Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The PMs are back...(well half of them!)

Well…with Alpha teams 1,2 4 now back from their PPVs (3, 5 & 6 are wending their way back from more distant locations) it is time for an update on their progress..

There have certainly been some adventures along the way but the PMs are now more prepared than ever!

Alpha 1: Turrisantos Trek

No sooner had Alpha 1 met up with their guide Elber than the heavens opened and the plans for the day took a slight deviation! A river that was due to be crossed had become a raging torrent, and the guide’s alternative accomodation for the night was in ruins, So while the team leader was radioing in with the day’s SITREP, the others could be heard in the background rebuilding the hut!!

The following day they trekked up to Bajo de Bonilla through a 'Jurassic Park landscape' crossing a variety of rivers and chatting to cowherds and men on horses!! It was certainly a tough few days on challenging terrain but the team are excited about tackling the full trek with the venturers,


Alpha 2: Guanacaste Trek
Checking out the stunning Guanacaste Trek with their faithful drivers Jed and Alex were PMs Richard and Lucy. The team started at day one of the trek and I have to say it’s lucky the venturers will be walking because after about 2km, the Land Rover got stuck (sadly there is no photographic evidence of this) but after 45 minutes digging, we were free and on our way.

The end of the day was spent with the family of jungle legend Don Luis, and at 5.20am the following day the PMs set out with him to walk the jungle section of the trek. With a tough pace set by the Don, they managed to complete two days of the trek in one, allowing them to see some amazing sights with the Rio Celeste (where two rivers join to produce an amazing colour) being top of the list.

They returned to fieldbase after a long day’s travelling but raring to go for what is sure to be a fantastic experience.

Alpha 4 – Playa Hermosa
Gemma , Owen and Chava arrived back from Playa Hermosa full of enthusiasm for the work ahead after a very successful PPV. Staying in luxurious accommodatiom, which even had its own python to keep the mice at bay, the team were able to scope out everything they needed to.

Having met the chatty ranger Don Marco and the two voluntweers, they then dug out 3 nests which had been put in the hatchery 48 days previously and, happily, were able to release over 100 turtles into the sea. They also collected over 100 eggs during a night patrol.

The priority for phase 1 is building a protective wall to protect the hatchery from the sea, a task that the rangers are very excited about getting completed.

So an excellent project awaits and phase 2 could see venturers constructing a crocodile viewing tower in the mangroves.

Alphas 3, 5 & 6 are due back tonight so we'll back with a report on their adventures tomorrow. Until then...Pura vida!


  1. James Holland (Alpha 4)
    Hey the pic...hope you are ok and having the time of your life...everyone is asking after you back home and I have created a board just for you guys so everyone can see the updates...we all well into the Raleigh spirit...Give the turtles a hihg five from me...Nina x

  2. James Holland (Aplha 4)
    Sorry James me again...meant to say that I have been sending messages on the blog to you but they dont seem to be appearing...hope you get them one way or another..your card was lovely thank you so much...Nina x

  3. Hola Tyla koen :D

    I don't even know if this message is going to get sent to you .. But I hope your having an amazing time!! Take lots of pictures for me. I hope you'll be back in Doha by the time i get there. Miss you and love you lots love MIMI stewart xxxx



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