services we are confident that by the time the group arrives at their projects sites in 2 days time the rain will have cleared significantly. However, we will be keeping a very close watch over the weather in all the areas we work in and should it deteriorate once again we will be able to pull the groups out at a moments notice.

But back to tonight, after a day of checking out the local waterfall and swimming in the plunge pool Alpha 5 & 6 are testing their culinary skills in the field base kitchen cooking up some local delicacies in the form of Gallo Pinto (Rice and beans) and plantain empanadas (cooked plantain stuffed with refried beans and cheese) … yum! Bring on dinner!
Until the next time … Pura Vida!
Alpha 1 Turrisantos Trek

Alpha 2 Guanacaste Trek

Alpha 3 Chirripo

Alpha 4 Playa Hermosa

Let the cooking begin!


Good work Alpha 5!


  1. Hola Chuta!!!

    Espero que se haya acordado del papel perfumado...
    y de echarlo en bolsa plástica...
    Buenas vibras para que pase una experiencia maravillosa en Nicaragua.


  2. Georgina Corrales15 October 2011 at 21:25

    Para Ana Gabriela Herrera Corrales Alpha 5
    Hola nena, Andre y Georgie te mandan saludos!!!!Esperamos que hayas llegado bien a Nicaragua, y que el clima haya mejorado. Aqui todos estamos pendientes de ti pidiéndole a Dios para que te cuide. El domingo voy con Andrea y Gabriel a ver la casa. Disfruta mucho, te amamos!!!!!Besos!!!

  3. Tyla Koen 11L Alpha 4
    Autumn is slowly settling into Doha it rained on Thursday afternoon. At our place nothing but a few drops to make everything more dirty but in others like near Villaggio it poured down like cats and dogs. Glad to have some rain though in our dusty place. All good this side just trying to organise Res's in CPT, a slow process but we will get lucky!! Love you and enjoy your turtle experience. xxx Mom and dad.

  4. To Ken Lo (Turrisantos Trek) - Sorry didn't get a chance to catch up before your trek but it looks like loads of fun. Keep well and don't fall into the volcanoes. May be having to carry 21kg on your back will make you reconsider lighting up :) with lots of love! - Thel

  5. Monisha Sodha( 11L ALpha 5 )
    Hi Moon
    We got your e-mail Gey kale tane towm ma javamaylu the bawaj shari vat che. Jungle ma suva nu na fayvu "Grotto Fahrt" jevu laigu hase.Aje Nicaragua javani cho.Amene batha samachar blog per male che.Taro photo joyo rotli banavta hoi avu lagyu. Vare re Va meri dekhri cooking kareche Jamie Oliver in the jungle. Have a safe journey. Lots of love and hugs Love Mum xxxxxxxxx

  6. James Holland (Alpha 4)
    Hey again..Good luck on Phase 1...keep the pics coming they are great..hope all goes looks lovely..unlike here very cold indeed...take care cant wait for the updates ..Nina x

  7. Nanan June & Grandad16 October 2011 at 07:46

    Chelsie Eccles (11L Alpha 4) Hope you are having a great adventure. From the lastest group photo you look very happy in your boots. We both cetainly miss you lots of love and kisses xxxxx

  8. Imogen Wetzell Ramsey 11L Alpha 6

    Hey Imogen! Cooking duties huh? How good is your rice? And did you leave some platains for the others? Enjoy the trek to Nicaragua and make sure you get that sunscreen on. You look very tanned already and it's still only the first week! But I must say you have a very nice smile on your face :)

    Lots of love and hugs
    Nin x

  9. hi
    Harneel Cheema( 11L Alpha 1)
    Hi this is Simi. Hows it going there? Are u having a good time there? and hope the polar bears don't eat u! and billy u!

    Hi beta,
    Looks like a nice group and you seem to be happy and don't forgot to take plenty of pictures I hear the views are amazing! The house isn't the same without you, we're even missing your constantly singing! Everybody is fine so take care of yourself and enjoy every moment of this experience!
    Lots of luv mum and dad and simi

  10. To James Gilchrist, Alpha 6
    Hi Dim, sorry to hear about the rain, perhaps if you didn't walk around with a face like an orks' backside, it might clear up! Hope you are keeping well, Kate and the kits send their love. See you soon, love mum.

  11. To Millie Pierce Alpha 5 : Millie , thanks for your text and will try and sort out your mob . Good luck in Nicaragua , we will be following the blog closely .Had a great w/e racing and at Cowarth then watched Arsenal scrape a win over Sunderland . much love Dad and Mum xx

  12. To: Rachel, Matt and Duncan, from Alpha 3

    Hey guys! Just wanted to wish you good luck with climbing that steep mountain once more, although the first time we did pretty good and in only one day so I dont think you are going to have problems. Your venturers look nice, i hope they don't give you a hard time!
    Hope you enjoy your time up there, wearing a lot of clothes and drinking loads of tea. I am sorry that I'm not going to be there to kick your asses in all the card games :P haha.
    Rembember to work hard, but most of all to enjoy yourselfs, and that you are really lucky to be living in that magical place for a a while.
    Espero que disfruten mucho, aprendan mucho español, y recuerden... al suave!

  13. Janet Littlewood16 October 2011 at 14:57

    Message for Jonathan Littlewood project group Alpha 5. Thinking of you and the rest of the group today (Sunday) - hoping you get safely to Achuapa and the storms have abated a bit. Wonderful to see pictures of you and all the venturers on the blog - am sure you will have a wonderful time when you get stuck in to the project work. Looking forward to hearing all about it on the blog and when you get back into email contact.

  14. To: Floris Muller, Alpha 1

    Schatje! Hoe is het daar? Dit is te leuk, nu kan lezen waar jullie uithangen en zie ik ook gelijk de foto's! Het ziet er helemaal gezellig uit, heb je een beetje een leuke groep? Hoe zijn de mensn? Hier is het niet zo boeiend, heel erg koud en heel erg saai, ik zou daar maar lekker genieten als ik jou was! Laat even weten als je kan hebt om te mailen of skypen ofzoiets! Veel plezier en ik mis je heel erg!

  15. Tyla Koen 11L Alpha 4

    Ty la la !
    You better friggen read this post!
    Im so jealous of you in this greenery!
    Please can you back a bush back in your bag and bring it home, perhaps a tree or two?
    The desert needs some fluffy greens!

    K thanx bye!

    Ps: I MISS YOU!!!

    Cath xx

  16. To Ross Skinner - Alpha 2

    Mornin Dude - the weather's just like Devon - what's on! Just like 10 Tors!

    Have a great time, looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back or can e-mail or update your facebook.

    Cheers then!

    Dave & Janer (aka Mum and Dad)

  17. To: James Gilchrist (Alpha 6)
    Hey James,
    Just read your mom's message and made me laugh a lot. Don't think I can live up to that so I will just say that I hope you're enjoying yourself while I have 6 tests in 3 weeks AND my phone has died also my hockey kit is size 16, top AND skirt... only size left apparently :( Not fun. Miss you lots. Love the massive grin on your face in the photo.. Looks like you're having fun. See you soon(ish) I love you :) xxxx

    I PASSED MY 11+!!!

  19. To Rob Farmer - Alpha 1
    Well, it sounds as though you are finally on your way - hope you are not too wet (tee hee) weather here at home is el scorchio!!(well at least not raining)
    Mum is doing her vegetable routine at the moment so I bet you're glad you're not having to endure that! YUM YUM
    Good luck on your jaunt - keep safe and crack on
    Lots of love
    Mum, dad, Granny

  20. Floris Muller - Alpha 1

    Floris Muller (Alpha 1)

    Hi Os, hoe is het daar? Hier in NL alles goed. Ben erg benieuwd hoe het met je gaat en of je het naar je zin hebt. Best gek je kleine broertje zo ver weg in de jungle... Heel veel plezier daar en geniet er van. Je krijgt ook heel veel liefs van mama. Het lukt haar op 1 of andere manier niet om te posten. Liefs, Died&Mies

  21. To Marette de Vos, Alpha 5 . Ha lieve Jet , dank voor je mail en wat heerlijk om te lezen en te zien (lang leve dit blog!) dat je het heerlijk hebt !!!Het zal een bijzondere reis zijn naar Achuapa . Wat een waterballet, zeg, in Nicaragua. Hoop maar , ook voor de locale bevolking, dat deze ellende snel voorbij is en er een drogere periode komt.
    Geweldig om dit allemaal te mogen beleven, mop. Geniet van je groep ( ziet 'r gezellig uit !)en van het project ( zal hard werken zijn !) .Wij zijn iedere dag weer nieuwsgierig naar jullie belevenissen . Heerlijk, om alles zo te kunnen volgen !
    Dikke zoen, pap en mam

  22. Hi Jasper (Alpha2)
    Hoe gaat ie? Lekker zo in de buitenlucht he :) Is de regen al wat minder, of slaap je iedere nacht in een vol bad? Beetje aangename temperatuur? Zal wel heel mooi zijn zo'n trek. Hier alles goed, wel erg stil... Langzaam Thailand beetje aan het voorbereiden, hoewel nog 4 weken weg. B. is waanzinnig druk met de PH, gaat allemaal toch sneller dan verwacht. Ze heeft wel al een (te laag) bod op haar 'oude' huis. Spannend dus. Geniet ervan, stuur binnenkort weer 'n berichtje! LU Mx, Bx

  23. To Ken Lo (11L Alpha 1)
    Hi Ken, hope the trek's going well. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. My last two weeks in Geraldton now and I'm quite excitedly planning my trip to Korea with mum. Not an adventure like yours, but should be heaps of fun nonetheless. Summer's approaching and weather's lovely so I might go skydiving this sunday. So if you don't hear from me, you'd know why! hahaha kidding! Just letting you know you are sorely missed. xx Thel

  24. Jesus Jimenez... hola espero que estes bien!! mañana voy al estadio a ver partiditos de sapri jaja espero que este disfrutando de toda esata experiencia y bien portado jaja varas te quiero se cuida... atentamente ana graciela :D

  25. Marette de Vos, Alpha 5

    Dit wordt nu al de 3e keer dat ik mijn berichtje typ! Aangezien ik die keren daarvoor bij de verkeerde blogs zat, kan natuurlijk ook alleen mij weer over komen!

    Maar dat terzijde, hoe is het met jou!? Hier en daar krijg ik wel dingen mee hoe het is enzo, maar toch hoor ik het ook nog heel graag eventjes van jou! Hoewel ik eigenlijk wel weet dat jij je daar red!

    Ooh Mar je zou echt is moeten weten hoevaak mensen aan jou denken, ik had het er vandaag nog over met een paar VG's, over hoe laat het bij jou zou zijn, wat jij doet, dat we echt benieuwd zijn wat jij mee maakt en nog veeeeeeel meer! Zelf heb ik ook echt vaak dat ik denk van: wat zou Vosje nu doen? Dat zijn natuurlijk op de momenten als ik langs een straat fiets met Vos erin, nou die zijn er wel wat in Nijmegen, en natuurlijk als ik in de stretto ben, vooral deze Zaterdag was het toppunt! Daar was in mijn eentje beland.. hihi en toen dacht ik echt MAR WAAR BEN JE NOU?
    Maar het moment dat er echt een traantje kan worden weggepinkt is op momenten dat ik een slechte grap hoor en dat ik dan iemand wil bellen die er om kan lachen.. nou ja dan is niemand er nu.

    Hihi kan niet wachten tot je weer in Nimma bent Tijger!

    maar Honingbijtje, you can do it!

    xxxxxxxxxx en knuffels Sally

  26. Bruce Solano Muñoz

    Hola Bruce! Espero q la esté pasando super! y sé q sí porq es una experiencia increíble! Disfrute bastante!! aquí lo estoy esperando para entrarle al tangoo!! jaja cuidese!
    Aida R.

  27. Para Bruce Solano, este es un msj secreto en clave para que nadie lo entienda ;) Cómo va todo¡¡? demasiado excelente se ven las Pic! espero puedas leer este mensaje en un lugar mágico, como el día que recibí el tuyo al pie del Dragón... momento de película. Trabajando mil en este momento, pero lo positivo es que estoy al lado de playa Langosta, viendo el mar y tomandome un delicioso Yogourt jajaja!!! suerte en su experiencia, esta vez no se escapa cuando llega, está bien??? pero que sea de verdad.y me trae alguito!!! espero sea porrish. ABrazo, K.



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