Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The venturers have landed

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3 weeks of preparation and building excitement, Costa Rica & Nicaragua Expedition 11L is go!!!!!!

With the Host Country Venturers arriving at fieldbase on Monday, the rest of the venturers made their appearance on Tuesday having spent Monday night in San Jose. Their accommodation for the night was a school gymnasium allowing the opportunity to fight off jet lag with a few games of volleyball and basketball!

An early bus from the capital brought the new arrivals to fieldbase in time for a delicious, traditional Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto prepared by our wonderful cooks Sandra and Miraya.

Appetites satisfied it was headlong into a busy day of speeches, training and admin! Ross and Julian started with some inspiring welcoming speeches, before everyone got a tour of fieldbase and their high-class accommodation for the next few days. There were also swim tests and the all important radio training.

Coming up for the venturers later today a slideshow of the projects ahead of the groups announcement for phase 1 in the morning…watch out for an update tomorrow.

It has to be said there are somewhat bemused faces around, with a lot to take in and many new faces and names to remember but there is wonderful atmosphere of anticipation mixed with a touch of nervousness. There is no doubt that this is going to be an amazing expedition for all concerned.

I leave with some pics of the venturers’ arrival and first day in Costa Rica.

Pura vida!

Julian & Ross...inspiring!!

Listening to the welcome speeches
The luxury accommodation!


  1. Tyla
    Spotted you in the pic and seeing all the faces know you will have a really good time. Love you mom and dad

  2. Emma J 11L
    Hi Em, Looks fantastic, have a wonderful time. We all miss you but know it will be an amazing experience. Love you x

  3. Message for Delun Jones. Hi Delun, here we go - my first ever blog! hope u all arrived safely and not too jet-lagged. looks like its going to be a tough few weeks ahead but lots of fun too! rained here constantly since u left-at least costa rican rain will be warmer. have a good time, loads of love, iechyd da and pura vida! from mam, stu, rocky and all xxx

  4. Saffron Woodcock12 October 2011 at 05:24

    To Clare Louise Jones,Costa Rica 11L expedition you

    Dear beautiul Auntie Clare,
    Thankyou very much for my card and present.The learning globe is great fun, i can see exactly where in the world you are! I have had a busy time at playschool this week,i have made a hickory dickory clock and a autumn leaves collage.I have been a good girl for mummy and daddy so far,but there is still time for mischief yet!
    I am off to see the guinea pigs on friday,then mummy and i are going to get the halloween decorations out so we can make the house all spooky in time for the 31st!
    Miss you lots and lots and jelly tots,your favourite bean Saffy x x x

  5. Debbie Moran (Mum)12 October 2011 at 07:30

    To Clare Jones 11L,

    Hi Clare, this is my second attempt at posting a message as I can't see my original one on the comments so I'm not sure if you got it! I'm glad you arrived safely and I've been keeping tabs on the blogs and saw a picture of you. It looks really exciting and I know you will have an awesome time and make lots of new friends. I'm well proud of you and love you loads, thinking of you all the time love Mum xx

  6. Message for Millie Pierce
    missing you Millie Lovely picture
    I'm here with Milly & Aud and they send their love.
    It's getting cold here but you look alrigh!
    Big Hug & Kiss Mumxx

  7. Hi Friso,

    Zitten in de keuken met een kopje thee. het regent hier. Maar wat zijn we blij om jou op de foto's te zien!!! Gaaf!!!!

    xx mama en judith

  8. lieve fries, 11L Friso tigchelaar

    Het ziet er fantastisch uit! heerlijk om jou op de foto te zien. Ik ben nu bij Judith voor een kopje thee en zij heeft voor mij een gmail account aangemaakt. Ria en ik dachten al een mail gestuurd te hebben, maar dat is mislukt. Enjoy , only once in your lifetime! heel veeeeel dikke knuffels. je mams

  9. Ian (Clare's Bro)12 October 2011 at 16:41

    To Clare Jones 11L,


    How’s it going? How’s the ‘longdrop’? What’s your ‘Craic’?

    Looks fun there; I can see you frolicking around in the photos so guess you’re settling in OK. It’s 23:30 as I write this so I’m struggling to think of things to write – I will post more interesting comments in due course.

    Maisie says meow.

    Oh, is that a spider on your shoulder?

  10. Hi Tyla

    Hope you are having a great time.
    Hope the cockroaches are behaving.
    June & Jen in accounts

  11. Hi
    Message for James Holland

    Seems strange not having you at the end of the phone. Glad you arrived safely, love the picture. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

    See you in a couple of months, love mum, Lee, Thomas and Charlotte x

  12. To Marette de Vos, 11L Alpha 6
    Ha lieverd! Hoop dat je rugzak snel arriveert. Wat een ellende voor je. Zag leuke foto's van je op het blog. Lachend ! Knap van je . Gebruik je creativiteit, pop.Dat heb je genoeg !! Hou vol.Zodra je tas er is, zal dit avontuur een zonniger tintje voor je krijgen. Dikke zoen, mam

  13. Hi Tyla Koen
    Glad to hear you arrived safely. What a great experience for you!! Will be following you and your adventure.


    Rachel (niamh's mum) xxxx

  14. Familie Heijmans13 October 2011 at 14:45

    He lieve hil,

    fijn om te horen (en zien!) dat je goed bent aangekomen!:) We hopen dat het goed met je gaat en zijn erg nieuwsgierig hoe je het daar is!

    Veel liefs van ons allen

  15. Para Ana Gabriela Herrera Corrales Alpha 5
    Hola mi nena, espero en Dios que te esté yendo muy bien, cuídate mucho y disfruta de ésta experiencia. Aquí ha estado lloviendo mucho. Te extrañamos mucho. A tío Bernal le fue muy bien, Te amamos muchísimo. Mami.



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