Thursday, 13 October 2011

Venturers 1 Jungle 0

The venturers are back at fieldbase after their first night in the jungle and while they were tired, muddy, and a little wet there were still smiles on their faces. No one was going to let the jungle defeat them.

Having left fieldbase with rucksacks perfectly packed and navigation tips ringing in their ears, the teams trekked for an hour or so before reaching their campsite for the night. Alpha 1 and 2 were in tents for the night but for the other teams it was basha beds (see Raleigh lingo) and hammocks.

With expert advice from the PMs camp was set up: beds, group tarp, short drop etc…Thankfully this was all done before the heavens opened for an almighty storm. Now there is no greater test of the quality of a basha bed and its tarp cover than a Costa Rican storm…and it has to be said some beds failed the test! However, while it was a steep learning curve for many, spirits remained remarkably high.

The night survived, alarm call was at 3.30am, camp broken, breakfast eaten and no trace of our presence left in the jungle. It was then onto tools training before the venturers went through a mock CASEVAC. This involved radioing filedbase to report an injury and then stretchering the ‘injured’ person to suitable meeting point.

With all the tidying up done, there were some health and safety talks today before a salsa night led by some of our Costa Rican PMs.

With the training in full flow, time is flying by and the Alpha groups will be deploying on Saturday, so only one more full day of preparation to go!

Keeping dry under the group tarp!

Basha beds!

All smiles - the return!

Casevac training


  1. Para: Bruce ALPHA 6
    De: Vanessa Alonso
    Hola Bruce!! bienvenido a Nicaragua, esto es por si cuando venga p0r aca no nos podamos ver y no le hagamos la recivida que se merece!! jejeje, proyecto comunitario, ya hable con larry y haremos lo posible por irlo a ver cuando este en el cebollal, asi k ahi nos vidrios!!
    abrazos xxx

  2. para jesus jimenez valverde 11L: chuta!! ya vio de que nombre tienen cara cada uno de sus compañeros de raleigh? jaja kevin ojala sea la experiencia de su vida el proximo mensaje va chiste cuidese lo quiero!!

    atte: nana (karina)

  3. Alice Hall Alpha 5
    Yo Alice hope you're having a fantastic time and that it wasn't your bed that collapsed! We're all missing you already! Lots of love, your favourite sister! xxx

  4. To Marette de Vos , 11L, Alpha 5
    OK lieverd, nu kan ook voor jou op ontspannen wijze het feest beginnen !!! Net op tijd , een dag voor vertrek met je groep kwam je rugzak aan.....zenuwslopend !!! Dank voor je lieve smsje ......heeft me ontroerd !!!!
    Samen sterk , pop, zo werkt dat !! Kus, mama

  5. To Clare Jones 11L Alpha 4

    Hi Clare, Hope you survived your first night in the jungle despite the rain. As soon as I get into work I read the blog - I'm off next week so I don't know what I will do without my comp although we are going to take Phil's lap top with us to Cornwall. I'm looking forward to having a break even though the weather is supposed to be getting colder and wet! (isn't that typical, whenever I go on holiday it rains!). Today the weather is lovely and sunny and still quite mild. I've got Saffy tomorrow for the day and we're going to be busy doing my packing etc. altho we'll probably find time to go to the park. Its good to see you on the blogs, keep smiling and enjoy looking after the turtles. take care love Mum xx

  6. Hi Poppy (Alpha 3) It's great to be able to see photos of you all so soon. Your face in one photo certainly tells a story - I wonder what you're thinking! I hope you're able to enjoy your time regardless of the rain/insects and are looking forward to climbing that mountain, it looks amazing. Love Soph xxx

  7. To Delun Jones 11L Alpha 4
    Hi Delun, hope your first nite in the jungle was "exciting"-I imagine that I wouldnt have slept at all! Hope u did. Everyone rugby mad here ready for tomoro. 50,000 free tickets given away for the millenium stadium's big screen showing. Kai and Cara are going. Stu getting stressed! We are selling out of flags and inflatables! Miss u loads, hope u enjoyed the salsa nite. Lots of love, Mam, Stu and all.

  8. Martijn van Doorn14 October 2011 at 10:21

    To Reinier van Doorn 11L Alpha 3


    Annelies, Martijn, Thomas en Vledder

  9. To Nichola Walker (Alpha 6)
    We are really enjoying looking at the blog and hearing about your jungle adventures! Gutted to miss you at the internet cafe last night! I've replied but not sure you'll get it for a while!
    Hope the journey to Miraflor is not too arduous and that the project is rewarding!
    We have been to Auschwitz today - quite a sobering day out! Freezing cold too! Off for dinner now but will check computer later just in case you are online! R thinks she is having the most boring time of all in the libe! Safe travels! Love Mum and Dad x

  10. Millie Pierce alpha 5,
    Hello! Hope you're glasses are still in one piece after all that rain - I can imagine you trying to find the screw on the jungle floor somewhere... just like in France! My alternative career is so going to be a hairdresser, tomorrow I've been asked to cut Stuart's and Louis' hair... I'll keep you posted on my progress... Miss you tons.... love Catherine xxxxx

  11. Test voor Alpha2 Eleonore

  12. Eilidh & Rach14 October 2011 at 17:33

    Alice Hall Alpha 5
    Hey loooooosssaaaa!
    Missing you already. Me and Rach went to Giraffe tonight and had that hilarious American waitor that went "HEEEELLLLAAAW!" (wish i could send a voice clip of my impression) we couldn't stop laughing. Made me think of us killing ourselves laughing there last Saturday hehe. He said after our main courses "Would you like something sweet to get those taste buds tingling?"
    Good luck on your bus journey tomorrow.
    Also, please don't take up the habit that you did while we were in Africa of being sick right outside the tent at 6am EVERY morning (hehehehehehe). We (Rach) won't be there this time to make you feel better. I'll still be asleep as usual!
    Just joking, hope you are having an amazing time already!
    Love you
    Eilidh & Rach

  13. To Monisha Sodha ALPHA 5
    Hey Moni,
    Ich hoff es goht dir guet und dr Räge macht dr nit allzu fescht z'schaffe. Hoff au das es nit dis Bett gsi isch wo im Dschungel nass worden isch! Es isch ächt guet do jede Tag chönä z'läse was ihr so mached...verzell au allne bim Schaffe drvo was du grat machsch, sind also alli uffem laufende :-)
    Danke für dis Gschänk,ha mich ächt gfreut und es sind alli mega niidisch druff ;-) D'Pro-Inne Stadt Guetschiin sind au scho alli wäg, es het grat en mega ussverkauf cha im Esprit:-)
    Also ich muess widdr go schaffe (bi in Züri in dr Apothek) :-)aberich mäld mich denne widdr bald!
    Hoff euri Expedition uff Nicaragua wird nit allzu lang verschobe, s'Projekt tönt uff jedefall mega spannend.
    Love, Didi

  14. Trevor Littlewood15 October 2011 at 01:39

    Jonathan Littlewood, alpha 5..Great photo on the blog - hope your Basha held up to the rain! Thanks for the email - hope you can get through the rain to Nicaragua to install the water supply. Have a fantastic time and keep the mozzies away. Missing you. I'll give Katie a ring next week to see if she wants to come over for curry. Love, dad. ps wicked haircut!

  15. for robert farmer, alpha 1- hi rob, hope you're having a great time so far and making lots of new friends. We are all well here, dexter just had a little op so he has to wear a cone round his neck and looks really funny. I only have a week left at work then I get to put my feet up before the baby comes! Granny told us she is missing you- lol! Keep working hard, lots of love danielle, dean, dexter and baby D. X x p.s what the heck are you wearing on your head in that picture!!

  16. para:Cristiany Alexander ALPHA4
    de: anabella. que onda cristiany un saludo para vos que la estes pasando muy bien, sobre todo aprendiendo mucho ingles, que lo disfrutes.... pasala lo mejor posible!!! todos en la casa te mandan saludos joseph tambien te manda saludos

  17. For Molly Sandquest - Alpha 6
    Hi Molly,
    Monday morning 9am here. This time last week we were racing down the M4! What a difference a week makes! I was glad to see the smiley photos of you and know that you had arrived safely. Phew! Sorry to read the weather has kept you at fieldbase but you should be on your way now, so just hoping all's well and you can crack on with the project in Nicaragua. Stay well and have an amazing time!
    A little less exciting here... we had a blast down to Bournemouth on the motorbikes yesterday, hot and sunny!
    Thinking of you lots. Keep smiling, even if you are a bit soggy. Lots of love Mum. X



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